Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Tory State Schooling Example Sucks

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Exercising a futile attempt to gag Broken Britain's gutter press and protect the threadbare integrity and reputation of the Conservative's sanctimonious flabby tosspot of a leader, Downing Street's bureaucrat minders have gone into total paranoid psychotic whinge mode, registering 'kill the messenger' complaints with the IPSO media regulator regarding a deluge of news articles which speculate that super-rich Nasty Party toff of a Slime Minister, Posh Dave Scameron, is planning to send 9-year old son Elwen to a private education faculty – specifically the £18,000 quid per annum Colet Court Preparatory School.

(Ed: Elwen – isn't that a girl's name?)

A series of aftershock 'stable door syndrome' complaints were lodged with the Independent Press Standards Organisation by incensed Tory blue blood Civil Service mandarins at Number 10 in a futile censorship attempt to curtail the media feeding frenzy which ensued this politically-charged decision being leaked by in-house snitches bent on causing a spot of fun and games mayhem – and which poses a Biblical scale public relations disaster in the making.

But state education hypocrites are no novel phenomenon where lying scum elitist Parliamentarians are concerned, and after crowing the success call over the half-arsed choreographed joke of a continued EUSSR membership 'negotiated deal' that Scameron claims is the dog's bollocks for Britain, does he really-want-to play Russian roulette with his political leadership chances of surviving a highly likely Out aspect vote manifesting with regard to his pledged – and long overdue – referendum?

So perhaps there we have it for the credibility-deficient Scameron. Duplicitous Dave, impaled yet again by his own hypocrisy bullshit. 'Hug a Hoodie' / 'Multi-cultural society' / 'We're all in this together' sound bite propaganda mantras cobbled together by the Cabinet Nudge Unit wallahs and the Tavistock Institute's psy-ops mind game gurus – with the whole 'spin n win' caboodle more at scent than substance.

Actually we're 'not' all in it together – as most families – (thanks to the Nasty Party's train fare dodging Chancellor, George 'Spankies' Osborne, and the DWP's Minister for Social Misery, Iain Dunkin-Shitt, slashing the likes of WTC / CTC welfare benefits) – don't even earn enough of a post-tax salary to pay the Colet Court's exorbitant £18,000 nicker annual fees.

Albeit school fees are no problem for Arthur Elwen St Valentine Scameron, for here we have yet another silver spoon oick in the making, destined for Colet Court as a precursor to the playing fields of that toff-infested, bumboy paradise – Eton.
Then onto Oxford, to squander a few years of youth, join the Bullingdon Vandals Club - get pissed, take drugs, stick his cock in a pig's gob then smash up a few local hostelries - all to depart with a degree in some useless fucking subject such as Classical Greek Languages – which even the austerity-stifled Greek's can't speak.

Nope, not for Elwen the privately-run academies and free schools that the Nasty Party insisted were good for education - (but not to educate Scameron's children obviously) – no longer overseen by local authorities, and whose 'for profit' owners have been continually at odds with schools inspectors over the shithouse quality of the service they provide.

Today, under Scameron and his Nasty Party cohorts, we are seeing no less than the end of the welfare state, and if you’re sick and disabled – or even at death's fucking door – there's no more social benefit safety nets.
Thus here we are faced with the stark reality viz the inherent and fatal, self-consuming problems with any nepotism-ridden, twat-run bureaucracy - burdened by a slavish dedication to conformity, an obsession with establishment rank over the rule of experience / capability meritocracy, and an institutional lethargy and indolence that would put a fucking sloth to shame. And to top this off we have a ruling moneyed Tory class that hold the common herd's state-educated masses in utter contempt.

Hence to our mind, Scameron, this talentless, moronic, pig-fucking prat, should be attacked, ad hominem, with the social mobility vs meritocracy cudgel – and further bombarded with a veritable barrage of gerunds and ablative absolutes for sound measure until the pompous cunt suffers a divine intervention incidence of spontaneous combustion.

Though while Hypocrisy Dave can well afford the Colet Court fees on his taxpayer-funded PM's salary of some £142,500 quid - plus expenses – wouldn't it be a jolly good wheeze if he turned round to little Elwen and pointing the fickle finger of fate at the coke-snorting Sammy, whispers in his ear "Sorry old chap, we simply can't afford the fees after Mummy's squandered all the housekeeping money on Columbian nose candy – so you're going to have to bite the multi-cultural bullet and go to an Asbo Central Academy – it's that or the Muslim madrassa at the local mosque"

Thought for the day. Colet Court is a private, fee-paying, independent preparatory school for boys aged 7 to 13, and acts as the preparatory department of St Paul's School in 'Barnes' – once home to the now-notorious (more at 'infamous') Elm Guest House kiddie fiddling bordello frequented by rich and shameless pervs and sexual deviants – an unwholesome litany of untouchable royals, nasty nobles, nonce-ponce politicos and dog wanker entertainment celeb's. Hmmm, obviously a top pick in any post code lottery.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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