Monday, 8 February 2016

Migrant Sprogs: No School Today

In this morning’s 'School is Out' edition we bring you the latest and greatest in scandal-mongering hot gossip from Achmed ibn Himar, manning the news hotline outside the Department for Education HQ at Manchester's Piccadilly Gate for Anarchy Central’s 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill – with 'ring of the anvil' dispatches hand forged and crafted into bespoke satire to tempt the palates of all budding non-conformists, proto-nihilists and career radical revolutionaries who carry the immortal bloodline of the rebel sons of Belial.

And the latest report from our man Achmed relates to a copy of a six-page protest statement thrown through the office window of Tory Education Minister Nicky Moron – wrapped around a house brick – hand delivered by members of the UK's Refugee Council, who, playing on the usual Islamophobia sectarian hate card, claim that thousands of rag-arsed Muslim sprogs seeking asylum in Broken Britain are being denied access to schools in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Er nope, that one ain't gonna wash as it's fraught with propaganda-spin racist hype. In fact the statement is, with purpose-driven malicious undertone intent, totally fucking inaccurate.

Regardless of zoning regulations and the requirement to register your kid's names for a school place as soon as the missus gets preggers, there simply aren't any spare desks or spaces in the already over-crowded classes – or enough teachers. Oh yes, another blatant example of past and present government jobsworth oversight snafus – and any complaints go straight to the desk of the Desperate Dan-chinned Nicky ' Moron' Morgan - the Nasty Party's ex cage fighter / pugilist currently being rehabilitated as Education Minister now the slack-jawed Michael Gove has been slotted into the part time post of Injustice Minister - which accommodates his star role acting schedule in the new series of Channel 4's award-winning 'Pob the Politician'.

Regardless of hard facts and 'the truth' portraying a wholly contradictory narrative, Glasgow-based Refugee Council spokeswoman Neekni Sahrawi al McSkanger played to the media's sympathy ear, feeding one gutter press hack from the Beggar's Gazette a right old line of Pegida black propaganda bullshit, disingenuously claiming these children are being deliberately discriminated against in breach of their human rights – due the fact they're Muslims.

To add to the Islamic prejudice hype, newly-arrived Syrian refugee, Mrs Sharmuta Bala’a il A’air al Zeenat, a 17-year old mother of six – (formerly Ms Chantelle O'Malley of Leeds) - currently accommodated with her remaining four children at West Croydon's two star Dick Whittington Doss House – spoke with media sources and dissed the Scameron Tory Party government's refugee placement efforts as absolute crap.
"A wave of RAF Tornado air strikes blasted the roof off our house in Aleppo wiv Shitstreak missiles an' killed me effin' husband – an' the cat. So we did a quick bunk an' got on a bus ter Istanbul, where I sold a couple of the kids ter Bulgarian child sex traffickers at the Paedophile Exchange an' Mart Centre fer the price of a Pan-European family train ticket ter London."

"And now, after arrivin' here in Britain, we're the target of anti-Islamic bigotry, cos how am I supposed ter get me sexy see-through burka on an' go out flogging me golly ter earn an honest livin' givin' blow jobs an' gettin' bonked while the kids are at school when the stupid government sez they've no school places fer them – even at the local knobhead central Asbo Academy?"
"So we're stuck here all day an' night in this dump wiv a shared bathroom an' toilet ter each floor – an' a bunch of effin' scumbag Kurds an' ISIS Takfiri deserters gropin' me every time I goes ter the bog ter have a slash."

Oh dear, how fucking sad, when socio-economic chaos is the order of the day. But why the fuck did they bother coming here in the first place - and what do they expect when the system was overloaded and handicapped to start with. Don't any of these itinerant fuckers ever borrow a copy of the 'Asylum Seeking for Dummies' handbook from their local library – or drop an e-mail or text or quickie phone call to the Tory's tosser of an Immigration Minister, Jimbo Brokenshit, to check on refugee slot vacancies?

There again, what the fuck are they whingeing at as these hard-line Sunni & Cher Islamic Wahhabist cult worshipper types deny education to the females of the species anyway. No really, we can't go fucking around and tampering with their established negative cultural mores.
Hence traditional ethnic thralldom and educational immuration of the womenfolk solves half the schoolroom placement problems from day one. School for boys only. Split arses in purdah.

