Monday, 25 August 2014

Pharmageddon: How Sick Weren’t You?

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A backlash of Biblical proportions is manifesting at a geometric rate following Tory Health Minister, Jeremy 'Hypocrisy' Hunt's off-the-cuff interview with the Undertakers Gazette during a visit to the Harold Shipman Centre for Medical Excellence last Friday.
Hunt seized an ego-massaging opportunity to announce that a new class of medical professional – best described as being somewhere between a witch doctor and a midwife – was necessary to free up overworked GPs so they might enjoy some quality time away from their surgery practices - to shop around and invest their bloated National Insurance contribution-funded salaries in offshore tax-dodge havens - such as Uzbekistan golf clubs and Omani beach resorts.

To quote Secretary Hunt verbatim, his scatter-brained scheme intends to introduce a system wherein patients will be treated by what he terms as “physician associates” rather than doctors - in spite of a public outcry that this will result in a case of cut price medical care dispensed by 'discount quacks'.

Hunt- now notorious as a forked tongue hypocrite due his income tax and House of Conmans expense fiddling scams - intends his proposed 'physician associates' will be recruited from Yarl's Wood Immigration Prison plus a variety of Jobcentres across Broken Britain and subjected to an intense six week training period to get them up to speed on human anatomy, medical diagnostics and treatment - as opposed to the interminable seven years of study previously demanded by law to qualify as a bona fide medical profession 'doctor'.

Yep, and here the hypocrisy factor really kicks in with a subtle vengeance as this egocentric tosser Hunt attempts to pull a Luddite job on the NHS - for is it not the very same Jeremy Hunt, MP for stockbroker belt south-west Slurry, who co-authored the iconoclastic 2009 book 'Bollocks to the Common Herd' which called for the dismantling of the NHS - only to have Tory leader Posh Dave Scameron give him the job of Health Secretary in 2012. Now how fucking daft is that?

But let's cut to the chase here, as we don't have a National Health Service - what we're stuck with is a National 'Ill-Health' Service - a not fit for purpose medical system that treats symptoms - much to the greater income stream turnover for Big Pharma - as there's zero profit to be had from curing patients. That's a one-off, and the money's in long term 'treatments' - and any fucker or their dog who does have an actual 'cure' affected via the NHS is by accident and not design.

Ron Scrote, spokesman for the Tax-Dodgers Alliance, interviewed by the Daily Shitraker following Hunt's announcement, had this to say. "Wot a fuckin' shambles the NHS has morphed inter. Now yer gonna have some Eastern European or darkie immigrant mumbo-jumbo merchant goin' round hospital wards like Blind Pew, stickin' the Black Spot on the backs of wheezin' oldie's hands an' tellin' the euthanasia department nurse "Here's one's fer the Scousleland Care Pathway ter Heaven tonight".

"This Hunt cunt is another consummate dog wanker who simply ain't cabinet minister material - but considering the qualifications of the current 649 incumbent House of Conmans MPs - who the fuck is? He's totally out of his tree an' in cloud cuckoo land if he thinks that Wallace an' Gromit can take over hands-on medical services from our current GP family doctor system simply so they can put in a three hour mornin' shift then go an' jack off on the golf course every afternoon."

"So here herd mentality is gonna strike again if we let Hunt an' his shitbag Tory corporate pals get away wiv this scam. Thus I'd like ter know wot's the alternatives ter Pikey Pete - some economic migrant Rumanian gyppo horse quack - makin' a fuck of the medications an' poisonin' a stack of patients by writin' the prescriptions out in the Cyrillic alphabet cos his effin' English ain't up ter scratch? Ring up the NHS helpline an' get some twenty questions menu ter choose from an' start pressin' button one or button two, whatever - an' in the fuckin' end some Robo-Voice tells yer ter go ter bed an' take some Paracetamol - an' if symptoms persist, consult an undertaker."

"Fer the £160,000 quid per annum salaries they're gettin' - plus private patient fees they never declare ter the inland revenue, we expect them ter knuckle down an' do a bit of overtime, same as they effin' rest of us wot's tryin' ter make ends meet."
"Yet another instance of chaos in fuckin' motion by this out of control de-nationalised money-spinnin' NHS quango. What a shitheap of graft an' corruption an' inefficiency our highway robbery corporate-monopolised Nanny State has become. Lloyd George must be turnin' in his effin' grave."

