Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Typhoon HAARP = Signal 4 US Hypocrisy

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The Republic of the Philippines’ central Visayas islands zone and the common herd peasant inhabitants were yesterday left in a mixed state of shock and high dudgeon on receiving news - via the alternative media obviously - that the Yanks were responsible for this latest super typhoon calamity that so recently was visited upon their collective, innocent heads.

So the reason for the 200 mph Typhoon HAARP-generated gales and tidal surge devastation wreaked on the islands of Samar, Leyte, Cebu and Bohol et al via this ruthless weather wars attack was aimed at cowing and coercing the inept Aquino-led government into embracing the lop-sided Trans-Pacific Partnership and re-initiating the 1991-defunct US Bases Agreement.

Oh yes, nothing less than a hefty TPP kick in the ass from the Great Satan global bully for the Philippines to stop shagging the cat and get with the Trans-Pacific Partnership programme – authorised by none other than the south Chicago Harry Lennix clone currently squatting in the Oval Office who claims to be an all-American born and bred Hawaiian – and not some coke-snorting, cock-sucking Kenyan-Indonesian Muslim impostor cuckoo faggot - still peddling the threadbare ‘Hope n Change’ deception.

So in the wake of Typhoon HAARP’s passage, the penultimate Signal 4 strength weather disturbance which made purposeful landfall and ripped through the Visayas last week like Hell’s Furies on steroids, the good ole US of A hypocrisy score has achieved an all-time high, breaking earlier world class records of duplicity, when navy warships and legions of psycho kiddie bonking Marines arrived in the storm-battered Third World archipelago to firmly entrench their ‘returned’ military presence and help clean up the mega-mess caused by the piloted passage of the weather wars manipulated Yolandia (Haiyan).

White House spokesman Billy Bob Redneck, speaking to a gutter press hack from the False Flag Gazette in Washington, made a crude reference to the serendipitous fact that American forces ‘just happened’ to be in the locality (an entire carrier fleet) and were willing to devote themselves to address nagging problems like disaster relief and humanitarian assistance – and, er, hang around indefinitely to keep a check on China’s ever-expanding influence in the south-east Asian region.

While it’s not unique for a seasonal south-east monsoon typhoon strength weather disturbance to forge a path through the central Visayas and exit on a north-west heading across the South China Sea – one of that intensity is a sore thumb anomaly that stinks of weather wars manipulation – with Yolanda intentionally and with malice aforethought boosted via the globally-positioned weaponised HAARP arrays.

While we’re treating this war crimes attack on the Philippines with a healthy and corrective double coat of cynicism, it might be worthy of mention that Typhoon Yolanda’s ‘intensity will doubtless be blamed on climate change and used to push the fantasy phenomenon of anthropogenic global warming scam – hence boosting the carbon credits cap and trade exchange rip-off bourse.

So the Republic of the Philistines gets a taste of the Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy false flag scenario treatment – just the same as the 2010 Haiti HAARP-generated ground–shaker, and Japan’s Tōhoku coastal region 2011 Force 9 HAARP earthquake that never was – which caused the tsunami inundation of the Fuckupshima nuke power plant.

And let’s not overlook the 2005 Boxing Day mega tsunami triggered in the Sumatran Trench off Indonesia, generated either by the HAARP weapons array or more likely a pair of sub-marine 20 megaton nukes detonated simultaneously to create a ‘natural’ (sic) force majeure / act of God calamity and hence Jakarta rolled out the red carpet for US aid – which was all ready and waiting in Guam and Okinawa.
And here we have the same again – to re-establish their mid-western Pacific presence in the hapless Philippines since their oppressive military bases were hoofed out with ‘extreme prejudice’ in 1991 – an insult the Great Satan has never forgotten.

Oh yes, these maleficent, baleful bastards have no limits to the destruction, suffering and misery they wreak – and all to forward the New World Order agenda for their inbred, core evil Masonic Illuminati Master Race bosses in Switzerland and London – (the very sinister, devoid of conscience sub-human beings, who instruct the Bilderberg gophers what to expedite) - and achieve the establishment of the illusory New Jerusalem.

For a history of US military and CIA / black ops interventions and meddling read Killing Hope by William Blum – a history of Uncle Sam’s dirty tricks from the false flag attack on the Midway in Havana Harbour - up to the 9/11 treasonable debacle expedited by rogue elements of the US military and the Dubya Bush administration neo-cons in criminal collusion with Mossad’s dirty tricks department.

