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Mancs Top Dog Plod in Paedo Coverup?

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The gospel according to a report in this morning's red top Daily Shitraker tabloid Greater Manchester Police's (GMP) Chief Constable has been served with a gross misconduct notice and is now a prime subject of the Operation Kiddie Fiddler criminal investigation led by the IPCC (Independent Police Coverups Commission) head honcho Candida Mingerot: formerly director of the Met's Whitewash Division.

Sir Peter Fahy is being investigated over charges of serial cronyism and an alleged purposely-bungled probe into the crimes and misdemeanours of a suspected child sex offender who, coincidentally, unsubstantiated rumours claim is a fellow secret handshake member of the Chief Constable's Masonic Lodge.

But this is nothing too unusual or controversial where Fahy is concerned, as in January 2014 the Crown Prosecution Service announced they would be prosecuting him under health and safety legislation over the 2012 extra-judicial 'shoot first' killing (read 'murder') of Anthony Grainger in a Culcheth car park for being behind the wheel of a stolen car - hardly a 'capital' punishment offence.

Conversely, speaking off the record and in his own defence to a gutter press hack from the Smokescreen Gazette, Fahy attempted to dismiss the gravity of the current offence and IPCC inquiry.
"As a chief constable you face making complex decisions on a daily basis, such as: "This is one of my Freemason brothers. So do I let him get thrown to a pack of frenzied media wolves over a simple kiddie fiddling incident - where the victim probably enjoyed getting bummed anyway? Well, of course not, this is what our Masonic fraternity is all about - covering each other's arses - and no pun intended on that last bit."
"I know sodomy gave my classmates a totally different outlook on school life and made me the man I am today. And that was my sexual epiphany - a Pauline conversion, so to speak. Women for duty - boys for pleasure."

The whistle-blower who has exposed this corrupt Masonic paedo crime coverup cannot be named for health and safety reasons (PC Ron McSnitch) but is reputed to be a disgruntled insider bearing a super-sized grudge - and a serving officer with the Greater Manchester Plod Squad who's efforts to join the Freemasons have been repeatedly thwarted by ranking GMP officials - regardless of him having his own e-Bay sourced apron and trowel - and claiming to harbour latent homosexual tendencies and a fascination with the perverted gay lifestyle concept of felching as a source of sexual stimulation since he read up on Lord Peter Scandalson's personal Facebook page experiences with gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs - and a ferret.

In his role as Greater Manchester’s 'not fit for purpose' Police and Crime Commissioner, Fahy's secret handshake fraternity brother Tony 'Useless Kunt' Lloyd dismissed calls for the Chief Constable's suspension, claiming such action would be disproportionate regarding a cover up of some minor kiddie porno image downloading or online grooming or one-off child molesting incident.

However, the truth be know, Fahy and his faithful sidekick Assistant Chief Constable Terry 'Thug Features' Sweeney are both under investigation - the latter for his involvement in the case of serial killer Dr Harold Shitman - and has been served with a gross misconduct notice for his oversight role in the disposal of body parts belonging to Shitman's victims - which were allegedly sold to Achmed's Chew n Spew Indian take-away in Rusholme's famed Curry Mile by Sweeney's brother - the owner of Pear Shaped Security.

Hmmm, more on the Dr Death connection later.

GMP insiders with an axe to grind confided to a reporter from Get Even magazine that both Fahy and Sweeny were the type of ranking scumsters that prompt a person to count their fingers after shaking hands with them.
PC Arthur Madeupname opined that "These are two twats yer can take anywhere twice – the second time ter apologise. It's their one-size-fits-all approach ter every fuckin' thing that gets on my tits - an' the contradictions, lies, an' inconsistencies wot comes out wiv anythin' they say."

"Fahy's cursed wiv a narcissistic personality disorder an' a terminal case of deranged self-righteousness - an' thinks wood grows on trees. An' as fer that bullyin' scrunt Sweeney, if yer cut the tosser in half he'd have 'Big Brother control freak' stamped all the way through like a stick of seaside rock - an' gets off on usin' a copy of The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime & Policing Bill as a masturbation fantasy aid."

Now here the plot thickens, for confronted with this IPCC inquiry that might well result in the exposure of the level of sinister behaviour by the powers of officialdom to cover up their criminal dirty dealings, will Sir Peter Fahy be stricken with a bout of self-reproach conscience (a highly unlikely event) and go the same way as his predecessor - Michael Todd, found dead at the bottom of a Snowdonia range mountain cliff at Bwlch Glas, Llanberis in 2008 - with a coroner's verdict of death from exposure conveniently recorded.
Yeah, right on, a 51 year old senior Plod Squad officer stayed out overnight and froze to death on Snowdon as he was too stupid to put a sweater on. WTF?

Yet Todd's untimely end silencing was more likely connected to the imminent issue / publication of his Association of Chief Police Officers investigation report into the CIA's extraordinary rendition flights and detainees torture programme - which damned PM Tony Bliar and his New Labour government - all so reminiscent of the illegal Iraq invasion weapons of mass distraction scam exposé which became the causus belli for the assisted suicide 'silencing' of a whistle-blowing Dr David Kelly and the insta-coronary snuffing of ex-New Labour Foreign Secretary Robin Cook.

