Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Secret Justice = Them n Us Divide

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A 'secret justice' brouhaha that caused a bit of a stir amongst the ranks of Bolshie peasants in the 'grim up North' town of Bolton last week is serving to shine a spotlight on the thorny Them n Us divide.
This controversy follows the questionable decision by a judge to apply the 'one size fits anything' elastic statutes of the 1998 Data Protection Act to prevent the Bolton Daily Shitraker revealing the names of two scally councillors who failed to pay £4,660 quid in council tax bills - due the fact such scandalous revelations of criminality would cause them distress (read 'gross embarrassment') and be an abuse of their human rights.

Thus here again we are slapped squarely in the face with the abusive Them n Us / Haves n Have Nots paradox via the misuse of media excluded secret courts and the dodgy Data Protection Act (yet another New Labour bad idea in a long line of bad ideas) and this bat shit decision from a judge.
These 'cut above the common herd' scumbags are in public office and thus assume a duty of public trust - and if that trust is abused then the electorate should be made aware - so they can vote the iniquitous penny-pinching villains out of office.

Relying on the tried and tested facilities of logic and common sense, to our mind this judge is delinquent in his public duty - and these two scumbag amateur politico councillors (big fish in very small de-industrialised ex-mill town pond) of their public duty also. And these parasites are supposed to lead by example? What a joke, when they jump aboard the taxpayer-funded Gravy Train and take a leaf out of the House of Conmans expenses-fiddling / untouchable / we can get away with anything (including kiddie fiddling) culture.

Following an 18-month 'public interest' legal challenge which pushed for the courts to unmask the council tax dodging politicos, ranking Bolton Freemason, Judge Rupert Colander-Scatt, ruled that the names of his Masonic lodge brothers - one Labour party and one Tory - should not be released to a baying mob of scandal-mongering red top gutter press hacks - or the brain dead sheeple, as sanctioning the publication of this personal information would infringe on their privacy.

Thus this pair of twats who, while being paid an annual allowance of £11,082, still failed to pay their council tax - have been granted anonymity: on the debatable grounds that naming and shaming them in court would violate their human rights - and might lead to causing unnecessary and unjustified damage and distress - and leave them wide open to public criticism and a tar n feather degree of public retribution.

Hence the Freedom of Information Act. juxtaposed with the Data Protection Act, constitute contradictory and self-defeating articles of legislation - especially in the hands of parties of self-interest - specifically the corruption-ridden judiciary of our once-sceptred isle.

And this perplexing paradox is no better illustrated than by the scandalous 1996 Dunblane Primary School massacre inquiry (read 'cover up'), where the presiding chairman, Lord 'Dirty Douggie' Cullen of Shitekirk, slapped an FOI Act defying 100 year 'classified' gagging order on his self-serving report - ostensibly to protect the memories of the deceased children - while the true reason was to conceal the fact there was a second shooter involved - actually the one who eventually put a bullet through the NLP / brainwashed murderer Thomas Watt Hamilton's skull as he completed his amok killing rampage of all the children he'd sexually abused in the past.

But Cullen's gagging order further served to conceal the damning fact that his Masonic fraternity pal and ex-NATO boss Lord Georgie 'Boy Scout Bummer' Robertson was alleged to have sponsored and countersigned fellow Freemason brother - and the secret handshake fraternity's chief paedo pimp - Hamilton's firearms certificate to possess an extraordinarily suspicious number of handguns and kiddie killer ammunition. Two 9mm Browning HP pistols and two Smith & Wesson M19 .357 Magnum revolvers - plus 743 rounds of ammunition were in Hamilton's possession at the time of this massacre of the innocents.

Though alike the despicable Lord Peter Scandalson of the Felchers, these two bonny Nonceland reprobates - both Vermin in Ermine - turn up at the House of Lords in fancy red and fur trimmed 'Stoat Coats' to collect their 'tax free' attendance allowance of £300 quid per day - simply for signing in and doing sweet fuck all - then reputedly sod off down to Madam Fellattia's BD/SM Spank-a-Thon Salon in Chelsea's prestigious Max Mosley Gardens for an afternoon of sodomic delights - buggering Eastern European immigrant kids with their wanton Tartan Tadger Magic Circle nonce pals from the Violate Club.

Aye, but Dirty Douggie (of the clan McScumm) has a career history of manipulating events and the release of damning data for his paymasters - such as the Piper Alpha coverup, the Flatbroke Grove rail inquiry and the Lockerbie bombing / Abdelbaset al-Megrahi appeal.

Ron McScrote of the TaxPayers' Alliance has this to say to media hacks: that an outraged Bolton public would find the judge's ruling a right kick in the bollocks, and an affront to the rule of law - plus the ethics of fair play all round - and served to up-end the required balance between openness and accountability and personal privacy rights.
"Here we got both the Labour and Tory party hierarchy closin' their effin' ranks ter prevent the disclosure of their members criminal doings - and this tosspot of a judge has the brazen hubris ter join them an' support the decision - an' the fact they are both Freemasons is not, in the public's eye, a mitigatin' factor fer council tax payment delinquency."

The intended essence of the act applies to data / information relevant to a living person, whether held on a computer system or a piece of paper - or is part of a Banksy style graffiti street art rendering on the side of some twat's garden wall - there are particularly stringent rules surrounding certain sensitive data, which include matters relating to health, sexual life, religious beliefs, political opinions, racial background, trade union membership and criminal offences.

However the act has and is being misused and abused to clamp down on (read intimidate) and gag would-be whistle-blowers and other like minded / public spirited citizens - to conceal government employee's cosy influence peddling directorships and consultancy posts, coddled honorariums and nice little earners - and involvement with the likes of VIP paedophile rings preying on children purportedly under state / care home protection.

