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Vatican Blamed for Black Death

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The Roman Catholic Church comes in for yet another round of well-deserved vilification this week as the worn-out scamster’s institution gets lambasted again – this time not so much for turning a blind eye as their bumboy priests run kiddie fiddling bordellos but rather creating the conditions that allowed the Black Death bubonic plague to ravage Europe – the deadliest pandemic to devastate the burgeoning ranks of humankind since the pandemic before that – due the Vatican hierarchy fingering the common house feline (Meowus Catus) as inherently linked with the practices of cackling broomstick merchants and Satan-worshipping Masonic Templar pederasts belonging to the Order of St Sodom of the Latter Day Catamites.

The Black Death is estimated to have killed 60% of Europe's great unwashed peasants and nobility – and poxy priests - alike, reducing the world's population from half a billion to 350 million around 1400 CE (not a good year) thus prompting the question – was this intentional or simply another of the Church’s diverse and myriad fuck-ups?

Well, according to a 300-page scathing report just published by the Brussels-based Culpability Review, what kicked off as the Church’s customary pig ignorance stance into all things scientific, evolved into a conspiratorial plot to cull around 100 million folk and clean out the over-crowded urban centres of Europe, plus snuff the Ashkenazi Jews of convenience money-lenders in one hell of a pustule and bad cough epidemic and wipe out all records of their debts – plus achieve a massive land grab in the name of all that was Holy.

The Vatican and associated hierarchy rose to power via the longest-running contrived confidence trick scam in history – that Jesus saves – and God is in His Heaven, hence all was well on Earth - and maintained that premium position through the early spin doctor’s use of sound bite propaganda and superstition – enforced via the ultimate ‘compliance’ agency of the Middle Ages – the Grand Inquisition.

Here we had the Catholic Church, the most venal institution on Earth, posing as a do-gooder outfit tasked with enforcing morality and saving humanity’s souls – whereas in all truth they corrupted mankind away from honesty and decency in each and every aspect of their daily commerce and interactions with others due the purposeful promulgation of the heinous falsehood that sin can be forgiven – and absolution is still attainable on the deathbed.

The peasants – and most nobles – were as thick as pig shit – if not thicker - and purposely kept that way. None of the laity could read or write so the deceptive and conjured hand-scribed Gospels compiled in the second century CE (AD) by Rome’s Pio and Flavian families could only be read by the clergy.

The First Estate of monks and priests controlled all aspects of human existence – cradle to the grave / womb to tomb – extracting and accumulating great wealth and land acquisitions in the process – the majority from simony and benefices.

But here was the rub – the little old crones who lived in the forests – or the outskirts of villages - the ones who through hereditary knowledge of things spiritual and the Gaia Principle were attuned to Mother Earth- and practiced herbalism and naturalism to effect cures and could forecast the weather better than any latter day Met’ Office wallah – or the IPCC’s Neanderthal head honcho and his gang of climate change propagandists.

They accepted no false monotheistic God but worshipped the Tree and the Stone and were wholly attuned to Nature – and this was a problem. They were smarter than your average priest and hence an anathema to the Church’s credibility and sinister ambitions.

Thus they were declared heretics and labelled ‘witches’ – in league with the Fallen Angel Lucifer – and too all their accoutrements such as dried roots, herbs, eye of toad, tongue of newt, bat’s foreskins etc were labelled as the Devil’s tools – along with broomsticks (hence nowhere got swept clean) – and cats.

What better way to rid the pestilence of these naturist subversives who threatened the standing of the church in keeping the peasantry beholden and ignorant? Why, burns the fuckers – warts and all – and hunt down their cats.
Yep- you got it – cats – with medieval start-up companies such as Renta-Moggy and Hello Kitty hounded out of business with threats of excommunication or an interview with the Inquisition

Bubonic plague wasn’t anything new, it had been around since Eve was a rib, but never really achieved a pandemic stranglehold on the population due the very nature of the disease’s life cycle.
To keep it concise and simple, the Black Death bacterium Yersinia Pestis live in the digestive tracts of fleas which in turn live on rats. Rats infested human dwellings and thus the fleas were transferred to human hosts who they nibble at, and via which route they infected them with the plague.

Prior to the Church’s crack-down on wise old ladies (and their youthful split arsed students) there were moggies a-plenty who, having no tins of Kit-e-Kat or Whiskers to rely on for sustenance did their own thing as a predatory hunter and kept on top of the rat population. Hence no rats equalled no fleas and no fleas equalled no plague. Nature in harmony and balance.

But now we had every fucker and their dog round the bonfire howling “Burn the witch!” and hunting down cats alike Captain Queeg’s obsession with the strawberries – and nine lives be damned.
Thus the rats thrived and the Black Death feasted on humanity for centuries to come – and all thanks to the dogma of the Roman Catholic Church – yet another feather of infamy for their cap. Here endeth today’s lesson. Amen, and all that good shit.

Thought for the day: Today’s science challenges the theory that rats were the promulgators of the Plague – yet they’ve had a bad press all round ever since and it was generations later that the likes of Roland Rat were ever welcomed as TV presenters.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a rat-infested area and may contain traces of plague.

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