Sunday, 18 January 2015

Zionists Pull Anti-Semite Victims Trump Card

In this morning’s 'Je Suis Bored' Zionist anti-Semitic victims propaganda bullshit edition we bring you the latest and greatest in scandal-mongering hot gossip from Anarchy Central’s 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill – with dispatches hand forged and crafted into bespoke satire to tempt the palates of all budding nihilists and career revolutionaries who carry the immortal bloodline of the rebel sons of Belial.

Speaking to a gutter press hack from the Hasbara Gazette under the smoker's awning outside London's popular Jewish quarter 'Mohel in the Hole' pub on Pettifoggers Lane yesterday, the Tory's cross-dressing Home Secretary, 'Testosterone Terry' May stated for the public record that in her unqualified opinion Broken Britain's joke of a Con-Dem Coalition government must at least be seen to redouble its current non-existent efforts to wipe out the all-consuming wave of anti-Semitic prejudice that threatens to engulf our once green and pleasant land if the Thought Police are not granted the necessary totalitarian 'securocrat' . control freak Snooper's Charter powers to track down offenders.

May added that she never thought the day would come when members of God's Chosen People would be fear for their lives by staying in the UK and consider moving off to their Promised Land of Israel and live happily ever after in an illegal occupied West Bank settlement - on real estate stolen from its rightful Palestinian owners – just like Israel's ultra-racist Foreign Minister, the hate-mongering Avigdor Lieberman.

This current bout of mass media scaremongering to justify the imposition of further police state powers of repression has taken off with the false flag massacre at the Paris offices of the pro-Zionist satirical rag, Charlie Hebdo – purportedly committed by militant Muslim patsies, during which eight Christian magazine staff were shot dead - with a Hindu visitor to the magazine and the Pancake Tuesday Adventist caretaker also being killed.

Then the entire DGSI (+ DGEC?) / Mossad conjured psy-ops attack event was tactically 'media hijacked' by Zionist parties of self interest following a concurrent hostage shooting incident at a Paris kosher deli – which has been morphed via the routes of hypocrisy and black propaganda into being an anti-Semitic incident in entirety and the Chicken Little media scaremongering hype going viral across Europe, the Atlantic to the good ole US of A – and unfortunately the Channel to taint Britain with the anti-Semite bigotry tar brush.

How many times have we heard this before – especially so following the hi-fiving 9/11 'Mossad Did It!' false flag attack on the WTC – with the moronic Dubya Bush declaring from the podium that 'anyone who questions the official 9/11 line is in league with the terrorists'.
Really, who the fuck in the Neo-Con ZioNazi cabal had the audacity to order the Diebold Florida vote count rigged so that Texas turkey imbecile would be invested as President – and for two terms, no less?

Not wishing to miss out on an opportunity to prove himself a total dog wanker, the Tory's Minister for Cellulite Affairs, Eric Pickles was also compromised into giving his two-penneth on the issue at a media propaganda bash organised by the Board of Deputies of British Jews.
Addressing an assembled crowd of several, the cholesterol-dependent Pickles commented that "We know in Paris a pensioner, a rabbi's son, a teacher and a shop assistant were wiped out because they were in a Jewish kosher 7/11 stop n rob – and meanwhile, back in Gaza, thousands were wiped out in the name of ethnic cleansing – all part of the ZioNazi's ongoing slow cook genocide Final Solution to be rid of the Palestinian population of Palestine – er – Israel. So if history tells us anything, we need to be constantly vigilant about who might be next."

Meanwhile, the porcine Pickles has written a grossly patronising letter to Muslim leaders urging them to help 'explain and demonstrate how faith in Islam can be part of British identity'. Hmmm, now there's a piece of one-sided racist sectarianism for us to feast upon – a pity he doesn't write to the Board of Deputies of British Jews asking the same fucking question from the perspective of Judaism.

Likewise immigration and security minister James Brokenshit, the Tory MP for Old Scrotum & Hiccup and yet another crony shill, opined to media hacks that "The government will take the strongest possible action to safeguard the safety and security of the Jewish community."
Hmm, nice one James, albeit nary a mention of the innocent Muslim communities of our multicultural 'Big Society' – the ones who don't give a fuck about our democratic freedoms – and in fact quite enjoy the liberalised privilege of such an autonomised franchise when compared with what they might expect if living under the harsh rule of Sharia Law in some Third World barbaric shithole like Saudi Arabia where people get their hands chopped off for shoplifting, stoned for adultery, women cop a dose of the lash for driving a car, and critical thinkers get beheaded for apostasy.

Ah well, what the fuck do we expect from these Tory 'Friends of Israel Club' stooges but such pandering to their Rothshite crime syndicate masters.
Thus the kikesters hijack the Paris Charlie Hebdo false flag terror attack as their very own – and turn it into an anti-Semitic event – a conjured design to justify the imposition of the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill, now slithering, so fittingly, in an a la serpentine fashion through Parliament.