Now, as to the fore-mentioned mass murderer - Dr Jekyll from Hyde - Harold Shitman MD. Shitman was the Naziesque model innovator of his own questionable version of the 'kill-an-oldie' Scouseland Care Pathway, since successfully adopted by Broken Britain's NHS Trusts, sanctioning doctors and matrons to whisper to nurses "Make sure this whinging, wrinkled old twat doesn't wake up in the morning."

To wit, the uninitiated, somnambulist sectors of the common herd quite rightly posed the question "How the fuck did Shitman get away with it for so long. Who the fuck was covering up for him?" So how did he get away with his obsessive euthanasia hobby of snuffing oldie patients for so long?

Easy peasy - protected by his Freemason fraternity cronies. Brother Harold - a great pal of Rochdale Liberal MP Sweltering Cyril Smith, was an integral key element in the smooth running of the Lancashire establishment's elitist paedophile ring machinery as he got rid of all the glaringly embarrassing pregnancies that 'occurred' with the molested sex toy female residents (read 'captives / victims') in the region's care (sic) homes.

Ah, but it wasn't just the abortions and a steady supply of sacrificial foetuses either that ensured his untouchable status - Shitman did all the stitch n repair of 'damaged goods' kiddie fiddling abuse injuries - 'and' facilitating death certificates when the abuse had gone that little bit too far - and they didn't have a convenient Morning Sickness prime ministerial yacht to toss the bodies over the side into the Channel off Jersey after they'd been sodomised and strangled.

Oh yes, Satanist and paedophile Dr Harold 'Snuffer' Shitman - the chief in-house abortionist for a Greater Manchester based Devil-worship ring - a Magic Circle camarilla with direct links to the Vatican's Jesuit Ninth Circle Catamites Club - who, along with his kiddie fiddling paedo pals had free n easy access to a legion of child care homes in the region where sprogs of all ages - and sexes - were systematically sexually abused - and victims of ritual blood sacrifices to their demonic god of the Underworld.

If you wanna know who really rules the roost just focus on who it's forbidden to criticise - those that are untouchable - above and beyond the reach of the law, then just take a look at the Satan-worshipping Magic Circle Freemasonry fraternity / brotherhood and establishment paedophile rings. Governments and self-promoting politicos come and go - but the civil service mandarins rule the roost for their corporate crony pals.

Now would it not be a perfect (sic) world if the next shameless royally-knighted numbskull to come under the klieg light glare of an official investigative body is Sir Stephen House, top dog at Police Nonceland - who adamantly refuses to launch an unbiased (devoid of corrupt Masonic paedo manipulations by police, government and judiciary officials) inquiry into the sickening Hollie Greig scandal which has been festering away in the Crown Office cover-ups trashcan since 2000 when it was first reported to the corruption-ridden Scaberdeen Plod Squad and involved an untouchable elitist paedophile ring preying on disabled children at the Beechwood Special School on Raeden Park Road.

Do you live in the Manchester area? Have you ever been a victim of child care home sexual abuse by some fat Liberal politician? How about fat (or thin) Labour or Tory politicians? Have you ever sat on Leon Brittan's knee? Been groped by Ken Clarke? Buggered by Greville Janner? Taken a ride in Jimbo Savile's Rolls-Royce shag wagon - or survived a sail on Ted Heath's yacht? Or made to wear an apron and perform three hole sex acts for a group of Masonic fudgers?

Send your comments using the online reply form below and you too could end up like Nottingham kiddie fiddling victim / whistleblower Melanie Shaw - remanded for eternity in Peterborough prison - or sectioned under Article 69 of the 1832 Gone Bonkers Mental Health Act - to ensure your silence and protect the establishment's status quo.

A selection of your comments may be published, displaying your name and address, so MI5 can send round their Increment hit squad to stuff you in a big black North Face holdall then dump you in the bathtub.

Thought for the day. Hmmm, so much for justice under the Babylonian Code - specifically an eye for an eye. Doubtless the Masonic bumboy club offenders will once again be getting off with a Restorative Justice solution - say 'sorry' and that's it. No public shaming or the offence entered into the Sex Offenders Register.
Here we are, and what a pathetic state the governance of our once-sceptred isles has become under the misrule of a parasitic Royals and the intentional criminal mismanagement by governments past and present - with public awareness of the abuses of officialdom finally reaching a critical mass point at a geometric rate - and will hopefully result in a cataclysmic chain reaction eruption of Biblical scale proportions and the dawn of the Day of the Rope where justice will be dispensed on every street corner by a well organised and pissed off mob of common herd revolutionaries.

To conclude, fuck the Freemasons and Big Brother – and his sister - and the New World Order.

Luke 8:17 - ‘For there is nothing secret that shall not be made known’

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area and whilst purposely blending slanderous comments and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour and hard facts, may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Bazzer said...

Aye, yet another spot on piece of research and revelation with regard to that tosspot Shipman.
Chief abortionist for Cyril Smith's paedo gang. Mind you, porky Cyril only buggered boys so no chance of him getting any tarts up the duff.