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Lockerbie 25: Terrorist Scam Endures

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Yesterday evening, the 21st December Winter Solstice - the longest night of the year in a series of long nights for Truth, Reason & Justice where the terrorist deception is concerned - a service in memory of the 270 people who died on that day in 1988 as a direct result of the Pan-Am Flight 103 aircraft being blown out of the sky over Lockerbie, Scotland by a planted explosive device, was held at Westminster Abbey.

Cynics claim this memorial service is being staged as a mass media hate event to remind every fucker and their dog – yet again - what a bad set of bastards the Muslim followers of Islam really are – especially so the Iranians and all those who hate our illusionary democratic freedoms - and provide a fresh justification boost of support for the never-ending war on terrorism.

Conversely, in an act of beyond the grave denial and speaking via a psychic medium from his tomb at Tripoli’s Jolly Jihad Church for Latter Day Patsies, the Lockerbie bombing suspect and fall guy Mr Addled-Egg-Basset-Hound al Megrahi, formerly a member of the Libyan security services Sacrificial Goat Squad, once again refuted any involvement in the 1988 plot to blow up Pan-Am Flight 103 and the on board team of CIA agent ‘snitch n grasser’ mission passengers.

Denials besides from Libyan patsy Mr al Megrahi and his suspected cohort Mr Lamen Khalifa Fit-up, on the 3rd May 2000 - 11 years, 4 months and 13 days following the destruction of Pan Am Flight 103 - a 36-week trial commenced at a specially convened Scottish Court in Holland, set up under Scots law and held at the disused Camp Schmuck, a US Air Force base outside Utrecht.

To secure an unsafe conviction verdict of the principal Libyan patsy, al Megrahi, and daub yet another indelible stain on the reputation of Scotland's Third World graft and corruption-ridden judiciary - riven by Masonic corruption, petty jealousies and naked political ambition - numerous major items of exculpatory evidence were never revealed to the defence team.

For here, behind the scenes, the offstage Kurumaku shadow masters were all ready in the wings and manipulating events post facto since 21/12/1988 to bring into play the false flag terrorist blame dynamic – and who fitted that bill to a tee? Why none other than the bonkers Pan-Islamic fanatic and all-round Great Satan hater, Libya’s Colonel Mo’ Gaddafi and his crew of equally squirly Muslim cohorts – made to measure for a frame up job - with the complicit assistance of bonny Scotland’s corruption-ridden government and judiciary.

Although five years after the fact Chief Prosecutor, Lord Fraser of the Catamites, admitted in 2005 that he regarded the main prosecution witness, Tony ‘Coathangers’ Gauci as a low-life and money-grubbing Maltese pimp – and as unreliable as an Irish cuckoo clock – followed by a most curious and cryptic statement to a gutter press hack from the Warmongers Gazette in 2009 to the effect that al Megrahi’s conviction was a foregone conclusion as ranking members of the Scottish Government didn’t want to upset the CIA and end up on their shit list.

Hmmm, to misquote Heinrich von Kleist –‘Scotland’s government: executive, legislative and judicial - are collectively a vile, living, breathing monument to dishonesty and corruption’.

Okay, now down to the nitty-gritty, and since the sad demise of that intrepid truthsayer Joe Vialls this task falls to us. Forget about drug mule Khaled Jafaar, Marwan Khreesat, Mohammed Abu Talb, ex-CIA agent Frank Terpil – or Wiley T. Coyote – the explosive device / bomb package never went on the plane in Germany via a bent Turkish Muslim baggage handler thinking he was loading a shipment of H, but rather slipped on board in a regular hard shell Samsonshite suitcase via the IranAir facility during the London ’Thiefrow’ stop-over of the Frankfurt – NY – Detroit transatlantic flight – courtesy of a cell of PGLP-GC 'and' the Kraut DVD’s ‘Gladio’ GO2 team agent provocateurs (not forgetting the Deutsches Verteidigungs Dienst control the COREA octopus).

For the record this was not the alleged fictional Toshiba cassette recorder packed with Semtex and triggered by the purported Swiss / Libyan Mebo MST-13 unit – but a Lockheed Hydra 70 missile ordnance package – stripped and reconfigured with a M255E1/A1 APERS warhead rigged to a M439 fuse / M84 detonator and sophisticated radio beacon frequency wave receiver.

For an extra ten points, guess who was tasked with the screening of baggage loading at both Wankfurt and Thiefrow? Why none other than the rogue state of Israel’s Mossad-controlled airport security firm ICTS – they of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport / Nigerian skiddies bomber notoriety.

Now for the sore thumb ‘Who Knew’ facts – as with the fatal Pan Am Flight 103 we have a scenario so reminiscent of the high-fiving Mossad false flag terror attacks on the WTC Twin Towers on 9/11 – when Israeli-related interests in New York were receiving texts, e-mails and Chinese whispers from a certain Freddy Fagin in Tel Aviv not to go anywhere near Manhattan on that fateful day – and sell short on United Airlines stock.