Yep, that's it folks, here we go – finally, as predicted - the enactment / launch of the Thought Police - Kafka, Huxley and Orwell - and Gilliam's 'Brazil' - all rolled into one. And once the Snooper's Charter passes the legislation stage, then it's just a matter of flicking the switch and 'voila' – the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 can be executed to turn Britain into a dictatorship overnight – and all the PTB need is some concocted false flag event as a semi-valid excuse to activate it.
Bye-bye free speech, adios the last scent of democracy - it's Compliance State / 'Do As You're Fucking Told' time.

While Terry May's logic is skewed at best on this issue, she is quite right in one respect – lots of things in Broken Britain need tackling – and perhaps anti-Semitism is one of them – which will obviously include support for the BDS campaign and the hapless, beleaguered marginalised / disenfranchised 'Semite' Arab Muslim Palestinian population of – er – Palestine – (renamed Israel since it was stolen from the rightful owners back in 1948) – and today victimised by a cabal of Khazar-Askenazi Jews of convenience – such as the clinically insane 'Zion King', Bobo 'Slevin' Nuttayhoo – (an arch Jabotinskyist with nary a single Semite gene in his Ashkenazi DNA) - and his psycho-packed racist Knesset.

Let us not lose sight of the obvious – albeit the Israeli hierarchy would prefer we did – that protests stemming from their criminal human rights abuse treatment of the Palestinians and the farcical Israeli response that they are simply 'defending' themselves – is not about anti-Semitism but 'anti-Zionism' (the term Semite is one the Zionists have wholly hijacked as their very own and taken a patent out on).

Conversely, there are those rabid rabbis and others adherent to casuistic dogma who will maintain the paranoid position that criticism of Zionist Israel is on a par with criticism of the Judaic faith - hence all amount to anti-Semitism. So what the fuck next – any mention of the unhealthy sugar / fat / calorie content of hamantaschen or babka constitutes an act of anti-Semitism too?

Sorry, far too sore thumb obvious. Game's up. This entire Islamophobia-generating media charade - and the jihadist bogeyman construct that has its wellspring with the Paris / Hebdo false flag Decepticon 'event' - all comes down to the manipulation of mass public opinion with the desired end product result of blocking and criminalising criticism of Israel.

Hence, by extension, the brain dead common herd – and here Muslims are included - through the purposeful manipulative fault of the MSM's propaganda machine, have come to believe that Jews and Zionists are one and the same – and that is one misconception the likes of Nuttyahoo and the Great Satan-based AIPAC and ADL – and other pro-Zionist groups desire to perpetuate – this venal deceit – that orthodox Jews are being blamed for the crimes of the Ashkenazi Zionist scumsters.

Yet it all comes down to a Zionist propaganda hasbara scam to get the US / European public's eye off the Palestinian 'Atrocity Week' ball and generate sympathy for the evil Zionist's occupied West Bank settlements expansion schemes and the IDF's barbaric genocidal attacks on the hapless population of the Gaza Strip.

So the Jewish Community Security Trust charity and the Board of Deputies of British Jews can propagandise (read 'capitalise') on the latest Paris incident to promote further Islamophobic ill-sentiments from now until Hell freezes over. But the Muslims do have one thing working in their favour viz anti-sectarian prejudice which the followers of Judaism don't. They were not responsible for having the Christian's Messiah, Jesus Christ, (God's one begotten son) crucified.

But when we do come down to the actual anti-Semitic theme, Judaism is a creed riddled with racism and discrimination against those considered goyim and not of the Chosen People tribe.
As too is Zionism a racist political ideology that rules the roost in the stolen land of Israel – (the centre melting pot of this Middle East cauldron of perpetual conflict) – and a foul lie based upon this all-pervasive delusion - this Chosen People / Promised Land unqualified arrogance and an inherent apartheid animus.

The claim that the outlaw state of Zionist Israel is a practicing democracy is preposterous with the exclusion of displaced Palestinians from the political process. To wit, any assertions that Zionism is part of the orthodox Jewish religion totally ignores the genocidal policy-making nature of the Israeli government and their barbaric IDF thugs.

Stop press: (drop the dead donkey) The imminent threat level of an all-out ISIS Takfiri terrorist attack on Britain by embedded Fifth Column / Trojan Horse jihadists has been scaled back from Devcon 1 to a 5 due security service estimates that the 'coldest night in British history' weather forecast for Sunday will serve to keep any and all would-be suicide bent Muslim fanatics indoors.

This skit is dedicated to the immortal memory of Palestinian prisoner Arafat Jaradat – tortured to death by the homicidal maniacs serving as his Israeli gaolers in the G4S-run Magiddo Prison – those clinically-insane kikesters (the Khazar-Ashkenazi Jews of convenience) running the apartheid state of Israel – who the UK’s taxpayer-funded BBC (British Coverups Corp) are under strict orders never to criticise – for such is ‘mesira’ – forbidden.

