Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Skype Avatar Cops 1,000 Paedo Pervs

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More than 500 Britons were among 1,000 male onanists entrapped while attempting to pay a computer-generated child to perform sex acts online, after the Terre des Hommes Dutch children's charity set up a fake profile and carried out a 10-week sting from their Amsterdam base, posing on video chat rooms as "Slutsy", a 10-year-old Filipina girl too young to grow hair she could sit on.

The seductive ‘come-to-bed eyes’ Slutsy avatar was quickly approached by more than 20,000 child sex predators from 71 countries over a two month period – with the Terre des Hommes charity passing on the identities of 1,000 of these alleged predators to Interpol.
The top country of origin for the perving adults identified was bonny Scotland with over 500 offenders - followed by the good ole United States with 254, Belgium with 110 and the Vatican with 103.

As Freemasonry, Satanism and ritual child sex abuse have been proven to be the ties that bind the likes of VIP Bilderbergers and global governments, it remains to be seen if any of the webcam sex tourism procurers identified will be prosecuted – so don’t hold your breath. However the research has clearly demonstrated that it’s easy-peasy to locate and identify the guilty pederast parties involved.

Critics have been quick to speculate that this latest exposure will go the same way as the FBI’s Operation Avalanche which tagged 35,000 offenders – including ex-President George Walker Bush as an online paedo perv – with the investigation promptly shut down by his White House incumbent son, the ultra-moronic Dubya – in the interests of ‘national security’

Likewise the London Met’s Operation Ore, which identified 17,000 British-based child porno downloaders – was pre-emptively gagged by New Labour PM Tony ‘War Crimes’ Bliar following the arrest of his Parliamentary aide Philip 'Miranda' Lyon, collared by the Plod Squad for downloading zillions of kinky sex child porno images on his House of Conmans pc – and before any other household name MPs or Lords – or heaven forbid – Royals - suffered a similar fate for their collective paedophile pornography sins.

The Terre des Hommes research technicians who carried out the sting operation claim the majority of the 536 Scots offenders who offered ‘Slutsy’ money for an online webcam sex show via the Skype chat service came from Aberdeen’s infamous Ferryhill area, notorious in its reputation as being the Scottish Rite Freemasonry Speculative Society’s main hub for kinky paedophile sex with disabled and special needs children – next to Edinburgh and Glasgow with their adolescent ‘rent boy’ male prostitute rings.

Scottish National Party spin doctor Angus McFudger, speaking outside Edinburgh’s Holyrood Parliament building to one gutter press hack from the red top Caledonian Shitraker tabloid, reflected that “Our bad news media Gatekeeper, Peter Watson and his Levy & McRae 'official censorship' team will have their work cut out keeping the lid on this latest burgeoning moral outrage.”

The ‘Slutsy’ scandal could well prove to be the biggest to hit Alex Salmond’s graft and corruption-ridden SNP government since the last scandal, when the Crown Office’s incumbent Lord Advocate Elish Angiolini allegedly decided it was not in the public interest to prosecute ranking Freemason Douglas Haggarty, technical head of the Scottish Legal Aid Board, after he was caught buggering an underage rent boy in the public toilets of British Home Stores in Glasgow’s St Enoch’s Shopping Centre on a Saturday afternoon back in May of 2009.

Here we see a further example of the same course of ‘inaction’ as when Angiolini's disgraced Procurator Fiscal deputy Stuart McFarlane was apprehended in May of 2006 for having al fresco sex in a Bothwell Street alleyway with Glasgow whore Joanna McSlagg and assaulted the arresting police officers – another ‘not in the public interest to prosecute’ cover-up by the Crown Office’s nefarious ‘Whitewash Department’.

The shameless McFarlane has since gone on to be collared for being in possession of some fifteen thousand indecent / pornographic images of children on his back garden 'Wank Shed' computer – which allegedly included avatar ‘Slutsy’s’ Skype e-addy and a short ten minute video clip of her performing three hole sex with her teddy bear and a banana – for which she was paid $20 bucks via her Western Union wire transfer account – charged to the offender’s Barclaycard.

