Friday, 1 August 2014

Rochford One: Freed on Bail

In this morning’s ‘Enhanced Bullshit’ edition we bring you the latest and greatest in scandal-mongering hot gossip from Anarchy Central’s 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill – with dispatches hand forged and crafted into bespoke satire to tempt the palates of all budding nihilists and career revolutionaries who carry the immortal bloodline of the rebel sons of Belial.

At 02:00 hours on Wednesday morning (30/07/2014) a truck load of assorted uniformed plods and CID suits from the Domestic Anti-Terrorism Unit - supported by the Bellend-on-Sea SWAT team driving a FV4034 Challenger 2 main battle tank on loan from the Army's 21st Cannon Fodder Regiment - expedited a high octane police raid and surrounded #5, Anarchy Terraces - the Rochford home of radical weblogger Chris Spivey, and executed his arrest on charges of suspected cyber-harassment.

Wielding a search warrant written out on the back of a Corn Flakes packet and signed with a police dog's paw print, the Jobsworth Thug Squad went into a mob-handed klepto-mode, impounding any 'suspicious items' that weren't nailed down - specifically computer equipment and blog post files - along with his extensive 'Paedo Lords & MPs Locator' wall chart - so predictive of our budding panopticon surveillance / fascist police state apparatus.
Following which the Mighty Spiv - a veritable constant thorn in the establishment's foot - was taken to Bellend-on-Sea Plod Squad HQ where he was charged with cyber-stalking / harassment offences related to his exposes of government wrongdoings and naming the faces involved - then held in custody.

Speaking to gutter press hacks outside the Bellend-on-Sea HQ WPC Fellattia Gammer from the Suspect Intimidation Unit stated for the public record that Mr Spivey's arrest related to an allegation of harassment via social media which had been referred to Essex Police by the Greater Manchester Plod Squad - which may - or may not, as the case may - or may not be, related to references concerning Gelly McCann's Scottish Rite Speculative Society Masonic cronies and the Tapas BD/SM Five 'Violate Club' gang - or his persistent 'outing' exposure of Tory Home Secretary 'Theresa' May as a raving transvestite had finally got on Terry's 'feminine side' nerves - or was due to his recent lambasting of the rogue state of Israel's slow cook genocide policy in Gaza - and questioning the Holohoax.

Rumour has it that this harassment charge complaint might well have been filed by the Daily Shitraker editor Paul 'Hermit' Dacre and linked to Chris's habitual references to the tabloid rag as the Daily Chimp.
This theory is substantiated by an unqualified character assassination attack job by the Daily Shitraker's Stephanie 'Piranha Teeth' Linning which labels Chris as a bonkers conspiracy theorist on a par with David Icke and 9/11 Truthers - and recommends the tried and tested Stalinist answer to dissident behaviour. While lacking all essence of medical qualifications, this split-arsed bimbo brands the Mighty Spiv as a suitable case for treatment, and for the public good, in need of sectioning.

Or is the cause and effect factor linked to his recent stellar blog post concerning the May 2013 Islamic terrorist false flag murder attack on Drummer Lee Pygmy being an 'Atrocity Week' spectacular staged by MI5 and the Woolwich Amateur Dramatics Society to further demonise the Muslim community of our multicultural Big Society - and incite a climate of sectarian hatred in the minds (sic) of the brain dead common herd - those handicapped by forelock-tugging obeisance and an NLP-induced cap-doffing deference for anything in uniforms - which is automatically abused to maintain this useful awe of authority.

Either that or the publication of the fact that neo-liberal Crapitalism feeds on natural disasters, war and terror to maintain its dominance - and keep the Edomite Mafia in control.
Yet Spivey is made of sterner stuff than the usual run of the mill arrestees who fall victim to the narcotic effects of industrial strength intimidation and confess to any fucking thing when threatened with a possible custodial sentence in one of HMP's G4S / Serco-mismanaged sodomite paradises - and wears his 'Iconoclast' label proudly- which he earned due a street talk flair for challenging any controversial government story line and rightly questioning the blatant contradictions, lies, and inconsistencies in their official narratives.

