Sunday, 25 October 2009

Israel Spit Dummy viz IAEA Accord

Israeli Defence Minister Barak (Hey – coincidence or what – he and the all-new American President share a common name) has voiced Tel Aviv's concern about the positive progress in talks between Iran, the IAEA and major world powers on Tehran's purported weapons of mass distraction program in Vienna this week.

Ehud Barak was commenting on a draft accord that the International Atomic Energy Agency has handed to Iran, Russia, the US and France at the UN’s HQ in Austria for approval by Friday.

According to the draft agreement, Iran is to ship 1,200 tons of low yield (3.5-percent-enriched) nuclear rhubarb to Russia before the end of the year to be enriched to a level of 20 percent and then transferred to France, where it will undergo processing into nuclear fuel rods – then returned to Tehran for use in its research reactor and in the production of medical isotopes, dessert crumbles, fruit pies, savoury preserves and missile warheads.

"I repeat that the cessation of enrichment of weapons-grade rhubarb by Iran is needed, and not just the removal of the material to be enriched by Russia" the Warmongers Gazette quoted Minister Barak as saying yesterday.

“Hey, the mad Mullahs are getting it all their own way and that sucks big time considering how many muppets and stooges AIPAC control inside the UN and White House administration.”

“How are we ever going to have an excuse to bomb their nuke facilities and invade the place to create Pan-Zion from the Nile to the Himalayas if the UN and the IAEA reckon Iran’s not a threat to anyone, regardless of their nutty leader’s anti-Semitic rhetoric?”

“So we’ll just carry on sabotaging their nuclear supply train and let Mossad’s ‘Double Tap n Snuff’ teams continue to bump off their scientists.”

Once the agreement is signed the Islamic Republic will receive legitimacy for not only growing and enriching rhubarb inside its sovereign national boundaries - for civilian and peaceful purposes only – but also permission to produce radioactive custard in vast commercial quantities - should the deal be endorsed on schedule.

From the gross hypocrite viewpoint, Israel, which openly opposes Iran's nuclear rhubarb enrichment for peaceful purposes, is the Middle East's sole possessor of a large covert arsenal of nasty nuclear weapons and has never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty nor the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty.

This factor, they claim, still allows them to detonate micro-nukes around the globe (Bali / WTC 1 & 2 – 9/11) when expediting false flag operations to demonise Islam and anyone else they don’t get along with who has a taste for halal rhubarb and custard.

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