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thirdeye said...

omg. best article ever. im shell shocked! wonder where the list is.....

Ally said...

Where? With Interpol, apparently.
No worries, now Tony Bliar's gone, just pop the Met a Freedom of Information docket and request a copy of the original Operation Ore list - the same kiddie perving crim's will be on that index of 7,000.

thirdeye said...

that looks like a plan batman!! :-)

Anonymous said...

This bunch of Tory fudgers and paedos are on the Op' Ore the list.

Sir Stephen McAdden (Southend East)
Richard Body (Holland with Boston)
Sir Ronald Russell (Wembley South)
George Gardiner (Reigate)
William Craig (Belfast East)
Gerald Howarth (Aldershot)
Evelyn King (South Dorset)
John Carlisle (Luton North)
Rhodes Boyson ((Brent North)
Archibald Hamilton (Epsom and Ewell)
Tim Janman (Thurrock)
Peter Bottomley (Worthing West)
Colin Campbell Mitchell (West Aberdeenshire)
Bernard Braine (Castle Point)
James Molyneaux (Lagan Valley)
John Taylor (Strangford)
Neil Hamilton (Tatton)
Robert Taylor (Croydon North West)
Nicholas Winterton (Macclesfield)
Geoffrey Stewart-Smith (Belper)
Patrick Cormack (Cannock)
Anthony Fell (Great Yarmouth)
Robert Boscawen (Wells)
Harold Soref (Ormskirk)
William Benyon (Buckingham)
Roger White (Gravesend)
Peter Rost (South East Derbyshire)
Norman Tebbit (Epping)
Piers Dixon (Truro)
David James (North Dorset)
John Heydon Stokes Oldbury and Halesowen)
Geoffrey Rippon (Hexham)
Julian Amery (Brighton Pavilion)
Ronald Bell QC (South Buckinghamshire)
Harold Gurden (Selly Oak)
Teddy Taylor (Glasgow Cathcart)
John Peyton (Yeovil)
Paul Williams (Sunderland South)
Duncan Sandys (Streatham)
Joseph Hiley (Pudsey)
John Biggs-Davison (Chigwell)
Stephen Hastings (Mid Bedfordshire)
Victor Goodhew (St Albans)
Wilfred Baker (Banffshire)
Jasper More (Ludlow)
Patrick Wall (Haltemprice)
Mark Woodnutt (Isle of Wight)
Sir Jerry Wiggin (Weston-super-Mare

Generalised Tory pondscum:

George Murray, 10th Duke of Atholl
Derek Laud
Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 5th Marquess of Salisbury
Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 6th Marquess of Salisbury
Dermot Chichester, 7th Marquess of Donegall
Patrick Maitland, 17th Earl of Lauderdale
Victor Montagu, 10th Earl of Sandwich
Charles Carnegie, 11th Earl of Southesk
John Wodehouse, 4th Earl of Kimberley
George Jellicoe, 2nd Earl Jellicoe
John Whyte-Melville-Skeffington, 13th Viscount Massereene
John Skeffington, 14th Viscount Massereene
Alan Lennox-Boyd, 1st Viscount Boyd of Merton
Merlin Hanbury-Tracy, 7th Baron Sudeley
Jonathan Guinness, 3rd Baron Moyne
Wavell Wakefield, 1st Baron Wakefield of Kendal
General Sir Walter Walker
Sir Adrian FitzGerald
Sir Horace Cutler
Sir James Goldsmith
Sir Victor Raikes,
Commander Anthony Courtney

thirdeye said...

but Colin Campbell Mitchell (West Aberdeenshire) was dead before the 90's

Anonymous said...

Ref Colin Campbell Mitchell (West Aberdeenshire)comment.
Obviously a Ghost Squad paedo perv then.