Sunday, 25 October 2009

BNP Boss Falls Victim to Lynch Mob

It was a moment 5,000 mixed race and ethnic Brit’ protesters – stark-bollock naked, daubed in traditional blue woad and massed outside the London BBC TV Centre - had spent much of the day trying to stop until they got bored and switched to overturning double-decker buses, throwing battle axes at the drawbridge and drowning expense-cheating MP’s in the piranha-infested moat.

But pig-eyed British Nasty Party leader and all-round Aryan superman Nick Griffin finally strode fearlessly – jackboot heels clicking in true neo-Nazi fashion - onto the Question Time TV set and took his place beside David Bumblebee unmolested by those who had campaigned to keep him away - and peremptorily silence his customary racist slurs and immigration diatribes.

Inside the studio there was anger, occasionally instances of jeering, spitting and lobbing dead cats and roadkill hedgehogs – and that from the cameramen alone - but enough order over chaos for the audience to hear what the guests had to say - if they turned up the volume on their deaf aids.

BNP leader Nick Griffin, now the officially-elected MEP for Europe’s East Auschwitz constituency - began with denials of the rumours he was actually related to Adolf Hitler or that his maternal grand-father had been called Schickelgruber and worked as a gas fitter in Vienna.

Griffin explained that quotes attributed to him in the newspapers claiming South Africa is now a political and economic basket case solely due the collapse of the white supremist governing regime and their apartheid policies was taken totally out of context when he called Nelson Mandela a ’spade’ – even though he was carrying a shovel.

Quizzed on his recent appearance alongside the Mississippi-based Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard Billy Bob Squashanigger - caught on video and available on YouTube - Griffin claimed the 'Triple K' leader was totally non-violent and simply very particular in his choice of social companions or dinner guests – as he was allergic to darkies – foreigners – Jews – Catholics – and those other guys from India with towels wrapped round their heads – or anyone with a tablecloth on their bonce that rode a camel.

Prodded with sharp sticks by the noose-wielding audience of permanently sun-tanned types Griffin was asked whether he continued to deny the Nazi – Jewish Holohoax had taken place because there were still far too many kikes running the banking system - replying "I cannot explain why I used to say those things any more – probably just to get skinhead votes – but I can tell you I've changed my mind – especially now these new EU laws can have me thrown in prison forever for ‘Holohoax Denial’ and Shylock-bashing.”

Yes, Griffin admitted under the heat of the harsh spotlights and public glare - he still maintained the Islamic religion was a "wicked and vicious faith" because it treated women like chattels and encouraged their radical Jolly Jihadist to blow up the London tube trains and make commuters late for work.

Further, those he described as the "indigenous people" of Britain felt shut out in their own country.
"We’re the effin’ Abo’s here – not these darkie immigrants from Poland and swan-roastin’ pikey twats comin’ over here nickin’ anythin’ that isn’t nailed down an’ claimin’ welfare benefits so they can buy drugs an put their women out on the streets floggin’ their gollies and what have yer," Griffin rambled on.

Fellow Question Time guest, the homophobic Baroness Sayeeda Warti - the Conservative Shadow Minister for Paki’ Rights and Gay Bashings – renown around the House of Conman’s as a diminutive but feisty Muslim motor-mouthed gob-shite – tore into Griffin’s racist past and the core racist ideology of the BNP still dominating political policy.

She then accused Justice Secretary Jack Strawberry of not giving an honest answer when he was questioned whether the Labour government’s bungling immigration policy had contributed to the BNP's success as a political party.

Strawberry replied – in his usual practiced evasive style - that the week’s weather had been quite mild for late Autumn – which proved the case for global warming.

Griffin, as leader of the despised neo-Nazi BNP, is the closest thing the UK has to an actual Anti-Christ and a political figurehead to be ridiculed and despised every time he opens his mouth – since Tony Bliar abdicated his Throne of Evil to the current bungling Scots incumbent.

Conversely the BNP has, under Griffin’s leadership, drastically modified and re-invented itself from being a political assembly of radical skinheads kitted out in Doc Martens steel toe-capped darkie-kicker boots – emerging on today’s national scene as respectable yobs dressed in suits – quite a few of which can now read and write.

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