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Con-Dems Host Fracking Bribes Policy

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The officially-approved graft and corruption policy banner headline besides, the heaving groundswell of negative British public sentiment that is now dead set against any and all environmentally-unfriendly practices has gathered critical mass support at a geometric rate and is ready to erupt on a grand mega-nuclear scale that might well turn the socio-political control mechanisms that hold our complacent British Isles community in check, suddenly go arse over tit and see the establishment of a fresh governing order arise from the resulting anarchy.

Thus is the effect of the Con-Dem coalition’s conflict of interest support for the fracking industry that such might just go that fatal step further than the nasty forced adoption ‘kids –for-sale’ antics of the secret family courts - or the Plod Squad’s ‘lawfully killed’ get out of jail free / murder indemnity ticket – or the continuing official cover-up of Masonic paedophile abuses by cabinet ministers past and present - all three of which currently top the common herd’s New Year protest hate list – next to the panopticon surveillance state spying by the GCHQ.

Following the release of a report from the British Geological Survey which ‘guesstimates’ there may be ‘lots and lots’ of shale gas trapped in the sub-strata bedrocks of the north of England, Tory PM Posh Dave Scameron has jumped on the bandwagon and in true circus clown fashion started acting as chief cheerleader for the multi-national energy fracking operators – along with Defra’s tosspot Minister Owen ‘Cobblers’ Paterson and the train-fare dodging Chancellor George ‘Spankies’ Osborne, acting on behalf of his energy corps lobbyist shitbag father-in-law, Lord David Howell, High Priest of the Latter Day Moneygrubbers.

Promoting the over-hyped benefits of fracking, Scameron informed one gutter press hack from the Pollution Gazette that if local authorities stopped grandstanding to their electorates and slackened off their opposition to a display of simple political lip service then they’d receive the sum total of business rates collected from shale gas schemes - rather than the usual 10% kickback.
Plus not only would the fracking projects conducted by CrapDrilla create zillions of job opportunities for unemployed welfare benefit scroungers and eastern European economic migrants, but also reduce gas bills to a tariff rate level that even old age pensioners could afford – and keep warm through the cold, wet and windy winters while the flood waters were lapping at their front door steps.

Conversely Greenpeace spokeswoman Chlamydia Mingerot accused ministers and fracking industry leader CrapDrilla of attempting to bribe local authority councils with thirty pieces of sordid silver (actually £100,000 quid) up front for each exploratory well that proves frack-worthy and is eventually exploited – plus 1% of ‘any’ revenues generated from the sale of shale gas.

“Posh Dave Scameron, who’s now been rebranded as Austerity Dave, is a false Messiah for positive social change. He might well have been born in the purple – silver spoon and all – due being related to the mongrel serpent bloodline that spawned the likes of King Wilfred the Wanker – and Silas the Scone-Burner – but he’s fast, cheap and out of control and moral integrity doesn’t get a second thought when these scumbags resort to seducing the base level of human nature with material inducements of political promotion – regardless of their preference for the term ‘facilitation fees’ as opposed to bribes.”

Ron McScrote, leader of the Frack-Off protest group, informed media hacks that “Here again we’re faced with a government-backed policy of energy development – same as the global warming scam and associated carbon credit offset cap n trade exchange - by a shedload of concocted faulty science – and all to appease profit-motivated parties of self-interest.”
“Scameron’s openly supporting a corruption-ridden policy of blatant bribery to seduce local councils to okay fracking operations in their bailiwicks by quelling public hostility to the controversial gas extraction drilling process - and if so required dispatch their local Plod squad goons and PCSO morons from the Renta-Thug security agencies to disperse the hordes of Luddite protesters blocking access to the Barton Moss site so operations can get underway and foreign investment energy developers kept happy.”

“The powers that be might well censor and gag the media reports of negative public opinion and cries of ‘No Way!” from environmental activist groups, but Scameron is set to go down in the annals of history alongside the faulty science anoraks and beardies promoting shale gas fracking as the ignorant tosser who polluted the deep sub-strata water table of our once-sceptred isle – and all in the name of following orders from his elitist corporate bankster masters with his announcement that local authority councils that back the controversial fracking gas extraction drilling operations will get to keep more money in tax revenue as part of this shit or bust all-out drive to promote the scam.”

“This New World Order’s global technocracy is run by a fusion of stooge government and multi-national business corporations under which individuality is replaced by transhumanist singularity.”
“Here in Broken Britain this manifested earlier in the week with the Tories and Lib-Dums jointly ignoring the hard facts which discredit the fast sell propaganda that shale gas is a safe and reliable source and hence fracking will bring down energy bills and create jobs - thoroughly and totally ignoring the risks and threats of large-scale industrialisation in exchange for cold, hard cash – with legitimate environmental and safety concerns over fracking and the required robust regulation and comprehensive monitoring being tossed to the vagaries of the four winds.”