Fellattia McSkanger, a 16-year old mother of three, explained that Hunt's scheme was trialled on her Stench Hill sink or swim council housing estate in Greater Manchester earlier this year and had this to say to one gutter press hack from the Slappers Weekly.
"I goes down ter our local Freddy Patel Centre for Medical Guessology last week ter see the doctor an' instead there's this greasy Albanian pikey twat wot stunk of effin' garlic an' sez he wants me ter lie on his gynaeo' table wiv me feet in the stirrups so he could give me a PAP smear."

"Dirty old git - an' I only went in there ter get me methadone prescription refilled an' see about this bad cough wot I've got from all the cheap grass I've bin forced ter start smokin' since the Tory's DWP bloke Iain Dunkin-Shit slashed me welfare benefit payments fer tellin' some troll from the effin' social services ter go fuck herself cos she's demandin' I get me kids vaccinated."
"Fuck that crap, all full of mercury an' foetal toxic shit an' doin' the opposite of wot it sez on the label an' compromisin' me kid's auto-immune systems, an' causin' cancer - an' autism too. The little fuckers are brain dead enough already without any help from the NHS, thank you. They must think I'm effin' stupid an' never surf the internet's conspiracy theory websites."

Likewise, Mingeeter Dildodo, director of Patient Concern, warned media hacks that Hunt's plan would manifest into medical inadequacy - doctoring on the cheap - and make a mockery of the tax-paying demographics' national health insurance contributions, providing yet another sly route for public extortion and the implementation of the New World Order's Agenda 21.
"Hunt claims that even though this discount medics system has proved an expensive failure in the US, leaving one hell of a body count in its wake too, there's no reason to think it can't work for Broken Britain and represents a potential growth area for private enterprise. Hmmm, anyone smell a commercial conflict of interest rat here? What is required before the damage is done, is to stop Hunt in his tracks on this one and erect an irrevocable cordon sanitaire around our existing NHS system so it cannot be downgraded any further."

"Mr Hunt is guilty of duplicity at best here considering his penning of a book to dismember the NHS but a few years ago. And the NHS does nothing to promote health apart from the odd prime time telly advert for the 5 a day mantra and the odd touch of cardio-vascular exercise - and nary a mention of the Doctrine of Signatures. But how can they when political parties are funded by corrupt Big Pharma interests, who have no interest in cures but simply long term treatment. Lots of money-spinning pills and drugs and their killer side effect statins - and chemotherapy for cancer. But proven alternative cures for cancer have been around for years and end up the same as cold fusion and free energy - suppressed, as there's no profit in cures - only treatment."

"But these bodgers and bludgers in government are guilty of criminal acts of negligence inasmuch they still approve toothpastes with toxic fluoride in them - and to be added to our drinking water - plus the neurotoxin aspartame as an artificial sweetener in our kids' soft drinks and ice cream and candies - and allow MSG, excess salt and sugars and colourings and poisonous preservatives as food additives."

"Typically, what we see here is yet another symptom of a Con-Dem coalition government that has run out of useful ideas and whose time had not only come by August of 2010 but is now long passed - and May 2015 cannot come around fast enough to sweep this bunch of corporate arse-licking ZioNazi apologist scumsters out of office and into political oblivion - for half a century at least."

Thoughts for the day. Big Pharma crooks and their lobbyists - greasing political palms with party donations and campaign contributions to safeguard the right to illicitly profit from forcing their untested drugs on a hapless and ignorant population – and secure a Get Out of Jail Free card, indemnifying them from prosecution when their poxy drugs sicken, cripple and kill.

The Doctrine of Signatures is profound ancient wisdom that is purposely being suppressed. It states that every fruit, herb and vegetable has a certain pattern that resembles a body organ, and this pattern acts as a signal or sign as to that fruit, herb or vegetable’s vibrational benefit to us.
But have our family GPs ever studied this, let alone practice such? Have they fuck.

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Rigby said...

WRF next? Like these new anti-terrorist laws, the NHS are gonna want us all fitted with a micro-chip sized Telematics box?

Benson said...

Like Ebola and AIDS - bio-engineered into weapon grade nasties by the CDC from Marburgh virus and Green Monkey disease.