But that's what Chris has morphed into - fighting against injustice wherever it rears its ugly head - a joint responsibility of all 'wide awake' citizens who give a flying fuck about the 'honest' (sic) and efficient, selfless pro bono government of our green and pleasant land - and a square deal for the rest of global humanity - the marginalised 99%.
And here we are presented with precisely what the control freak PTB fear most: critical thinkers - any fucker and their dog who evolve the ability to think for themselves and spurn the official spin line as bullshit and, like Icke, Spivey and Gerrish - and a multitude of others who have evolved a unique sense of perspective - and the ability to smell a rat at 200 yards (and a ZioNazi false flag operation as soon as anything goes 'Ka-Fucking-Boom' even half a continent away).

The establishment frowns on individuality – people who refuse to 'comply' and instead opt to think for themselves - and evolve into divergents - a threat to the order of things - which emanates from turning off the goggle box and surfing alternative news websites, asking awkward questions and hence disbelieving what the government and mainstream corporate-fascist controlled media tell you – an aberrant mental condition that requires treatment with veritable cocktail of full strength psychotic medications.
Oh yes, it’s all a fucking stitch up and those 'afflicted' with ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder) are to be tagged as non-conformist rebels preaching a culture of anarchy and recorded as such on the MI5 / GCHQ National Domestic Extremism Database.

Thus all are branded as fringe element aberrations / freaks / professional agitators / dissidents / radicals / reactionaries / anarchists / nihilists and revolutionaries - and by connection, domestic terrorists - simply due our inherent uniqueness and questioning the motives of officialdom and to collectively resist the state controlling every aspect of our entire mortal existence. We can kick ass and have no need nor desire to go ‘Baaa’ and follow the rest of the common herd.

We are aware that broken Britain's government equates with a Third World basket case kleptocracy and is run for the benefit of the elitist oligarch ruling classes - and the entire system is so infested with crooks and graft and corruption that government is no longer able to operate without such detrimental facilities in place.

The House of Conmans / Parliament is a staged event that obeys the directives of this shadowy, para-governmental and trans-national corporatocracy that now runs our once-sceptred isle - and fields a one-size-fits-all approach to ‘every fucking thing’ - and on a capricious whim lowers the threshold for what justifies war.
This is the 1% percent of the world that uses far more than it needs to live at a higher standard than those they are stealing from: us/ der untermenschen / peasants / common herd / sheeple - the Have Nots.

Hence why the wholesale disruption of British society is on the agenda as this Control Faction are hell bent on the creation and maintenance of a dysfunctional society - which will provide the legitimacy to usher in a European Federation (EUSSR) totalitarian police state and the global New World Order.

To wit, disagreeing with government policy, non-compliance with the official line and voicing an opinion that is contrary to that aforesaid policy is henceforth classified as promoting a political or ideological cause which falls within the definition of terrorism. And that is precisely what Chris is guilty of.

Okay, let's be up front (like Tony Bliar) - Chris isn't exactly a paragon of political correctness and his casual use of the word c*nt to describe all and sundry may strike a rather personal home truth note and distress the fragile sensibilities of some of the thinner skinned elements who incur his rightful blogger's wrath - but neither point bears the grounds nor gravity to sanction his arrest and to silence him with a set of harsh and restrictive bail conditions.

Of course people get upset - they normally do when confronted with unsavoury truths. But our sick society needs it whistle-blowers and Truthsayers - our Keyboard Warriors - for they are the harbingers of change - and will serve as the heralds of the tumbrels - and the Rope - and Guillotine.
But what we are looking at here is the imposition of draconian censorship laws designed to target social media and hamper our long-established right of free speech, and to call a spade 'a spade' - even if it is a fucking shovel.

As to our subject's current whereabouts, after a veritable Biblical legion of 144,000 pro-Spivey supporters gathered outside the Bellend-on-Sea Plod Squad HQ following his arrest, where Bolshie activist segments of the mob torched papier-mâché effigies of Essex's ginger mingin Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh - and PCC Nicholas Arsewipe - to a coordinated chant of "Free the Rochford One!" - Chris was promptly released on police bail pending further inquiries - until September 5.

