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BAFTA's Fry as Funny as Chemo'

In today’s 'Puff in a Huff' edition we bring you the latest and greatest in scandal-mongering gossip from Mollie McSkanger, manning the covert Downing Street 'insider mole' Cabinet Office hotline for Anarchy Central’s 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill and reporting on the controversial tittle-tattle that the Tory public school shirt lifters are planning to make homosexuality compulsory - with 'ring of the anvil' dispatches hand forged and crafted into bespoke satire to tempt the palates of all budding non-conformists, proto-nihilists and career radical revolutionaries who carry the immortal bloodline of the rebel sons of Belial.

Celebrity fudger Stephen 'Groucho' Fry showed his true dirty deviant colours while hosting the St Valentine's Day scheduled BAFTA awards at London’s Royal Opera House with a disgusting paedo themed joke about the Catholic church being a den of kiddie fiddling iniquity – which the politically correct mainstream media have attempted to avoid and suppress mention of - focusing instead on the nasty, sicko ‘bag lady’ joke he cracked about costume designer Jenny Beavan,

Conversely the MSM have since been embarrassed into reporting the fact that both Fry's contemptuous comments have provoked a shitstorm of criticism from a legion of his 'twelve million' Twitter followers (what sad cunts 'follow' anything this sordid and debauched dog wanker has to pontificate on?)

In a typical dummy-spitting faux outrage response to any form of criticism or reprimand from the common herd public body and / or his lickspittle fan club demographic as opposed to sycophantic adoration and praise, Fry reverted to his old tactics by lashing out at any and all who dared censure him, then shut down his Twitter account with extreme prejudice - and announced he and his tiny tots toyboy 'husband' Elliot are moving to California's faggot-central: Los Angeles.

Unless he suffers yet another of his convenient 'nervous breakdowns' and runs away to Holland again, doubtless the pedantic poufter, this sanctimonious, smug twat, will be back in the media pages faster than shit through a goose, responding to the drop in public acclaim veneration with his customary 'poor me' victim card and blaming the purposeful gaffes on his bipolar depression condition.

Excuses besides, the lewd and lurid are regular themes to Fry's sermons, as he lectures lesser mortals (heterosexuals) on points of grammar and the virtues of pink society – with purposeful intent to shock, as per his presence at the Hay Literary Festival dinner last week when he was appointed President of the event and rendered a vomitous graphic account of Gore Vidal's stay at a top London hotel and phoning a gay escort agency to arrange 'a boy' for an energetic afternoon buggery session – complete with distasteful specifics of the suck n swallow, sphincter-stretching sexual acts the escort would be expected to perform.

Hence the question must be posed - is Fry simply another digger deviant – the type of sodomite scum the Holy Bible's Leviticus refers to as 'abominations' – or is there a paedophile thread too? What might 'acclaimed' establishment celebrity Fry reveal to Operation Midland's Plod Squad investigators viz the kiddie fiddling moneyed elite that rule the roost in our once-sceptred isle – if his limp wrist was subjected to a Chinese burn?

So the public might be aware, this arse bandit scumster, to his literary acclaim, penned a twisted stage production back in 1979, while a Cambridge undergraduate: 'But Latin! or Tobacco and Boys' – (billed as “a play in two unnatural sadomasochistic acts) - with the subject matter no less than rampant pederasty at public schools which details a homosexual affair between an effete Latin teacher and his 13-year-old star pupil. Hmmm, perhaps a 'personal wish list' subject Fry had first hand knowledge of?

As the foppish egocentric host of the BBC's QI programme, back in 2013 Fry was the subject of an internal inquiry (coverup) that he had trivialised child sexual abuse during an episode of QI in which he recited a limerick about a chaplain’s paedo' desire to perform an unnatural 'beast with two backs' carnal act with a choir boy.
Oh, for the record, the Beeb rejected the complaint. Nowt surprising there then.

To add to this ignominy, Fry was one of the founders of private member’s Groucho Club, exposed as having links to a vile child pornography / exploitation scandal (The Groucho Gate Affair) and whose forum was used by a network of paedophiles and contained hundreds of web pages and links to pornographic videos and explicit images of young children and infants available for sex.

Fry, listed Number 4 on the World Pride Sodomite Power list, seems afflicted by some exaggerated sense of importance as a goggle box celebrity and comes across as being of the deviant opinion that everyone should be 'gay'.

Really, where was that term hijacked from? Gay? A bit like the scumbag Israelis patenting the term 'anti-Semitic' as their very own when half the scum are Khazar-Ashkenazi crypto-kikes such as PM Bobo Nuttyahoo - with fuck all Semite DNA in their Caucasian genes – unlike the Palestinian population of Palestine whose lands the ZioNazis have usurped – a true Semitic people.

One ponders where does Fry fit in the Linnaean taxonomy index scheme of things? As a corpulent fat-arsed gobshite marked by unqualified arrogance. A smug, holier than thou twat one finds hanging around public toilets – and an ideal candidate for Mary 'Strapon' Astor's Cliveden Set – who needs to take a long, hard look in a mirror before he goes off at anyone else.
A creature possessed by ego, who boasts he is on cordial terms with Prince Chazzer (aka Dobby von Big Ears) through his work with the Prince's Trust – which accounts as no mark of social distinction – Dobby was big bosom buddy pals with paedo sex perv Jimmy Savile too.

This effeminate 58-year old flabby slug, whose humour bears the thread of nasty malice in all he evangelises on, committed a bum bandit version of cradle snatching in January last year when he stepped up to the altar and married 27-year old Elliott Spencer - a self-proclaimed stand-up funny cunt comedian who – like his wife Fry, is also rumoured to occasionally dabble in reality.

Norfolk's local rag, the Dereham Deviant's Gazette, reported on the 'happy' (sic) occasion: "Stephen wore a white bridal dress complete with veil and bouquet of pansies - while husband Elliott was kitted out in a black suit and shirt with a Chelsea blue tie."

Thought for the day. Fry tweeted a 2011 eulogy to the BBC's celeb' paedo Sir Jimmy Savile: "Oh, Sir Jimmy Savile is no more. Spent a train journey from Leeds to London with him once. He was not as other men. Fascinating & rare: RIP".

Ref Fry's QI-recited limerick: “There was a young chaplain from King’s / Who talked about God and such things / But his real desire / Was a boy in the choir / With a bottom like jelly on springs.”

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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