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Con-Dem Welfare State = Benefits Ripoff

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The latest word from Iain Dunkin-Shit, the Nasty Party’s Minister for Social Misery, is “pay up or get out and live on a landfill site”. Dunkin Shit informed one press hack from the Self Harmers Gazette that people should “find more hours at work or a second part-time job” if they’re the hapless victims of the draconian under-occupancy ‘Bedroom Tax’ charge - regardless of trying to survive hand-to-mouth fashion in Broken Britain’s jobless wilderness landscape where even less than minimum wage slots have been snapped up by the incoming waves of vulgar Bulgars and Romanian Gyppo types – and Chinese cockle pickers kitted out with waders and water wings.

Nice one, lots of forethought gone into that at Whitehall’s Ministry for What Can We Fuck With Next – the introduction of this unlawful workfare legislation and slashing benefits down to the starvation level with the intention of forcing tens of thousands of people to go out and look for non-existent jobs – or turn their otherwise honest hands to crime – hopefully mugging some Tory MP first off before they start on the defenceless pensioners and crow-barring ATM machines out of a Royal Bank of Scumland wall.

In this week’s Pariah’s Review, Minister Dunkin Shit has been voted the most hated man in the known Universe - on a par with New Labour's ex-PM and leading member of the War Criminals Club, pro-ZioNazi stooge Tony Bliar – and tagged with a fitting derogatory sobriquet taken from the slang lexicon of the foul and foreign French – specifically a ‘branleur de le chien’ – a dog wanker.

While suffering from a chronic case of Sadistic Personality Disorder since his rejection as party leader in a unanimous ‘no confidence’ vote by the Tory’s ruling panjandrums for being as popular as a leper at a christening, Dunkin Shit now attempts to compensate for his own glaring inadequacies by seeking solace via the medium of schadenfreude – victimising not only welfare benefit scroungers but the truly poor and needy.
Yet Dunkin Shit is the same tosspot who boasts he can live off £69 nicker a week – while drawing a salary of £134,565 quid plus mega-bucks expenses – and is shacked up for free in a nice little gaff on his zillionaire father-in-law’s country estate.

Oh yes, make no mistake about the level of gross hypocrisy involved here, for the man behind the self-harm / suicide drive Bedroom Tax and Atos Stealthcare disability assessment screening – ‘and’ closing down the Remploy units across the country - the last vestige of dignity for disabled people - lives rent-free in a £2 million nicker aristocratic Tudor country mansion in Fuckinghamshire – with ‘four spare bedrooms’, a swimming pool, tennis courts – and all set in acres of verdant countryside – courtesy of his aristocrap father-in law, Commander Johnny ‘Tapped’ Fremantle, aka the 5th Baron Coleslaw.

Thus unlike the 660,000 families in social housing – and too the less fortunate residents of his Chigley and Camberwick Green constituency who are forced to cough up an average of £14 quid a week extra for a spare bedroom – the scheming Dunkin Shit has neither rent nor mortgage to fork out.
Little wonder the UK’s ubiquitous High Street Pound Stretcher shops are doing a roaring trade in Iain Dunkin-Shit voodoo dolls - which come complete with a pack of nasty sharp pins.

Would it not be a fitting piece of Karma if some benefits-marginalised disabled type – such as the vision-impaired Blind Pew, accosted Dunkin-Shit in the street and gave him the Curse of the Black Spot – which resulted in him coming down with the plague - or something equally pestilent and nasty – not alopecia though, he’s got a balding dose of that bane already.

Alas the social divide of rich and poor (1% vs 99% / Haves & Have Nots) inequality has been the main defining moral issue throughout the recorded history of our civilisation (sic) – and in the last couple of centuries – recent history - has served (France 1789 / Russia 1917) to ‘fatally’ eradicate the offending ‘rich’ contingent from society – to no great resolving effect as the ignorant poor stayed poor and some other fucker and their dog assume the role of ‘the rich’.

Today’s Tory-instigated Age of Austerity has its roots in a potpourri of flawed Thatcherite menopausal ideology and Stalinist ‘Scorched Earth’ policy – conjured by a sinister cabal of control freaks and expedited via their politico proxies – all of whom are of short on common sense, high on authoritarianism, and drunk with power.
This is a sad symptom of our toxic leadership, they want to play God – but are possessed of all the vices of excess and none of the virtues. We cop for the austerity end of things while MPs are awarded a whopping above-inflation pay raise by their own Parliamentary Stooge Committee.

