Monday, 27 October 2014

Exposing the Hollie Hoax 'Hoaxters'

In this morning’s ‘Enhanced Bullshit’ Paedo-File hoaxter expose edition we bring you the latest and greatest in scandal-mongering hot gossip from grotty Grampian's Scaberdeen 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill – with dispatches hand forged and crafted into bespoke satire to tempt the palates of all budding nihilists and career revolutionaries who carry the immortal bloodline of the rebel sons of Belial.

So the conflict of interest brouhaha over London Mayor and establishment insider - the bonny Nonceland born and bred geriatric Fiona Swain Woolf - being named to head an inquiry into the historic failings of the child care and social service systems in preventing an organised Masonic paedophile ring comprised of inbred parasitic royals, civil service scumsters and members of the Houses of Conmans and the Lords (and their celeb pals from the Beeb) from preying on defenceless underage children (mainly wee lads) to satiate their sodomic sexual perversions - continues unabated - with Tory PM Posh Dave Scameron now bestowing his personal 'sovereign' apostolic blessings on Mrs Woof-Woof's outlandish appointment.

Hmmm, so much for prudent diplomatic / political decisions, as this official counterfeit almost surrealist humanitarian / moralist concern is set to morph into a controversy on steroids and bite him squarely in the arse due failure to expedite a completely transparent victim and survivor focused inquiry and instead appease the useless eating plutocrats that misrule our green and pleasant land.

At least Baroness Butler-Sloshed has the good grace to say 'whoopsy daisy' and promptly exit stage left with little fuss when the stench of her useful idiot establishment stooge status got canny elements of the public demographic smelling a rat - (along with revelations that both she and Leon Brittan are both 'vermin in ermine' members of the Privy Council - gallivanting around in their red n white stoat coats) - and her dog wanker of a brother, Michael Havers, had a certain Inner Temple circles notoriety as a closet case sodomite and low-life kiddie fiddler) - unlike this brazen self-promoting aristocratic wanabee skanger Fifi Woolf.
And WTF next, we've now got Dame Moira Glibb, elected to sit with Mrs Woolfie on this joke of a child sex abuse inquiry board, having her own conflict of interest links with the smarmy Leon Lord Brittan of Spenditall exposed. For Christ's sake, this is amounting to corruption in the fast lane.

Who the fuck selected and vetted the membership for this purported non-partisan board of inquiry - our transvestite Home Secretary, 'Testosterone Terry' May - or Public Enemy No 1 - Leon 'Comb-Over' Brittan and the now sub-rosa Paedophile Information Exchange villains still lurking around Westminster?
Thus we speculate who's next to be proposed for this pantomime inquiry chair position? Maggie Oppenheimer Slodge perhaps - the MP for Barking Mad - another tosspot Privy Council crony - and ex-Minister for Children who did nothing to investigate the raging paedo abuse scandal in Islington under her official watch.

And on that score nothing in this more scent than substance Nonce Wars pantomime would now surprise or shock Broken Britain's voting demographic.
We have this oligarchs-only Elm Guest House kiddie fiddling ring and the 'Paedo File' misplacing Leon Brittan - (the type of vulgarian twat who goes off for walks on the moors at night and comes back with a guilty look about him, smelling of wet sheep) - along with his rent lad buggering Bow Group Masonic mate Baron Patrick Jenkin - aka Lord Rodent - and the despicable Rhodes 'Hypocrisy' Boysen MP - a public homophobe and covert pederast - plus Lords Mountbatten and Bob Boothby; Tommy Driberg, Peter Hayman and Keith Joseph 'and' a veritable host of other bigwig cabinet rank politicos and civil service mandarins 'and' rabid royals - all getting their sad arses blackmailed back in the 60's by both MI5 and Ron n Reg - the psycho-poufter bosses of the terrible Kray Twins crime syndicate - for their disgusting bumboy / kiddie fiddling vices.

However, to give them their due, at least Scameron, May and Co are trying to subvert the course of justice in relation to the inquiry via the tried and tested 'politically-acceptable' method of having one of their own establishment cronies head the damn thing - (as per Lord Chilcot / Lord Mutton / Lady Hallett) - and not start their own 'Elm Guest House Denial' website to field a wicked black propaganda disinformation campaign to discredit the scores - Biblical legions in fact - of sexually abused boys and girls who are now coming forward to bear witness against those guilty dynastic blue bloods and politico who violated them and desecrated their childhood innocence - unlike a core element of the twenty-two named offenders fingered by special needs serial rape victim Hollie Greig as her sexual abusers.

Yep, believe it or not, the previously untouchable Nonceland / Aberdeen-based establishment pederast ring Capos have now assembled a team of disinformation jockeys - establishment agent provocateurs - to act as 'gatekeepers' and discredit the entire Hollie Demands Justice campaign, plus further malign any and all of her supporters with a stream of engineered Orwellian double-speak narratives via a Hollie Greig Hoax website and Facebook page now serving to disseminate their Decepticon travesty of lies.

While accepting the anomalous fact that a loose cannon tends to shoot its gob off before aiming thoughts in the right direction, this vile craven cabal of Aberdeen-based Devil-worshipping rapists named by Hollie - and too their fellow 'in denial' travellers - have recently grown a wee bit too flippant and crass not only in their vulgar 'we're the victims' denials but actually sporting a display of noxious bravado in berating Hollie and mother Anne along with their Justice for Hollie campaign supporters not only as conspiracy theory fantasists but also embezzlers and domestic terrorist types. Thus the time has come to turn the tables and reverse the negative publicity stream back to their corner.

To date Nonceland's Holyrood / Crown Office fourteen year duration smoke and mirrors distraction game plan regarding the Hollie Greig sexual abuse scandal has consisted of simply having Hollie's complainant mother wrongfully sectioned - or ignore the jurisdiction statutes of Actus Reas to expedite cross border Plod Squad raids to arrest Englishmen in the English homes for daring to campaign for justice on Hollie's behalf - and following stitch up 'jury denied' trials in which the 'witnesses' (sic) - both civil and police - have perjured themselves with a practiced efficiency and calculated ease - resulted in the crusading whistle-blower / expose offenders being imprisoned for such heinous crimes as 'intended breach of the peace' and 'alleged cyber-harassment'.

So the public are aware, the decaffeinated morons running Nonceland's Crown Office have, to date, in a display of military grade stupidity, squandered an excess of a neat £2 million quids-worth of taxpayers' money on the multiple arrests, remands, trials and imprisonments of 'just two' of Hollie's supporters - English-born / Cheshire-based pensioners Robert Green and Tym Rustige - simply to silence their exposure campaign - an anomalous amount that is excessive and beyond what can be considered proportionate to counter charges of an 'intended breach of the peace' and / or alleged cyber harassment - but was - (and still is, as Robert Green once again faces a trial in Aberdeen - aka Paedo-opolis - in January 2015 for his pains in forwarding this unrelenting campaign to a just conclusion; and once more deliberately placed, with malice aforethought, at a marked judicial disadvantage by being denied legal aid for counsel, to further frustrate and impede his defence) - rather focused on intimidation and aimed at shutting down any and all public mention of a most embarrassing criminal scandal that exposes the scale of complicity of the upper oligarch echelons of Nonceland society in the vile Satanic blood sacrifice rituals of children they have sexually abused, then murdered as tributes to their diabolical Master.