Now, 'if' this more scent than substance cyber-harassment case passes the CPS Full Code evidence test, and valid grounds are there to prosecute, then doubtless the witnesses - both police and complainant variety, will be (as in Robert Green's bonny Nonceland trial for exposing the truth and faces behind the Hollie Greig sexual abuse scandal and coverup) coached to perjure themselves under sworn oath - with a calculated efficiency and practised ease.

So if this Orwellian style arrest and bailing is directly related to the Mighty Spiv's questioning the tragedy of errors false flag pantomime that manifested in the mock ambush and murder of Army squaddie Lee Pygmy - which went down in the Guinness Book thingy as the first bloodless semi-beheading on record - then the entire concept of critical blogging - and tweeting - is on the endangered species list - an imminent extinction level event - especially so when we have slander and libel law mechanisms in place to deal with such offences.

Really, wasn't this entire vendre un canard à moitié (to half-sell a duck) Keystone farce worthy of questioning? The middle of Woolwich's Wellington Street was no place for Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale - the Nigerian Bungler Twins - to hold a live afternoon matinee 'ab lib' dress rehearsal for their false flag terrorist production.

A squaddie hacked to death with a poxy Argos kitchen knife? Gimme a break. For Christ's sake, you couldn't even hack a large toastie to death with a one of Argos' crap steel blades, never mind some trooper's head off.
After his spectacular job with the 2012 Olympics then MI5 / security services really should have seconded Danny Boyle to approve the script and oversee the directorship of a slipshod choreography that wouldn't even have passed muster for a school Year 2 Christmas nativity play.

So, in conclusion, if Chris's bail conditions are as restrictive as those currently imposed on Robert Green (current bail restrictions enforced until January 2015 trial ) and on myself (March 2012 arrest to March 2014 sentence hearing) - hampered and tongue tied silenced with zero internet media access, then they will have achieved their short term goal and the Mighty Spiv be legally gagged.

WTF? - we 'need' to question the PTB and their whistleblower snuffer programme and false flag terrorist attacks - set to either demonise Islam and / or provide a 'legitimate' excuse to invade their homeland and steal their natural resources.
Especially so with such botched job / brass-necked 'in your face' scaremongering pantomimes as the high-fiving 9/11WTC attacks, the illegal invasion of Iraq (and in case any fucker's forgotten the illegal invasion of Afghanistan too).

And let's not overlook the Madrid station bombings, the manky Mossad's Bali Sari Club micro-nuke attack, the assisted suicide of Dr David Kelly in the Grassy Knoll Woods, the 7/7 Mohammed al Patsy tube train attacks, the illegal killings of news vendor Ian Tomlinson and Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes, militant Islam Jolly Jihadist ricin bombs, airplane bog shampoo bombs, black pepper and peroxide bombs, bonkers shoe bombers, Nigerian skiddie bombers, Aurora / Batman movie theatre shootings, the Sandy Hook school shoot-a-thon - (or the scandalous Dunblane massacre Masonic paedo coverup) - nor the Boston Marathon, etcetera, et al, ad infinatum.

And now we have this Woolwich fiasco that has more holes in the official version than an Irish colander and even at face value raises more questions than answers - which the Mighty Spiv has spent great time and effort researching.

To close, fuck Big Brother – and his sister – and the New World Order.

Thought for the day. Luke 8:17 - ‘For there is nothing secret that shall not be made known’

Carbon Credit Offset / Cap & Trade Exchange (aka Global Warming / Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration: No trees, fish, cormorants, bumble bees or small furry mammals - otters or voles – or giraffes in transit - were harmed in posting this message. However, a large number of the GCHQ / Five Eyes Alliance’s Prism / Tempora / Carnivore / Echelon / X-Keyscore / SIG-INT I-Spy super snooper ‘Nosy Bastard’ wire-tap / eavesdropping / data mining system’s network electrons on Hubble Bubble Road in Cheltenham were temporarily inconvenienced.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area and whilst purposely blending slanderous comments and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour and hard facts, may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

Rusty’s Skewed News Views (Purveyors of Bespoke Satire) - enhanced with a modest touch of Yeast Logic and a piquant dash of Political Incorrectness: a news sheet and media source not owned by Rupert Murdoch and the Masonic Zionist kikester lobby, committed to the relay of open source information – and immune from litigation under the statutes of the ‘Fair Comment in the Public Interest’ defence.


