Monday, 18 August 2014

Levy & McRae Dump Wicked Watson?

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The gospel according to the online scuttlebut grapevine boasts a claim that Levy & McRae, the notorious money-laundering firm of Glasgow-based solicitors, are reported to have rid themselves of senior partner and head litigator cum 'alleged' Cayman Islands 'Chief Bagman' Peter Watson - aka the Rasputin of the Glens who has repeatedly cowed media editors into obedient submission to spike negative news reports whenever exposure of his crony pals' criminal conflict of interest scandals rear their ugly heads and became a septic issue.

And here a conspiracy factor kicks in and the proverbial plot thickens, as Levy & McScum have now, for reasons unknown, removed all mention and trace from their website of the extinction level event that initiated the Wicked Watson's abrupt departure, albeit the Google website posting still reads:
Peter Watson Resigns as partner of Levy & McRae - lemac ...
Following the resignation of Peter Watson as a partner of Levy & McRae, he has left the firm with immediate effect. William Macreath has ... (and that's it)


So, due this posting's cryptic removal from Levy & McShite website we are left to speculate and ponder on the reasons for this news post retraction - the tactical back-pedalling and the festering animosity that might well lurk behind the abrupt departure. Nary a mention, as in many similar cases, of .... 'with many thanks for years of faithful service' .... or ... 'wish Peter all the best in his future career as a ???'.... and again zilch said of a farewell pressy - not even a Pound Stretcher chrome plated scandalabera.

For the public record, the 'Wicked Watson' is rumoured to have acted as the legal adviser to every socio-political scumster in bonny Nonceland - censoring and blocking any and all media exposes of his Masonic Speculative Society crony's criminal doings - or naming of the venal BD/SM Violate Club's kiddie fiddling elitist Tartan Tadger members.

But more significantly is an alleged involvement in subverting the course of justice in the 2000 to present cover-up of the Hollie Greig scandal involving the sexual abuse and serial rape of special needs children by an Aberdeen-based Satanic elitist paedophile ring - plus initiating the police harassments, extra-judicial cross-border raids, arrests and prosecutions 'and' jailing of any and all who dare link Crown Office and untouchable judiciary figures with this conspiratorial cover-up so reminiscent of the Jimmy Savile / Cyril Smith / Leon Brittan style perversion of the course of justice.

And such is no better illustrated by a stellar example by Watson's alleged hounding of investigative journalist and anti-child sexual abuse campaigner - that indefatigable 'paedo bete noir' - Sassenach (Welshman really) Robert Green on behalf of his Crown Office and Holyrood political cronies, to the extent of causing Green's repeated arrests and imprisonments for daring to expose the involvement of high profile members of Nonceland's legal establishment in these scandalous sins to the greater public purview - and have an untouchable Aberdeen-based Satanic paedophile ring investigated by Grampian's not fit for purpose / crony-infested Plod Squad for the historic abuse of disabled and special needs children.

For more on this particular piece of filthy scandal see:

Oh yes, the Wicked Watson, diabolically marked by his iniquitous evolution from a simple legal beagle scumster to the ultimate in unscrupulous cunts - now nationally reviled as the type of bottom feeder who inspires people to count their fingers after they've shaken his hand - has been, and probably to all intents and purposes still is, the media gatekeeper and libel attack dog for Alex 'Porky Pict' Salmond's corruption-ridden SNP klepto-infested political machine. The very same one scheduled by Karma to disappear down a big Black Hole into oblivion following the ill-fated September 18 'No to Independence' referendum vote result.

Regardless of the transgression that has initiated this surprise departure, Levy & McScum have on previous occasions felt the after effect tectonic shockwaves emanating from Watson's myriad media meddling scandal cover-ups - with the alarm bells and whistles sounding loud and clear, but no fucker or their dog gave a shit until it hit the fan through his botched crisis management cover-up in the wake of the controversial departure of Mr Chemical Dependency himself - wunderkind Glasgow City Council leader Steven 'Snowy' Purcell - which shook of Glassie’s mega bucks money-spinning drug dealing interests to their very foundations.

('crisis management' under Watson's aegis is reported to equate as covering up bad news / plugging up negative publicity leaks with a fistful of libel writs and thug-style threats - especially when such is set to expose a celebrity / political client's criminal misdemeanours).

The Purcell episode - exposed to the Nth degree in the Caber Tossers Gazette - was set to prove to be a 'scandal too far' with allegations of half the council chamber snorting narcotic white powders and being involved with underage rent boy sexual abuse cover-ups - with 'Pigswill' Purcell 'suffering' (sic) a total paranoid psychotic episode followed by incoherent ramblings, paranoia, a retreat to Castle Craig Hospital (a private clinic specialising in the treatment of hopeless case drink and drug offenders) and finally the putrid, porcine Purcell’s self-imposed exile from Scotland, reportedly to Fudgers Island - part of Watson's beloved Caymans group.

Following Stevie Purcell’s dramatic 'exit stage left' Pimpernel departure, speculation grew ever more fevered, nurturing rumours that the Wicked Watson controlled a sinister spider web network of powerful Masonic figures working behind the scenes to influence the running of the city to their personal benefit - and the detriment of the voting taxpayers.

