Saturday, 9 August 2014

Laughing Gas Abuse 'No Joke'

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Well the paedo-ridden BBC's (Biased Bullshit Corp) online news is once again grappling with the controversial 'gobsmacked' issues of the day - how to fuck up the ISIS / ISIL military advance in the Greater Middle East; formulate any old excuse for NATO to launch an ill-fated attack on Russia - and avoid upsetting the Rothshite crime syndicate with any mention of 'genocide' or 'chaos' regarding Bobo Nuttyahoo's ZioNazi government's ever-expanding litany of war crimes visited by the IDF's Operation Kill Every Fucker military onslaught on the hapless heads of the Palestinian population of the Gaza Strip - besieged and defenceless behind the Israeli's 30-foot high Great Apartheid Wall - inside the biggest Hitlerian style concentration camp in the known Universe.

Meanwhile, not wishing to be left out of the media front page limelight, Titterborough Council's medical officer Ron Chuckles today issued a health warning on laughing gas abuse.

Members of the somnambulant common herd who become involved with inhaling nitrous oxide gas for kicks and to experience some kind of narcotic 'insta-humour' / 'smiley face' rush should be made aware there is nothing funny about the possible negative medical side effects - which will be no laughing matter when the users end up at their local A & E wearing a shit-eating Cheshire cat grin, in a sorry state of 'terminal giggles' - and suffering a greater degree of brain damage than they started out with.

Well, apart from the false flag Ebola virus scaremongering campaign, that's about it folks - unless a scandal-mongering piece on New Labour's Ed ' Hit n Run' Balls getting away with a fine - for what should have constituted a loss of license penalty for driving away from the scene of an accident that he'd caused - is of any passing interest.
Like Chris 'Perjury' Huhne, no point in appointing 'Gromit' to the post of Minister of Transport if 'Wallace' Millipede and Labour win (some chance) next May's election, when he's no respect for traffic regulations - or in Huhne's case, for the law - or the truth in general, for that matter. And with Balls, to date he's got more traffic offences under his belt than Paris 'Mingerot' Hilton - and is still driving.

Thought for the day. Ref the Ebola scam: False flag operations = Chicken Little public scarifying = FEAR. Never forget, Fear is an acronym for 'False Events Appearing Real'.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a nut-infested area and may contain traces of lunacy and/or squirrel shit.

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