Friday, 2 January 2015

Climate Change Act = Gas Gone

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Hey ho and the Yuletide pangs of festive over-spending are starting to be felt with the murmuring post Xmas season depression waves of the debt tsunami yet to strike when credit card and overdraft bills start to roll in – and the Gash Cash / Ripoff Readies payday loan thugs from the Renta-Moron Agency come round and kick your front door off its hinges as a gentle reminder it's time to pay up – or else.

Yep, and New Year also presents the perfect occasion to say fuck 'em and end it all – head in the oven and a final wry smile in the knowledge that British Gas ain't gonna be able to bill you for this suicide consumption finale.
So go on, make the most of the opportunity, for it may be the last chance with a gas oven 'easy way out' – thanks to New Labour's fuckwit child prodigy, Ed Millipede, who, in his unqualified capacity as the first ever Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, signed the 2008 Climate Change Act that will see domestic gas supplies curtailed in the coming years.

And for 20-plus zillion households it simply won't be the end of 'ending it all' in the gas oven, as whatever government of the day holds office will be mandated to enforce the phasing out all our gas-fired appliances: cookers, hot water and central heating systems, forcing the hapless common herd to replace them at a cost of untold billions as 90% of all homes around Broken Britain are heated with natural gas.

Okay, sorry for hitting the panic button, this ain't gonna happen next week, but within the next two decades – a mere 20 years / by 2035 - gas as a domestic fuel - along with petrol and diesel – will go the way of the Dodo and be no more.
Not only domestic appliances - cooking / heating - but every fucking thing else – the cars and trucks that jam up Britain’s roads and pollute the environment with nasty CO2 / toxic emissions - will have to be powered by electricity – or fitted with pedals.

Conversely this UN / EUSSR statutory requirement pipe dream plot will represent the most far-reaching energy revolution since running water in village streams and donkeys walking around in circles were harnessed as power sources.
On the downside we have a government facing the virtually impossible task of juggling how to comply with this legal and obligatory 'decarbonisation' requirement - short of shutting down each and every aspect of Britain's fossil-fuel-dependent economy.

So regardless of the fact there is no looming shortage of oil or gas and global supplies of both are being constantly replenished within the Earth by Gaia's deep core / sub mantle magma abiotic chemistry, the cut-off will be down to New Labour's 'Meddling Millipede' sticking his moniker on this fatally flawed Climate Change Act.

Yep, climate change – that's the all-new bogeyman now the global warming myth has been exposed as utter bullshit and the true blue beardies and anoraks science types who don't toe the Neanderthal Patchuri's IPCC bullshit line admit that we've not actually emerged from the last Ice Age yet.
Thus to get around this inconvenient truth problem, anthromorphic climate change is now the replacement vehicle of choice to push the Illuminati bankster's carbon credits cap and trade exchange scam into a money-spinning reality.

Of course the climate's changing - no argument there - it never stops. Any fucker and their dog over 50 years of age living in the UK will have seen the Indian summers of their youth morph into what we have today – two annual seasons: monsoons and wet winters – and human activity having sweet fuck all to do with the natural Earth changes – which have their origins with the capricious (perhaps 'omnipotent design') moods of the electro-magnetic, plasma-generating yellow star at the centre of our solar system.

Now this climate change-related 'gas gone' scam must be the worst idea any government has come up with since the last bad idea – especially so now the price of oil and gas – (at the wellheads, and eventually the pumps / meters) – is being artificially manipulated in a downward spiral by the barbaric Saudis and OPEC Gulf state suppliers and the Great Satan to give Russia and President Vlad Putrid major economic – and socio-political – headaches.

There again, on the upside, the despised environmental polluting practice of fracking for shale gas with nasty radioactive toxic chemical cocktails has - due the oil price drop / remuneration factors - become too costly by far to pursue.

Hence what is the 'compliance solution'? No need for three guesses, is there.
Tens of thousands of onshore and offshore ('eyesore') inefficient / subsidised wind farms (50,000 by 2035 at a cost in excess of £500 billion quid) – plus a swathe of Generation X zero-carbon nuclear reactors (but not zero radioactivity) to equally blight the landscape – and carbon capture and storage facilities for remaining CO2 emissions to be piped away and buried in holes under the North Sea – a crap toxic effect / environmental pollution scam that is on an equal par with fracking.

Really, WTF is it with this incompetence dynamic that's pandemic to the political parties? Is any fucker or the dog up to the job of running the country – in the manner it should be done – for the benefit of the people and not some cabal, some crime syndicate of moneyed Masonic Shylock banksters?

To wit, if domestic gas is out, then it logically follows suit that open fires (logs / coal), barbeques, and the ubiquitous pot bellied patio heating chiminea will go the way of the dinosaurs too – along with November 5th Bonfire Night – when we burn effigies of the only bloke to come up with a decent idea of how to change the way our once sceptred isle is run – by blowing up the House of Conmans.

Thought for the day. No gas stoves? How is any self harmer in need of a spot of comfort zone 'personal suicide space' supposed to maintain some modicum of dignity and decorum to snuff themselves painlessly?
Well the gas-less' end product of the 2008 Climate Change Act is gonna piss off any 'likely lass' Sylvie Plath and Assia Wevill copycats who get fed up with hubby / partner Ted writing shit poems about fucking crows and decide to stick their head in the oven - cos it don't work so well with electric or microwave types.

Ah well at least such a move will see the back of the despised British Gas profiteering utility supply sleazesters- unless they morph into some other equally noxious money-grubbing entity.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Better Ways With Someone Evil said...

There is no carbon monoxide in natural gas so, trying to kill yourself by sticking your head in a gas cooker is no longer the way to die from lack of oxygen to the brain.

Anorak said...

Pedants fuck off.
Ever heard of literary licence. When Sylvie Plath did herself in it was all town / coal gas.
Okay, there's no CO in refined natural gas - so in ur opinion we can breathe the oxygen-deficient crap all day and never die ?

Better Ways With Someone Evil said...

Anorak: You can if you want. Maybe you'd like to do a bit of fart lighting at the same time?

Moderator said...

BWWSE: Troll! Troll!
Gotcha IP addy, troll.
Now fuck off troll.
Burn all trolls at the stake.
Smart arsed pedant trolls end up in a North Face holdall with a wild animal and chucked in a river.

Fletch said...

The troll's full of shit.
Natural gas is odorless, colorless, non-corrosive, and non-toxic. However, as with any gaseous material besides air and oxygen, natural gas can cause asphyxiation and death in an unventilated confinement.

Moderator said...

Better Ways With Someone Evil is a fucking shit for brains gobshite troll and has said enough - last comment deleted.
Such is the fate of all fuckwit shills and trolls.

Nurrs on Wurrs said...

Mod: You're hiding facts about carbon monoxide poisoning like a political weaseltoid.

Terminator 2 said...

Better Ways With Someone Evil / aka Nurrs on Wurrs - troll / shill / annoying cunt.
Who gives a flying fuck about carbon monoxide poisoning. Now go wrap ur shitgob around a GM diesel exhaust pipe and breathe in - n while ur at it take the Fuckwit from Planet X - Eddie Boy Milliband with u.
Trolls n shills - Exterminate / Delete.