But there is naught surprising in this punitive action to maintain the seal of secrecy on their sub rosa dirty doings - with the Aberdeen sector of the Grampian Plods Squad being delinquent in the execution (rather lack of such) of their sworn public duty and previously subverting any investigation into the complaints by Hollie's mother, Anne Greig, in 2000 viz the sexual abuse of her daughter when one of the Devil's own - Septic Sylvie Major's wanton hog of a husband Terry - a bully boy thug of very limited intellect - was a serving officer with this graft and corruption-ridden / credibility-deficient institution.

Of course trying to get any positive action out of our Westminster-based Houses of Paedophiles - the dosspit Lords or the Conmans chambers - is likewise futile, and akin to shoving butter up a porcupine's arse with a freshly barbequed hot dog; much as are Holyrood's actions - or rather lack of such - apart from hush-up denials and obfuscation on behalf of Alex Salmond's incumbent SNP regime - and all contrary to moral reasoning.

Thus the named abusers - including a gaggle of immoral establishment judiciary figures - out of desperation to offset the damage being caused by the Justice for Hollie campaigns - and in their raging frustrations over being publicly named and exposed as venal child molesters, plus having zero legal comeback - such as suing for slander and libel due the fact Hollie's accusations are true - first broke with the principles of common sense and logic then they departed the realms of reality altogether by founding their very own Hollie Greig Hoax website and Facebook page to complement the Wallace & Gromit quality YouTube video of named and shamed child molesters Major and Dragon denying all knowledge of any such vile acts.

As to the Hogwarts 'hoax' website, such just exemplifies and confirms the blatantly obvious corrupt fact these shills are establishment financed and supported as gatekeeper / black propaganda merchants - for therein on the blogs are posted all manner of deceptive fabrications and neutered versions of the truth - collectively disregarding the swathes of incontestable documented medical evidence - that Down Syndrome casualty / special needs Hollie Greig had been a victim of serial sexual abuse since six years of age - and was infected - at a pubescent age - with a venereal disease by one of her clap-ridden Tartan Tadger abusers - unless these pathetic 'Hoaxters' wish to maintain the wee girl caught such from a public lavatory seat.

Contrary to what these shameless 'weapons of mass distraction' black propaganda merchants would have a gullible public believe, of the twenty-two shameless abusers named by Hollie - under sworn oath DC Lisa Evans informed the Stonehaven Court during cross examination at Robert Green's 2012 breach of the peace trial that 'none' had ever been interviewed by the incompetent Aberdeen Plod Squad. And too, again under sworn oath, several of the depraved pederast scum named by Hollie as her abusers, were forced to admit, under duress during cross examination, they had never been questioned by police in regard to the criminal accusations of sexual abuse levelled against them by Hollie.

Since mother Anne and daughter Hollie fled Nonceland for their own safety and resettled in England, sinister elements have recruited the corrupt connivance of the English / Shropshire local council authorities - (Masonic paedo culture links) with police and social services breaking into their home while they were away on holiday and trashing it to the point it was unliveable - then conspired with a secret family court to issue a gagging order against Anne to prevent her speaking about the abuse charges - and attempted to have Hollie taken into state care so she would be inaccessible to her campaign supporters and thus silenced - and knowing the past dirty deeds of these bastards, probably euthanised - then present no further exposure threat to the crooked Jockland establishment's Magic / Ninth Circle paedo' rapists.

Hence if Hollie's accusations are all an elaborate hoax staged by a hyper-imaginative girl afflicted with Down Syndrome / Trisomy 21 - as these scumsters claim - then why waste the time, expense and effort imprisoning Sassenach anti-child sexual abuse crusaders Green and Rustige with trials that take two years to bring to court and at a cost exceeding £1 million quid apiece. Why not just ignore them as conspiracy theory nuts - or better still, the named abusers slap them with a libel action - sue the whole Hollie Demands Justice website and campaign in fact - which they don't - and can't - as it all becomes a bit of a legal problem when the scandal is 'true' and Hollie was sexually abused for year after year by her own father and brother and their paedo ring pals - the actual twenty-two named and shamed - and more - and made to witness the ritual rape and blood sacrifice of other kidnapped children.

For the record Robert Green was originally arrested (arrest #1) by grotty Grampian's Thought Police in February of 2010 for 'intending to breach the peace' while canvassing for votes as an MSP for an Aberdeen constituency, then in an 'injustice first' for British history - via the medium of abuse of politico-judicial powers, Holyrood and the Crown Office denied Robert his constitutional right to canvas for Parliamentary office as a prospective MP - banned from running for political office by the corruption-ridden Nonceland government - with Tym Rustige of the Prisoners of Conscience group originally arrested in March 2012 (arrest #1 of 3) for allegedly 'cyber-harassing' a bevy of Holyrood and Crown Office jobsworths while campaigning for the Justice for Hollie group 'and' to secure Robert's early HDC license tagged release from Aberdeen's primitive Craiginches Prison.

Thus while ignoring Hollie and Mum Anne's pleas for a police inquiry, yet stitching up anti-child sexual abuse campaigners with any old charges to gag them - such actions illustrate the fact that Holyrood and the Crown Office are worried by the expose revelations - perhaps 'unnerved' would be a more appropriate adjective - and thus prove they have no interest in 'justice' but rather 'outcomes' - actions that seize all computer and documented damning evidential data and thus silence awkward questions and dissent, and favourably serve their corrupt criminal ends - specifically the preservation of their Masonic secret handshake fraternity's paedophile cult which many hapless victims of Nonceland's graft and corruption-ridden crooked establishment (executive, legislature and judiciary) have learned to their detriment.

On a lighter note, as these Hoaxters seem to chase their own tails in much else, perhaps they should file a case and sue for libel - and attempt to employ a similar scam as this kiddie fiddling thick Mick is trying on:

Leaving the afore-mentioned Ulster loony's rip-off shakedown aside, this is where the discrediting website 'hoax' front falls down - when the entire scandal is founded on the rock of veracity.
Hence they must go down this 'denial' offset route as it's the only defence mechanism option available to them as a libel case cannot work when the charges of sexual abuse and serial rape are true and can be proven by the documented medical evidence of expert witnesses Dr Frances Kelly, Dr Jack Boyle, Dr Paul Carter, Dr Eva Harding, Ruth Beckmann and Susannah Seymann of the Down's Syndrome Association - and to slam the lid on the hoaxter's claims we have Grampian Police's DI Ian Alley's report to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority of April 2009 in which he described Hollie as 'a truthful witness to the best of her ability and an entirely innocent victim' - with her being awarded £13,500 quid as compensation for her sexual abuse ordeal. Amen.

