Friday, 8 August 2014

Seedy Slags the Tory Machine

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Still fired up with a high octane adrenalin boost from her 'Fuck the Tories' spur of the moment walk out resignation earlier this week, and giving Mossad's Downing Street mole - sayanim 'Agent Scameron' - the big finger - declaring for the public record that the Tory Party are a bunch of arse-licking Zionist apologists who daren't upset their Rothshite bankster crime syndicate bosses - Baroness Seedy Warthog has now taken a page from the despised ZioNazi Israeli's game book - attack is the best form of defence - and, delivering a double-whammy in response to criticism viz her quitting, yesterday went into rabid attack dog mode to further savage Posh Dave's old public school pal-infested cabinet - targeting the train fare-dodging Chancellor George 'Spankies' Osborne with extreme prejudice.

Baroness Warthog of Gujar Khan, no paragon of socio-political virtue herself and bearing a swathe of indelible scars from scandals past, went for fellow Carlton Club member Osborne's literal jugular in payback for his derision of her actions and referring to her as a 'turncoat traitor' out to spark a rebellion and political mutiny.
Speaking to gutter press hacks from the Warmongers Gazette she derisively equated Posh Dave, Osborne and the rest of the ex-Eton and Oxford Bullingdon Vandals Club Tory cabinet inner circle sodomite / paedos to Lloyd George's ass-kissing pro-Zionist Foreign Secretary, Arthur Balfour - notorious author of the treacherous 1917 Balfour Declaration that stands to this day as the prime cause of the kikester's land grabbing, and misery of the Palestinian population of the outlaw usurper state of Israel.

Launching a vitriolic diatribe, Baroness Warthog informed salivating press hacks: "Scameron and the Tory hierarchy represent all that is wrong with Western politicians: the entire gang are in hock to the Rothshite banksters and hence by default, pose as career apologists for this rogue Zionist apartheid racist state's human rights and wrongs excesses - and supporting this ridiculous Promised Land myth perpetuated with doctored Jewish texts and the concocted likes of the apocryphal Scofield Bible."

"These self-deluded Khazar-Ashkenazi usurpers have even started to believe this absurd Chosen People fantasy themselves and in their supreme unqualified arrogance have committed to an insane over-reach military occupation of the West Bank and the slow cook genocide of the population of the besieged Gaza Strip - and snub their noses up at world opinion and the condemnation of international jurists - having their media stooges castigate all and sundry who dare criticise their atrocities as anti-Semites and Holohoax deniers."

"What hypocrisy, while these racist ZioNazi scallywags vaunt themselves with brazen hubris as the only true free state Democracy in a Middle East ruled by rag head fascist tyrants and dictatorial monarchies - yet they are even worse and have zero respect for human life nor the statutes of international law - nor the dispossessed people they stole the country from."

"By contrast the Tory Party are pretty quick off the mark to cry Foul! and shout down the pro-Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions embargo campaign against Israel but are conspicuously lax in their refusal to condemn what is apparently a series of prima facie war crimes by the IDF's kiddie killing barbarians in Gaza - specifically the recent Shuja’iyya massacre of civilian women and children. And this problem lies with the Conservative Friends of Israel Club - which amounts to a sinister branch of the Israel lobby that has infiltrated all branches of our government and civil service - and the paedo-infested BBC - to the extent that it now influences UK foreign policy in the same way that the Islamophobic AIPAC Zionist front in the United States determines the Great Satan's foreign policy agenda."

"The British government is as culpable as the US and France and Germany in supplying the criminal ZioNazi regime with military hardware to conduct these outrageous attacks on the wretched Muslim civilian population of the Gaza Strip - and all in pursuit of a genocidal Final Solution to their Palestinian problem."
"Then in response to international outrage Bobo Nuttyahoo's Israeli government - conspicuously loaded with Caucasian Jews of convenience like himself - assume their perennial 'victims' mantle and start whingeing over what they suffered under Hitler's regime - then inflict even worse war crime atrocities on their misery-stricken Palestinian captives - the very people they stole the land from - and continue to in the West Bank occupied territories and Jerusalem."

"But of course, in Britain's House of Conmans and kikester-dominated media, any and all criticism of Israel is verboten. The racist state of Israel can do no wrong - even when stealing the Palestinian's entire country from under their feet since 1948 - and the hapless Arab Muslim population of the Gaza Strip are besieged in the biggest Hitlerian Nazi style concentration camp on the planet - surrounded with a 30-odd foot high Great Apartheid Wall."

"And while we're on the subject of Tory duplicity we have Posh Dave supporting US extra-judicial military actions too - with their indiscriminate drone wars targeting funerals, schools and hospitals anywhere around the globe their paranoid mindset sniffs the scent of militant Islam. Why, just last week one of their nasty MQ-1 Predator drones patrolling the Afghan-Pakiland border area around Waziristan targeted my Granny's goat shed as a suspected hideout for Taliban mujahideen and blasted it to smithereens with Shitehawk missiles. Now who's going to pay for the damages on that one. I ask you?"