This nefarious network is purported to included the fore-mentioned venal law firm meddler exerting pressure on a mix of Masonic secret handshake club crony connections and issuing libel threats against scandal exposé Truthsayers - or putting the blackmail screws on craven media bosses - and undermining public confidence in the already-threadbare integrity of the Scottish press if they dared make mention of the tax-dodging offshore accounts that Watson is slanderously rumoured to have set up and administered to stash the top dog judiciary's after-dinner speech fees, the private legal consultation back handers, and not forgetting the conflict of interest honorariums and associated dodgy earners - nor the mega-bucks 'favourable judgement' bribes either.

Though the above instances are but the proverbial tip of the iceberg as the litany of Watson's alleged sins and misdemeanours stretches across the arc of the firmament - from horizon to the heavens.

So, calculating the reputed 'wickedness' of Peter Watson's 'wicked' factor on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 equating as naughty / mischievous and 10 being positively evil on a demonic scale, this sample of pondscum racks up a score of 12. Well, for a starter he's cursed with the name Peter - the one who denied Jesus Christ three times before the cock crowed.

Further expose / crony links reading:

Thought for the day. Fuck the Wicked Watson and all Scottish Rite Freemason dog wankers, and their untouchable corruption-ridden Speculative Society secret handshake fraternity shitbags that ordered Dirty Douggie Cullen to slap a 100 year gagging order on the Dunblane massacre / paedo scandal inquiry - and let's not forget the Lockerbie inquiry coverup (the hand of Watson here again?) and their sodomite / nonce-infested BD/SM Violate Club - and this brass-necked 'as yet' untouchable Aberdeen paedophile ring and their protectors.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area and whilst purposely blending slanderous comments and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour and hard facts, may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Anonymous said...

Watson - media gatekeeper and all-round nonce-protecting shitbag, has gone, eh. But where?
And the burning question of the day: was he shoved or did he jump?
The truth will out down the road - even this wicked media wizard can't keep a lid on bad (or good?) news forever

Hamish said...

Was it the Curse of Hollie Greig or the Rangers scandal - or the drugs n money laundering? Have his Masonic Speculative Society / Violate Club cronies turned against him? So lacking in majesty and stature to begin with, is he now a total pariah become - one that dogs will bark at as he walks in the street - and piss up his trouser leg?
We hope so.
Perhaps the useless Sir Stephen House's useless Police Nonceland will be feeling his collar - but let's not hold our breath on that one, eh.

Gilly said...

Wherever the shitbag lands it will be on his feet and he will be back to meddling in the affairs of state and threatening media chiefs with all manner of litigation if they expose the sins and crimes of his scumbag cronies.

Angus said...

Aye, senior partner he might well 'have been' - but betcha the petulant twat couldn't get his own way cos Willy Macreath has finally put his foot down with a firm hand on Watson's self-serving antics and this is a temper tantrum reaction - or Willy's got a real cob on and fucked him off.

Anonymous said...

Clever money was on macreath being ousted first after his manipulation of the law society complaints procedure was finally brought to a halt by the tenacious miss crabbe who pursued the corrupt and incompetent macreath relentlessly, all the way to the court of session, and his fate for professional misconduct, is now awaited.
Rumour has it mr Watson has been guilty of some form of sexual misconduct, but macreath aint out the woods yet and what is the future for levy and miscreant if they both fall on their own swords?

Malcolm X said...

True that the Courageous Crabbe had Willy Macreath by the balls and is due for a terminal come-uppance if an honest legal complaints review doesn't involve the likes of Lady Anne Smith - scandal-coverer, scumbag apologist and Masonic stooge for the Speculative Society (see Green vs Bowen / Stonehaven trial racial abuse case for more on this).
As all Levy & McScumwatch monitors are aware, the Wicked Watson (like that moniker, Rusty) has an ego that surpasses intellect - and his power-hungry ambitions as a manipulator are beyond the reach of his limited intellect. Watson's like his former apprentice Kenny MacAskill - a bully and a thug, wielding the law - or rather his interpretation of it - like some Neanderthal's club. No finess, just threats and intimidation.
Now as to sexual misconduct ...well, there is a thing to consider? Is it finally a cop out from his Violate Club indiscretions, perhaps? Captured for posterity on video while buggering a goat - or a couple of wee laddies from the Abelour Childcare home - or is it in-house sexual harassment - groping some office troll associate like Sandy Bigarse or Laura Salmond - or perhaps the elusive Levy & McScum partner, Angela McCrackpot?
Will the scandalous truth even be outed? Watch this space, folks.

Bongo said...

The latest bit of gossip claims that Watson was taking too much out of the firm than was considered fair and his earned due. Typical greedy money-grubbing Nonceland tosser.

Scott said...

Ouch, taxi fer Watson. Perhaps LevMac got fed up of forking out for the profligate scumbag's Jaguars.

Hamish said...

My pal saw Watson down the Castlemilk Arcade Jobcentre last week.

McTavish said...

Can believe it, same as us, doing a pub crawl round Glassie on Friday night and saw Watson lurking in the shadows on the corner of Argyle and Oswald streets, big shiny Jag parked up - on the lookout fer a rent boy in drag to take to the Violate Club as his 'escort'.

Butcher's Dog said...

Now they've all gone, three of the criminal scum that have been blocking an inquiry into the Hollie Greig sexual abuse scandal and this untouchable paedophile ring in Aberdeen: Watson, Salmond and MacAskill.

Anonymous said...

Any truth in the rumour that Peter Watson, who remains a Part-time Sheriff, was recently detained under section 14 at Govan Police office?