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Nonceland Hosts Lib-Dum Party Conflab

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After suffering a shock n awe reality jolt when a mob of Bolshie geriatric 'Hells Grannies' from Putney's prestigious Senile Sally's Elderly Care Home lobbed a hail of bricks and soiled incontinence diapers through Deputy Slime Minister Mick Clogg's Parkfields mansion front windows last week with 'Lib-Dum wankers out' themed messages tied to them, the Losers Party are now fully cognisant of the pathetic fact they've become the 'second place' most despised political non-entity in the known Universe (next to Posh Dave Scameron's Tory Decepticons - and closely followed by Commissar 'Red Ed' Millipede's New Labour) - thus due this grass roots 'leper in the bath' unpopularity in England they prudently opted to hold the annual party conference in a foreign country: specifically paedo-friendly Nonceland's grotty Glasgow.

Arrogantly posturing himself for an ego-massaging session at the conference podium to moronic soundbite refrains of "Go, Cloogy Go!", the treacherous twat, who has pawned whatever political credibility he - or the Lib-Dums - ever possessed since joining this star crossed Con-Dem / Libservative coalition back in 2010, opened his speech with a scaremongering piece of subliminal suggestion propaganda, that "Britain will be diminished and divided" if the Tory troll mafia are left to rule alone following next May's general election - and the only way up is by voting for Cloggy & Co.

Diminished and divided? Que? WTF? That's been the de facto case since 9/11 and Broken Britain's multi-cultural society farce went tits up with first Miranda Bliar's New Labour and then the Con-Dem coalition demonising Muslims as potential bomb chucking terrorists who hate our democratic freedoms and fostering a 'spy on yer neighbours' (especially the raghead types) season of psychotic paranoia - with Scameron now shying away from his own failed 'hug a hoodie' socio-political bonding policy.

Nope, the Clogg is simply another political stooge - a disinformation jockey cum loose cannon who tends to shoot his gob off before aiming his thoughts in the right direction and is doomed to disappear - like a roll call of past Whig, Liberal, Social Dumercraps and Lib-Dum leaders - down the rabbit hole of history.

For all the bombast and pledges (shit, for fuck's sake, no - not 'more' pre-election campaign trail canvassing pledges) there's no public interest factor involved here - just a half-arsed 'Third Force' political party with an election manifesto of plans and scams that 'they' want to expedite - and not for the good of the country as we, the moronic common herd, see it but rather what their parasitic corporate masters have ordained via the bumboy / pederast - infested civil service mandarin's secret handshake fraternity.

We, the People, want out of the EUSSR. Cloggy won't submit to our simple socio-economic requirement. That, in a winkle shell, sums up the Lib-Dum's chances of winning a general election.
But just to put the boot in, let's take a look at Cloggy's broken promises - this scandalous litany of failures and reneged pledges that were sworn on the body of a dead heron laid upon a Bible and witnessed by two Bishops and a Magistrate's clerk.

Tuition Fees: pledged to scrap tuition fees and vote against future increases, but once in government voted to treble them to £9,000 quid.

VAT: campaigned against a predicted Tory VAT bombshell then went complacently along with it being bumped up to 20%.

Tax Cut for Zillionaires: Clogg promised fairer taxes but instead backed a Tory cut in the top rate of tax, giving 13,000 rich and shameless millionaires a tax cut worth £100,000 nicker apiece, while the common herd voters ended up paying mega-bucks more.

National Ill-Health Service: The Lib-Dums backed NHS top down reorganisation and they share responsibility with Scameron's Tories for wasting £3 billion quid on this failed project - while patients wait longer in A & E facilities and 5,000-plus nurses have been redundant-ised.

Constitutional Reform: The Clogg's constitutional reform 'spiffing idea' - predicted to be the biggest shake-up of British democracy (sic) since 1832 - was abandoned after Tory MPs refused to back such a radical measure - or any reform of the voting system.