Ergo, even an intelligence-challenged moron can see - (alas, apart from this clique of self-appointed useful idiot / hoax propaganda / paedo apologist merchants - the vicious likes of Holyrood- commissioned Alba-Trolls - Morlock stooge thug John 'Jackoff' Taylor; Manky Maggs 'Bronchitis' Shaw, the scrofulous Sarah 'Skeletor' McLeod and Jon 'Pyrite' Stevenson co-owner of the 'simplysoftplay' paedo's delight ('Pyrite' = fool's gold or in Dogshit Stevenson's case just 'Fool') - that Hollie's scandalous case 'has not' been visited with the required measures of prudence and due diligence by the Grampian Plod Squad nor the Crown Office - and wholly ignored by Alex 'Porky Pict' Salmond and his joke of a Justice Minister, Kenny 'In Denial' MacAskill - an ex-Levy & McRae solicitor, no less - which equates with the government's appointed media gatekeeper Peter 'Wicked' Watson (aka the Rasputin of the Glens) having an in-place glove puppet stooge with a choke hold on all matters of dispensing 'injustice' across bonny Nonceland.

Hmmm, Edinburgh's Magic Circle sodomite / paedo pervs must be hard up in the useful idiots' department if that's the best they can drum up and put in the field - a troika of credibility-deficient shills like McLeod, Stevenson and Shaw to run the hoax blogs for the moronic lowlife likes of Major and Dragon.

Until recently, earlier this year, official protection from on high (corrupt SNP politicos and judiciary cronies) has worked in the hoaxters favour and emboldened several of those named by Hollie as her abusers: the arrogant, perjurious likes of 'Septic Sylvie' Major (actually named in Dr Eva Harding's first medical report - copy open for reference - as one of Hollie's sexual abusers / rape facilitators) - and not forgetting her Gorgon troll pals Anne Royal and Winnie Dragon - to start turning up at the hearings and trials of the expose campaigners to gloat at their stitch-up predicaments - for which they received a right royal bollocking by the presiding Sheriff at Robert Green's hearing before the Aberdeen court for harassing Robert and his supporters - and threatened with a contempt of court order. Good n 'bout time too that their brazen hubris was given 'official' short shrift when their very own tame heid-the-baw Sheriff accomplice isn't around.

Up close and personal these are the utter dregs of society - Major, Dragon and Royal - this troika of Faustian broomstick merchants - (the alleged Ferryhill Kiddie Fiddlers Coven) - and too their Hoaxter website facilitators - McLeod, Shaw, and Stevenson - along with the diminutive David Leask, another compliant Levy & McRae disinformation stooge - and one of the Wicked Watson's muppets inside the manipulative Nonceland media (Herald Scotland and the Catamites Gazette) end of the shameless hoaxster's debunking smear campaign against a helpless disabled, sexually abused girl, who in typical gutter press hack fashion has sold his worthless dog-wanker soul to Bartie and ignores the documented truth, goes into radge mode and prints a litany of lies. (

To misquote a Shakespearian observation, they are collectively 'so lacking in majesty and stature that dogs would bark as they walk in the street'. Hmmm, more likely dogs would tend to cock a hind leg and piss on them.

As of late the 'Hollie Hoax' crew are getting a mite too carried away with their own hoaxter scam - the unqualified arrogance and verbosity that they are untouchable has fuck all to do with 'cognitive dissonance' - they're just the apologists and protectors for a bunch of kiddie fiddling, lying bastard scatsters that will say anything to protect their guilty, evil arses.
To wit, here we are presented with a Satanist play group fucking around willy-nilly with black magic and spells in the hope of evolving demonic powers and material wealth - and with the bloated bottle blonde Septic Sylvia Major (cellulite on legs and not so much mutton dressed as lamb but wart hog dressed as trout – and old trout at that) - reputedly the High Priestess of Scaberdeen's Ferryhill Satanic Black Mass witches coven, that plunges the dagger into their drugged au pair girl abductees and infant rape victims at the ritual blood sacrifice ceremonies - then carves the 'kiddie roast' bairn for their ensuing Luciferian cannibal feasts.

While we're on the subject of Satanism, perhaps there exists some arcane, occult significance to the word Beechwood - for Hollie and other children sexually abused with her attended the 'Beechwood' Special School - while Nottingham whistleblower and sexual abuse victim Melanie Shaw blew the gaff on the local authority paedo ring who used the 'Beechwood' Children's Home as their personal kiddie rape bordello.
(Gothic origin: 'Beech Woods' - where pubescent children were sexually violated then offered to the animist pagan gods of the tree and the stone in ritual sacrifice.)

Woe and alas, our society is blighted by this institutional cancer of Satanic sexual abuse of children that has generational origins linked to an organised world-wide scale criminal cult of 'seemingly' untouchable Masonic establishment worthies who delude themselves with their exaggerated sense of privilege and entitlement - the likes of Granville Janner and Leon Brittan and Cyril Smith - and the official obstructions in - and cover-ups of - any inquiry into child sexual abuse wrongdoings.

And that is so reminiscent of Dr Harold Shipman - why were his homicidal sociopathic / euthanasia tendencies tolerated and covered up at an official police level - as he was not only a closet case bisexual paedo abuser himself but the hand that carried out the abortions on impregnated underage girls - and too patched up the ruptured sphincters of the wee sodomised boys - in the local authority child care homes his Masonic crony pals were abusing at their leisure.

As to Major, Dragon and Royal et al, these trolls are basically handrags - scapegoat throw-aways - nobody really gives a flying fuck if they live or die. The problem is if they undergo a Pauline epiphany (very fucking doubtful) and confess to their crimes and thus get collared and a prosecution process goes ahead wherein they try to cut a deal and start blabbing to save their own worthless arses, then the entire corruption-ridden kiddie fiddling edifice is in danger of exposure - which will shoot all the way from Scaberdeen to Glassie and ricochet back on a tangent to Edinburgh and Balmoral - and through the hallowed halls of Holyrood - and the fickle finger of fate will be pointing at the Law Lords Speculative Society Magic Circle / Violate Club / Gay McMafia sodomite and pederast cabal.

Though time shall see them all collared and investigated in due course - but how long the reptilian likes of disinformation agent / gatekeeper Maggs 'Halitosis' 'McShaw' - (or is she really aka GCHQ's Rachel Keely in disguise, pulling a tax / welfare benefits dodge?) - will be with the land of the living with that alkie's liver complaint and nasty cough 'and' a compromised immune system (HIV / AIDS according to popular pub gossip) - then only her good mate the Devil knows.

Gandhi, in his innate wisdom, once stated that “the true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members” - obviously a maxim that Nonceland's bumboy / paedo infested Holyrood government and likewise the corruption-ridden Plod Squad and Crown Office, do not subscribe to, considering the child sexual abusers that go unpunished by a pederast-apologist judiciary. (Haggarty / McFarlane et al).

