Sunday, 26 October 2014

Ebola Paranoia Vaccine Tops Pharma Sales

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Fickle public opinion seems to be divided across the swathe of Broken Britain on what to be more scarified of - a screaming unwashed horde of ISIS Caliphate Takfiri terrorists invading our once-sceptred isle and chopping off innocent Christian heads with a cheapo Argos brand kitchen knife - or the next pre-Xmas welfare benefits slash-a-thon to be announced from the DWP's smarmy misanthrope minister, Iain Dunkin Shit - or worse still, contracting the dreaded Ebola virus and crapping out your own vital organs and lower colon before the NHS helpline has even given a 'fair estimate' diagnosis - take a couple of Paracetamol and if symptoms persist, consult your nearest funeral parlour and local grave-digger.

Perhaps our joke of a Con-Dem coalition government might rustle up some favourable support points for next May's election if they fielded a post-9/11 'Best of the Best' poll to determine at grass roots / common herd level the most effective public scaremongering false flag / staged pandemic that has, to date, caused the global masses to go into screaming 'Help!' mode - to be saved from either Islamist Jolly Jihad crazies terrorist attacks - or the latest Dreaded Lurgy virus unleashed by the Great Satan's Centre for Disease Control on the hapless African continent - and subsequently blamed on monkey-fucking Bantus (yep - the CDC - does precisely what is says on the sign - controls the spread of their deadly bio-weapon plagues).

So should we all be rushing down to our local GP clinics to get anti-hysteria vaccine shots to counter susceptibility to this propaganda-driven Ebola scaremongering virus that is - according to the credibility-deficient mass media - wiping out every fucker and their dog in West Africa and spreading faster than bad news at a Townswoman's Guild meeting?

Well there's the clincher, as over in the good ole US of A, the incumbent White House cuckoo, President Barry Soetoro Obama’s newly-appointed ‘Ebola Czar’ Ron Klain can't even be bothered to attend Oval Office crisis meetings to discuss how to crank up the scare-mongering level of Ebola propaganda by flying infected casualties into the States from Gollyland for treatment. So if Ron doesn't give a flying fuck then why should we?

Klain’s questionable appointment to the role of overseeing the Great Satan’s interference in controlling the spread of a virus that has killed lots and lots of Africans and is forecast to lots and lots more before it infects every fucker and their dog on the planet by Christmas is disturbing to say the least, given his radical views on global overpopulation by useless eaters.

For the record, Klain is, like his Rockefeller cabal 'mass euthanasia-fixated' genocidal sponsors, an enthusiastic advocate of population control who is convinced there are too many people in Africa.

So WTF is the truth here? Is this a virulent strain of Chicken Little Flu or a mutated form of the Cry Wolf virus - or the dreaded U2 frontsman disease: E-Bono virus - or did Ebola really jump from African fruit bats to monkey-fucking humans in 1976 - or has the deadly pathogen been engineered into its present GM mutated form from Marburg virus and Ebola Zaire into an airborne bio-weapon by CDC dingbats at Fort Detrick and is morphing into an unparalleled global catastrophe at a geometric rate?

Here we see manifested the politics of psychological warfare assuming control of the language of proportion in this classic example of mass common herd mind control with rogue governments targeting their own populations and this Ebola 'deception-level event' causing waves of mass hysteria viz the prospect of a mass casualty head count.

Worry not folks, it's only part of the game plan - a fear-monger epidemic practice run, testing the waters for the real McCoy Agenda 21 mass population cull - (the extinction level event that will wipe out several billion useless eaters - us) - to see what does and doesn't work - and how far they can go - or need to go - and to provoke and gauge public reaction.

Time's on their side, same with the Clash of Civilisations false flag terrorist operations - move a tip-toe mission creep step closer to having FEMA take over the US White House government and imposing their totalitarian martial law state - and imposing the same across the Federation of European States - formerly the EUSSR.

The impotent 'and' incontinent likes of war criminal Henry Kissasser, the psychotic David Rockinghorse and corgi-phobe Prince Stavros, the Duck of Edinburgh - along with the rest of the mass euthanasia-promoting CFR / Trilateral Commission ZioNazis - must be over the proverbial moon with this latest news as Ebola goes pandemic on a global scale, hoping this one culminates in the achievement of their Agenda 21 mass extinction level event to wipe out six billion useless eaters / common herd peasants - a New World Order globalist psycho's wet dream come true.

The latest 'panic stations' scaremongering piece of bad news being broadcast via the mass media concerns a certain Mista N'dinga Jaffacake arriving at New York's JFK Airport last night from Liberia and explaining to one moronic TSA thug that his case of the 'sniffles' was due to coming down with a touch of seasonal Golly Flu - until he sneezed out half a meter of upper colon and a quart of blood - and promptly dropped dead before his visa was stamped.

Meanwhile here in Broken Britain, immigration officials at Thiefrow are greeting incoming passengers from the infected areas of Africa with a 'howdy folks' handshake and simply asking if they have any Ebola symptoms - while the Tory Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt spoke to gutter press hacks following a crisis meeting of the cabinet's Cobra Committee and claims the National Ill-Health Service is up to handling a few million Ebola patients 'should' the virus reach epidemic proportions in the UK.

For fuck's sake, the NHS can't even handle a band aid fix on a cut finger, they're fucking clueless on tropical diseases, never mind a CDC bio-weaponised souped-up strain of Ebola Zaire. The useless twats can't even decide if the contagion incubation period is 21 or 48 days.
So give the NHS and your family GP a miss and go see the local Juju Man - normally found smoking a joint or chewing a cud of khat behind the neighbourhood mosque.

Thought for the day. Hmmm, so Ebola is being deliberately shipped into the States via infected patients instead of leaving them to croak in far-away Africa. Well, now we know what the millions of CDC / FEMA hermetically sealed plastic bio-hazard coffins are stacked up for in Madison, Georgia.

On a lighter note, for those with an inclination to shove medicine up their arse (for what it's actually worth) instead of ingesting orally, Big Pharma have kindly introduced an anal-friendly anti-Ebola suppository.

To wit, fuck the Satanist Masonic secret handshake fraternity and Big Brother – and his sister – and the Moloch / Mammon worshipping architects of the New World Order .

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Pigswill said...

Right on. The genocidal eugenics crazies - the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation - share the same interest in reducing poverty and hunger in Africa - by killing off the Africans with Ebola and toxic vaccines.

Rusty said...

For the 300 miliion + hapless Yanks that stand in harm's way, the term FEMA was not originally an acronym for the Federal Emergency Management Agency but the Federal Emergency Military Authority - but that was considered too much of a blatant give-away for its eventual martial law application.
The brainchild (sic) of Carter admin Polack tosspot warmonger n National Security mandarin Zbigniew Brzezinski, the give-away activation date for FEMA was April Fool's Day 1979.

Franklin said...

More at 'Ebo-lie'.
Like the E-Bono' quip. LOL

Bogbrush said...

Since the Neo-Con's mass population cull avian and swine flu panics didn't work out (same as AIDS) now we have a spiced up bio-weaponised strain of Ebola Zaire, the only airborne variant, to get rid of a few billion of us common herd useless eaters.
Funny how the PTB refer to us as useless eaters and we think of them the very same way - like the British (Kraut/Greek) parasite monarchy.
Good for fuck all but dogfood or compost.

john adams said...

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