Bogbrush said...

Like it. Now that will ruffle a few official feathers no doubt.

Quinn said...

Ha - 'giraffes in transit' - almost missed that tidbit. Timely indeed. A wicked sense of humour and a few references that are bound to bite to the bone.
Keep up the good works now you're free and back online again.

Alpha Anarchist said...

To hell and damnation with this decaffinated excuse for a Con-Dem coalition government.
Our nation is crying out for political and constitutional reform that will take back nationalised control of everything - the Bank of England included.
Renege on all usurious foreign kikester bank debt, pull out of the EU and foreign military adventurism, stamp on immigration, breed a renewed sense of Nationalism and them that don't like it can go back home - then go through Parliament and the civil service and the security service and corrupt police forces with an industrial strength laxative and root out the false flag perpetrators and paedo kiddie fiddlers and their protectors - and inflict penalties of such severity that any and all will think twice and deeply before following the same criminal path to personal aggrandisement or perverted sexual gratification or bear false witness to demonise their fellow man via false flag terror attacks.
No more - enough is enough - and too much already.
Arrest the likes of war criminals Bliar and Bush and Co - and rescind the Zionist Israel's Palestine settlement franchise due abuse of privilege - then kick start a Nuremberg 2 tribunal to try the kikesters for crimes against humanity.

North Lakes Walker said...

A well crafted piece, with just the right blend of caustic satire that morphed my cynical scowl into a half-smile and evoked a few chuckles. Hopefully the blog make people think.
Like yourself and Rob Green over the Hollie Greig scandal and fingering Salmond's entire SNP machine as delinquent, Spivey is now a target of the police state too, for likewise exposing the truth with irrefutable documented evidence that the Woolwich / Drummer Rigby attack was a surrealist hoax, and a botched job wholly abstracted from reality.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed that. :)

Spelter said...

Yep, socio-political activists - the whistleblowers and truth speakers are an endangered species as Rusty states.
Just look back at Soviet Russia under Stalin and Hitler's Nazi Germany regime - and what the Great Satan did to Ezra Pound - the prisoner of St Elizabeths.
Like now, anyone dares criticise the racist Zionist Khazar pigs running Israel for their inhuman sectarian-motivated treatment of the Palestinian population of the occupied West Bank - and the current and on-going overkill ethnic cleansing / genocide they are guilty of against the civilian population of the Gaza Strip , and they get automatically slapped with the habitual anti-Semite label.

Joel said...

Hey, I had a great time reading your website. Do you have an email address that I can contact you on? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.



Rusty said...

If the word 'is' out - from Bucks Palace or Downing Street or one of Whitehall's ranking civil service mandarin Masons - or some shadowy Capo de Capi Controller for the Rothshite crime syndicate's Ninth Circle Paedo Club - "Who will rid us of this troublesome blogger?" then tasking the local Bellend-on-Sea Plod Squad's Thug Unit with securing an arrest and conviction based on smoke n mirrors 'cyber-harassment' charges - or sending the Social Services Intimidation Gang round to check on Clayton just ain't gonna cut it.
So what to do to remedy the situation and get the lid back on this can of worms?
Chris doesn't come across as a suitable candidate for a self-harm assisted suicide solution - found propped against a tree in the David Kelly Memorial Woods, with his left wrist slashed - or dead from an overdose of something nasty, lying on a bench in Rochford's Grassy Knoll Park.
And from a quick eyeball estimate of his beefy physique, then MI5's Force Recon 'Increment' hit team are gonna need a whopper of an XXL sized black North Face holdall to zip him up in before dumping his body in the bath tub and blaming his demise on some onanist self-gratification bondage sex game gone wrong.

wiggins said...

It's the way he tells them.....