Saturday, 10 January 2015

Nonceland Plod Squad Goes Gaga

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Obviously bored and frustrated with a surprise festive season lull in Clackmannanshire's customary crime wave, Police Scotland, upon receiving a singular complaint from a cranky resident at a block of flats in downtown Alloa that a neighbour's telly was too loud, launched an all-out real time melodrama exercise that involved ten police vehicles, four ambulances, the riot squad and a pack of rabid plod dogs – along with Uncle Tom McCobley and all.

This bonkers excessive reaction at 01:30 hours in the middle of the night led to an eight-and-a-half hour siege when the occupants of the Knobhead Grove apartment politely told police to 'fuck off' as they were busy watching a hilarious pirate download copy of the latest episode of Today in Parliament, starring the Scottish Nonce Party's all-new First Minister comedy act, Nicola 'Zira' Sturgeon - and ended with four people being arrested under the statutes of the freshly-legislated 2015 Noisy Telly Act – and the aforesaid flat screen goggle box being unplugged and confiscated at 09.45am by DI Angus McTwatt, the Operation Overkill commander – along with several other expensive electrical appliances that will doubtless end up at Cash Converters under the classification of 'spoils of war'.

Candida Mingerot, the spokeswoman for TaxPayer-Scotland, opined to one press hack from the Police State Gazette that "The plods are right to investigate a noise complaint, of course, but this fucking fiasco is a joke beyond words – an all-night siege with an army of uniformed morons and barking dogs for a noisy telly when they've been told that the occupant of the flat is hearing impaired to the point of being stone deaf."
"You'd think these blue uniformed plonkers would have better things to do with their time – such as arresting nonces."

And quite right too, Candida. WTF gives with these clowns? They put a house – actually an apartment / flat – under siege on the strength of a singular complaint the occupant's telly was too loud – yet they're incapable (refuse to) investigate the blatant 1985 assisted suicide / murder of Willie McRae – a vile criminal act instigated by the PTB to silence his intended exposure – naming and shaming - of the Magic Circle pederast / catamite culture that infests and blights Nonceland's graft and corruption-ridden political scene.

More to the point Police Scotland further refuse to investigate historic cases of the sexual abuse, serial rape and Satanic ritual blood sacrifice of defiled special needs and disabled children (Google Hollie Greig scandal / Aberdeen 'untouchable' Masonic paedophile ring) – and instead arrest, prosecute and imprison moral-minded Sasenach crusaders such as Robert Green who would expose these crimes – on orders from on high – the SNP (Scottish Nonce Party) dominated Holyrood Parliament and Crown Office – to protect their vile Masonic fraternity's Speculative Society / Violate BD/SM Club sodomite / paedophile cult membership.

This is the self same Magic Circle of corrupt secret handshake fraternity scumsters that, with Lord 'Doug the Slug' Cullen in charge, covered up the Dunblane Primary School massacre in 1996 when the Masonic uber-creepy cunt paedo Boy Scout pimp, Thomas Watt Hamilton, who for some never to be explained reason, possessed more legally licensed firearms than the Stirling Territorial Army barracks, went into total psycho mode - and the rest is history – with a 100 year gagging order on Cullen's report.

Once more, in 1991, as a direct consequence of the now-notorious Operation Planet and prosecutions relating to acts of drugging and sodomising young boys 'on loan' from care homes, an internal study paper was produced by The Crown Office that sought to establish a rationale for, and the extent to which, the protections offered by Common Law could be circumvented, and statute law ignored - so as to legalise their shagging of underage rent boys (see Douglas Haggarty / SLAB / Demon of St Enoch's).

Alas, to this day, these same nonce-ponce bumboy / kiddie fiddling deviant bastards rule the roost in creepy Caledonia. And that about sums up the moral worth of the reigning Scottish establishment mandarins: scum of the Earth.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Malc said...

Is anything gonna change in Holyrood now the Porky Pict Salmond has gone, and his Justice Minister Kenny the Donkey, or will this other 'fish', Nicola Sturgeon continue the Hollie Greig / Aberdeen paedo ring coverup on the grounds the police say they've investigated and there's no evidence to support the abuse charges.

From London to Yorkshire to Thames Valley / Oxford / Cherwell to Rochdale to Rotherham to Nottingham we have a corrupt history of police covering up evidence of child sexual abuse - and the evil scum plods in Aberdeen are no different - concealing the weight of medical testimony that supports the complaint - and especially so when one of Hollie's named abusers - Terry Major - was a ranking member of the Aberdeen police - and a sitting Aberdeen Sheriff, Graeme Buchanan - has been named by Hollie as one of her serial rapists