Saturday, 30 August 2014

UN Slams Tory Benefits War on Gimps

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The United Nations craven hierarchy, while lacking the grit (a pair of bollocks) to respond positively with bared fangs to the international outcry of 'Foul!' voiced by anti-war crimes activists globally and make a convincing stand against the ZioNazi Israeli warmongering thugster bullies wreaking a campaign of serial ethnic cleansing (read 'genocide') on the hapless Palestinian civilian population of the Gaza Strip - have by inexcusable default this week sparked a veritable shit-storm of the Furies due launching an unprecedented investigation into complaints of grave systematic violations of human rights inflicted by the useless Scameron-led Con-Dem / Libservative coalition government's welfare benefit reforms which purposely target, with malice aforethought, the most vulnerable of Broken Britain's minorities - disabled and special needs groups.

Rumours are rampant that the UN Executive's Special Poverty Envoys, Viktor 'Pitbull' Nordork, a former Bulgarian cormorant strangler, and pro-Marxist Brazilian rapporteur, Raquel 'Piranha Teeth' Rolnik, are contemplating the formation of a Nuremberg Two style tribunal to review human rights and wrongs abuse charges filed by the UK-based Gimps-R-Us charity against the sociopath Tory Works & Pensions Minister Iain Dunkin-Shit and his privately contracted hit-man Renta-Bully Atos (formerly Atosspots) agency - responsible for the controversial 'thumbs down' health assessments that have resulted in the cut-throat disability benefit reforms and a slew of suicides by those adversely affected.
(Benefit reforms al la Iain Dunkin-Shit = 'these useless eaters aren't getting any more welfare benefit payments out of me').

Under Dunkin-Shit's draconian tenure at the helm of the DWP, the disability living allowance benefit has been replaced by the personal independence payment - a scheme (read 'scam') that is more at scent than substance and whose end of day / over the horizon feasibility, while presenting a source of raucous ridicule from critics, is similarly a source for virulent condemnation from those on the receiving end - specifically the politically-insignificant marginalised disabled members of our society.

Yet this is the same vulgarian Dunkin-Shit dog wanker, Tory MP for Chigley and Camberwick Green, who claims he can live comfortably on a Jobseekers pittance of some £60-odd quid a week - while lodging rent-free in a £2 million quid superior residence Tudor mansion on his father-in-law's - the 5th Baron of Coleslaw - Freeloader country estate - which conspicuously harbours four spare bedrooms, an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts and is set in acres of peasant-resistant lush countryside - 'and' into the bargain he also draws a taxpayer-funded cabinet minister's salary of some £134,565 - plus his generous House of Conmans Fiddle-a-Thon expenses.

I shit you not, the word hypocrisy does not do this irony the required measure of 'kick in the nadjers' justice it deserves.

While Labour Party flibbertigibbet MPs had a good laugh over the Tory's latest misfortunes, Posh Dave Scameron and Lib-Dum Deputy PM Mick Clogg went into their customary 'denial mode' but failed to engage brain before opening mouth and issued a typical knee jerk joint press statement that moronically branded the investigation as 'politically motivated'.
Er, of course it's politically motivated - being directed at the incumbent government's shortcomings.

However, whip-prompted Tory MPs stuck with the official mantra that the UN investigation was ‘politically motivated’ then tossed all semblance of credibility and honesty to the vagaries of the four winds by announcing that Britain’s record on help for disabled people 'was' among the best in the world.
And here the key past tense word 'was' applies - until the DWP's Dunkin-Shit slashed disabled welfare benefits to force them into looking for jobs that are like hen's teeth to find - even for the hale and healthy amongst our common herd number.

Sir Dinsdale Armitage-Shanks, Tory MP for Old Scrotum, opined to one gutter press hack from the Scandalmongers Gazette that interventions into British domestic policy by the United Nations was an affront - especially so with the countries comprising this witch hunt investigation committee included Third World shitholes such as homophobic Uganda and Kenya, graft and corruption-ridden Thailand - Asia's kiddie fiddling paedo paradise - and leper-infested / goat-shagging Tunisia - whose own non-existent welfare state benefit handouts are on a par with Old Mother Hubbard's- two jumps at the cupboard door.

"This comes across as a shit-stirring exercise. A politically motivated loony left investigation headed by the Bulgarian ex-KGB thug Viktor Nosdork and that ginger-mingin Brazil Nut, Raquel Rolnik really takes the proverbial biscuit when they are attempting to conjure up charges under the statutes of the Disability Discrimination Act - which Johnny Major's Tory administration passed into law back in 1995."

Thought for the day. The facts are staring us in the face. This Libservative / Con-Dem coalition fuckup is a classical disaster of epic proportions. There's always a few million £££ quid spare for some starving twat in sub-Saharan Africa but fuck all for our own marginalised sectors of the public demographic useless eaters. Pensioners' winter fuel allowance slashed by £50 nicker - and the reviled Bedroom Tax, to name but a couple of 'in yer face' insulting abuses by this government.

While the Department for Work and Pensions refused to comment on the UN inquiry they did admit in the strictest of confidence that our Libservative coalition government blows around £50 billion nicker a year of taxpayers' money on funding foreign proxy wars - such as arming the ISIS Muslim rebels in Syria and Iraq - which most definitely contributes to 'disabling' people.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area and whilst purposely blending slanderous comments and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour and hard facts, may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Spence said...

The primary problem with centralized power and twats like Duncan Smith is the fact sociopaths and sadists alike, being of a control freak nature, and thus for obvious reasons, gravitate toward, and greatly covet, positions of power.

Alpha Anarchist said...

Duncan Smut's flawed Personal Independence Payment benefits scheme
has its roots in the Tory's adaptation of Chaos Theory to govern the UK.

McDuff said...

Dunkin Shit, as Rusty so aptly refers to the scumbag, is an officious. nasty little cunt who has no right to be in government considering - like the closet case poufter Willy Hague, he was useless as the Tory party leader and hoofed out - along with Drac Howard - and they've ended up with Man Tits Cameron and all these losers are in his Cabbage Patch cabinet.

wiggins said...

From the Protocols.........
8.2 We will entrust important government posts to people whose records and characters are so bad as to form a gulf between the nation and themselves, and to such people who, in case they disobey our orders, may expect judgement and imprisonment. These people will defend our interests to their deaths. Pretty much sums it up.

Norbert said...

Like McDuff says, Duncan Smith is a non-entity loser - same as the rest of the also-ran wankers.
They're akin to some corrupt Third World coup-ridden dungheap where they change leaders like a chippy's knickers.

Zimmer said...

In his student days Duncan Smith worked as a welfare officer at the Israeli's notorious Meretz 'Facility 1391' interrogation, torture and re-education centre on Route 574.

Selima said...

What a fucking shambles the UN is - and rightly so the Tory shites are hauled over the coals for what Dunkin Shit has donme to the welfare benefits system.
But Saudi Arabia remains on U.N. Human Rights Council despite 19 beheadings so far this year including one on a charge of sorcery - fuck knows how many hands chopped off for petty theft - and a legion of hapless women stoned to death for adultery.

Anonymous said...

yawn. all these other comments are posted by the sad author?