Sunday, 24 November 2013

Grieve Sparks 'Corrupt Immigrant' Divide

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Attorney General Dominic Grieve, the incumbent Tory MP for the Smoked Baconsfield constituency, has thrown the constraints of political correctness and risk aversion to the vagaries of the four winds and kick started a veritable racist shit-fight by electing to speak the truth instead of waffling the customary House of Conmans rounds of purposeful temporising and equivocation concerning the failures of multicultural integration and the illusory ‘success’ fa├žade of Posh Dave Scameron’s Big Society.

Speaking to a gutter press hack from the Xenophobia Gazette, Grieve stated for the public record that politicians need to wake up to the issues of graft and corruption that are endemic in minority immigrant communities – a statement which might yet prove to be fraught with the spectre of unintended ‘incendiary’ consequences.
Adding a touch of further malice to up-end community cohesion, Grieve went on to define that this corruption phenomenon wasn’t simply restricted to any single immigrant ethnic group although he was referring to ‘the Pakis' more so than the equally bent Indians.

“These people have their cultural roots in knuckle-dragging Third World shitholes where graft and corruption are rife and the situation has become so endemic that the entire governmental bureaucracy systems have been transformed into a kleptocracy - and can no longer function without them – and that’s what we see materialising here in their Brummystan ghettos and even Slough (twinned with Rawalpindi since 1988) – especially when it comes down to election fraud and the likes of Eshaq Khan fielding ghost-buster votes to win local council elections.”

Hmmm, pontificating on the immorality and evils of corruption is a bit of a hypocritical stance from Mr Grieve QC, especially so considering his personal mega-bucks investments – profiting off misery in a Zimbabwe suffering under the dictatorial misrule of Robert Rhubarbie – via shares in London-based mining multinationals such as Ripoff & Scumm, Rio Skinto and O’Dinga Conflict Diamonds SA.

Interviewed last night by Andrew ‘Bat-Ears’ Marr on the BBC’s ‘Darkies Go Home’ programme, Grieve was forced to concede that integration of ethnic minorities in the UK had delivered certain positive benefits for the ethnic Anglo-Saxon white community.
“Okay sure, who else wants to go picking cockles, bollocks deep in freezing sea water at Morecambe Bay – or driving taxis and pimping for teenage druggies around Rochdale – or wrapping up curry take-away meals then delivering them on a moped after the pubs are shut at night – and all for a pittance minimum wage.”

Khalid Mahmood, the Labour MP for Brum’s Perry Mason constituency (himself an expenses-padding scumbag who claimed for £1,350 to stay in a five-star west London hotel with his girlfriend – and more than £35,000 quid of taxpayers funds for food over the course of his eight years as an MP) - along with Qassim ‘Tarbrush’ Afzal, the ‘born loser’ Lib Dum candidate for Gorton and chairman of the party's Friends of Pakiland – have registered complaints against Grieve for claiming that the Pak’s are more corrupt than their southern Indian neighbours.

Mahmood had this to say to Brummy media hacks over pints of Old Headbanger lager in his local Ramadan Arms pub concerning Grieve’s hurtful home truths.
“Effin’ Tory scumbags are all the fuckin' same. Not satisfied wiv demonisin’ Islam an’ paintin’ our Muslim’ bruvvers as a bunch of Jihad-bent terrorist loonies, they’re now tryin’ ter turn the rest of us against each other – an’ sayin’ the Pakis are responsible fer election fraud just cos they come from a fucked up back-scratchin’ Asian favour culture.”
“I take note an’ exception that this twat’s failed ter make mention of all the sticky fingered carp-poachin’ Polacks, them rogue-trader plumber impersonators – an’ the swan roastin’ Albanian scum – an’ all these eastern European Pikey child sex traffickers – an the effin’ Gyppos.”

Conversely, doubtless the influence-peddling, expense-cheating Baroness Seedy Warthog, previously Tory Minister for Sleaze, herself the offspring of Paki immigrants, knows only too well the truth of Grieve’s statement – having previously warned of electoral fraud among ‘certain’ immigrant communities when her own favoured candidates were ‘out-cheated’ in local council elections back in 2010.

Hmmm, while the above were quick off the mark with their customary knee-jerk critiques - here we take conspicuous note that not too many WASP MPs or Lords jumped up to challenge or contradict Grieve’s hallowed words of wisdom.

Given the facilities of subjunctive retrospect and 20/20 hindsight, let’s not overlook the stark fact that the anthropological definition of the term ‘indigenize’ means to force a local culture to adopt another.
Multi-culturism does not work – never has, nor never will. History’s pages are rife with records that bear out the fact.
The four pillars of our human identity - the four major collective forces - are Race, Religion, Family and Nation.
This multi-cultural, integrated Big Society is a scam aimed at the creation and maintenance of a ‘dysfunctional society’ – and the wholesale disruption of British society has been on the agenda since the concept of the Common Market / EUSSR was conjured up by the New World Order architects. The very same fascist kikester 'think tank' that cobbled together, edited and revised the forged Protocols of the Greedy Bastard Elders of Zion.

Thought for the day. Integration with the infidel immigrant races a rip-roaring multi-cultural success? To the contrary, integration has NOT worked – unless one wishes to consider the fact that we have Pakis and Chinks and all manner of perma-sun tanned kaffirs and Third World heathens with Manchester and Cockney and Brummy accents as a mark of such ‘success’.

Conversely, under Brussels’ latest batch of moronic EUSSR regulations the terms ‘Gyppos’ and ‘Pikeys’ have been decreed as totally devoid of any essence of politically correctness and thus offensive.
Henceforth, as of January 1st 2014, when a veritable tidal wave of welfare benefit scrounging vulgar Bulgars and Rumanians hit our shores, these Roma itinerants are to be referred to as ‘Caravan Utilising Nomadic Travellers’ - or CUNTS for short.

Allergy warning: This article was written in a known propaganda-infested area and may contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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