Thursday, 28 August 2014

Rotherham Wins 'Ignorance is Bliss' Award

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A surprise newsflash hit home nation-wide yesterday in the wake of revelations that the local authority apparatus of Yorkshire's Third World living fossil town borough of Rotherham has been the recipient of the UK's prestigious 'Ignorance is Bliss' award sixteen times in rapid succession - for the years 1997 to 2013.

Rotherham-based Twat-Watch charity spokeswoman Chlamydia Mingerot confided to one press hack from the Gobsmacked Gazette "Well, that unexpected wave of shock news came as a mix of awe and consternation to us all - especially so our resident dog wanker of a Police and Crime Coverups Commissioner, Shaun Shite - that 1,400 children in the town had been victims of systematic sexual exploitation by an organised gang bang fraternity comprised of Paki taxi drivers running a network of renta-kiddie brothels to meet the demands of our brain-sick paedophile community."

“Lessons have got to be learned from this disgraceful mess of pottage and those responsible held to account. Shaun Shite was the councillor in charge of children's services at Rotherham Council and also sat on the board of the South Yorkshire Police Authority when both organisations were made fully aware of the level of child sexual exploitation but chose to do fuck all about it - so he's doubly to blame."

"Just between you and me, this past incompetence is definitely going to get out into the public knowledge arena, to come back and kick him in the arse, as he's going to cop for an all-round 'thumbs down' gesture as we no longer have confidence in his ability to act as impartially in his PCCC role - and in my opinion needs to fall on his own sword the same as council leader Roger Stone did following this report's publication."
"At least Roger had the good grace to commit ritual seppuku, the full blood and guts Japanese version, in the middle of the town's Paedo Park yesterday afternoon in recognition of his own failings and guilt in this affair."

"Doubtless we shall experience a repeat of the scandalous Jimmy Savile / Cyril Smith syndrome here too, now this festering cat - warts and all - is out of the bag, and a Biblical legion of past sexual abuse victims will be coming forward to add to the already staggering 1,400 figure - and get their names on the class action suit for criminal compensation claims."

"While Roger Stone did the right thing, the rest of the kleptocrat jobsworths have gone into denial mode - with Rotherham Council's chief executive Martin Kimber picking up a bloated salary of £160,000 nicker a year yet refusing to sack a single one of his Masonic brotherhood mates, despite the plethora of damning evidence of failure and incompetence. Kimber's as much use as tits on a bull as he set up and heads the Council's child sexual exploitation committee - which hasn't met for nine months."

"Responsibility denials and buck-passing by Shaun Shite, Kimber and social services head honcho Joyce Whacker - and her useless predecessor Sonia Sharpe besides, let's not overlook the fact that this represents a litany of apologist double-standard hypocrisy and misogynistic failings by these craven bastards, and Commissioner Shite was New Labour's Masonic fraternity favourite councillor charged with overseeing child social services from Rotherham Council from 2005 to 2010."

"So don't quote me on this but we have to be straight up here, the guy's just the same as past council leaders Mike Scuff, Ged Fitzgerald and his comb-over joke of a deputy Paul Lakin - career disasters on legs and anything they touch - then and now - turns into a fubar. The fact that Shaun Shite didn't know what was going on is pure bullshit. More likely he didn't want to fall foul of the High Priests of Pederast International that run the political system in Broken Britain and hand out the accolades and glittering prizes to their gofers and stooges."

"Well, calls for Shaun Shite to resign haven't had any effect so far as he's only quit the Labour Party - as they threatened to chuck him out. But he isn't going quit this £100,000 quid per annum PCCC post unless fired with extreme prejudice - which will obviously equate with his 20-plus band of merry nepotistic appointees - all family and Masonic fraternity cronies - being hoofed alongside him."

"No requirement for a psychic reading to know we shall experience a repeat of the scandalous Jimmy Savile / Cyril Smith syndrome here too, now this cat is out of the bag, and a Biblical legion of past sexual abuse victims of these Pakiland paedo-sex predators will be coming forward to add to the already staggering 1,400 figure."

"Let's face the facts - Police Crime Coverups Commissioner Shite is simply a shot-up, never to come down egocentric tosser. A yet another stellar example of a Common Purpose NLP trained jobsworth who's slithered his way up the local authority secret handshake club crony promotion ladder, but is incapable of admitting he's at fault and shouldering responsibility for the major snafus and fubars that occurred on his watch."

"Thus we are left to speculate: is this a really a case of incompetent all-round cluelessness on the part of local authority bunglers - as in all truth this shower of tosspots aren't up to tying their own fucking shoelaces, never mind multi-tasking - or does ignoring sixteen years of reliable reporting of child sex slave trafficking and serial kiddie fiddling sex abuse by organised paedophile rings on such an extensive and long-term scale harbour more sinister, malevolent undertones - of a ritual Satanic nature, perhaps?"