This is the Devil’s due – the price we pay – this burden we bear – for our cultural apathetic condition and complacency in ignoring the fact the political glove muppets we elect (sic) to public office are the stooges and gophers of elitist invested corporate interests whose divine deity is Mammon, the god of materialistic greed – and rejoice when the jobless and destitute are herded into the arms of the usurious banksters and loan sharks from the likes of Slick-Quid and Willy Wonga’s Money Factory.

PM Posh Dave Scameron this week announced that state old age pensions would be secured by the triple lock system and continue to rise against inflation and / or wages by at least 2.5% per annum until 2020 – ‘if’ we all vote Tory at the next election.
Then after omitting to mention that the state pension age is to be hiked to 68 by January 2023, in his next halitosis-stricken toxic breath, threatens these very same pensioners with the loss of their winter fuel allowance - already diminished by £50 quid thanks to that grubby little train fare-dodging scumbag Chancellor Georgie Boy Osborne – ‘and’ the loss of travel concession passes. Well that’s one certain way to lose the oldies vote come the next general election.

To add insult to injury and rub salt in the open suppurating wounds left by the last austerity measure, the gospel according to the Nasty Party's derange-eyed MP for Canterbury Tales, one Julian William Bendy Brazier – a Desperate Dan-chinned wastrel possessed with a bent for driving on the wrong side of the road and killing Italian cyclists – opined to a press hack from the Ripoffs Review that British pensioners should be made to pay the Bedroom Tax also – and no excuses.

Just so readers are clear on the bonkers Brazier’s skewed socio-political position and views, he’s all for the landed gentry running down foxes and having them torn apart by a pack of dogs; approves of corporal punishment in the home – anywhere, in fact; maintaining lots of overkill ratio thermo-nuclear weapons; a hereditary House of Lords - and supported the mess of pottage now referred to as the Iraq War.

Thus what this Dog & Pony Show pantomime of a coalition government have made a total Third World bollocks of since 2010 will take decades to reverse, none of which was the type of social reform that was required or desired.
For fuck’s sake, it would be easier to pass the Brecon Beacons survival course phase of the 22nd SAS selection programme in mid-winter than an Atos Wealthcare disability screening – with these Soviet Commissar / Stasi examiners arbitrarily deciding the fate of the most vulnerable special needs and disabled members of our sick society - and inform quadriplegics that they can get a job in the Post Office – licking stamps.

Regardless, bollocks to the Libservative / Con-Dem political machine and vote for the indestructible Nigel Barrage and UKIP - and fuck ‘em all.

Thought for the day. Jokes and satire besides, we require a drastic sea change in the way the world is run. Toss out this usurious debt-laden Crapitalist monetary exchange scam and too government by a system of ‘elected’ (sic) political proxies – these sycophantic stooges and gophers emplaced to expedite the commands of their 1% profit-motivated corporate masters, the military-industrial cartels – oil / energy / armaments - and the insidious shifty Shylock banksters – this vile Brotherhood of the Serpent that was spawned at the dawn of civilisation.

The House of Conmans has moved far from that which Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell prescribed, and this cabal of Tory-dominated Con-Dem Coalition tossers is completely out of sync’ with the sentiments and needs of the common herd – us – the 99% ‘have nots’ – with Posh Dave Scameron’s Big Society ‘Womb to Tomb’ (formerly ‘Cradle to Grave’) Nanny State being more at scent than substance.

“We’re all in this together” – my ass. The entire concept of the responsibility of care that goes hand in hand with public office has been cast to the vagaries of the four winds by the likes of George Osborne and Iain Dunkin Shit and their austerity measures.

Hmmm, lost touch about sums up the Nasty Party’s zillionaire cabinet politicos. Not everyone in the 99% category owns a horse or celebrates the Glorious Twelfth, or is petitioning for the fox hunting ban to be repealed so they can chase down Reynard with a pack of savage hounds and watch him ripped to shreds in a gore-splattered round of ‘jolly good fun’ – which was in its day a light hearted diversion from the elitist Masonic paedophile cabal’s full moon ceremonial duty of butt-fucking little boys and girls to the point of death as they were ritually garrotted by the coven’s High Priestess with the disembowelled entrails of the previous kidnapped child victim.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area and whilst purposely blending slanderous comments and conjecture with wild rumour and hard facts, may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Anonymous said...

Like the 'Dunkin Shit' wordplay. Brill.
And his 'blonde moment' hench-bitch Esther McVey is a right evil skanger too that doesn't give a shit about anyone who falls in the 'poor' or unfortunate category.
They're all scatbags.