A partial list of US and South African officials who suddenly backed out of travelling on Pan-Am Flight 103 to New York on the 21st December 1988 were Steve Green, assistant administrator, office of intelligence DEA; Oliver Revell, son of FBI bigwig Buck Revell - coincidentally FBI-head of investigation for the Lockerbie case; John McCarty, US ambassador to Cyprus; Pik Botha, the former South African foreign minister; General Van Tonda, head of the South African Secret Service (BOSS) and Defence Minister General Mallon – plus Botha’s entire 22 head diplomatic delegation.

Once again, when we have the Wallace and Gromit team planning these ‘amateurs posing as professionals’ style black op’s they’ve a tendency to be more full of holes than an Irish colander.

So above is a partial list of who was scheduled and confirmed to fly but then opted out. How about those persons of significant interest who were board and ceased their mortal existence at Lockerbie that fateful night? Well, let’s go with this pair for starters - Matthew Gannon of the CIA and Maj. Charles McKee of the DIA didn’t receive word of the covert ‘don’t fly!’ warning.

Matt Gannon, the CIA's deputy station chief in Beirut, Lebanon, was sitting in Clipper Class, Pan Am's version of business class, seat 14J. Major Chuck ‘Tiny’ McKee, an army officer on secondment to the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) in Beirut, sat behind Gannon in the centre aisle, in seat 15F. Two Diplomatic Security Service special agents, acting as bodyguards to Gannon and McKee, were sitting in economy; with Ron Lariviere, a security officer from the U.S. Embassy in Beirut in 20H – while Danny O'Connor and Bill Leyrer, security officers from the U.S. Embassy in Nicosia, Cyprus, sat behind.

Thus here we have the CIA’s own - a Middle East team who had knowledge of rogue CIA illegal drug and weapons deals funding and arming terrorist groups – such as al Qaeda - and all of whom perished – as planned - in the explosion that took down Pan Am Flight PA-103.

Gannon and Tiny McKee had a ‘conflict of interest’ bee in their proverbial bonnet concerning CIA weapons shipments to Syrian terrorists - along with supplies to Hezbollah and Hamas - as well as the large quantities of drugs a certain rogue CIA crew code-named COREA were facilitating for shipment into Europe and the US to finance their black op’s.

Top brass at Langley had attempted to stonewall Gannon and McKee’s demands for answers and corrective actions - as has been the case in several other documented instances involving drug operations with the military and the DEA - but to no avail.
Hence McKee’s team of seasoned field intelligence vet’s were, out of frustration, flying home of their own accord – and against orders - to present their documented evidence to Congress.

This posed such a substantial threat to the CIA’s black op’s team in the Middle East that it was decided to eliminate the problem before it reached US turf and blew the highly profitable rogue CIA-Jolly Jihad terrorist group weapons and drug smuggling ring wide open.

In 1994 Richard Fuisz - the CIA's key operative in the Syrian capital Damascus back in 1988 at the time of the Lockerbie bombing, following a personal prang of moral conscience and undergoing a Pauline type epiphany, held talks with US congressional aide Susan Lindauer, informing her he knew the identities of the Lockerbie bombers – none of whom were Libyans. For this breach of faith Fuisz was slapped with a Supreme Court gagging order and threatened with 10 years in jail if he went into blabbermouth mode again.

Oh well, since the days of WPC Yvonne Fletcher copping a bullet back in 1984 (Mossad false flag op’ sniper hit) there’s always been a handy Mohammad al Patsy stooge around to be tagged as the fall guy – and with Gaddafi’s manky Muslim fundamentalists behaving as black as they’re painted, then there was the ideal candidate for blame – and fulfil the political purpose task of incriminating Libya and demonising Islam in general as the enemy of Western culture and a hater of democratic freedoms.

As Mulder and Scully attempted to prove: “The Truth is out there” – waiting, just waiting.

Luke 8.17: For there is nothing secret that shall not be made known.

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Anonymous said...

Like it. Nice one. Rings true too.

Prisoner of Conscience 1 said...

Always a handy Mohammad al Patsy stooge around when you need one.
Now hasn't Rusty just hit the proverbial nail on the head with that comment.
9/11; Madrid train station; Sari Club, Bali; 7/7; exploding shoe bomber; Times Square fubar bomber; underpants bomber - the list goes on and on.
And all to bring the Middle East / Greater Asia under ZioNazi jackboot control. Israel personified - the Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion finally imposed - their New World Order established.

wiggins said...

Great stuff Rusty. Read "The Trail Of The Octopus from Beirut To Lockerbie" online some time back...since - unsurprisingly - disappeared.

wiggins said...

How can incompetents like ICTS be allowed to operate still...? (sarcasm)
As Lady Bracknell might have said....

Kelly said...

Spot on with the ref's to the corrupt Scottish legal system - a banana (or haggis) republic become.