More to the point, these tossers refuse to integrate with our Anglo-Saxon Christian culture and want their own halal grocery ghettos and mosques and madrassas, so should stay the fuck in their own Third World shitholes – regardless of how fucked up the socio-political-economic systems are – and if they're having a bit of a civil war - then work on fixing the balls-up themselves instead of leaving it to the Yanks and NATO to make an even bigger fuck up of things.

And most definitely not doing the refugee runner trick - sailing down the length of the Med and up the Atlantic and Channel on a mob of truck inner tubes tied together with a shitload of purloined Red Crescent bandages, then wading ashore on the Isle of Wight and demanding somewhere to live, welfare benefits, a job (a job – what a fucking laugh) and school placements for their tribe of snotty, scabby sprogs – 90% of whom look like they're suffering from the Zika virus' microcephaly symptoms - with shrunken heads and the stunted IQ of an educationally-subnormal pit bull terrier.

Hence the humanitarian intervention philosophy falls short when it comes to a reality check test. Charity begins at home – and it should be directed towards the advantage of unemployed and homeless Brits - of true ethnic stock heritage - who have more rights to jobs – (if there were any going spare that grasping migrants from the EUSSR super state haven't already snatched up for a measly minimum wage - the swan-roasting Albanian pikeys and carp-poaching Polacks) - and to social housing and welfare benefits than the odious bunch of Kraut-Greek mutant moron Royal Family parasites lodged in London's Fuckingham Palace – all slack-jawed immigrant scum who claim some mythical divine right to rule over us 'and' uninhibited access to the taxpayers' piggy bank.

But on the subject of jobs - there aren't any spare - thanks to the mad menopausal Tory Thatcherite (read New World Order agenda) privatisation and de-industrialisation policies that replaced the 'Great' in Britain with the prefix 'Broken'.
Same with affordable social housing – the entire shebang should be returned to local authority council management and not owned by some grasping 'for profit' private landlord – or bankster cabal of the same posing as a housing association.
This fubar is yet another product of Nasty Party mis-government incompetence and outright crony corruption.

Thus our home grown Brit' street sleepers, crashed out at night and kipping rough under hedges and shop doorways and getting pissed on by sadistic security guards from the G4S Renta-Thug Agency – and imminently to be arrested and fined by London's Hackney Council Plod Squad thugs - have no chance of a decent bed and a spot of night-time warmth - whereas the manky migrant / asylum seeker class automatically cop for handouts with either B n B or full board 'initial accommodation' and a Gropers Guidebook pointing out the best shopping mall and tube station hotspots for panhandling, shoplifting, picking pockets and sexually harassing lily-skinned bottle blonde Western lassies.

Thought for the day. Yep, London Mayor Bonkers Boris Nonsense has obviously cast more of an approving smile than discerning frown upon this new draconian measure of local authority legislation that will allow Hackney Council to fine homeless unfortunates £1,000 quid for sleeping rough or loitering. Nice people, we don't think.

One good point might be that obviously as the offenders can no more afford a bed-sitter rent than they can fork out a £££ grand in fines, they'll be jailed and put up in one of Her Majesty's penal institution hotels. Hence three semi-square meals per day, a bed, a toilet, washbasin and shower - and a roof over their heads.
Well, even if yer gotta share a cell wiv some serial killer, owt's better than a cold n draughty makeshift tent town like wot the manky Muslim migrant mob have cobbled together at the Calais Jungle Camp.

How about this for a revenue-spinner? Take a page outa Horrible Hackney's draconian game book and start fining refugee / asylum seeking illegals £1,000 nicker per head if they arrive in the UK without a valid visa? And if they won't cough up, follow the example of the Workers' Utopia of China and Israel – the enforced removal of transplant organs for sale on the international black market.

And to close on an utterly squirly note, while mooching migrants / asylum seekers arriving uninvited on the shores of our once green and pleasant land are complaining there's no school slots for their children, one logic-deficient sector of the barmy bureaucracy in Germany is of a calculated academic opinion - which Hitlerian neo-Nazi Aryan master race skinhead types most certainly won't approve of - that in a pathetic attempt to enforce multi-cultural social cohesion Kraut kids be mandated to take compulsory Arabic lessons in order to be able to say 'Hi' to the millions of unwelcome Muslim migrants pouring into the country to place greater strain on the national infrastructure and state welfare benefits kitty – and too publicly grope big-titted blonde Fraulines (and Fraus) with impunity .

Now that bonkers idea has gotta knock the bollocks out of any and all sense of proportion policies and be up for a major Knobhead Award.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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