Thursday, 10 September 2009

Knackers to Knockers Prisoner Wins Appeal

The refusal to move a pre-operative transsexual prisoner from a men's jail to a women's prison is a violation of her human rights, according to a High Court judge.

Deputy Judge Fellatia Faggorotti quashed Justice Secretary Jack Straw's decision to keep the 27-year-old - who is now known as ‘Marion’ - in a male prison.
Marion (formerly a plumber’s mate called Jack) is serving a life sentence for manslaughter and attempted rape – crimes committed when still a man.

The Prison Service said it was "disappointed" at the ruling, with their spokesman Candida McScrunt adding that the Service was "studying it carefully and will consider whether to appeal".

McScrunt told one reporter from the Middlesex Gazette “Let’s just apply a spot of common sense and logic here which seem to have escaped the likes of Judge Faggorotti.”
“Regardless of Marion’s lack of a grasp on reality and fantasising about being a woman and having periods and babies – she – or he – or it – is still an effin’ bloke and equipped with a pair of hairy bollocks and a swinging dick – hence obviously belongs in a male prison – and not in a women’s prison where all the inmates actually have twats and real tits.”

During her imprisonment, Marion has had body and facial hair removed by laser and her breasts developed by hormone treatment – which amount to quite a set of achievements in themselves when people on the outside can’t even get their teeth fixed on the NHS due a scandalous lack of NHS dentists and having to wait six months and travel up to 200 miles for an appointment.

Although born male Marion suffers from gender dysphoria - the feeling of being trapped in the body and role of the wrong sex - and had known of her condition from an early age when she started stuffing tampons up her arse and pretended to be having her menstrual period.

Last year Marion was recognised as a woman "for all intents and purposes" under the EU’s stupid Gender Recognition Act 2004.
She is now seeking free gender reassignment surgery on the NHS, but has been told by a gender identity clinic that it cannot take place until she has lived "in role" as a woman "within a female prison" – and sexperienced getting bonked up the back passage with a strapon dildo on a daily basis by the predominantly lesbian inmate population.

Marion now dresses as a woman in her current male prison, subject to restrictions on some items of clothing and make-up, living - for her own protection - in a single cell in a vulnerable prisoners unit – where she still manages to get bonked up the back passage on a daily basis by the sex-starved male population.

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