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Scameron's EUSSR Referendum Scam

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The UK's Tory Slime Minister, 'Pig Sex Dave' Scameron, yesterday suffered a further bout of self-delusional euphoria and announced with an unconvincing display of dynamism that Broken Britain will continue to be a leading voice on the world stage - applying a somewhat muddled medieval metaphor marked by feudal implications - that Britain will never pull up the drawbridge and retreat from global affairs - and it is in Europe's best interests for the United Kingdom – including Sturgeon's bolshie SNP Police State 'separatist' Scotland - to stay in a reformed European Union and add Westminster's signature to the TTIP agreement as proof of the Tory's continued support for the perverted culture of unbridled consumerism – and by direct association, usurious credit card debt slavery.

Speaking off the record to one press hack from Hamburg's prestigious 'Spankodrom Gazette' outside Peppa's Bar during an evening stroll around the zoophilia sector of the notorious Reeberbahn - and while ignoring his litany of egregious deceits regarding the Nasty Party being on top of any shift of geo-political powerbases - Scameron confided that the changes he was seeking to the UK's continued membership were designed to lull Broken Britain's common herd peasant class voters into a false sense of security and convince them to vote Yes when the proposed In / Out referendum is held.

While Posh Dave might well be labouring under the flawed impression the British public demographic are going to swallow his pro-Europe arguments hook, line and sinker, he's still got to sell these demands to the bête noire antagonist leaders of the other 27 member states community at next week's summit of EUSSR head honchos in Brussels – before his Royal Arch Freemason handlers, ensconced in their Square Mile citadel, dare schedule any In / Out referendum for June – or whenever.

And here manifests a stumbling block of Biblical proportions when we consider the Tory Nudge Unit think tank scribes have purposely crafted ambiguous and diametric wording into Scameron's '4-Point Plan' - which will present a total unintelligible fuck up once it's translated into 27-plus other EUSSR community languages and regional dialects.

Additionally there will be EUSSR state leaders who maintain Scameron's demands will breach Brussels' sacred cow ideology and can only be complied with under a re-written treaty agreement – while Posh Dave himself claims it will take forever – if not longer – for any treaty deal to come into force – whereas if his proposals are okayed next Thursday (some fucking chance) then he wants the new rules to come into force immediately – if not sooner.

Conversely, the Polack President of the EUSSR Council, Donald 'Ivory' Tusk, who agreed to stick his scrawny Slavic neck out by going through the motions of brokering discussions on the UK's renegotiation process, warned that the deal remains as fragile as Scameron's credibility as a political heavyweight – with leaders particularly pissed off at any suggestion that welfare payments to their own scrounging migrant nationals arriving in the UK will be blocked.

In his final authoritarian 'tough guy' speech before next week's scheduled dog n pony show meeting, Scameron told business, political and civic leaders in Hamburg that the entire House of Conmans assembly, and too the British sheeple, would remain argumentative and strong willed to push his threadbare re-negotiation deal when it came to the subject of being further integrated into a dystopian technocratic EUSSR super state federation, controlled by a covert financial oligarchy of Satan-worshipping sociopaths.

"We have the character of an island nation - independent, forthright, passionate in defence of our sovereign Majesty's monopolistic ownership of land - and of the Royal institutions that have served us well for centuries - thus the need to protect our sovereignty has always been paramount for us."

Quite right too Dave – apart from confusing 'sovereign' with 'sovereignty' - thanks for letting that gem of a controversial point slip out. Cos if that is our position than why the fuck do we need to be part and parcel of the graft and corruption-ridden bureaucratic / political edifice that Brussels and the entire EUSSR state apparatus represents.

Obviously getting carried away with his own half-witted verbosity during the Matthiae-Mahlzeit dinner in Hamburg and monopolising the ear of Germany's 'schwein im schlüpfer' Chancellor, mangy Angie Merkel – with the skewed disclosure that Britain was an open nation and shared a long history with Germany – even if it did involve kicking their arses in two world wars during the last century.

So it looks like Posh Dave's got his work cut out, appeasing his Satanist financial oligarchy bosses 'and' the hapless British public who, according to the latest Ipsos MORI survey poll, don't trust the snob-toff wanker a single inch.

Good stuff, and let's hope he sweats a few flabby arsed pounds off with the stress. For not only has he got to sell the four major stickler renegotiation points to the likes of welfare-grubbing scroungers from Greece, Poland, Romania and too the vulgar Bulgar gyppo bloc – but even if that's a half-arsed success, then he has to sell continued membership / further integration viz the totalitarian Stasi EUSSR state to his own dissident Tory Party membership and Labour and the Lib-Dums – 'and' the British voting public.

Yet the final wording of the deal – with this fatally flawed 'emergency brake' on benefit payments to EUSSR migrants - and the UK opt-out from 'ever closer union' / federation – look set to remain a thorn in the side right up to the summit on February 18th – which is going to result in as much of a unanimous agreement as you'd get at a dogfight between sparring pit bulls.

A clique of aggie Tory backbenchers have put the hard word on Scameron and the Nasty Party's whips that if he tries to sell Britain down the river then 100-plus Conservative MPs – including Cabinet ministers - will throw their all behind the Out campaign in any future referendum he dares hold and automatically inform the brain-dead British public they need to be aware of the covert pre-drafted agenda for the progression of the EUSSR fascist super state as the national boundaries / borders map of Europe is to be re-drawn in entirety to decimate any notion of national pride and identity.

In addition to the rebellious MPs, an excess of 130 Tory councillors – for starters - have warned Scameron that he risks splitting the party and must accept his pathetic renegotiation bid had failed from day one and should now climb aboard the campaign trail train for Britain to give Brussels the finger and finally break with the voracious EUSSR monstrosity once and for all.

So much for Scameron's unqualified arrogance – while he's under orders from his shadow government Black Nobility bankster masters to promote continued EUSSR membership – without which the next step towards a single world currency / cashless society / New World Order / EUSSR Federation super state is a nipped in the bud blocked reality – although Posh Dave, due his gullible intellectually-challenged stupidity, might well have deluded himself into believing its all for the good of the country.

Conversely, We, the British people, do not want it nor are we gonna wear it. We are not part of Europe – we're an island – an insular state that once ruled an empire the sun never set on – and we do not need our historical enemies – the foul and foreign French or Germany – nor the graft and corruption-ridden Brussels' bureaucrats and their European community model - to carry on the business of life – of trade, enterprise and security – and to prosper.

Our national recession / economic depression has its roots in the Thatcherite era de-industrialisation / privatisation policies wherein national assets were sold off to 'for profit' commercial enterprises – who, in total, have, to date, made a fuck of everything they've put their greedy hands to.
Rattle Track, Notwork Rail, the National Ill-Health Service, toll roads, no more coal mines, no more shipbuilding, no more steel works – the heart, the economic crucible of our once-sceptred isle – we, the progenitors of the Industrial Revolution – de-industrialised on the whim of the maniac menopausal daughter of some kiddie fiddling Grantham grocer.

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The view from Europe: What's in it for the 27 other EUSSR states? Even more pikey economic migrants heading to the UK on job stealing / human trafficking / welfare benefit mooching missions.

Thought for the day. 'The US has a profound interest in a strong UK staying in a strong European Union'. Yep, that's the gospel from the dog wanker US Secretary of State, 'John Boy' Kerry – speaking on behalf of his Wall Street / military-industrial cabal masters who want to see Britain shackled to their corporate control debt chain via the drop forged link that will enslave the entire 28 member EUSSR community when Brussels signs the Great Satan's top secret / no negotiations TTIP document.

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