Monday, 28 September 2009

US Paranoid over Iran’s Nuke Programme

Iran concealed a fully operational second uranium enrichment plant in defiance of Israeli-led calls for transparency over its nuclear plans, according to the perjurious Zionist stooge President Barky O’Barmy.

A group of sycophantic spokesmen for the US, UK and France told a reporter from the Cry Wolf Gazette that the UN and the IAEA had to be given immediate access to inspect Iran’s nuclear facilities and urged tough new sanctions to force the Ahmadashell administration to comply - while Russia and China publicly claimed they didn’t give a flying fuck and enjoyed watching Israel and their Western schlemiels squirm over what Iran did and or did not actually possess in the way of military weapons grade nuclear materials.

Conversely Iranian President Mousemuck Ahmadashell denied that the facility was in breach of IAEA rules.
Iran informed the UN about the second enrichment plant on Monday, stating it was not yet fully operational and was part of the country’s domestic nuclear energy programme and nothing to do with the clandestine weapons projects that the paranoid warmongering Israelis keep harping on about to anyone daft enough to listen.

While Tehran has previously acknowledged it has one enrichment plant in the Numbnuts Mountains, their decision to build a secret facility represented a "direct challenge to the basic compact" of the global non-proliferation regime, US President Barky O’Barmy declared - making a statement in Pittsburgh, where the evil Rothschild puppeteers are manipulating his strings to perform and voice their mandates before a G20 summit.

Speaking alongside fellow Rothslime muppets - UK Prime Minister Gordon ‘Incapability’ Broon and French President Nicolas Teakozy – the counterfeit Hawaiian O’Barmy told the assembly it was time for Iran to begin meeting its international commitments and doing what the New World Order chiefs demanded.

Iranian officials were quick to deny the latest plant was any kind of clandestine project.
"This installation is not a secret one, which is why we announced its existence to the International Atomic Energy Agency," Ali Akbar Jaffacake, head of Iran's nuclear agency, told the Nuclear Proliferation Gazette – further stating Iran did not need to inform the IAEA of any new site until 180 days before nuclear materials were placed in the facility – those being the IAEA’s own gospel rules.

Construction on the facility - believed by the US to be large enough to contain 3,000 centrifuges – adequate to process weapons grade uranium for several nasty nukes - started in earnest in mid-2006, according to the I-Spy Review.

When President Ahmadashell questioned the fact nobody seemed to be complaining about the outlaw terrorist state of Israel stockpiling nuclear weapons O’Barmy told the UN Assembly that Israel didn’t have any such devices – but even if they did it was okay with Uncle Sam as they’re Jehovah’s Chosen people – and God’s on their side.

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