Of course the Scottish establishment want to keep the lid on their Violate BD/SM Club zoophile / necrophiliac / paedophile memberships and the Magic Circle Masonic Speculative Society prevailing nonce culture that Lord Douggie Cullen tried to hide away forever with his century-duration gagging order on the Dunblane tragedy scandal to conceal what Thomas Watt Hamilton - elitist establishment paedo pimp - was really involved with - supplying little Cub Scouts and runaway street kids for Satanic ritual sexual defilement and blood sacrifice in the cellar dungeons of Glamis Castle or the evil Sinclair clan's Castle of Mey - latterly the property of the now-deceased reptilian Queen Mother, Dizzy Lizzy Bowes-Lyon.

But like the historic paedo sexual abuse scandals south of this venal and judicially-obstructive border, the abuse victims are coming out of the woodwork in their droves - migrating towards the light - and a sense of justice - and the offender's days are numbered - for this trend will continue north now the corrupt crony likes of Wicked Watson, the ex-Levy & McRae media censure / gatekeeper have disappeared into obscurity - with Alex 'Porky Pict' Salmond and the incompetent Kenny 'The Donkey' MacAskill soon to follow once Nicola Sturgeon takes the reins of power next month. Er, fingers crossed on the new broom / winds of change factor - but don't hold your breath.

Regardless of this pathetic state of affairs in our once-sceptred isle, where the revered 'trias politica' principle - the Montesquieu separation of powers - legislature, executive, and judiciary. - is more at scent than substance and the government 'and ' judiciary are infested with a Satanic Freemason secret handshake fraternity composed of corrupted / blackmailable fudging sodomites and raving pederasts - and an English secret family court sanctioning - on behalf of their Nonceland contemporaries - Anne Greig from speaking out viz the serial rape of her special needs / Down Syndrome casualty daughter - the fact remains Hollie still 'Demands Justice' - an accounting and closure for the years of sexual abuse inflicted on her and a host of other children by an organised ring of elitist Aberdeen-based paedophiles.

Per the delusional claims posted on the hoaxter's flimflam 'Hollie Hoax' website - if all this came from Hollie's imagination then she's wasted and should be in Hollywood turning out movie scripts and best-selling pulp fiction paperbacks on a scale to surpass Harold Robbins.
And that's the problem - the hoaxster's black propaganda website and Facebook 'Decepticon' disinformation page besides - Hollie's story is 'the Truth' and her Uncle Roy 'was' murdered to silence his intended expose of Hollie's rapist father , Denis Mackie and her onanist brother Greggy and their kiddie fiddling scatbag elitist establishment cronies in the police and judiciary - that these hoaxster denial pondscum tossers are working to protect - along with themselves.

The compelling undeniable documented evidence is all there, in black and white, in the extensive Hollie Demands Justice 'Paedo File' - and needs to be published on the front pages of a honest national media news sheet - or aired by an establishment compliant BBC (some chance) - and placed before a grand jury.

As to the provable veracity of Hollie's allegations passing the legal Full Code test - evidentially and public interest aspects - simply follow the hard documented medical reports factoid trail - and too the URL links posted below- which lead to even more eye-opener paedo expose links - and so on, ad infinatum.

and last but by no means least:

So to be fair all round - level playing field / game of cricket etc, then below are the hoaxter's url links so readers can view and judge for themselves the posted litany of bare faced lies and back-biting snipes the named abusers and their disinformation / coverup agents wish the public to swallow piecemeal.

Let us never forget that evil needs no reason - it just is.

Luke 8:17 - ‘For there is nothing secret that shall not be made known’

Proverbs 26:26 - Their malice may be concealed by deception, but their wickedness will be exposed in the assembly.

Afterthought: personally we don't subscribe to the Roman Catholic Church's 2,000 year old fantasy confidence trick of Damnation / Salvation - eternal life / Heaven and Hell - but regarding this issue we just wish such was a reality - for then at least the twenty-two of Hollie's named abusers - and their abuse facilitators 'and' the afore-listed useful idiot / disinformation agent protectors - might well be able to continue to subvert the course of justice in this temporal world but would burn in the fires of Hades - locked in the Ninth Circle of Hell - forever, for their venal sins.

Conversely, from a personal standpoint, we'd prefer to see those paedophiles proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt - then hung, drawn and quartered - or better still, impaled 'alive and kicking' - al la Vlad Tepes fashion - as a warning to other would-be nonces ‘and’ their venal protectors.

To conclude, many thanks to Ally and the Prisoners of Conscience crew for their time and efforts, over and above the call of duty, researching into the vile cesspit depths of bonny Nonceland's Scumbags Anonymous 'Magic Circle' / Violate Club cabal and their assigned apologist stooges and cover-up Alba-Trolls (more at 'Alba-Tros's).

And a feather in their caps - obtained via our whistle-blowing mole anti-paedo abuse corroborator inside Vauxhall Cross, MI6 boss John Scarlett's discarded copy of 'The Franklin Cover-up' - resplendent with a compelling and revelatory set of margin and footnote annotations - a stellar detailed expose of the world-wide Satanic paedophile network run by the global oligarchy - penned by ex-Nebraska Senator and establishment insider, John DeCamp.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

Carbon Credit Offset / Cap & Trade Exchange (aka Global Warming / Pollution Reduction Scam) declaration: No trees, fish, cormorants, bumble bees or small furry mammals - otters or voles – or Palestinian refugees - were harmed in posting this insurrectionist epistle. However, a large number of Scaberdeen-based paedo ring hoaxters, Magic Circle Speculative Society sodomites and kiddie fiddling Satanist members of the vile Violate BD/SM Noncers Club were suitably cyber-harassed and caused fear and alarm by the TRUTH being publicly broadcast across the global ethernet.

Rusty’s Skewed News Views (Purveyors of Bespoke Satire) - enhanced with a modest touch of Yeast Logic and a piquant dash of Political Incorrectness: a news sheet and media source not beholden to Nonceland's Masonic Speculative Society or Scaberdeen-based Devil-worshipping paedo-scum - nor owned by Rupert Murdoch and the ZioNazi kikester lobby - but committed to the relay of open source information – and immune from litigation under the statutes of the ‘Fair Comment in the Public Interest’ defence.


McFey said...

Great stuff. An Opus. That will get them rattled laddie.

NIbs said...

Damn right. These bastards dare to malign Hollie and her Mum, and Robert and Rusty. About time they got maligned back.

Alpha Anarchist said...

Aye Fettsgate indeed. Like Paedo-opolis, as Rusty has named the evil Granite City. Another cover-up with that old fudging nonce Willy Nimmo Smith at the helm.
And DI Roger Orr's Magic Circle investigation report was a flop eh - obviously that's why Fettes HQ was burgalarised to order and the report stolen.
No wonder the public have zero faith in this corruption ridden judicial system. Plods, lawyers, PFs, sheriffs, judges and politicos - the lot are scum, and nonce scum at that.

Hamish said...

Freemason paedo-infested Aberdeen police again! In 1998 Chief Constable Ian Oliver was forced to resign over his disgusting incompetence and the corruption involved in the investigation of the murder of 9 year old Scott Simpson by convicted / on license kiddie fiddler Steven Leisk, close to his own Aberdeen home.
So the scandal smeared Oliver (drugs, bribes, rent boy fudging) goes and his equally bent deputy David Beatty takes over and all carries on the same.