"It's long past time that local - and national - authority politico bureaucrats were bitch-slapped out of this delusional reverie of 'above the law' untouchable unaccountability and suffer the moral and legal consequences for their failures of command responsibility. The corruption-ridden Plod Squad have spent more time and effort trying to disprove their Masonic pals were involved in such scurrilous kiddie fiddling offences than arresting and prosecuting anyone. It comes down to a collective failure and total disregard for victims as it involved 'paperwork' and going out chasing down suspects - the Paki taxi driver syndicate 'contributing' to the Plod Squad's local authority Widows and Orphans Charity Fund."

"But alas we are faced with this most problematic dilemma that every public institution in the UK - including private and quango corporations - are corrupt to the core. Credibility-deficient and have long pawned their moral franchise - plus a fawning corporate media system that is serially complicit in the concealment and spiking of bad / embarrassing / scandalous news - especially when it concerns this rampant Satan-worshipping culture of kiddie fiddling and ritual child blood sacrifice that is so deep rooted in the heart of our sick society, and permeates every crook and cranny of our once (pre-fracking) green and pleasant land."

"And here we are seeing this example of a capacity for evil - a perverted relish for the sufferings of vulnerable children - that is manifested nationwide and must be halted - and as the law - and our local government seem impotent to rectify this aberration due their own despicable involvement with these kiddie fiddling rings - it thus needs to be corrected by extra-judicial means: a force of anti-paedo vigilantes."

Karen Friggitt, a director of the Nonce Victim charity, told the Daily Shitraker "The details in that report were truly horrific and have incited a mix of shock and disgust - and in some cases, disgust and shock. It's obvious that social services child care in Rotherham was one serious fuck-up from start to finish - and that abuse allegations were not considered a priority by South Yorkshire's nonce-ponce ridden Plod Squad between1997 and 2009 either."
"Instead, they shamefully blamed the girls for being out of control, wilful young teenagers who eagerly consented to sex with men old enough to be their fathers or even grandfathers - which incestuously turned out to be the case more often than not."

"In this pathetic, politically correct culture of Broken Britain, police, councillors and social services chiefs are terrified of being accused of racism - a taboo subject at the best of times - and even more so anti-Semitism if they highlighted crimes by a bunch minorities - racial and otherwise - specifically Paki taxi drivers, the local synagogue's rabid Rabbis and not forgetting the bumboy brotherhood at Rotherham's nonce-notorious Freemason's Lodge."

"It's a common theme in sex abuse scandals that no fucker faces the consequences - and this is a blatant 'in your face' fact if the offenders are Scottish Rite Freemasons - or members of a Tory government cabinet. Now these wankers are discussing the establishment of an independent inquiry panel of experts in the law and child protection to consider whether public bodies - and other non-state quango institutions - are serious about their duty of care to protect children from sexual abuse - or in layman's language 'doing their fucking job'."

One of Rotherham's 1,400 sexual abuse victims, Fellattia McSkanger, a sixteen year old mother of three, who was an inmate at the Gropers Crescent Care Home on St Bede's Road in Rotherham, agreed to speak with Fifty Shades magazine on conditions of anonymity.
"One minute I woz playing wiv me Barbie doll, the next I woz hooked on strong liquor an' drugs an' a sex slave fer the Achmed Chuckabutty crime syndicate an' thought suck an' swaller three hole sex an' ‘gang bangs woz all part of growin' up - but on the bright side I used ter cop a 50% discount on me taxi rides wiv me pimp, Ali Jaffacake - an' enough methadone ter fire a cucumber plant ter the fuckin' moon an' back again."

"Meself I reckon that every twat wot's involved in these local authorities, like the counsellors an' social services trolls an' the effin useless Plod Squad wollies, need ter consider their position cos they ain't up ter the effin' job - cos they've bin ignorin' an' coverin' up - an' even worse bein' actively involved in our sexual abuse fer effin' years."
"So ter my mind, the way the cookie crumbles is the fact this Shaun Shite plod commissioner twat needs ter sit his fat arse down an' have a very long look in the mirror an' admit ter himself that he's a useless cunt - an' then resign."

Talk about ironic, now we even have the Lib-Dum leader Nick 'Forked Tongue' Clegg jumping on the condemnation gravy train to get his worthless two-penneth in and calling for PCCC Shaun Shite's resignation due 'not doing his job'."
"Well, there we have it - Hypocrisy spelled with a capital H from Mr Election Pledge-Breaking Useless Twat Clegg who most definitely is not up to his job.
But the Rotherham PCCC must be in deep crap all round when the lowest of the low scumster likes of Clegg are calling for Commissioner Shite's resignation too.

Stop Press latest: While every twat who has ever worked for - or is still employed by - Rotherham Council and their useless police authority, have either quit or gone into self-harm virtual suicide mode (app can be downloaded online - type 'rotherham wrist-slash') PCCC Shaun Shite is still hanging on to his job, like the bullshit polar bear hanging onto the last iceberg in Al Bore's fantasist Global Warming movie.

