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Vague Dismisses War Crimes Allegations

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The Tory’s closet case pro-Zionist Foreign Secretary, Willy ‘Fudger’ Vague, yet another failed Nasty Party leader who proved to be as popular with the Conservative hierarchy ‘and’ the voting public demographic as a case of strangulated haemorrhoids - alike his equally-rejected and failed Fuhrer contemporary, the Minister for Social Misery, Iain Dunkin Shit - this week informed a fourth estate gutter press hack from the Warmongers Gazette that a bid to prosecute British politicians and senior military figures for alleged war crimes in Iraq should, in his wholly unqualified opinion, be rejected.

Yep, another inquiry in the process of being officially-subverted and given a traditional whitewash with superior all-weather Hutton-Chilcot one-coat double coverup quick drying emulsion by the top ranks of the incumbent government and psycho security service mandarins.

Let’s not overlook the fact that when it comes down to the criminally corrupt suppression of inquiries, Vague is the very same compliant tosser who was tasked with the job of acting as an impartial ‘chief investigator’ (read ‘damage control’ stooge) into the North Wales care home kiddie fiddling sex crimes by a vile Masonic cabal of paunchy Tory ministers and cabinet office panjandrum advisors (Brittan, McAlpine and Morrison) abroad on phallic worship bumboy gangbang excursions that inevitably concluded in the Satanic ritual blood ‘snuff’ sacrifices of one or more of their hapless adolescent victims.

No sooner were the veracity of the Bryn Estyn care home buggery allegations established – and too the criminal involvement of a cadre of raving paedo scrotes from the Wrexham Plod Squad – that Vague shut down the conflict-of-interest ridden investigation faster than shit through a flock of scavenging beachfront seagulls - before some slack-jawed royal pederast or blue blood member of the nobility or titled life peer got arrested and prosecuted by accident for sodomising ‘in-care’ orphans – such as establishment favourites alike Sir Jim’ll ‘Fuckit’ Savile or the roly-poly Sir Cyril ‘Porky’ Smith – or Wrexham’s Chief Superintendent Gordon Anglesea.

Vague’s offhand dismissal of the war crimes charges being pursued concerns the al-Sweaty Socks inquiry was flatly rejected by Ms. Lorem Ipsum QC, leading counsel for Upshot, Bagrot & Shitpot, who are acting pro-bono for the late Mr Hamid al-Sweaty Socks, a 19-year old Iraqi baklava vendor who was one of those unlawfully arrested, tortured then murdered while in the custody of British troops belonging to the 21st Cannon Fodder Regiment at Baghdad’s Camp Thuggery in May of 2004.

Mr al-Sweaty Socks was wrongfully fingered by Iraqi stooge and al Qaeda ‘cash-in-hand’ basis informer Ras al Shitbag as being none other than the ‘Most Wanted’ Mohammed al Ka-Boom, leader of the Jolly Jihad Brigade’s 18th Shaheed Semtex Vest Suicide Squad, suspected of wiping out a joint contingent patrol of the British Army’s 14th Body Bag Battalion troopers and a group of generalised sadists, thugs and psychos assigned to the US Slackwater / Xe military contractors.

The dossier submitted by Upshot, Bagrot & Shitpot with the International Criminal Court and the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights alleges, under Article 15 of the Rome Statute, that top ranking grandee politicos and military officers – specifically General Sir Peter Wallpaper and ex-Defence Secretary Geoff Goon - are ultimately accountable due chain of command responsibility for sanctioning the torture of prisoners which included water boarding, being buggered by the regimental goat, forced 24/7 sessions of viewing X-Factor replays – and in al Sweaty Sock’s case, copping for an Abu Ghraib pedicure – in which his toenails were ripped out with a pair of Pound Stretcher pliers.

Knowing the lack of success any fucker or their dog has had in bringing 9/11 false flag attack high-fiving Mossad Movers goons or Israeli art students to book for their crimes – or the scumbags involved with the post-9/11 illegal invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq – Tony Bliar and Dubya Bush – plus a host of slimy kikester neo-cons – and the crim’s responsible for the assisted suicides of Dr David Kelly and Robin Cook – and the conspired hounding of Andrea Davison – then don’t hold your breath on General Wallpaper and Geoff Goon copping a summons to appear before some Nuremberg Two Tribunal to answer for their sins.

Since the valiant Alison Taylor’s initial complaint viz the care homes child sexual abuse was filed with North Wales Plod Squad in 1986, and regardless of the same police forces and local council’s efforts to cover up these paedophilia reports, there have nevertheless been compiled the Cartrefle Report of 1990, the Utting Report of 1991, the Warner Report of 1992, the Jillings report of 1994 – all of which stated that allegations involving famous names and paedophile rings were beyond its remit, and something best addressed at a potential later public inquiry.

Given the facility of 20/20 hindsight this was obviously the remit of the useless Waterhouse Inquiry of 1996 which took until 2000 to get its pencils sharpened and concoct a feasible coverup scenario that the kiddie complainants were all sexual deviant celeb-fixated fantasists.

Doubtless, due the criminal influence of the Masonic secret handshake club, the conclusions of the current investigations by Justice Julia Macur and the Plod Squad’s Operation Pallial (same as Op’s Yewtree and Fernbridge) will equate with those of Waterhouse – that mistakes were made and lessons now learned – but this happened a long time ago and the guilty offenders are all dead.

Sorry, not good enough. We need a death sentence penalty – preferably one of being torn apart by irate, bereaved mothers – to deter current and future child sexual abuse offenders and online kiddie fiddling pornographers from their would-be paedophile crimes.

Thought for the day. Cynicism regarding the outcome of the English / Welsh Plod Squad’s Operations Yewtree, Fernbridge and Pallial besides, at least they’re making more effort than north of the border in Nonceland, where the Porky Pict First Minister Alex ‘Three Chins’ Salmond – he who ate all the haggis - refuses repeated calls and petitions to even acknowledge the existence of paedophilia in a land where men wander round in skirts – let alone commission an investigation into officially-documented allegations of historic sexual abuse of disabled and special needs children, facilitated and enacted by those tasked with their care - and reported to the Grampian police in 2000 concerning an ‘untouchable’ Aberdeen-based pederast ring comprised of a Satan-worshipping elitist membership that operates with the same level of official impunity to this very day – obviously a fitting testament to the evil influence of the infernal Luciferian Powers of Darkness.


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Like it, very crafty n subtle dig at the Scottish nonces and a bit of publicity for the Hollie Demands Justice campaign.