Hot on the heels of the US Stage 1 Hypocrisy, we are then faced with the home truth and harsh realities of ‘Stage 2 Hypocrisy’ – doled out by the Republic of the Philistines very own government kleptocracy – all under the dubious watch of President Nonoy Aquino – son of the late, utterly naïve President Cory and scion of the filthy rich Cojuangco family – a fortune founded on loan sharking usury, sugar cane and slave labour.

The Philippines - 7,090-odd islands, all dominated by a voracious oligarch class composed of congenital braggarts whose material gluttony and all-consuming greed is only surpassed by their sick capacity for boastacious self-promotion. Take our word on this score - humility isn’t part of their limited lexicon.

So thanks to these oligarch clans (untouchable warlords by any other name – all with their own standing armies) are running the country that is so riddled with graft and corruption that the system of officialdom is unable to function without it.
Fact – the government is more at a kleptocracy than bureaucracy - thanks to 350 years of Spanish misrule and Roman Catholic-generated religious superstition – and 50 years of fine-tuned corruption under the Yanks.

Thus graft and corruption and wide-scale extortion exists at every level of society – and never more so than when calamity strikes. Okay the old joke goes – favourite nation? - easy – ‘donation’. And here the hypocrisy kicks in.

All donated international aid shipped in gets impounded, scrutinised and sorted by the Renta-Crook Bureau of Customs and down the road by local council officials – with the real goodies and choice foods – especially so corned beef and tinned ham diverted (read ‘stolen’) for resale at duty free outlets to generate mega-bucks foreign exchange – with the donated goodies being substituted with gash stash locally produced Mami Noodles and ‘Super-Ulam Pinoy’ 555 Sardines and short grain F6 sub-standard rice– then handed out to the starving peasantry by some elected official – with the reminder of “Don’t forget – vote for me.”

On a lighter note – if such a thing is possible in this sea of human tragedy and deceit, New Zealand was kind enough to dispatch a shipment of yeast – for making bread (or Marie Antoinette style ‘cakes’) – so hopefully some other magnanimous souls donated a couple of loads of flour to go with the former – albeit the indigenous population, while occasionally partaking of a breakfast pan de sal, are not too addicted to sandwiches and toast as per their Occidental counterparts – and even if starving would still prefer a bowl of rice. Preferably fish and rice, and if no fish, then bagoong – a fishy paste that makes moggie grub Kit-e-Kat look – and smell – like a 5 star Chef gourmet dish.

Irony Part One: It might well be expected that in the wake of the storm’s devastation the main whinge be focused on the shortage of potable water and food – or toilet and bathing facilities and shelter – but no, it’s the fact the power lines are down, hence zero electricity means there’s no way to charge their ubiquitous i-Pads and smart phones. No internet, no e-mails, no texts, no tweets.

As for Irony Part Two, Broken Britain’s flabby Tory PM Posh Dave Scameron was full of himself this week on the floor of the House of Conmans, boasting to all and sundry of the UK’s contribution of aid to the areas of the Philippines devastated by Typhoon HAARP – with a Royal Navy ‘destroyer’ HMS Rustbucket currently underway on a heading for storm-ravaged Tacloban, capital of the island of Leyte.
A ‘destroyer’ – Que? WTF? Isn’t the place ‘destroyed’ enough already?

Thought for the day. HAARP, akin with nuclear weapons: for purposes of belligerence we command a technology of far greater evolution than our moral and intellectual abilities to rationally commit such to destructive use.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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wiggins said...

I still maintain that the 1987 and '89 'blows' in the South East of England were caused by this contraption practicing early trial runs of H.A.A.R.P......come back Michael Fish, all is forgiven.

Anonymous said...

Hey, another Haiti redux criminal enterprise in the making. A man-made souped-up designer typhoon wreaks a 'natural disaster' path across the Philippines and the Yanks are on the doorstep to help out.
The US Marine Corps Joint Task Force 505 have set up their bases in manila and Tacloban.
They're back boys - and this time they're here to stay.

denk said...

from the horse mouth.....

*Technology will make available, to the leaders of major nations, techniques for conducting secret warfare, of which only a bare minimum of the security forces need be appraised... Techniques of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm*
[n earthquake ?]

mind u, that was more than four decades ago !