McDuff said...

Sylvia Major was in a deal with Hollie's father Denis Mackie to send over Portuguese au pair girls for their dirty Devil worshipping rituals.
Both the Mackie's were living in the same area of Portugal when Maddy McCann disappeared.
Even Mackie's solicitor admitted that he was probably guilty of sexually abusing his daughter - and the brother Greg as well - a serial onanist and convicted sexual offender.

Malcolm said...

We hear Sylvia Major's freezer is full of aborted foetuses on ice for their midnight Black Mass BBQ picnic feasts under the full moon in Nellfield Cemetery.

Donald said...

Tick-Tock Tick-Tock Tick-Tock Tick-Tock.
The clock's a-ticking for the likes of the witches.
G4S van for Sylvia, Winnie n Annie. Might as well take that drunken slut Maggs Shaw along as well.
HMP Grampian's full of butch lesbo thumpers who have it in for paedo bitches.

P44 said...

Aye, too true Donny, and take Scott's mate Dogshit Stevenson along as well, and that bony
knapdarloch fanny Sarah McLeod wjile they is at it.

Gazzer said...

Good for these slimes to have a bete noir like Rusty chewing on their tails.

Douglas - Lerwick said...

The Hollie hoax weblog and facebook page these lowlife pariahs run are just there to diss the likes of living legends Robert Green and Rusty.
No doubts over the fact they have access to police or security service channels by the stuff they come up with.
At the end of the day they're just nonce apologists and protectors. The lowest of the low on the human shitheap.

Jeannie said...

That's true Douglas. All the Facebook page ever has on is backstabbing comments aimed at the Hollie campaign and Belinda, Rusty and Robert, and anyone else who dares stand up for Hollie's rights and exposes the Aberdeen and Edinburgh crime syndicate nonce mafia.

Red Ice said...

Who gives a damn what they post on their blog or Facebook sites Jeannie as it's all diversionary bullshit for the gullible to take their eye off the ball - the truth - that they are a bunch of establishment protected predatory nonces.
As the article states, the PTB don't care about Major and Dragon and their Youtube post is pathetic.
To hear them give evidence at Robert Green's Stonehaven trial, Major came across as a right evil lying piece of
work but her pal, as was, Dragon was a hysterical blabbermouth.
Thus the effort is to protect them from themselves and thus by extension protect the real PTB Magic Circle villains who were in Paedo-opolis sexually abusing disabled kiddies while they were drugged.

Old Holborn said...

The SNP Old Guard are on the way out. Adios Salmond. MacAskill packing his bag. Will the Sturgeon be any better? Another 'fish'? Doubtful.
But post- referendum knock-back it is starting to go pear shaped on the Magic Circle porridge wog mafiosa.
When Dragan-Smith and the vile Major and the rest of the Aberdeen nonce cult have fallen to Justice's sword then the likes of Stevenson and McLeod will be exposed for what they really are.

V said...

Stevenson or Pyrite or whatever else he deems to call himself, along with McLeod, are a pair of treacherous reptiles. Let us not overlook how they played Robert Green as supporters then stabbed him squarely in the back.
History will not treat them kindly.

Guido Fawkes said...

The double act turncoat McLeod akin with Jon Stevenson are traitors to Christian mores and all in the name of protecting the Magic Circle Masons' nonce ring. Westminster / Stormont / Westminster. They are all linked by the same evil nonce thread.

Eyre said...

Not hearing much of Sarah McLeod's crony disinformation agent John Taylor lately, or is he the Donnie Darko, whatever, persona lurking as a gatekeeper behind the ridiculous Hollie Hoax Facebook column, or is that Jon Pyrite Stevenson?
Hard to distinguish with so many shits working to keep this despicable scandal under wraps for Buchanan's depraved circle of pederasts.
Hardly the work of Royal, Major or Dragon as their intellectual talents extend no further than grunts.

Butlincat said...

Busy little bees are McLeod and Major and Keeley all trying to decry a hoax. Why not ignore these so-called unfounded allegations or as most of them are in published and written online posts / documented form then fly by slander and go for the mega-bucks libel case.
No need for the ECHR, any of Nonceland's crooked lawyers - and we have our share seeing they're all bent - will take the case on with a pay later provision.

Alba Anarchist said...

One positive thing about the Hollie 'hoax' / coverup is the fact that with the PTB targeting the anti-paedo abuse crusader likes of Robert and Rusty then they're unintentionally drawing all the more focus on the scandal with their illegal arrests, jury denied trials and custodial sentences for a non-violent 'intended' breach of the peace and 'alleged' cyber-harassment.
Freemason shit Bowen was a biased bastard at Robert's Stonehaven trial acting on orders from above - convict and imprison. Same with Pyle at Rusty's Aberdeen trial, and he actually stated (why?) that he was not a member of the Magic Circle's Speculative Society - but nary a word on not being another secret handshake club Mason.
Talk about injustice. Scotland should be ashamed.

Phrontistes said...

Keeley, Taylor, McLeod and Stevenson are just goons out to obscure the truth with a tapestry of lies and misinformation with the pathetic hope of causing a wave of disunity and divergence in the Hollie Demands Justice campaign group.
It simply isn't going to happen. The HDJ crew have seen the hard documented evidence - and one look at the Hoax webshite reveals that 'no evidence of abuse exists'.
They are desperate - and stupid to go with it.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Timothy.Your deranged ramblings perfectly expose the lunacy of the latter day Flat Earth Society who continue to promote the Hollie Greig Hoax long after Anne Greig has realised that the game was over.

What type of warped individual has a desperate need to believe fairy stories about a disabled girl being sexually abused by "establishment paedophiles"?

The Gruffalo said...

Ah 'Anonymous' - as always - the Hoaxter scum team avoid putting a name to their disinformation lies.
The P of C team remove negative comments - such as yours - unlike the paedo-led Hollie Hoax and Facebook blogs.
Fairy stories? That Hollie was the victim of serial rape by a bunch of Aberdeen sodomite 'fairies'- well, the documented medical evidence that your gang deny exists, speaks volumes on that score in itself.
As to Anne Greig, she will never relent on seeking justice for her abused daughter and has not given up 'the game' - but rather is, as you are well aware, restricted by a connived secret family court ruling from speaking out on the scandal.
Now fuck off, eat shit and die - and while about it, buy Maggs something for that cough.

Malcolm said...

Aye, and here's another for the Hoaxter's 'Anonymous'.

Theresa May confirmed today, 3rd November 2014, that she will not include Scotland in the over arching Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse WHY??


So, obviously a full Inquiry into the Hollie Greig scandal - and Scottish Child Sex Abuse by organised paedophile rings is not needed then.

Belinda said...

Per the nasty Hoaxter's comment:
"What type of warped individual has a desperate need to believe fairy stories about a disabled girl being sexually abused by "establishment paedophiles"?

