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Macron Pulls Refugee Extortion Scam

Friday's 'Fascist Frog Blackmail Scam' exposé edition brings readers the latest and greatest in scandal-mongering hot gossip from our war zone child refugee 'junior' press hack, wee Ali Ibn Himar, manning his ex-ISIS issue Dyson crank handle smart phone from inside a cardboard box deep amongst the Calais sand dunes for Anarchy Central’s 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill – with 'ring of the anvil' dispatches hand forged and crafted into bespoke satire to tempt the palates of all critical thinking non-conformists, aspiring proto-nihilists and career radical pro-justice revolutionaries who carry the immortal bloodline of the rebel sons of Belial - and harbour zero respect or empathy for the privilege-abusing authoritarian 0:01% oligarchy that believe they rule this world and all upon its mantle.

Yesterday's meeting at Berkshire's Sandpit Military Academy saw Broken Britain's useless klunt of a Nasty Party Prime Minister, Terry Mayhem, backed – (like the craven vermin species she is) - into a corner by Gallic gall - and forced to either see legions of scrounging, unshaven, battle-hardened Mid-East war zone 'child refugees' - currently squatting in Calais, Dunkirk (and gay Paree) – paddling ashore en mass on south coast beaches - waving bogus birth certificates, pre-filled asylum seeker applications and welfare benefit forms – or – fork out mega-bucks £££ to France's coffers to finance the construction of a carbon copy of US President Humpty Trumpty's Great Beaner Fence - (a replica of Israel's Great Apartheid Wall - which turned the Gaza Strip into the biggest Nazi style concentration camp in the known Universe – and that the Chump has deluded himself into believing Mexico's bicameral Congress of the Union is gonna pay for).

So this is the demand being foisted by Chief 'Gorf' (backward 'frog') President Emmanuel Macron - playing on PM Mayhem's inherent stupidity - and, via stealth and flattery, coerce the incompetent bitch into squandering an extra £44 million quid of UK taxpayers' cash to rid northern France of its foreign migration chaos (a self-inflicted dilemma for ever allowing the fuckers to land - when the majority actually arrived via France's Mediterranean south coast).

The French leader – a granny-shagging poodle wanker who gets an endorphin high hard-on by flexing his steroid-boosted political muscle - is seeking to improve on 'rock bottom' popularity ratings and extend his narcissist egocentric influence across the entire EUSSR community – and believes by following the deplorable tradition of Brussels EU bullying and intimidation tactics he can force the British government's hand into financing extra security logistics and infrastructure along northern France's coastline to solve the Third World 'shithole-origin' migrant dilemma.

Since the Calais 'Jungle' - home to zillions of unwashed and feral Muslim refugees from Africa and the Mid-East - was subjected to a mass deforestation strike and levelled last year – and an excess of 750 child migrants fast-tracked potty trained, given a close shave, then brought to Broken Britain - before they started sprouting a fresh chin-full of stubble – the French Interior Minister, Gérard Colostomy, has insisted that was the end of the migrant crisis.

Despite this bullshit 'reassurance' around 100 more continue to pour in from Third World 'shitholes' every week, with 1,000-plus migrants currently squatting and living by their finely-honed scavenging wits around Calais and Dunkirk – in the hope of breaking into a Britain-bound truck at the ferry terminals - or crossing the Channel disguised as a cormorant.

Okay, now for the nitty-gritty Catch 22 clause. If Mrs Mayhem turns Mr Macaroni down he's ready to negate the Le Touquet Treaty – (a reciprocal border accord signed by top Frog President Chirac and New Labour war criminal, Tony Bliar, back in February, 2003 – a couple of weeks prior to Bliar conspiring with US dumb shit, Dubya Bush to kick start the illegal invasion of Iraq) - under which Britain has its border in France - and France runs border checks in Britain - a 'juxtaposed controls' deal that makes as much sense as a fish riding a bike – or voting for the Lib-Dums – or pro-Luddite Greens.

