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Silly Sherlock Drops Racist Clanger

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To paraphrase a recent statement from the PTB establishment's thorn-in-the-side iconoclastic prophet, David Icke: If you are easily offended, now would be a good time to fuck off – for this post is sure gonna rile some holier than thou dingbat tosspot's fragile socio-political sensibilities.

During an interview on a dog-wanking US late-night talk show last week BBC 1's super-sleuth Sherlock Cumberbatch had the audacity to pass comment on the lack of opportunities for coloured UK actors, stating for the record that they have a far better chance of success in Hollywood than Broken Britain Рan apparent faux pas that has raised a Biblical scale wave of ludicrous outrage for referring to black African-Americans as 'coloured' Рa brand of terminology now considered not only pass̩ and politically incorrect but a cause for offence bordering on racism.

Now Sherlock is wandering around Baker Street in sackcloth and ashes, apologising to every darkie and their dog for referring to black people as coloured on live television, and threatening to resort to the accepted Japanese etiquette level of saying 'Whoops, forgive my indiscretion' and perform ritual seppuku as an act of atonement - if America's off-white section of their mongrel society will forgive his unintentional act using outmoded racial terminology and causing offence.

Okay Sherlock, fer Christ's sake shut the fuck up with this unnecessary, over the top apologising – it was only a minor slip of the tongue picked up by a strew of hyper-critical racial psychotics who need to get the fuck out more and enjoy the positives life has to offer for free – and cut the negative factor from their daily outlook on the world – for searching for fault is a spiritually debilitating affliction that bodes no good for any man – black , white – or coloured.

Following Sherlock's faux pas during the interview, millions of people (allegedly non-whites) took to the social media bourse to whinge and complain about typical derogatory racist remarks from the honkys and condemn the time-slip Victorian detective for his choice of words.

Twitter user Rastella Jaffacake of Atlanta tweeted: 'Dis Sherlock guy am one badass usin' de word colored ta describe black people in de year 2015, um, are we still using dat word?'

Winnebago Chuckabutty, a 16 year old mother of three from Mobile, Alabama, tweeted: 'I am nevva liked dat smart-ass detective Sherlock an' him callin' us niggas 'people of color' am done sealed da deal fo me.'

Well toughsky crapsky Winne, you over-baked troll bitch – we don't like you either - so fuck off, eat shit and die.

So, tossing hearts and minds to the vagaries of the four winds and side-stepping the suppression of free speech hurdle, what the fuck is the correct term of reference for those of an off-white complexion? Perma sun-tanned – or a darker shade of pale? Cos one thing they are not – African genetic heritage besides - is 'black'.
Certain Sudanese tribes are black to the point of being navy blue – I shit you not – and too the evil Ibos of Nigeria – plus a shedload more around the so-called 'Dark Continent's' Equatorial interior.
But generations to the Nth degree of African-American dilution of the gene line with Whitey has resulted in a mongrelised set of shades – from mulatto to quadroon to octoroon to quintroon to hexadecaroon – and that's without mention of those ever-so-lithe and libidinous lily skins.

Sherlock made a wholly innocent, inadvertent comment – with no offence meant but plenty taken by some career nitpickers who need to get a fucking life.
There seems to have been a geometric shift in our consciousness and perceptions – and not for the better – for Western (and Eastern) society is blighted with atrophied morals preaching high octane hypocrisy.

What has this pathetic fucked-up society of ours come to when you can't say Boo to a fucking goose anymore and yet another wholly out of context brouhaha is kick started over sweet fuck all by some tosser whose caffeine-boosted minority ethnic / social group hyper-sensibilities have been offended by the truth – then spits the dummy and takes offence – broadcasting their ire on these ubiquitous social media networking system websites.

So how does one describe the hue of our multi-cultural 'indigenised' societies that are more shades than a kid's paint pallet – and not transgress the political correctness boundary?
Okay, the old 'nigger in the woodpile' remarks might have to go the way of the dodo, but how does one define the graft and corruption-ridden criminal attributes of the likes of Mista Badluck Taylor, Brigadier-General of the 21st Velcro Head Regiment and President for all Eternity of the Bell Curve Deficiency Syndrome Republic of Wogga-Wogga Land?

Then we have the job-stealing / welfare benefit scrounging Eastern Europeans - and swan-roasting / carp-poaching Albanian pikeys and child-snatching Romanian gyppos. How are we to refer to their ubiquitous, all-pervasive and offending presence – accepted as our EUSSR Federation brothers and sisters in arms? We think not.

Thus curses on all these Thought Police do-gooder pondscum for fostering us with this political correctness albatross – a plague on all their houses, and the houses of their brethren – for ten generations yet to come.

Diplomatic etiquette and protocol be fucked – tell the truth – and the way it is, and if the truth causes offence then tough shit.

And while we're on the subject of inconvenient truths, how about these head-banging heathen Muslim twats calling Christians 'Infidels'? How the fuck are we supposed to respond to that insult? Or the Jew – the fuckers that had Jesus Christ nailed on two big cobs of wood and refer to we Gentile types as 'goyim' and 'cattle'?

Then we have these so-called 'darker shade of pink' tossers who take umbrage at being called 'coloured' but seem to have no racial problems with calling whites 'honkys'
What's the answer – we follow New Testament advice and simply 'turn the other cheek'?

Too, there's the rogue state of Israel's ZioNazi scumbags slapping any fucker who dares comment on or criticise their human rights abuses of the Palestinians as anti-Semitic. Ridiculous nonsense - if it didn't involve war crimes offences.

Not to overlook the pathetic fact we have the very same socio-political controversy viz what is today euphemistically termed the 'male gay issue' – wherein we are no longer sanctioned to call a spade and spade – even if it is a fucking shovel – and while the Bible refers to such sodomites (let's not forget 'divine wrath' visited upon Sodom & Gomorrah) as 'abominations' – (and who the fuck in their right mind wants to go against dispute the word of God – especially so the 'vengeful and jealous' fucker of Old Testament notoriety?) – any criticism of this deviant culture or the same sex marriage of Frank and Earnest – is slapped with the homophobic label and a hate crime.

Hmmm, political correctness - more at a politically motivated 'let's avoid the obvious fucking truth' issue is what it amounts to. The PTB regime are mired with credibility perception issues on a Biblical scale.

Thought for the day. And now, a lesson in irony to serve as the moral of this story.

Any fucker or their dog remember Andrew Jackson Young? An African-American politician, diplomat, activist and pastor who hailed from from Georgia and under the 1977 Carter presidential administration served as US Ambassador to the United Nations?

When the US and the UN enacted an arms embargo against the apartheid regime of South Africa, in his capacity of UN ambassador Young vetoed economic sanctions.
Obviously allowing ambition to exceed intellect, in pursuit of establishing a vanity-driven personal diplomatic legend, Young ventured to South Africa on a mission to right the wrongs of the apartheid society.

There the unpredicted problems manifested – for not only did the incumbent racist Botha regime refuse to negotiate anything with a 'Bantu' (nigger) but the actual second class citizen Bantus (blacks) refused to parley with Young – who under both Afrikaner and African culture was racially categorised as 'coloured'.

Have you been offended by Sherlock's racist remarks? If you are a black Jewish homosexual with communist leanings, were you doubly-offended? Write to the BBC today and you could cop for a life-changing mega-bucks out of court settlement. Lord McAlpine did – for them 'not' naming the dirty deviant tosser in a kiddie fiddler report.

Send your comments using the online reply form below and you could win a box of tissue to cry your offended sensibilities into.

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