More to the point what type of warped individual sexually abuses children? The 22 named by Hollie for starters - and the warped individuals that can't see the wood for the trees and ignore documented evidence of the serial rape of the children at the Beechwood Special School

Wiki Sarah said...

Good, obviously the Hoax hoaxters are getting rattled and spitting over Tym's blog post or they wouldn't bother commenting to decry the fact it gets closer to the truth than they like and exposes their diversionary 'hoax' scam to a tee.
Small wonder both Robert and Tym were intentionally denied with purposeful malice aforethought their right to jury trials as then all the medical evidence documents etc could have been submitted in evidence and truth would come out and get past the wicked Watson media censor and end up across the front pages of the national press at long last.

Jayden said...

ref this anonymous remark that's got people fired up, how can these cretins push this hoax fantasy when the hard documented police and medical evidence is there.
Why would the Scottish government sanction in excess of £2,000,000 being spent on prosecuting and imprisoning Robert Green and Rusty Rustige for such trivial non-offences if they weren't exposing a very serious criminal child sexual abuse ring?

Malcolm said...

Vert true Jay, and its not over yet as Rob Green is to stand trial again in January on some unspecific charges of harassing Hollie's named abusers, and has been denied - again - a trial by jury 'and' legal aid for counsel.
How far this one will go is any sod's guess as these paedo ring hoaxsters and apologist deniers are not ex-Lord Advocates with the power to launch legal wars of attrition against any and all who upset their fragile sensibilities.

Grizel the Celt said...

Keeley/Shaw; McLeod; Taylor; Stevenson etc, et al. All shills directed by the criminal regime that runs Scotland, the whole UK for that matter. Same bottom feeder nonce pervs in Holyrood and Westminster.
Dross the lot and all out of the same barrel as Denis the Deviant Mackie and Buchanan, Major and Dragan-Smith.
Uggghh. Even the thought of those evil bastards and the frigid granite dump that is Aberdeen and what they did to Hollie gives me the creeps.
An evil place for evil people to abuse and sacrifice children and the law looks the other way or takes an active part.
All worship the same deity - Saitan.

Gillian G. said...

Hollie and Anne deserve redress, justice and closure; and the likes of the named abusers duly investigated by a non-partisan official inquiry that the tainted Holyrood and Police Nonceland special interest villains have zero power of command over.

Anonymous said...

Some people believe Hollie Greig was raped by a paedophile ring.

Probably about the same number who believe that Timothy Rustige did not send emails to Elish Angiolini but that they were sent by his wife, his son and a group called Prisoners Of Conscience International who "did work with the Palestinians, Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and Julian Assange."

Ally (not Rusty or his wife or any of his 3 sons) said...

Now there's a point. Tens of thousands believe Hollie was subjected to long tern sexual abuse, drugging and serial rape by her father and brother 'and' the score of other low lifes named in the 2000 complaint that the police never acted on - apart from to ignore the matter.
As to the rest - pity these scumsters don't listen to what's said during a trial - but that was a problem with the noise and distraction of Slaggs Shaw's chronic coughing bouts that she had to leave the courtroom over.
But there's disinformation at work for you - any old propaganda shite will do.
Glad to read the hoaxters post has proved suitably irritant - well it mist have otherwise tossers like you wouldn't be posting counter comments to perpetuate the Hollie Hoax webshite lies.

Malo said...

Same 'Anonymous' again. Craven paedo apologist shites who fail to engage brain before opening their gobs.
Know a person by their associates - and the Hollie Hoax coven liars are in bed with the nonces that abused Hollie. Now what does that make them?

Ally said...

Cheers Mal. This blog has a wider audience than the Hollie Hoax blog or Facelessbook page.
No wonder the hoaxters are rattled. 2,368 views on this blog since posted on the 27/10. Not quite up to the Prisoners of Conscience 'Men in Skirts Paedo Ring Exposed' blog that was posted following Robert's first arrest in February 2010 - now topping 16,800 views - but Exposing the Hollie Hoax Hoaxters is getting there.
Nice sense of achievement to know it's winding them up and annoying the shit out of the likes of Hollie's abusers and their apologist / cover-up shills.
Oh, as to Anonymous - same IP addy as the first derogatory comment. Obviously the same chickenshit sociopath twat.

Cwocker said...

Gotta get Banksy to do a Cardinal Sin style masterpiece of wall art graffiti in Castle Square ready for Robert's trial in January or his Mild Mild West anarchy magnum opus on the side of Queen Street's Pig Sty.

Niall said...

Just what are these twisted stooges thinking? Are they that evil, under orders from the Holyrood Magic Circle Mafia to muddy the waters and put the fleggers on anyone who dares stand up for Hollie and demand the delinquent police get their corrupt fingers out and do the job they're meant to - protect children from pedophiles and not protect the sheriffs and politicians and their cronies who sexually violate these kids.

Bantag 7 said...

The androgynous Anonymous hoax-buster's first comment is a cracker. Flat Earth indeed. If the Vatican's Roman Catholic bumboy /pederast infested church had their way then we'd still be stuck with that ontological fallacy as a scientific fact, along with the Sun going round the Earth, and cash for salvation and benefices. A crooked institution, then and now, run on simony and sodomy.
In God we trust. Ha. No way. Suffer the little children. Too true if the Grampian coco pops and Holyrood pondscum have their way.

Rabhartach said...

No compromise with these bastards. No let up. No stand down. Let's keep the pressure up on these pedo-whitewash shills and expose their sophistry and see them all in Hell with their beloved deity Satan.

Ailsa C said...

Institutional paedophilia is a sad and sorry shocking fact the entire nation needs to wake up to and stamp out - and the untouchable so-called VIP offenders - like the craven murderous villains who made the lives of Hollie Grieg and so many other Aberdeen children a misery be institutionalised in the prisons where they jail the good and courageous souls who do stand up to be counted and publicly expose these vile crimes.

Beatty said...

These evil slimes make me cringe and fear for my grandchildren's innocence, and their precious lives.
How can these Hoax website morons deny Hollie was sexually abused when copies of her medical examination records are posted online.
But like all criminals and their apologists and evasive coverup artists, it is all in the denial: public denial and self-denial - for lying and denial are simply personal survival tools, are they not.
From simple indiscretions to minor offences to capital crimes such as child molesting and the serial rape of a special needs child by her father and brother and their Masonic fraternity chums.
They disgust us and should be put down.

Quinn said...

Someone's worried - or 'unnerved' as Rusty so eloquently puts it, with the Hollie Demands Justice movement, all helped along with dollops of serendipity since the Savile / Smith / Elm Ghoul House scandal exposes.
But these Aberdeen and Edinburgh Magic Circle paedo untouchables have the financial muscle and a state apparatus propaganda machine on steroids - and zero moral conscience - to have their own Hollie Hoax website and a team of deniers to run it for the fat slob trolls who Hollie named as her abusers.

Ingrid said...

These horrid people are caring nothing for the welfare of the childs but only their own dirty sexual fetish kinks that want childs as the victim to abuse and then to make sacrifice to their evil Devil god.

Dandini said...