Mansion Tax: And on this one Cloggy and the Lib-Dums pledged to 'stick to our guns' - but when presented with the opportunity to stand up for their own principles and vote for the mansion tax, Lib-Dum MPs voted against it.

Sure Start: On the election trail Cloggy pledged to protect Sure Start, lying to voters that 'I'll fight to ensure these centres stay open' - then once in government, his mission creep Lib-Dum scumsters backed cuts to Sure Start - with 558 centres closed down to date.

Plod Squad: In the Lib-Dum election manifesto Clogg promised to put 3,000 more flatfoots on the beat, then backed Tory plans to 'redundant-ise' 15,000-plus hapless plods.

Special Advisers: In opposition Clogg maintained that special advisers are political jobs and should be funded by political parties - then once more went back on his worthless word - with Cloggy himself kitted out with a team of sixteen Special Advisers - all paid for at the taxpayers' expense.

Thus whatever the 'Forked Tongue' Clogg gobs off about at the Glasgow conference - free school meals in primary schools; cut-price bus travel for young workers, or extended paternity leave and free childcare - he couldn't tell the truth if he didn't have a lie ready - and has evolved risk aversion and buck-passing blame into a fucking art form - so don't believe a fucking word of it.

The Lib-Dum's Minister for Geriatric Affairs, Vince Cable, was outright in his condemnation of Tory policy in Glasgow today when speaking to a gutter press hack from the Daily Nonce, referring to PM Posh Dave Scameron and his train fare dodging Chancellor George Osborne as 'lying gits' - for claiming they can eliminate the budget deficit without the need for tax rises.

Cable stated for the public record that the Lib-Dums would not go along with Tory proposals for a further £25 zillion quids worth of welfare and public works budget spending cuts while they're busy dropping non-sustainable explosive ordnance (bombs) on ISIS terrorist forces in Syria and Iraq.
"The Tories are ideologically obsessed by cuts and this nasty piece of work at the DWP, Iain Dunkin Shit, takes an onanist pleasure in destroying public services and the detested welfare state."

Really, is any fucker or their dog remotely interested in a Lib-Dum style Tribulation and Rapture experience at next May's elections? Who the fuck wants to back an even bigger bunch of pledge-breaking losers that the ones we already have - Tories - and the bunch that got hoofed out in 2010 - the graft and corruption-ridden Bliar / Broon / Scandalson New Labour Mafia.

Never forget that Clogg & Co have morphed from Whigs to Liberals to a Social-Dummercrap / Liberal Alliance to their current contradiction-ridden state of Lib-Dum being - and what a poxy leadership record they have - while overlooking David Lloyd George's sexual excesses - they still ended up with Jumping Jo Grimond, the sodomic likes of Jeremy 'Skeletor' Thorpe hiring hitmen to snuff his spurned effeminate lovers - and the vile pederast faggot David Steel who even sank to the depth of depravity by molesting his own infant son - to the ginger-mingin Chazzer 'Pisspot' Kennedy - and harbouring the despicable Rochdale kiddie fiddling bumboy Fat Cyril Smith as the party mascot.

Thought for the day. Clogg and Cable's posturing blather besides, tis an ineluctable fact of history that Scameron & Co have again unlatched Pandora's box, and this time around even Elphis has done a proverbial bunk and followed a fleeing legion of scally demons bent on a feast of war and suffering across the Greater Middle East - and not forgetting the Ukraine - another scam to draw major regional powers (Russia for one) into an all-out conflict with the Western ZioNazi bloc, headed by the Great Satan (US), Broken Britain and the foul and foreign French - and all led by the nose from Israel.

Regardless, political spin and propaganda soundbites - and the potential incidence of a nuclear holocaust besides, if you want to make a difference next May, then vote UKIP.
And while we're at it fuck the nonce-ridden Masonic / Satanist secret handshake fraternity and Big Brother – and his sister – and the New World Order.

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Ziggy said...

Clegg's a right tosser. His missus is in the news today saying 'get a good man' - as her's is a total pillock.
Talk about Losers Party, the wanker's just lost a charity tennis match to the bloke who coaches Cameron.