Further, to the rogue state of Israeli's dying shame, let us not forget either the thousands of other hapless Palestinians – men, women and rock-chucking sprogs - who dare protest against the inhuman treatment visited upon them by this latter day barbaric Zionist scourge, only to end up incarcerated in the likes of the kikester regime’s Facility 1391 interrogation (read ‘torture’) and transplant organ harvesting centre.

To misquote the French ‘Age of Enlightenment’ philosopher Daniel Diderot: “There exists now a maxim agreed between Christians and Muslims, and too the real orthodox Jews of conscience, that there will never be any form of peace for the dispossessed Palestinians or the so-called Holy Land until the final Zionist usurper is strangled with the disembowelled entrails of the last Rothshite bankster crime syndicate’s military-industrial scumbag.”

Thought for the day. Watch your backs for what comes next once the Snooper's Charter is in place and enacted. The full enforcement of the Draft Communications Data Bill 2012, plus the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014 / 15 and Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill 2014 / 15 – to be supplemented with the covert Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act 2014 – to be amended with the Terrorist Hoax Improvements Act 2015.

Bollocks with a large capital B to political correctness - from here on in this is our legacy - to rip away the Veil of Venus blinkers and get people using their eyes and ears - and brains - to say 'what if?' and make that 'harm's way' quantum leap to start thinking for 'themselves' and become agents of their own destiny.
No longer accepting and believing what the gutter press and biased goggle box telly spew out in politically correct format - or the totalitarian EUSSR Federation control freak state is the solution to all our problems (wrong - it is the fucking problem) and the 28 nation European community contributes to our dysfunctional multi-cultural society.

Thus fuck the Satanist Masonic secret handshake pederast-necrophiliac fraternity, and Big Brother – and his Common Purpose sister – and the profit-motivated / money-grubbing Moloch / Mammon worshipping Agenda 21 architects of the Rothshite ZioNazi New World Order Globalisers - the Round Table dog wankers, and their Council on Foreign relations and Trilateral Commission pondscum pals who comprise the elitist ranks of the annual Didloberger cabal get-together.

Carbon Credit Offset / Cap & Trade Exchange (aka Global Warming / Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration: No Jews, Muslims, or Palestinian refugees - or trees, fish, cormorants, bumble bees, small furry mammals - otters or voles - were harmed in posting this insurrectionist epistle.
However, a large number of the GCHQ / Five Eyes Alliance’s Prism / Tempora / Carnivore / Echelon / X-Keyscore / SIG-INT I-Spy super snooper ‘Nosy Bastard’ wire-tap / IMSI catchers / eavesdropping / data mining system’s network electrons on Hubble Bubble Road in Cheltenham were temporarily inconvenienced.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a politically-incorrect hostile environment infested with Māḡēn Dāwīḏ ZioNazi psychopaths and may contain elements of sickening Israeli schadenfreude, along with anti-Semitic paranoia, Holohoax ‘victims’ propaganda, unqualified arrogance, racist apartheid innuendo, lashings of shifty shylock hudaibiya, kvelling, hasbara and chutzpah - and quantifiable amounts of utter lunacy – along with nano-particle traces exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and a chemtrail residue of bush telegraph innuendo - plus a total disregard for the statutes of international law, human rights and the niceties of a polite and civilised society.

Rusty’s Skewed News Views (Purveyors of Bespoke Satire) - enhanced with a modest touch of Yeast Logic and a piquant dash of Political Incorrectness: a news sheet and media source not owned by Rupert Murdoch and the Masonic Zionist kikester lobby, committed to the relay of open source information – and immune from litigation under the statutes of the ‘Fair Comment in the Public Interest’ defence.


Bogbrush said...

Right on Rusty. Even Dave Cameron disagrees with Terry May and says
"I think in a free society, there is a right to cause offence about someone's religion.
I'm a Christian - if someone says something offensive about Jesus, I might find that offensive, but in a free society I don't have a right to, sort of, wreak my vengeance on them.
As long as publications acted within the law, they have the right to publish any material, even if it is offensive to some."

Nice one Dave.

Ibn Himar said...

Grover said...

Now the shitbag kikesters are lobbying their stooge Western alliance pals to stop funding the ICC so they can't investigate Israeli war crimes against the Palestinians.

Kafka's cat said...

False flag bollocks again.
The Rothshite crime syndicate family buys out Charlie Hebdo magazine and Liberation radical oppositionist news rag in December - then publication / circulation gets boosted through the roof after their Israeli crime state Mossad attack dogs pull the Paris false flag / Islamophobia demonisation stunt.
So sore thumb amateurish.

The interview was about the purchase of the French newspaper “Liberation”, which now published with the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. A