Conversely, on the 'upside' (sic), if the toothless Maybot agrees to this extortion – an extra £44 million nicker in addition to the £167 million quid Britain has forked out to the Gorfs over the past four years for security (some joke) at Calais and other ports along the Channel to maintain this idiotic border deal – then the pretentious granny-bonking Mackerel has pledged to loan Britain the entire 70 metres (230 feet) length of the Bayeux Tapestry.

Que? WTF? What a flucking stitch up! Is borrowing the Bayeux Tapestry at a cost of £44 million quid going to stop the migrant hordes gathering in proverbial Biblical multitudes in Calais? No.

£44 million nicker to 'borrow' a thousand year old moth-eaten piece of cross-stitch 'insultantry' that commemorates our once-sceptred isle of Albion being invaded by William the Conqueror and his gang of Stormin' Normans – then taking on Harold's shagged-out troops at Hastings while stood at the top of a hill and shouting 'Come an' get us!'

Some fucker and their dog is being taken to the cleaners – specifically the British taxpayer – via the route of our gutless government who claim this latest extortionate £44 million quid rip-off was about 'investing in and enhancing' the security of the UK border – in – er – France.

The point is this - if the French don't want them – why the fuck should Britain be any different. We've got enough home grown, idle arsed scrounging twats already – plus the Empire's Day trash that refuse to integrate – and don't need to import any more from Third World 'shitholes' – as US President Chump so eloquently phrases their places of origin.

One added 'incentive' from Macron – his pledged support for a Brexit trade deal favourable to the UK - if the silly British people give him lots of money.

As far as We, the Common Herd, are concerned – fuck the Gorfs – just get on with our Brexit breakaway and street level determination to give the EUSSR fascist kleptocrat hierarchy the No Deal finger.
This can prove to be Broken Britain's Ozaki 8 wake up call - to say 'Fuck Brussels' and go it alone – again – as we did, with great 'Rule the Waves' Empire level success for centuries - prior to the kiddie fiddling Ted Heath and Nasty Party's 1975 Common Market treasonous betrayal.

So bollocks to Emmanuel Microbe – a frog (sic) who dreams of becoming a toad. A pity Marie Le EpiPen, leader of the Allergic Reactions Party, didn't win the presidential vote – and give the Brussels shits a further non-compliance headache.

As to We, the British people, there's a dire need to press the reset button and go for a full-on high octane national reboot – and hoof out not only the Tory Nasty Party but too Labour and the Lib-Dums – and start afresh.

Take the £44 million quid and use the money wisely - to combat the intentions of any and all manky foreign culture infidel migrant types who take a mind to follow in the footsteps of Captain Webb – (or was it Captain Webbed Feet?).
Re-stock the English Channel zone with leg-munching piranhas, razor-billed seagulls, estuarine crocodiles and Great White sharks – and any other fucking pelagic-dwelling carnivore that gets off on pecking or eating perma-sun-tanned heathens daring to doggy-paddle across our 'English Channel'.

Alternatively, to stretch wishful thinking and fantasy to recoil point, a squadron of unemployed tech-smart, joystick-diddling teens, sat atop the chalk cliffs of Dover operating remote I-Spy drones, scanning the briny for heathen migrants disguised as flotsam or jetsam – then strafing the crap out of them with airsoft BB chain guns – until they get the message and swim back to France.

For the record, the 40-year old Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron – he of the self-proclaimed 'superior intellect' – who refuses to give media interviews as IQ-deficient press hacks can't understand the advanced linear concepts of his profound thought processes – yet is shacked up with his ex-schoolteacher, the 86 year old Granny Bridgette Trogneux – (and her fireplace-pissing pet Labrador, Nemo) – is, to We, the canny few – (who leave a fragrant scent of rebellion in our wake) – a zero interest pretentious clown – on a par with the rest of his elitist EUSSR stooge ilk who want all European sovereign independent governments replaced by Brussels-compliant vassal leaders – and Britain pulling out via the Brexit referendum mechanism is anathema to their dissolution of national identity and multi-culture scam.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with measures of wild rumour 'and' decaffeinated public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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