Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Forced Adoptions a Crime Syndicate Scam?

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In 2000 Tony ‘Trust Me’ Bliar amended New Labour’s approach to paedo’ pimping with a dynamic shift in policy and radically modified adoption targets to raise to an industrial level scale the number of children snatched from what ‘not fit for purpose’ social services would, in their infinite unqualified arrogance, brand as ‘unfit parents’ by 50% to 5,400 per annum.

With this flawed broad brush approach Bliar and his fellow child molesting pals Gordon ‘Incapability’ Brown and the flamboyant fudge artist Lord Scandalson of the Felchers (aka Vermin in Ermine) – established a deeply secretive system of in-camera closed family courts that were purposely, and with conspiratorial malice aforethought, biased against decent families via the dishonest testimony of Common Purpose-brainwashed empathy-deficient social worker Stasi jobsworths fuelled by high octane greed and bent on raking in their ‘adoption placement’ performance bonuses - and reams of questionable evidence submitted by doctors from such dubious clinical institutions as the Harold Shipman Memorial Hospital for Medical Excellence and the Freddy Patel Centre for Diagnostic Fubars – both of which have wrongly condemned mothers of being unfit to perform the tasks of parentage.

Thus since the insidious scheme’s 2000 inception date, zillions of pounds have been doled out of the taxpayer’s purse to local councils – not to fill in the ubiquitous potholes blighting our roads or sweep the pavements – but encourage them to meet the increased Government target figures on child adoptions – with an annual tally of 4,000 in England and Wales alone – and wholly ignoring what goes on in that inhospitable Masonic kiddie fiddling pederast’s paradise north of Hadrian’s Wall.

Figures recently released by the Department for Local Government and Community Cohesion name both Essex and Kent councils as entities who were paid £2 million quid apiece in performance bonuses over a three year period to encourage additional adoptions.
Cheshire, Hampshire, Gloucestershire and Norfolk were promised an extra £1 million nicker each in rewards to boost their kiddie snatching and adoption figures – with the true aim being for social workers to find permanent homes for difficult-to-place older ‘in care’ children.

However, such is the human condition, that motivated by greed and the promise of a limitless flow of ready cash in extra bonuses, venal council officials and social workers who would kneel before the altar of Mammon, tossed the ‘Best Interests of the Child’ concept credo to the four winds and formed a corrupt network that began earmarking the cuddly newborn babes and cutie-pie toddlers which proved so easy to snatch from single teenage mothers via the medium of intimidation, coercion and threats of being sectioned - and assign to ready-canvassed adoptive parents catering to the PTB hierarchy’s Satanist pederast rings.

While Gyppos and Pikeys have been kidnapping children for profit for centuries – this sinister line of black commerce that has gone viral since the birth of the internet – with orders coming in from Brussels for a nice little virgin blonde toddler photographed on vacation in Portugal back in 2007 to be snatched and shipped to Belgium (COD) for a Flores de Mayo ritual Black Mass blood sacrifice by an elitist cabal of Black Nobility Satanists.

Oh aye, the sprog-snatching bourse is doing a roaring trade – a de facto case of legalised human trafficking - with gagging orders imposed by these compliant secret family courts. Nice one indeed, a true Mammon money-spinning enterprise – especially so since being handed over to profit-motivated PFI quangos.

Conversely this practice of targeting the ‘valuable commodity’ progeny of dysfunctional young single mothers while they are still in the womb and ripe to be snatched at birth has thus resulted in leaving the more difficult-to-place older, Asbo-grade children in local care homes – a tragedy of graft and corruption with the number of over-seven-year old scallies being adopted now plummeting by half.

So, if we are to read between the lines of the report compiled by the St Sodom’s Trust for Girls & Boys who carried out a socio-political moral impact study on the issue in 2011, what did Bliar’s Masonic masters set in motion by ordering him to implement their wicked scheme?
A bonus-driven foster / adoption care culture of child-snatching for profit - run by corruption-ridden local authorities and their Common Purpose brainwashed uniform fetishist Gestapo social service drones – all backed up by immoral secret courts manned by venal magistrates and judges with perverse sexual tastes - where the statutes of habeas corpus no longer apply and hence conceal the abuse from the public and media scrutiny and condemnation. Not so much a complete disgrace - but a disgrace with criminal undertones and implications. Basically, we’ve seen better organised riots.

Any system that patronises this behaviour is corrupt and rotten from the foundations up – and so much for Magna Carta’s pledge: To no-one shall we sell, to no one shall we delay or refuse, the right to justice.