“Let’s not forget these are the very same Nasty Party Masonic elitist scumbags that want us ruled out of Brussels under the fascist edicts of their Federation of Europe EUSSR Stasi state control system – and who tried to flog off our old growth national forests and woodlands to the foreign-owned Sahara Forest Trading Corp for firewood production – and are forcing horizon-blighting wind farms and Monsanto’s genetically-modified organism Frankenfood crops and insta-tumour Roundup Ready ‘glyphosate’ herbicides down our necks.”

“They view us, the common herd, with contemptuous disdain, and under the aegis of their ‘one size fits all’ branding, any and all conscientious objectors displaying symptoms of critical free-thinking and non-compliance are to be tagged as non-conformist rebels preaching a culture of anarchy and viewed as domestic terrorists suffering from of ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder) – for daring to question or disagree with bent government policies – with their names added to the National Domestic Extremism Database.”

“This policy applies to any of us determined to become self-empowered and out to eviscerate state sanctioned environmental pillaging. We’re seen as budding divergents, branded as freaks and non-conformist rebels, dissidents, radicals, reactionaries, anarchists, nihilists and revolutionaries simply due our inherent uniqueness and mindset to resist the state controlling every aspect of our entire mortal existence – as we can kick ass and have no need nor desire to go ‘Baaa’ and follow the rest of the common herd.”

“And thanks to the likes of Thatcherism and her run-in’s with the miners and unions, and de-industrialisation of our once-proud nation – wherein she replaced Britain’s prefix of ‘Great’ with the current one of ‘Broken’ - the establishment now frowns on individuality within the common herd demographic as they’re terrified of any fucker or their dog who can think for themselves and doesn’t give a flying fuck, as they’re a threat to the order of things – for those are the true souls that can up-end this world and overturn the divine right to rule tyranny.”
“To wit, disagreeing with government policy and voicing an opinion that is contrary to that aforesaid policy is henceforth classified as promoting political or ideological causes which fall within the definition of terrorism.”

To wit, the profit-motivated energy exploiters / environmental pillagers pushing the fracking industry claim such is safe from long term (and short term) environmental damage and sub-strata geological pollution – which at best is a statement loaded with disingenuous content, and at worst a total pile of lie-stuffed crap.
In the absence of any environmental impact study, per the ground level / surface exploration de rigueur requirements, which is an impossibility with this sub-strata hydrostatic fracturing extraction process as we do not have the technology to ‘estimate’ what the fuck can go wrong - and even Cassandra or some super-psychic seer scrying into a big shiny crystal ball still can’t foretell the long term pollution damage that will result from pumping a mega-gallons pressurised toxic radioactive chemical cocktail down a bore hole.

Conversely, common sense and base logic, coupled with sub strata fluid migration allows us to deduce that the resulting fractured geology allows the released gas to migrate then the injected toxic chemicals will do likewise – and contaminate the water table and across the entire spectrum of plant and animal life – much to the detriment of nature and the environment – and more importantly, the harmonious balance of the Gaia Spirit’s Schumann resonance.

And the same factor will eventually become apparent – far too late / damage done, of course - with Wi-Fi signals, chemtrails, cellphones / EMF electro-smog, GMO crops and terminator seeds, potable water fluoridation, toxic vaccines, prescription drugs for everything - and artificial sweeteners of the aspartame calibre – along with a further litany of crap that profit-motivated commercial interests claim is good for us – or a nano-amount of ingestion will do us no harm – as per the one-time view of nuclear radioactivity – until the Morgellons lesions and tumours start to appear and the next generation has all manner of DNA fuckup faults.

Alas, the common herd still maintain a belief in this illusion of representative government for, to their eventual detriment, in spite of the sore thumb obvious that the country is run by multi-national profit-motivated corporate interests who don’t give a flying fuck about the welfare of the common herd or the environment – or a future that looks further ahead than the next scheduled stockholder dividend payout and annual bonus dates – and in the case of the fracking industry’s environmental pillagers the long-term casualty is going to be Mother Nature and the Earth itself – wounded and poisoned deep down – where the public cannot see nor hear her screams.

Regardless, fuck the ‘frackers’ – and the Freemason control freak shifty Shylock-owned global bankster cartels – and Big Brother – and his sister - and the military-industrialist run New World Order.

Carbon Credit Offset / Cap & Trade Exchange (aka Global Warming / Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration: No trees, fish, cormorants, bumble bees or small furry mammals - otters or voles – or Syrian refugees - were harmed in posting this message. However, a large number of the GCHQ / Five Eyes Alliance’s Prism / Tempora / Carnivore / Echelon / X-Keyscore / SIG-INT I-Spy super snooper ‘Nosy Bastard’ wire-tap / eavesdropping system’s network electrons on Hubble Bubble Road in Cheltenham were temporarily inconvenienced.

Thought for the day. This skit is dedicated to the Friends of the Earth and particularly the Manchester-based Barton Moss anti-fracking protest group opposed to IGas corporation’s intended environmental pillaging activities.


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