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Home Office Funded ‘Catamites Club’

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Sir Dinsdale Dorkford-Pigswill, top dog mandarin at the Home Office, has ordered an investigation into shocking allegations that both the shape-shifting Ted ‘Fudger’ Heath’s Tory Nasty Party government (1970 to 1974) and the Harold ‘Red Mole’ Wilson / Stoker Jim Callaghan succeeding Labour regimes (1974 to 1979) jointly funded the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange group for an undisclosed sum amounting to £££ zillions of pounds in taxpayer’s cash to finance a perverted campaign that aimed to lower the sexual consent age to four years – with prime supporters for this despicable action being none other than the Labour Party’s very own Harriet ‘Speedy’ Harman and former Lobbying Minister Patricia ’Dingbat’ Spewitt – both attempting, to their undying shame, to bring an air of respectability to Whitehall’s exclusive Catamites Club and the venal crime of paedophilia.

This investigation into ‘kiddie fiddler funding’ has been triggered following covert whistle-blowing revelations to the Nonce-Bashers Gazette by disgruntled elements inside Westminster that the Voluntary Services Unit, which doled out annual grants amounting to what bankster types refer to as ‘lots and lots of money’ to charities, had provided financial assistance to this network of child sex abusers and kiddie porn purveyors – funding publicly-distributed propaganda booklets such as the Magpie magazine which published streams of vile hogwash scribed by tame psychologists and pseudo scientists promoting the civil rights of kiddie fiddlers and glorifying them with the lie that ‘paedophiles are often a force for social good’ – alongside the push for the age of sexual consent to be lowered to four years.

The Magpie – a venal and morally bankrupt publication – but while the title might just have attracted innocent twitchers, there was nothing too cryptic about the name – more of a dead give-away really – as ‘magpies’ are the lowest form of avian life - scavengers and predators – notorious for raiding the nests of others of their species and stealing their young.

To add to the above calumny, the shameless Harman and the National Council for Civil Liberties further lobbied for incest to be decriminalised and argued that sexually explicit photographs of children should be legal unless it could be proven that the subject had suffered harm – such as being buggered against their explicit consent by some raving cabinet minister nonce - and without the soothing aid of a liberal application of KY Jelly.

Obviously encouraged and spurred on by the 1967 legalisation of shirt-lifting and the political correctness culture making ‘queer bashing’ and even homophobic comments alike, both crimes, they were out to achieve the same status for kiddie fiddling – and under the charade of ‘equal rights’ have legislation enacted by their Parliamentary sympathisers to lower the age of sexual consent to four years of age – and make ‘paedophobic’ comments a criminal offence.

To date the Home Office investigation has resulted in the tasking of a legion of civil servants to trawl through hordes of decades-old files to search for (and shred with extreme prejudice) any and all documented evidence that a cabal of Home Office shills and stooges once okayed the funding the Paedophile Information Exchange in the hope that legislation would be enacted so their Second Estate political masters could sexually abuse children without fear of arrest and prosecution.

The PIE was faced with a manifestation of public outrage since its formation in the early 70’s - with super-prude morality campaigner Mary Shitehouse fingering (sic) the Albany Trust gay charity (a clone of the down-under poofters Dorian Society) – a direct recipient of government grants – of assisting the ‘Exchange’ with funding.

During this scandalous period the first evidence of cover-ups involving Special Branch thugs were noted by Met Plod Squad detectives of PM Ted Heath’s trips to Jersey on his yacht, Catamite Glory, with the likes of ‘Jim’ll Fuck It’ Savile and other BBC hierarchy and entertainment celeb’ nonces – plus their secret handshake club cohorts from the City-based Satanic ritual blood sacrifice kiddie fiddling ring - to abduct little boys from the Haut de la Garenne orphanage for a ‘Pugwash Ahoy’ bumming cruise up and down the Channel – with any overly-abused kids in need of medical attention simply tossed into the briny in a weighted sack.

Such revelations, tactfully ignored by ‘Royal Command’ compliant media magnates, were made by Geoffrey Dickens MP – who handed three dossiers on the PIE and named politico child abusers to Home Secretary Leon ‘Fudger’ Brittan and the Director of Public Prosecutions – which were promptly filed in the trash can or furnace - and ignored.
Hardly surprising when the likes of Ted Heath, Peter Righton, Sir Peter Hayman and Jeremy ‘Hitman’ Thorpe – to name but a mere sampling of the crooked politicos involved - were acting as Gatekeepers.

The Paedophile Information Exchange was founded in October 1974 as a ‘special interest’ cabal of sexual perverts within the kilt-lifters Scottish Minorities Group by Michael ‘Cuddles’ Hanson and initially had its HQ at the St Sodom’s Church for Latter Day Catamites in Croydon. Now consider this – the PIE was ‘officially’ disbanded in 1984 – an utterly disingenuous statement as all the organisation did was go underground – and not too far under at that.

