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Lords Diss Public viz EU Vote

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Peers infesting the House of Lords – the biggest waste of money on Broken Britain’s budget bill next to QE2 and her crew of welfare benefit scrounging royal idle-arsed DNA-defective relatives - have been accused of treating the blue collar electorate – aka the taxpaying public who reluctantly fund this anachronistic joke of an institution - over the proposed EUSSR referendum, by claiming, in their unqualified arrogance, that the common herd proletariat simply cannot be trusted to make the right decision – whatever such might – or might not - be.

Well, this nauseating outpour of hypocrisy and lies from the Lords tosspots besides, for once I must absolutely agree. The stupid goggle-box / celebrity mesmerised sheeple put this pisspot mess of a Con-Dem / Libservative Coalition in office – and the New Labour crime syndicate before them – instead of mulling the blatant abuse of public office as an offence to our dignity and intelligence, then issuing a collective ‘bollocks to this shit’ and going into revolutionary mode to overthrow the established order, hence they can’t be trusted to do any fucking thing right.

This Parliamentary doss-house known as ‘the Lords’ – with its monochromatic record of moral corruption - a sad symptom of our national toxic leadership - this week attacked, en masse, Posh Dave Scameron’s Tory Party scheme to field legislation for an ‘In or Out’ vote on Broken Britain’s membership of the fascist EUSSR community by 2017.

Lord Peter Scandalson of the Felchers, (aka Vermin in Ermine) a former EUSSR Trade Commissioner who put a capital C in Corruption during his influence-peddling tenure, opined to one gutter press hack from the Scallywags Gazette that any vote would be a hit n miss lottery in which the electorate were swayed by irrelevant issues – such as discount Sky Sports subscriptions or the price of fish and chips in Brussels driving up the cost of confetti by two pence per ton.

Scandalson - an egocentric archetype tosser that the term ‘scumbag’ was crafted for, is the epitome of graft and corruption on two legs, yet fits in so well with this over-privileged elitist fraternity and their absurd, exaggerated sense of entitlement - is in line for a £31,000 quid per annum EUSSR pension ‘if’ he ever reaches retirement age and doesn’t succumb to a dose of some AIDS-related bumboy / sodomite malady beforehand.

The subject of our anti-establishment diatribe went on to inform his fellow peers that PM Scameron was shitting kittens that militant Tory back-benchers were going to demand he fall on his own sword if he didn’t start keeping his word about scheduling a Yes or No referendum to decide the UK’s continuation with their skewed membership of the European Stalinist community.

Lord Thomas the Tank Engine of Swineherd, a cross-dresser, triggered anger by telling peers that referendums are alien to British political philosophy, and due never having an original thought in his own mongrel gene-polluted brain, resorted to a quote from Old Labour’s former PM, Stoker Jim Callaghan, that “The House of Conmans makes the fucking decisions, not the stupid common herd.”

Opening the debate, Michael Handcramp, Nonceland’s Marquess of Lothian, related to an utterly disinterested chamber “Personally I’m passionate about the political applications of fascism and the EUSSR concept, and believe that continued membership is too important and complex an issue to trust the stupid British people to decide. We have a moral duty to stay in and welcome Eastern European pikey and gyppo immigrants as they’ll work for sweet fuck all and do the menial tasks no other sod wants – like dredging the moat at my country pile.”

“Dave Scameron is playing a Europhobe version of Russian roulette with our fucked up economy by fielding this referendum threat at Brussels as I know lots of big money monopolies like Monsanto and the fracking industry pillagers and Siemans, Gold-in-Sacks and Nissan want Britain to stay in the European community so they can buy up all our quangos and PFI options.”

“Thus the problem with Posh Dave going to Brussels to negotiate changes in our EUSSR treaty agreements if he turns up with an ‘In or Out’ referendum time bomb in his briefcase like one of those Mohammed al Ka-Boom Jolly Jihad Muslim terrorist types with their Shaheed Semtex suicide vests – and tells them if they don’t agree to his terms then he’ll detonate the sodding thing and let the stupid Benefits Street addicted British public loose to vote on the issue.”

Lord Dinsdale Oakshitt, a Librarian-Dummercrat ally of Business Secretary Vince ‘Methuselah’ Cable, told the floor "If you want out of Europe, vote for Nigel Barrage and UKIP. If you want to stay in, vote for Mick Clogg and the Lib-Dums. If you don’t know or don’t give a flying fuck, then vote for Nick Griffin and his BNP thugs - or the EDL hate-monger crazies, then we can have all these sodding immigrants tossed out at the same time as Brussels’ stupid rule book.”

James Wart-Hogg, the wunderkind Geordie renegade MP who sponsored the Private Members Bill in the House of Conmans, accused peers of treating voters with contempt, and reacting to suppurating fears that the bill will be killed at committee stage by Labour and Lib-Dum peers, despite it sailing through the lower house and receiving an unopposed second reading in the Lords.

“Broken promises on Europe have eroded whatever little faith the British public ever had in politics, with successive lying git Prime Ministers giving commitments to hold referendums and then going back on their word – same as Tony Bliar and Dave Scameron have both done.”

“Hence how dare these unelected peers, in their detached arrogance, a bunch of whom have whopping great Brussels pension funds and made good livings out of the EUSSR’s back-hander corrupt bureaucracy, like that bent shitbag Peter Scandalson and the crafty Kinnocks - attempt to frustrate the bill - the aim of which is to let the British people decide their own future. Be a part of Europe or as the insular island state that has served us well for millenniums ‘and’ created an empire on which, in its day, the sun never set. The destiny of Britain – even without Nonceland if Alex Salmond wins his independence bid – is not with Europe but the global trade markets.”

Thought for the day. How the fuck have the common herd got themselves so burdened with this shower of mediocre shits – to a man devoid of all talent, natural or learned – whether hereditary mongrel blue bloods or those bestowed with a political ‘reward’ life peerage? Same with Broken Britain’s local authority civil service system - which stands as a towering monument to bureaucratic dysfunction. How? Easy - due our collective apathetic complacency. We deserve all we get.

The likes of Scandalson and his fellow peers view the masses of humanity through a most narrow aperture and with calculated disdain – and to the revolutionary anarchist mind should be struck from the rolls that bear testament to the passage of human existence.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area and whilst purposely blending slanderous comments and conjecture with wild rumour and hard facts, may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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