Meanwhile 96-year-old school lollipop lady Gladys McWhinger has quit her post as she feel partly responsible for the unchecked abuse statistics.
Speaking to media hacks, Gladys explained "I used ter see them Paki paedo bastards pickin' the girls - an' little boys - up from the playground when I woz on duty outside St Sodom's School for Latter Day Catamites an' reported it ter South Yorkshire Plod Squad's public protection unit an' all they come back wiv woz 'No problems, Granny, we know all about it - further education classes at the local Freemason Lodge or some such shit. Bollocks, these uniformed lazy-arsed twats have got a total disregard for the victims of sex crimes. They treated them - an' me - as an effin' nuisance an' with contempt"

Thought for the day. Has the common herd public demographic of Broken Britain not yet woken up to the fact that we are ruled / governed by a set of real evil bastards - who resort to imprisoning - and make no fucking mistake - murdering - anti-child sexual abuse campaigners and victim-whistle-blowers to ensure suppression of the bad news and their silence rather than sacrifice one of their nonce-ponce pederast own to the hands of justice.

And by this same rule when is the untouchable elitist Aberdeen-based Tartan Tadger Satanists paedophile ring that targets disabled / special needs children going to come under the national media exposure klieg lamps and investigation by an honest sector (sic) of Tory PM Scameron's (and HS Terry May's) joint obligatory pledged Operation Kiddie Fiddler that is purported to be tasked to investigate charges of historic paedo abuse from Jersey (some chance) to the sheep-shagging Shetlands - and hopefully stopping en route to turn the spotlight on the scandalous Dunblane 100 year coverup episode - and Thomas Watt Hamilton - Masonic brotherhood paedo pimp extraordinaire?

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area and whilst purposely blending slanderous comments and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour and hard facts, may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Nipper said...

so who the fuck's in charge n hired this prick. Voted into office maybe, but some cunt must have the power to pull the pin and say get the fuck outa here.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, Deputy police and crime coverups commissioner (PCCC) for South Yorkshire Tracey Cheetham has resigned - but the top dog is still hanging on - scumbag.

Eric said...

Seems now like social services and the police are as much use for protection as our concept of a non-existent fantasy God

Riley said...

Hey fucking ho, here we go. Everyone covering their asses and no prick bothered about the TRUTH.

Spirit of Melanie Shaw said...

OMG. Each new day is another paedo scandal. Nobody has gotten to the truth with poor little Maddie McCann - did her parents kill her or was she kidnapped to order by an EU Brussels based Satanist paedo gang for ritual sex abuse and sacrifice?
I see this entire charade of a police investigation into Freemason involvement into the national child molestation and sexual abuse scandal as being like Don Quixote - titling at windmills - at shadows - a joke. They never intend to stop it. Only we can do that. By removing the cause. The vile perverted powers that rule and govern.

Gilly said...

The whole Rotherham official shebang - police social service and councillors are sleaze suspects until proven otherwise. Plenty knew wtf was going on and either ignored it or were criminally complicit and involved in the grooming and sexual exploitation of minors.

Alpha Anarchist said...

No shit, finally, a crisis chain reaction that has - apart from that sleazy tosser Shaun Wright - quitting in shame.
And that's what we need to see with the Savile and Cyril Smith and Elm Guest House - plus the rest and including the Aberdeen Hollie Greig paedo abuse scandal that goes all the way to Alex Salmond's and Kenny MacAskill's doorsteps - cos no amount of media spin or engineered propaganda narratives (bullshit lies) are gonna make the scandals go away

Iconoclast said...

How about the names Rusty hasn't mentioned - too many maybe?
John Gomersall? This scumbag was involved with Rotherham council from 1973 and director of social services from 1999 to 2006.
Matt Jukes, policing commander for Rotherham, 2006-10?
Di Billups? Erica Leach? Jahangir Akhtar?

Sentinel said...

This can of worms is up-ended and the control system’s scandal suppression tactics are not going to work here.
Let us pray the Rotherham syndrome goes viral and manifests as a real time nonce exposure fest throughout the UK - including that corruption ridden kiddie fiddling haven of Scotland

St Jude said...

At least this horrific scandal is serving to expose the extent of this disgusting culture of pederasty that is prevalent throughout Britain and elsewhere and too the complicity of governments.
What chance does a defenceless common herd of sheeple have against a ruling regime of child sex predators?

Gilamesh said...

The gospel according to insider whistle-blowers, top ranking Rotherham council and police staff ordered raids to destroy case files and evidence detailing the scale of the local authority's criminal scale involvement in the child exploitation scandal.

More than 10 years before the damning independent inquiry revealed sexual exploitation of 1,400 children in Rotherham a raid was carried out on the orders of senior staff to destroy evidence.

In 2002 high profile personnel at Rotherham Council ordered a raid on Risky Business, Rotherham council’s specialist youth service, which offered one-to-one help and support to vulnerable teenage girls, ahead of the findings of a damning sexual abuse exposure report.

Anonymous said...

so, shawn rite was NLP - CP trained ?
missed that one
he said he had never heard of CP, despite authorising their cheques for years
where did he get his NLP badge from - and when ?

brightonmb - at - gmail - dot - com