Thus we conclude that the Data Protection Act - like the Freedom of Information Act - is bullshit and more at scent than substance, when considering the surreal implications on what is - and more to the point - what is not - covered under the loophole-ridden statutes of the act: basically whatever the corrupt self-serving PTB decide suits the occasion.

Then we have the likes of marketing agencies data mining and flogging off personal information via an online cyberspace flea market - the 'for profit' / profit-motivated exchange and mart of the public's personal data on a commercial scale to any Tom, Dick and Heinrich gyppo / pikey identity theft scrotes.
Too, we have these dodgy 'invasive species' credit check agencies like Experian and Equifax that are licensed go around tittle-tattling on your 'credit-worthiness' (read 'debt situation') to any fucker and their dog who calls up and pays a couple of quid for the information.

Plus there's MI5 and CGHQ to contend with: monitoring our every text, Twitter, e-mail and phone call via this intrusive Orwellian Big Brother panopticon surveillance system they have evolved - and all under the deceptive cover of keeping a beady eye on a brand a nasty radical Islamic terrorist cells that hate our democratic freedoms - and most of all the hallowed Data Protection Act.

Such is the essence of this amorphous not-fit-for-purpose Data Protection Act - like so much other waffle that originates from the EUSSR doss house in Brussels, is fraught with ambiguity when it comes to putting the statues into practice.
To wit, it does not do what it says on the label - in fact it protects fuck all and is used and abused by all and sundry to cover up all manner of nefarious criminal acts.
Really, is any fucking thing sacred - better still 'is anything secret' - anymore?

Yet call up HMP Peterborough - where bail-denied cover-up casualty Melanie Shaw, a vulnerable key witness / whistle-blower to the sexual abuse that took place unchecked against herself and some 100 other child victims at the notorious Beechwood Children's Home in Nottingham, has been remanded in custody until October - and inquire viz concerns for her physical and mental health welfare due reports of bullying, strip searches, denial of her NHS medication and disorientation through repeated relocation between cells -and they'll quote the 'need to know basis' Data Protection Act right back at you.

Do you have any data you'd like to protect? A sound piece of advice- stick it in a sock under the bed and don't tell any fucker it's there.

Thought for the day. Well, thankfully the Data Protection Act doesn't cover the scandalous news viz Baroness Seedy Warthog quitting her post yesterday and giving Mossad sayanim 'Agent Scameron' the finger - declaring for the public record that the Tory Party are a bunch of arse-licking Zionist apologists who daren't upset their Rothshite bankster crime syndicate bosses.
Luckily, data protection besides, the scrutinising eyes of that segment of the public that are switched on, can tell at a glance what a bunch of fucking hypocrites the Tories and the rest of our shitbag government are commemorating World War One while planning the start of World War Three - with Russia, the Ukraine and Greater Middle East as the proposed preliminary battle grounds - now that the Gaza Strip has been totally demolished.

And then we have ex Formula One honcho Bernie Ecclescake pulling the ultimate in brass-necked cheek and bribing a Krautland court of justice (sic) to accept a palm-greasing kickback of some £60 zillion quid - in exchange for dropping a prosecution case against him - for bribery.

But on the 'Dark Side' of the issue, this week we have a gang of Russian scallies hacking 1.2 billion usernames and passwords belonging to more than 500 million email addresses from more than 420,000 websites - which 'experts' claim is the largest data breach since the last large data protection breach.

To conclude, fuck the Data Protection Act - and Big Brother – and his sister – and the New World Order.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area and whilst purposely blending slanderous comments and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour and hard facts, may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Griff said...

All part of the Orwellian 'double-think' / 'double-speak' programme of opposites and inverted meanings.

Son of Dog said...

yet another tool to ensure de facto censorship of controversial socio-political issues and events.

Donk said...

Data Manipulation Act is more like it. GCHQ / MI5 government computers have been used to alter Wikipedia entries on Jean Charles de Menezes, Lee Rigby and Damilola Taylor to minimize if not mitigate (read 'cover up') police failings.

Rusty said...

Yeah, Data Manipulation is spot on - censorship on a Gestapon / Stasi scale.
Notice the story about Peaches Geldof getting slapped with a celebrity overdose hit job never made the mainstream news or gutter press.
Been off the H for a while - and as clean as a skanger can be - an all was okay until she started circulating tweets about Ian Watkins' paedo abuse ring - which included a strew of celeb personalities n some very high ranking government scumsters.
Peaches reckoned that the BBC was a fudger's / paedo's paradise n MI5 had their own Blackmail Department office in Broadcasting House - same as they do in Whitehall an the House of Conmans.
Jill Dando, Paula Yates, Michael Hutchence, Rik Mayall, Kristian Digby, Natasha Collins, Mark Speight, Kevin Greening - and now Mike Smith.
Ha, obviously the Beeb's hierarchy have their own in-house Murder Incorporated to rid them of troublesome paedo abuse whistle-blowers.

Rusty said...

Thus we pose the question: is the snail-paced Operation Yewtree still being headed by the Met's Det Supt Dave Gray - or has Blind Pew taken over the role?
When are they gonna start 'investigating' the likes of the PTB's coverup Coroner Paul Knapman and the scumsters involved with Paedo Care - Sarah Craplan and Esther Rancid - plus SlimeWatch's Nick Tosspot - not to overlook the social media / internet hating Baron David Neuburger of Scabbotsbury and his scat-brained harpy missus Angela Holdsworth?
Any truth in the rumour Neuburger is a Felchers Club pal of Peter Scandalsons?