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Cheap Oil Saudis & Cut Price Barbarism

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YouTube makes a fresh bid to gain a secure foothold in the money-spinning reality horror movie business this week with 'chop by chop' footage of a Burmese woman being clumsily beheaded on a busy street corner in manky Mecca for allegedly murdering her six-year-old step-daughter – and screaming her fucking head off with cries of "I'm innocent!" – which turned out to be a quite literal manifestation once the ham-fisted Saudi executioner smacked her round the neck a total of three times with his trusty scimitar.

The appointed Mutawa religious 'thought police' executioner, Manuke Khara ibn Zamel, was obviously off his game that morning, taking a couple of swings too many to hack off Sharmuta bint Bala’a il A’air Liwat's head, the penalty for being found guilty of allegations of bonking her step-daughter senseless with a broom handle, then beating her to death with the same.

The incident has sparked outrage in the country, but not due the fact it exposes how females of the species are automatically branded with second-rate citizen status in the Third World shithole that is the reality of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – nor of the Dark Ages brutal punishments meted out for sweet fuck all offences.
Rather the septic Saudi hierarchy are up in arms that the execution was video'd and posted online, with the graphic 'blood n guts' footage going viral - (a couple of million hits on YouTube already) - and a global audience able to see what a bunch of uncivilised troglodyte barbarians the Saudis really are.

Typical of their intolerant totalitarian society, the Saudi authorities have arrested some hapless tosser, identified only as a certain Shaheed Neekni al Sahrawi, for filming the execution – albeit what actual 'crime' he has been arrested for is yet to be conjured up by the Mabahith secret police and Sharia Court of 'no appeals'.

With punishments in the KSA ranging from lashing, amputation, emasculation, stoning, buggery and public beheading for the more 'serious' criminal offences – these include not only the internationally recognized crimes of murder, rape, double parking, theft and robbery, but also camel buggery, apostasy, adultery, witchcraft and sorcery – with political dissidents and atheists recently branded as terrorists. Hence it's any fucker's bet what the handycam guy, al Sahrawi, will be charged with.

Conversely, the Qatar-based Camel Jockey's Gazette claims that Shaheed Neekni al Sahrawi is one of the four policeman from Mecca's Thug Squad assigned to the execution duty detail and was responsible for secretly filming the execution on his mobile phone and will face a smorgasbord of nasty criminal charges in a military court martial as well as before the Sharia bench.

The brutal footage on the YouTube video of Sharmuta bint Bala’a il A’air Liwat's execution shows her being dragged through the street and held down by the four police officers in Islam’s holiest city (sic) – then begging for her life and protesting innocence right up until the executioner's first blow hit her neck – following which she seemed to lose interest in making any further objections.

The gospel according to Amnesty International, Sharmuta's execution has consequently provoked global outrage and prompted further criticism of Saudi Arabia’s deplorable human rights record – comparing it only to that of the delinquent rogue Zionist state of Israel's sub-human government.

Amnesty spokeswoman Fellattia van der Gamm informed one gutter press hack from the Psychopath's Review that Sharmuta was the latest of 10 people to get beheaded in shitty Saudi so far this January – with 87 executed last year – slightly up from 78 in 2013 – and the Stone Age kingdom achieving a Guinness World Records runner's up 'third place' globally for the highest number of recorded executions in 2014 – lagging slightly behind Iran and Iraq – a minor obstacle the Sharia Court aims to rectify in 2015 (actually 1436 in the KSA).

Thought for the day. Sheikh Fizzy al Kaseltzer, the Saudi Minister for Irony & Hypocrisy, opined to media hacks that the authorities should have taken all precautionary measures, including the use of Mutawa thought police undercover agents, to prevent dissidents and heretics from making any such recording of the execution due the 'distress and harm' it has caused.

Que? WTF? 'Distress and harm' to whom? The Philistine Saudi hierarchy being exposed for their primitive brutality – or Sharmuta bint Bala’a il A’air Liwat getting her noggin chopped off?

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Well that bit of biting - albeit very true - satire sure got the point across to Saudi's ruling despots - as King Fat Git just spit the dummy and popped his clogs.