Then at the opposite end of the polarised spectrum we have such incompetent lapses in social service efficiency, demonstrated by oversights and fubars concerning unfit parents as evidenced with the instances of the tapas party delinquent McCanns and the mother / carers of Baby P – quite simply criminally unfit for purpose. Children? These fuckers should be barred from keeping even a hamster as a pet.

In light of Thomas Watt Hamilton – he of Dunblane notoriety and official paedo pimp to Scottish Rite Freemasonry’s ‘Selective Society’ - and the disgusting revelations now entered into the Annals of Infamy concerning the Aberdeen cover-up of the elitist Masonic kiddie fiddling ring involved in the Hollie Greig sexual abuse and serial rape scandal, whose social services were complicit in pimping for the elitists’ ‘Special Needs School’ pederast’s bordello - we wouldn’t ‘trust’ this gang of child molesting perverts to take the dog a walk lest it fall victim to canine buggery.

Anyone who has further doubts concerning the character flaws that demean and corrupt government establishment integrity, then Google up the Waterhouse Report, circa 2000 AD and the sordid tale of Bryn Estyn Children's Home in Wales where Police Chief Superintendent Gordon Anglesea and a legion of other perverted plods staged Satanic black mass rituals and sexually abused children in the company of ranking Freemason kiddie fiddlers – including bigwig scumbag Swiss breakfast cereal tycoon Lord McAlpen and his fudging Fusiliers, one of the many high-level Masonic paedo’s in power who escaped prosecution following fellow Mason Sir Ronald Waterhouse’s 3-year / £13 million quid investigation and ensuing whitewash / cover-up.

Let us not overlook the hypocrisy-ridden Freemason Secret Handshake Club’s ‘brotherhood’ credo: “By our acts shall Masonry be judged” – these people shame the memory of the Widow’s son.

Secret courts – family or otherwise – are an insult to our social intelligence and tribal mind culture. A venal anathema – and alas the shape of things to come under this budding Big Brother martial law panopticon surveillance state we are tip-toeing towards at a steady rate of knots.
Let’s not forget that Stalin’s gulags were simply a re-branded version of the Tsarist gulags. Then we have the nasty nouns: Gestapo, Stasi, Okhrana, Cheka, Ogpu, Savak, MI5, gagging orders, D notices and secret family courts.

A well-ordered society and honest government have no requirement for such dictatorial, totalitarian devices. If a system of secret courts is established then obviously some fucker and their dog has something to hide – of a most embarrassing or criminal nature – such as the murder of Dr David Kelly or the 7/7 London Tube bombings being a false flag terror attack.
To wit, secret courts are a despicable social evil that flies in the face of the true spirit and essence of justice and fair play.

Hmmm, social services out for profit and Kafkaesque secret courts indeed - something stinks in Denmark – and it isn’t Hamlet’s socks.

To close. fuck Big Brother – and his sister – and the Masonic-dominated New World Order.

This skit is dedicated to Kellie Cottam and all those other loving parents who have fallen victim to this iniquitous abuse of power by the state apparatus – corrupt social services operating with a profit-motivated agenda – and the secret family courts which assist in expediting such crimes. May a plague be upon all their houses and those that dwell within.

The feisty Kellie Cottam, blighted and partially crippled with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and persecuted by Broken Britain’s corrupt ‘injustice’ system, is nevertheless possessed with a healthy dose of Oppositional Defiance Disorder and refuses to take shit from jobsworth bureaucrats with a bent agenda.

Thus due this fact Kelly is facing a two year committal to prison by Wrectum Magistrates Court (in Welsh Wales) for having the audacity to publicly protest against a Kafkaesque secret court decision by publicly challenging the abduction of her two infant children by the graft and corruption-ridden Skintshire Council Authority and their equally corrupt Social Services ‘Tonton Macoutes’.


Luke 8:17 - ‘For there is nothing secret that shall not be made known’

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wiggins said...

Give the bastards both barrels....... it must be getting near the time to build an Ark.... ;-)

Anonymous said...

Scumbag social services - all 'empowered' after their Common Purpose indoctrination of how to be utter twats

Sarah said...

WTF are we doing even permitting this crap to go on? Progressive society and in the interests of the child? I think not.
Something is very fucked up when a parent is not allowed to question the fate of their kids or even why they're being traded off like some
perverse Swap Shop.
WTF next - Bid-a-Kid on eBay?