Paedophilia is as old as murder and grave-digging – along with prostitution and slavery – all despicable offshoots of our base and perverted human nature – alike having small furry mammals shoved up your jacksy for a sexual rush (ref: see Vermin in Ermine / Scandalson / Felchers Delight).

These cover-ups and the subversion of police investigations have their core in the establishment’s evil black heart and emanate like poison ivy through all branches of government - executive, legislative and judiciary – from on high with Royal Commands to the lowest Plod Squad moron sabotaging a prosecution case via the corruption of evidence.

They go back far beyond the Elm Guest House ‘MPs Only’ bumboy parties frequented by Downing Street cabinet ministers to the Victorian days of the Sally Army’s Bramwell Booth and Pall Mall Gazette editor William Stead, who attempted to expose the depth and swathe of this paedophile corruption and ‘rented’ a child bride, one Eliza Armstrong, from her chimney sweep father for the night simply to prove that such was available on London’s streets – only to be targeted by the very Masonic pondscum they intended to expose and imprisoned himself for the ‘abduction of a minor’.

Official cover-ups and the subversion of inquiries? That’s all down to ‘influence peddling’, the secret handshake brotherhood fraternity: blackmail, bribery and outright threats of grievous bodily harm (up to and including death) – which are endemic in Broken Britain’s graft and corruption-ridden political / commercial scene – and ‘influenza’ might be the correct ‘medical condition’ parody term to best describe this influence-peddling pandemic.
And all compliantly expedited by a crew of latent poofters or actively bisexual or raving fudgers / pederasts – all together on the same ship of state - wholly supportive of Israel and ZioNazism – and see no real harm in 'child loving' and a spot of innocent kiddie fiddling.

While we’re on the subject of official cover-ups and the subversion of official / police investigations into crimes of pederasty, let’s not overlook Scotland’s shame - Aberdeen’s notorious Hollie Greig serial rape and sexual abuse scandal that will not go away – and an untouchable ring of named establishment worthies – all who kneel before the altar of Satan and purposely target special needs and disabled children for their ritual black mass perversions and blood sacrifices.

This is the covert cement that binds the corrupt establishment rule, the hereditary line of officialdom – Satanism under the faux benevolent (sic) Christian guise of Freemasonry – rampant shirt lifting and pederasty – and blood sacrifices to their infernal Dark Master, Lucifer.

Stop press / drop the dead donkey: The UK’s transvestite Home Secretary Theresa Maybe, speaking to gutter press hacks outside the House of Conmans this morning, passed comment on Broken Britain’s burgeoning child sex abuse figures and ‘kiddie trafficking’ record, declaring for the public record that she can no longer turn a blind eye to the plight of children who fall victims to the vile practice of sex slave trafficking by gangs of kiddie bonkers.

“Really, I was gob-smacked when this report landed on my desk , being under the impression slavery was a very African-American thing of the past - cotton fields and tobacco plantations and smelly darkies getting whipped for sitting down on the job and asking for ‘more’. I had no idea the extent such was being perpetrated here in the UK by gangs of Gyppos and other assorted Balkans scallies whose only previous form involved poaching swans on the local park ponds.”

“I dread to think of what the situation’s going to be come New Year when the Borders Agency – or Dad’s Army - whoever is tasked with guarding our shores now – has to open the EU-sanctioned floodgates to the hordes of vulgar Bulgars and ne’er do well Romanian pikey freeloaders, 75,000 of the bastards, and all harbouring designs to arrive here and scrounge off the welfare state – but our DWP Minister Iain Duncan Shit has a whopping ‘austerity measure’ shock in store for them – so they’ll probably resort to snatching schoolkids for their paedo brothels.”

Nice one Terry – so the Yewtreee/ Ferbridge / Pallial Plod Squad crew will be dispatched north of the border by the end of the week to elbow the useless Police Scotland contingent out of the way and kick start the decade-plus overdue investigation into Aberdeen’s elitist pederast ring and the Hollie Greig scandal no doubt (we wish n pray).

Thought for the day. With reference to the shameful Hollie Greig case, we now have Eire’s answer to Nonceand’s Crown Office ‘Department for Kiddie Fiddling Coverups’.
Ireland's director of public prosecutions Claire ‘Piranha Teeth’ Loftus, she with the Desperate Dan chin, suffering one of her customary ‘blonde moment’ aberrations has announced she will not bring criminal / prosecution proceedings against international child porn maestro Eric Eoin Marques in Ireland - a decision that has yet to be adequately explained as anything but stinking of cover-ups and corruption.

Well, it might be a fact that the Masons don’t allow females of the species (or anyone with boobs – man tits included) to join their ranks – but split-arsed DPPs do take orders from their Masonic bosses regardless – and Mr Marques is a well connected ranking Mason with his finger on the pulse and the codes to several numbered mega-bucks offshore bank accounts in his head.

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