This paedo-evil exists even in God's church where priests and nuns come to hide behind a facade of respectability and thus gain access to the innocents for their vile lusts.
And we know it exists with the Holyrood politico-judiciary Violate Club crowd in Edinburgh with their Magic Circle / Operation Planet get out of jail free card waiver to shag underage rent boys - and we haven't forgotten who cobbled that disgusting piece of legislature together either.

Ex-Plod said...

Abuse of appointed office and public trust. We see it everywhere with our so-called chosen ones, these elitist politicos; whether MPs and Parliamentary expenses fiddles which are small shit compared to what they have done with their paedo rings, and none more so than Scotland's Holyrood and Crown Office Magic Circle where the child sexual abuse is the minor offence when compared to falsely jailing on stitch up charges their exposers and ordering the murders of the likes of Hollie's Uncle Robert Greig before he could blow the gaff on their dirty pederast club in Aberdeen.

Grits said...

A sore thumb fact that so many of these exposed dead, and too untouchable' living, paedo types are titled Sirs and Lords, which reflects badly on our parasitic reptile of a monarch and Downing Street cabinet Honours Selection Committee.
Just thinking of Prince Andrew's American host Jeffrey Epstein, imprisoned for paedophilia - which says a lot about Andy Pandy; and his ridiculous brother Charles and his great pal Jimmy Savile, the Glencoe necrophiliac.

Duck's Foot said...

Amazes me why any sick fuck would want to have sex with a child - boy or girl.
Must be a mental aberration - or like the Bible says about faggots - an abomination.
But there again, Scotland's elitist noncers wearing tartan skirts and hairy sporrans - explains a lot.

Kamal Bey said...

Online news at noon announces that over 7,000 cases of kiddie fiddling by paedo scum at schools and care homes being investigated in Merrie England and Welsh Wales under the Home Office-directed overarching historic sexual abuse'inquiries' right now.
Alas Terry May's so-called 'overarching inquiry' isn't too all-encompassing as it does not include Nonceland, hence the Scottish Nonce Party's hierarchy - the slippery fish twins - Salmond and Sturgeon - and the lame duck (more at a mullet) Injustice Secretary Kenny MacAskill get out of that committment - which would have proved yet another coverup / whitewash anyways.

McGarrett said...

Holyrood politicos and the judiciary make up their own rules. Their nasty Glassie and Edinburgh Violate Club VIP members are untouchable and the media daren't name them.
Like the subject of Rusty's blog here - the Aberdeen paedo ring that abused Hollie since she was six years of age and a host of other wee kiddies too. All untouchable for it's not so much the fact they control the police and courts - they are the police and sheriffs and judges and fiscals and civil servants and care workers and social service dogsbodys.

Heidi G said...

These Hollie Hoax perps are shameless. But you can't cure stupid

Arkady said...

If the political will was there with Salmond and the SNP regime then this alleged Aberdeen paedophile ring would be investigated on the strength of the medical reports and Hollie's interview with DC Lisa Evans.
Obviously the political will is not there.
Masonic fraternity corruption rules.
Same with child porn on the internet - if the political will was there, then the servers would be forced to eliminate any such material - and do not go down the 'Dark Net' route. That is an excuse - it all goes through servers - it all inter-connects.
All part of the gameplan to create (job done) a dysfunctional society infested with weirdo kiddie fiddlers and sexual perverts who screw men up the bum and shag morbid corpses and animals and children.

Malo said...

Okay Scaberdeen paedo scum - Major, Dragon, Royal, all of ye filthy trolls. Read this and tremble for ye time is at hand.

Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, EH99 1SP Tel: 0131 348 6427

15/16 Springfield, Dundee, DD1 4JE
Tel: 01382 202584

News from Scottish Labour
For immediate release.

Justice for Survivors of Child Abuse

Scottish Labour’s Spokesperson for Justice, Graeme Pearson, has called for justice for the survivors of Child Abuse in Scotland, saying:

“Theresa May has apologised this week to survivors for resignations relating to her Public Inquiry into historical child abuse.

“Meanwhile the Scottish Government continues duck and weave on the issue, refusing our demands to hold a public inquiry to enable us all to know what is the situation here in Scotland, and how can we protect vulnerable young people in our care today.

“Survivors have bravely fought for years to be heard and Scottish Labour has supported their calls for an inquiry. The SNP declare they stand for social justice in Scotland – if so why don’t they initiate a public inquiry now into historical child abuse?

“The buck has been repeatedly passed in Scotland between Mr Macaskill, Mr Russell and Ms Cunningham in the Scottish government. The time for justice is now. It is time someone in government acted in this matter.”

Notes to Editors

The UK Government is holding a public inquiry into child sex abuse. This inquiry will not extend to Scotland because these issues are devolved.

The Scottish Government has not committed to holding a public inquiry. Rather, Mike Russell at the end of last month said there should be “a review of the added value of carrying out a national inquiry into historic abuse” – no commitment to an inquiry at all.

Scottish Labour have repeatedly called for an inquiry and held a member’s debate led by Graeme Pearson on this on 30th April this year.

The motion Scottish Labour brought forward for debate was:

“That the Parliament acknowledges the continuing efforts of survivors of historic institutional child abuse, including those in South Scotland, to access justice; recognises that many survivors continue to suffer from the legacy of the abuse that they experienced; believes that, while some steps have been taken to address historic child abuse, much more needs to be done; notes the deliberations of the Public Petitions Committee in its consideration of Petition PE1351, Time for all to be heard, since it was lodged in August 2010; welcomes the publication by the Scottish Human Rights Commission of its Action Plan on Justice for Victims of Historic Abuse of Children in Care; notes that the main aims of the action plan are to achieve acknowledgement and accountability for historical institutional child abuse; further notes that a number of options exist for improving accountability, including a full public inquiry, the establishment of a survivors' support fund and tackling the barrier of the time bar in allowing survivors access to justice, and notes calls for action to improve support for survivors of historic institutional child abuse and allow them access to justice”

Gilly said...

Yes, nice one Mal.
Let us hope Scottish Labour MP Graeme Pearson pushes this one through - then the Scaberdeen trolls will be worried when Mr Plod comes a-knocking with handcuffs at the ready - and for Buchanan as well.

Yvonne said...

Hollie told DC Lisa Evans that both Eileen Sim and Carol Lowlife injected her with drugs prior to her being part in the paedo ring's Satanic ritual sexual abuse and blood sacrifice sessions.
Probably both had access to Demerol / Pethidine or some equally noxious narcotic.

Golly said...

They all wear the Devil's Mark of Cain, which they have deceived themselves into believing absolves them of their venal child molesting and murdering sins.

Malc said...

Subject: Historic child abuse in Scotland

I hope all of us in Labour are committed to a full enquiry

Sent from my iPad

On 6 Nov 2014, at 19:56,

Subject: Fwd: Historic child abuse in Scotland

Then let us all hope Richard is as good as his word and he, along with Scottish Labour's Graeme Pearson MSP, force the issue through in Holyrood and we finally have an 'overarching' inquiry into historic child sexual abuse cases - and in the instance of the Hollie Grieg scandal and this seemingly untouchable pederast ring that preys on special needs and disabled children with impunity as their venal circle membership is composed of Aberdeen-based active judiciary and police - then that is where an investigation begins.

