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Defra Stooge Okays GM Frankenfoods

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The US / KSA anti-Russia cheap oil scam, while not quite yet achieved the venal objective of bankrupting the Kremlin and President Vlad Putrid throwing up his hands in surrender over the future of the Ukraine – or the same geo-political stalemate kick starting the ZioNazi psycho's wet dream of World War Three – it has had two knock-on bonus effects for the common herd.
First, lower gasoline - and diesel - prices at the pumps 'and' of greater value, totally ripped the arse out of the shale gas / insta-earthquake business as the price of gas and oil is below the break even point for the environment pillaging fracksters.

Now we need a similar serendipitous 'miracle grade' phenomenon to likewise manifest and belay for all time the spectre of having genetically modified Frankenfood crops forced down our throats by government morons in the pay of Parliamentary lobbyists representing big money commercial 'for profit' interests - before these noxious Mutant Meal products genetically modify us.

The gospel according to the Tory's new Defra / Environment Secretary, Lizzie Truss, after undergoing a personal brainstorming 'blonde moment' epiphany - genetically modified Quasimodo Frankenfoods should be grown in Broken Britain as they are – in her unqualified opinion - more eco-friendly - and she is set on forging an attack strategy to weaken Brussels' EUSSR laws that have kept these genetically modified shite crops out of our once green and pleasant land so far.

Obviously getting her marching orders from above, as she isn't yet qualified to wipe her own arse, and now publicly backing the controversial (read 'despised') technology for the first time since she was appointed to the Defra post by Posh Dave Scameron six months ago, the 'untrustworthy' Truss informed one press hack from the Chimera Gazette that she is of a mind the UK should take steps to speed up the development of a GMO industry that will see rural farming industrialised and the end of all things healthy and organic.

Speaking at the Oxford Farming Conference last week Truss, swallowing the Monsanto hype and spin in one fell gulp – hook, line and sinker – stated for the public record that poisonous GM crops have a role to play in UK agriculture, as in the good ole US of A crops are being grown with less water and less pesticide usage.

For fuck's sake, what a dildo to believe this crap. Obviously the intellectually-challenged Truss isn't just one of the usual Tory Party failed MK-Ultra mind control experiments with Common Purpose (Pavlovian) NLP conditioned bipeds - but the result of a covert R & D fubar venture to achieve artificial intelligence – yet another fuck up added to the Tory's litany of foundering inadequacies.

With her pursuit of this flawed GMO policy Truss is treading in the fatal footsteps of her thrice-cursed predecessors, Owen 'Cobblers' Paterson (another dog wanker who corruptly promoted his Big Agri lobbyist pal's commercial agendas - when not busy slaughtering innocent badgers) – and the ginger mingin Caroline 'Firewood' Spelman.
They too demonstrated an abhorrent disregard for the most basic tenets of common sense and followed the faulty science that claims GMO foodstuffs are good for humans and animals - 'and' the environment - when the exact opposite has proven to be true.

What the hare-brained Truss has missed out on is the fact that the patented biotechnology applied in the genetic modification of crops has given the likes of the Big Six agrichemical corporations - Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow Agrosciences, BASF, Bayer, and Pioneer (DuPont) an unfair monopoly edge to develop crops that will not produce viable offspring seeds. This is labelled as sterile seed technology – better known as terminator seeds – a money-spinning gene use restriction in which seed produced by a crop will not grow and hence the hapless farmers have to go back to Big Agri and buy fresh seed every year / planting season.

While Truss's nonsensical claims were furiously rejected by campaigners, who are concerned that the mutant Frankenfoods can radically alter entire ecosystems and create ultra-invasive super weeds such as man-eating Triffids, the truth of the matter lies with the fact that the American agricultural food supply is teeming with deadly pesticides. But what the fuck can be expected when the Department of Agriculture (USDA) is headed by manky Monsanto's former lawyer, Tom Vilsack. Anyone smell a rat – or even a scent of conflict of interest there?

All decisions and policy statements regarding the likes of genetically-modified 'anything' should not be the ill-gauged arbitrary decision of some newly-appointed minister like the Scots-born Truss – a Caledonian donkey that wears a Ben Wah ball necklace and whose 'level of expertise' (sic) lies with management accountancy - but as a result of in-depth Parliamentary debate where the full negative (and positive, if such exists) scientific data viz GMO crops and their accompanying toxic pesticides should be publicly reviewed and if necessary a referendum held wherein the public demographic might make known their vehement objections to being made part of a UN-approved global guinea pig genetic experiment - visited on them via Big Agri' in pursuit of the Agenda 21 mass population cull itinerary.

Sorry, we're not up for being targeted with chew n spew mutant meals – these biological weapons of mass destruction - and have enough already with fluoridation of the potable water system, chemtrails, toxic vaccines and the EMF / WiFi / cellphone electro-smog that – along with Big Agri's pesticides is causing the mass bee colony collapses – plus animal produce contaminated with antibiotics and hormones – 'and' GMO feeds – along with the crap shoved into processed foodstuffs. And folks wonder why incidences of child autism and cancers are on the rise.

A pity the moronic Truss doesn't apply herself to a measure of real research first before subjecting the common herd to a read This, Tremble and Obey decree regarding their dietary preferences coming under the totalitarian compliance state 'Big Brother sez' umbrella – for the Big Six Agri' corporations are globally notorious for the fact that misery and death follow them around like the Grim Reaper.

For the record – and too Truss's information to reflect upon deeply, we have Valent BioSciences doing a snuff job on some 25,000-plus bumble bees in Oregon with their Safari pesticide.
And that is just what our ever so precious Earth does not need - massive bee colony die-offs – read apian genocide – the deliberate mass murder of the planet's pollinators, and creators of the greatest and most nourishing food Nature ever devised – next to pollen itself.

Mother Nature / Gaia has taken tens of thousands of years to evolve our grains and plant food crops, now these genetic meddling tossers come along, fuck around with a plant's DNA and say 'eat this - it's good for you'.

Truss's typically bovine ‘rhetoric versus facts’ outpouring to the Oxford audience flies in the face of the public consumer’s rightful concerns over Frankenfoods and systemic Roundup Ready glyphosate herbicides - and Bayer’s neonicotinoids loading the plant produce and soil with non-degradable toxins - plus pesticides alike Clothianidin killing off our pollinator bee populations in a combined effort with the electro-magnetic smog generated by the ubiquitous cellphone towers and Wi-Fi signals – a toxic blend that’s detrimental to the health of every living thing on the planet.

But Truss is only a mouthpiece, as is the entire government – any government past, present or future – and the sinister PTB want us to be subjected to the mushroom syndrome – quite happy being kept in the dark and fed shit. And until the advent of the internet, that's the way things worked.

We, The People, are sick to the Nth degree with sinister government-backed manipulation and their control mechanisms – aimed at cognitive programming and social conditioning to achieve their end product transhumanism targets.

Yet Truss needs to be aware of one factor before she goes that step too far with the Pandora's box trick, pushing for legislation on GMO's. Forcing this on a reluctant, protesting public demographic is an act that doesn't border on treason – it is treason, and a crime against humanity – and accountings day will come round.

Thought for the day. Hmmm, bollocks to Truss and all who hold her skewed science logic in esteem. Let the hare-brained slut tuck into GM foods like Selwyn Gummer – and just wait til her two kids start looking like Blinkie the Fish and come down with nano-engineered / genetically modified Morgellons Disease.

To wit, fuck these GMO Quasimodo mutant crops – and Agenda 21 'and' the New World Order.

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