Saturday, 31 January 2015

Bonkers Boris in Sectarian Rage Outburst

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London Mayor, Bonkers Boris de Piffle Nonsense, has slipped into brain dead 'mutton on legs' reaction mode by following the rest of the post Operation Gladio 'Je Suis Muslim Hater' Paris false flag terror incident media-mesmerised common herd (flock, whatever) and went into a state of hardline right-wing ideologue Islamophobia hate-mongering rage when interviewed by a gutter press hack from the Xenophobe's Gazette yesterday, categorising ISIS Jolly Jihad wannabes as a bunch of sexually frustrated plonker-pulling onanists – and that is one fuck of an insult coming from a lazy-arsed opportunistic dog wanker of the thatch-headed BoJo's decaffeinated calibre.

The politically incorrect 'Brand Boris' gospel according to Bonkers BoJo, claims young Muslim Britons who travel abroad to join ISIS and become part of the non-existent Abu Bakr al Mossad Binbaggi's Muslim New World Order Caliphate are a bunch of sexually frustrated losers.

This ever so typical stock in trade Nasty Party black propaganda statement from the Tory's dog n pony show Chief Buffoon is based on yet another flawed MI5 report that claims young Muslims who don the 'Je suis ISIS' t-shirt and sign up for a stint of jihad service on the Mid-East terrorist front are pornography-obsessed and sexually inadequate, who in their jack-off frustrations turn to radical Islam when they fail to cop a shag with some underage white trash infidel skanger hanging around their Brummystan ghetto madrassa in the hope of a freebie drug fix.

Hmmm, yet another major faux pas from the bumbling Boris. Open gob before engaging brain (or whatever the fuck passes for grey matter inside the tosser's head) – and let's really give these Muslim 'wankers' a solid base reason to get pissed off with our rapidly-diminishing Anglo-Saxon / Magna Carta democratic freedoms and make a fuck of our multi-cultural 'we're all in this together' / 'hug a Muslim hoodie' society by going into Kill a Christian jihad-on-steroids mode.

Talk about diplomatic tact and political correctness – branding Broken Britain's Muslim youth as a bunch of porn-addicted impotent wankers is definitely going to win hearts and minds, we don't think.

Although Bonkers might be speaking from personal family experience as his grand-daddy, Ali Cat Kemal Bey Bonkers Nonsense, was a philandering Ottoman Muslim rake who spent most of his political career – much as does Pasha Boris – chasing two-legged Turkish delight.

Really, Bonkers needs to take a good look in the mirror – and not just to sort out that unruly thatch of blonde tangle – but remind himself of his serial adultery past and the fact he can't keep his cock in his pants (Wheeler, Wyatt, Wadley, Macintyre et al).

In fact BoJo's taste in women runs to kiss n tell slappers and other bloke's wives – and he'd shag a dead chicken if given half a chance – and reputedly did just that for his initiation hazing into the Oxford Uni' Bullingdon Vandals Club.

“I hear these voices from the Muslim community who come on like shit through a goose when accusing us Christian blokes of Islamaphobia cos we point out they're a bunch of barbaric twats for sawing journalists heads off with a cheapo Argos kitchen knife instead of throwing them to the lions or whatever they do in this Caliphate of theirs."

“But then they're stymied and stuck for words as they can't account for how their screwed up Muslim religion is leading people astray – cos what kind of a future is there in choosing a career as a suicide bomber? Unlike our good Ashkenazi Jewish friend in Tel Aviv, Mr Bobo Nuttyahoo and all his Zionist pals who are the bastions of democracy and peace in the Middle East and ensuring Western industry's oil keeps flowing in the right direction."
"So I say, sod the Koran, go for the Bible or the Torah, cos if I wasn't a careful Christian already – and one who wants to hang on to the end of his precious cock - that's the religion I'd go for. Join the Shylocks, same as Prince Chazzer – a man who definitely knows where the 'money talks' power lies."

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