Baroness Warthog, often derisively described by friends and political associates alike as a prima donna Paki drama queen, has in this case earned plaudits from a swathe of Tory politicos - including London Mayor Bonkers Boris Nonsense; former Justice minister Crispy Kunt; former immigration minister Damian Green; former defence minister Sir Nicholas Soames; former Environment Secretary Lord Nobby Bellend; Tory MEP Sajjad Karim - and chairman of Conservative Muslim Forum, Mohammed al Ka-Boom, - with even PM Scameron's coke-snorting missus, Snowy, hailing Warthog's moral stance on the condemnation of the Israeli war machine's slaughter of 1,800 - to date - of the Gaza population's innocents.

The Pakiland peer, high on the narcotic effects of her own rhetoric, further demanded an immediate arms embargo against Israel, to which Downing Street spokeswoman Scabby Bertin responded with the glad tidings that a review of arms export licences was already underway.
Conversely, the cabinet's Lib-Dum Business Secretary, Vince Cable, who is responsible for administering such immoral permits, informed a press hack from the Warmongers Gazette that "Suspending export licences is not a decision we take lightly - especially where contracts worth billions of pounds are concerned. We need to examine first these wild rumours that the Israelis have been using armaments supplied by the UK to counter the blood-curdling jihad launched by Hamas and their Gaza-based Muslim fanatics against the IDF."

To quote the well-clichéd but aptly fitting phrase of 'payback's a bitch' - Karma has kicked in with a capital K and Scameron now faces a righteous rebellion among senior Tory MPs as they lined up to put the boot in and condemn his mishandling of the Gaza crisis - warning that his morally indefensible Zionist arse-licking was alienating millions of British Muslim voters now he has been exposed of acceding to the self-serving criminal demands from this Zionist lobby acting for the rogue Israeli state - rather than to ensure compliance with international law and human rights.

Some might well refer to the outlaw state of Israel as 'Balfour's Folly' - but the lacklustre Arthur Balfour - afflicted with a terminal 'cancer of the personality' social disease condition - didn't pen that fateful 1917 'memo' to Baron Wally Rothshite willingly.
Let us focus on the fact that the content and meaning of what was intentionally and with malice aforethought blown out of all proportion by Zionist propaganda and took on a life of its own as the 'Balfour Declaration', assuming the faux 'official position' of the imperial British government and the Crown - plus ended up as an integral codicil in the Treaty of Sèvres.
This pretty much saw the Palestinian homeland - of the Palestinians - given away to a bunch of non-Semite Ashkenazi Jews of convenience, operating under the aegis of the Rothshite banking dynasty, to create their very own nuclear-armed outlaw crime state - bestowed with an ersatz air of nationhood legitimacy.

Nope, this treacherous act against the Palestinian people was engineered by Zionist pro-kikester agents Theodor Herzl and Chaim Weizmann in cahoots with super-scumster Wally Rothshite, to coerce Balfour's hand via blackmail over his proclivity to swing both ways and involve his lover Mary Wyndham Charteris, aka Lady Elcho, later Countess of Wemyss and March, in all manner of three hole cluster-fuck ménage à trois BD/SM scenarios with his fellow Parliamentary sodomite and paedophile Masonic fraternity brothers.

Thought for the day. Fuck the ZioNazis and their plan for a Nile to Euphrates Greater Israel - and their New World Order.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area and whilst purposely blending slanderous comments and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour and hard facts, may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Humpty said...

Now Tory Chancellor George Osborne's tabby cat has become the victim of a hit n run in Downing Street.
The Met's not fit for purpose Plod Squad are investigating reports that Baroness Warsi was behind the wheel of the car that flattened the moggy into the asphalt.
Knowing Osborne's fetish for whoring with low life BD/SM dominatrices - is a tabby cat considered too large for felching?
Must text Pete Scandalson n get an opinion on this one.

Golly said...

Bollocks to the damn moggy - pity she didn't total the closet case Gideon Bean instead for his brazen audacity to even suggest that welfare benefits for OAPs and the disabled should be diverted to pay for road and rail links.

Nailand said...

Rumour has it that the expenses-fiddling Baroness is off to join UKIP.

Wozzer said...

Yeah, defecting to broken Britain's new political Third Force - UKIP - n taking the Tory Muslim voters with her.

Attilla the Bun said...

I hear minced up Palestinian babies are going into the fillings of Mama Shitstein's hamantasch cookies.

Fatima said...

The British government are complicit in mass murder as they continue to arm the war criminal IDF and support the rogue Zionist regime.
This despicable record of deliberate civilian deaths / murders is classed as collateral damage in attaining the first step towards their Greater Israel wishlist - first the West Bank continued encroachment with illegal settlements then the Bedouin ousted via ethnic cleansing and genocide - and the Gaza Strip's population gone the same way.
But let this be a warning, for a Greater Israel stretches from Nile to Euphrates - and perhaps further still as these Ashkenazi pigs control Washington and Hollywood - and the London (global) money stream - and the world's media.

Galactus said...

ye, the dominoes are at a precarious angle - starting to totter and fall.
Bet the Speculative Society tartan tadger nonces in Holyrood and the Crown Office are getting worried now that their number are being exposed as kiddie fiddlers - Robert Henderson QC and that slimeball Sir Nicholas Fairbairn. And we have Operation Yewtree's Chief Super Dave Gray knocking on Cliff Richard's front door too. Richards in denial, of course.
Ha, the 'Young Ones' finally caught up with the fudging paedo twat. What an 'in yer face' trademark paedospeak title for a song.