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Child Spanking Results in SM Fetish

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While the paedophile-infested ranks of the deviant elitist establishment that run the executive, legislative and judiciary systems of our once-sceptred isle by default are ‘untouchable’ and above the law when it comes to Plod Squad investigations into complaints of pederasty and charges of child sexual abuse – colloquially referred to as acts of kiddie fiddling – in a bonkers contrast the gospel according to the Children's Commissioner for England, Maggie ‘The Troll’ Atkinson - the type of skanger who could fuck up a perfectly good anvil with her one-size-fits-all approach to ‘every fucking thing’ - claims that while incestuous abuse is okay, parents should be banned from smacking their own children.

Yep, you read it right the first time around – spanking your kids to teach them a lesson viz the error of their ways is henceforth verboten – while Tory, New Labour ‘and’ grossly-overweight Lib-Dum MPs, along with the extended royal family and Whitehall civil service jobsworth scumbags – and BBC DJ celeb’s - are protected by the Stasi state security apparatus from investigation and prosecution for grooming, sexually abusing and raping vulnerable children.

The intellectually-challenged Atkinson – the self-opinionated product of a Yorkshire numb-nuts comprehensive education and Common Purpose NLP brainwashing, was elbowed into the post of Children's Commissioner by New Labour’s bully boy Schools Sec’ Ed Ballsup back in the halcyon pre-Con-Dem Coalition days of 2010 – must be remembered foremost for her crass and atrocious remarks made in reference to the horrific Scouseland murder of defenceless 2-year old toddler Jamie Bulger – stating for the public record – and to her undying shame – that the pair of delinquent adolescent psychopaths who killed him should not have been prosecuted.

Atkinson, away with the nids in cloud cuckoo land on a self-promoting ego trip, yesterday opined to one gutter press hack from the Corporal Punishment Gazette that the law of the land provided pets with a better blanket of protection against abuse and physical violence than children.
“A loophole exists that allows the physical chastisement of erring children – which I want to see remedied – especially so considering delinquent kids can be stuck into rehab’ for drug abuse after they’ve stolen Mummy’s housekeeping money and blown it all on snort – and even if little Tommy and his mates do use Grandma as a punchbag and stick Tiddles in the microwave for a bit of a laugh, then Big Pharma have all manner of psycho drugs available to lobotomise them.”

In a move described by critics as being typical of her control freak menopausal maniac ramblings, the neurotic Atkinson further called for House of Conmans legislation to be proposed that enforced a total ban on child spanking – where erring parents would face criminal action.

Under current laws, mild smacking is allowed but any pugilistic display of fisticuffs which causes visible bruising, grazes, scratches, swellings and broken bones is no longer considered kosher and will criminalise parents and child carers alike. While Broken Britain’s adults have not been explicitly prohibited from smacking any and all erring sprogs, the 2004 Children's Act redefined the defence of ‘reasonable chastisement’ in England and Wales to include more than 20 lashes, a good kicking, head-butting - and specifically belts around the skull with an X-Box console.

In one utterly moronic supportive response statement to Atkinson’s squirly proposals issued by Dr Candida Mingerot of the NSPCC while being interviewed by Andrew ‘Bat Ears’ Marr on today’s ‘Child Beaters Hour’ programme, she claims evidence is building that smacking is wrong - as it ‘hurts’.

However street smart kids have been observed following Louis Pasteur’s maxim of ‘Chance favours the prepared mind’ by having child welfare services and the local Plod Squad’s phone numbers on their smart phone’s speed dial feature so they can summon assistance if Mum or Dad decide to get ‘heavy’ – with any parent grassed up by their children and found guilty of breaking this law facing a five year custodial sentence.

Similar laws, while largely ignored, do exist in Scotland and Northern Ireland – both universally recognised as culturally-violent sectors of the British Isles due the prehensile ‘killer gene’ factor present in the inbred Neanderthal populations, and being notorious for manifestations of infanticide - especially following sessions of binge drinking by incestuous parents and babysitting nonce relatives to conceal evidence of kiddie fiddling.

Conversely the Tory Justice Secretary Chris ‘Baldy’ Graything, himself the product of the Wankford Squeers corporal punishment based education culture prevalent at High Wycombe’s St Sodom’s College for Latter Day Masochists, opined to the media that he really enjoyed being severely beaten at school – which led to his fascination with the BD/SM Dominatrix culture and attending Madam Cruella’s chambers in Chelsea’s fashionable Max Mosley Gardens for a good thrashing on a weekly basis with his pal Chancellor Georgie Osborne and other members of the Downing Street coalition cabinet.

Well, there we go, yet another double helping of holier than thou political correctness crap - when it comes down to kiddie spanking then official hypocrisy rides again.
Albeit there’s no problem where the Tory government backed and funded – and armed - Jolly Jihad Salafist Islamic rebel fanatics in Syria are loosed to go off gassing mobs of non-combatant kids with sarin gas.
Same hypocrisy applied in Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakiland, Yemen and Somalia – with Western NATO / military drones firing off missiles into schools and orphanages by mistake then saying ‘Whoops’

But behind the scenes it’s all viewed as a ‘no problem’ situation as they’re all Third World useless eater darkies and potential Muslim terrorists when they grow up and leave the madrassa - and the same duplicity applies with child sex slaves and sweatshop labour around the Third World.

Then in dread and fear of having accusations of anti-Semitism and Holohoax denial thrown at them for publicly voicing a moralist opinion, no fucker or their proverbial dog dares say Boo! to a goose when it comes to the rogue ZioNazi state of Israeli’s IDF thugs beating the shit out of Palestinian kiddies and snuffing them to steal their internal organs for the ’Rabid Rabbi’ black market transplant trade.

So, in response to the aberrant thoughts of this Children's Commissioner, the type of person who thinks wood grows on trees and is further blighted to mix with polite society due her deranged self-righteousness complex and narcissistic personality disorder – fuck you Maggie Atkinson.

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