Peter C said...

So why is there no inquiry?

Due the fact the Satanic worship house of Holyrood and the Speculative Society-dominated Crown Office are infested with Magic Circle paedo-bumboys, supported by the black propaganda put out by the evil likes of paedo-apologist / coverup protectors / whitewash disinformation stooges like career trolls Taylor, Shaw, McLeod and Stevenson - and not to forget arch-criminals Royal, Major and Dragan-Smith operating their pathetic 'denial' blogs and Facebook page.

Burl said...


Gizmo said...

Wonder how many wee bairns were molested and raped then sacrificed by the Ferryhill paedo ring for their Halloween black mass party last week?

Iconoclast 9 said...

Gatekeepers = disinformation shills / black propaganda stooges.
The HDJ campaigners hold the moral high ground. We have the documented medical and criminal compensation board evidence and police / legal opinions that Hollie was the victim of sexual abuse.
They have nothing, apart from denials and lies from the named abusers. But denials and lies are all part of the lowlife human survival / self-preservation mechanism.
So what else do we expect. Savile was in denial. Cyril Smith too. Rolf Harris the same. All these VIP paedo shits believe they're untouchable and in denial - even when they're force fed with the damning evidence of their crimes.

And the hoaxter-pushing fraud likes of arch-criminals Major and the Dragon and gatekeepers Shaw / Keeley, Taylor, Stevenson and McLeod and all their disinformation shill ilk call us 'fantasists'?

Helen said...

I attended one of Robert's hearings at Aberdeen Sheriffs Court and saw the likes of Shaw/Keely, Major, Royal and the Dragon (fiitng name) in the flesh, and not a pretty sight either - all were pestering - harassing a better term - the stalwart Belinda McKenzie who was outside the court displaying her Justice for Hollie and Robert banners and distributing 'Justice' campaign leaflets.
Shaw is just a plain and simple shill but Major is ugly-creepy - as though evil is seeping from her pores like septic sweat.

Gillian said...

Couldn't agree more Helen. Creepy? More at Prime Evil. A very nasty piece of work, or as Paul says, 'nowt but a fat old slug wot preys on the defenceless'.
An apt description. As to the horrid Shaw and Dragan and McLeod, let's not even go there. The Oxford compendium of derogatory adjectives does not suffice to describe them.

Neil said...

The Police Complaints Commission for Scotland report on Hollie included the lines "The position, as far as I can determine it, is that there seems a sufficiency of evidence to accept, on the balance of probability, that X was sexually abused, and that this has included penetration of her private parts. Given that X, because of her disabilities, has been closely supervised throughout her life, the perpetrator is most likely to have been someone close to her who had regular, unsupervised access.”

Too true: father Denis Mackie; brother and convicted sex offender Greg Mackie; Beechwood Special School head teacher (lecher) Andrew Young; social worker / paedo abuse facilitator Helen MacDonald; Satanic ritual sex abuse / self-declared black magic witch and High Priestess of the Aberdeen coven, Sylvia Major.

Glencoe Garry said...

Right fucked up schoolyard piccy of Maggs Shaw from the last century - in her GCHQ Cheltenham Rachel Keely persona days with a fluorescent ginger mingin rinse on her rat's nest hair do - or had she simply just fallen out of the boozer door with her psycho-mate SLEJ339 - pissed rotten drunk, as usual.

Sabine said...

Another Hollie hoax black propaganda Facebook page run by Rachel Keeley, aka Maggs O'Neil-Shaw. GCHQ pig. Professional shill, establishment whore, liar, all-round vile kunt
Watch that bronchial cough Slaggs - obviously the Scaberdeen climate doesn't sit as well as Cheltenham's. Best wrap up when u stagger out of the pub shit-faced every afternoon this winter.

Pontinsmoggy said...

All a cabal of treacherous shits tasked with discrediting the evidence and the truth. What kind of low life shills would cover up the abuse, sexual or otherwise, of any defenceless child - boy or girl?
Well the likes of cointelpro stooges of course.
No point in excusing them as intelligence-deficient morons who haven't seen the hard documented evidence proving the sexual abuse visited on Hollie since she was a child as they have seen it and that's their job - to discredit the whole case and smear her supporters and the HJD campaign exposers and anti-child sexual abuse crusaders like Robert and Belinda and all as weirdo fantasists with some conspiracy theory / embezzlement agenda. Dirt diggers is all they are.
Trust them / believe the 'official' line? No way - we've seen the lengths the establishment / PTB will go to - and have - to conceal such paedo crimes - just look at Special Branch crims intimidating and silencing plod squad investigators hot on the trails of Cyril Smith and Savile, to name a couple.
Talk about subverting the course of justice - conspiratorial criminality doesn't even touch the depths of depravity these bastards will sink to in an effort to maintain the bent corruption ridden status quo - bribes, threats, blackmail, abductions and murder included.
Public duty? What a fucking joke.

Bash-a-Nonce Billy said...

Beware Hoax hoaxters - here there be truth:

Maggz O'Neil Shaw cum Rachel Keeley, whatever, like Sharon 'Whacky' Zaki and that other bottle blonde moment shitbag Mel Ve - all shill/ stooge arseholes. Talk about wolves in sheep's clothing - Rach Keeley and McLeod and Major, Dragan, Royal - all just cunts - in cunt's clothing.
TICK-TOCK-TICK-TOCK-TICK-TOCK - the clock's running and time's running out for all of those who accept the Devil's dispensation.
Political correctness aside, God hates pederasts more so than the Vatican's Men in Black sodomites.

Dogman said...

Yeah, Mel Ve, Esther Rancid, Margaret Oppenheimer Hodge and a lot more, all media watchmen and up to their necks in child abuse scandals and posing as the exposers and as the crusaders working to achieve a better world.
Truth is they're all establishment shills, lackeys, pawns, patsys and stooges who have accepted some modicum of material gain and social / government celebrity rank / royal title in the temporal world (BBC for one) to play the role of gate-keeper liars to keep the lid on the Freemason Dark Forces franernity's / officialdom's vile abuses: drugs, embezzlement, political murders, child sex trafficking, paedo abuse and Satanic blood sacrifices.

Steppenwolf said...

Aberdeen might well be Paedo-opolis but Glassie and Edinburgh are leaps and bounds ahead on this score. All part of the Satanist OTO fraternity hiding behind a Freemasonic veneer. This foul entity permeates the officialdom / establishment sectors of our entire society with graft and corruption. Common street gossip, and of that there is a magnitude, claims the Mason's OTO High Priest in Paedo-opolist is Sheriff Graeme Buchanan, one of Hollie Greig's named sexual abusers with documented links to Hollie's abuser father Denis Mackie and convicted sex offender brother Greg.

Grouty of Grampian said...

Buchanan's a hypocrite of the first order of scumbags. A raving bisexual nonce who goes easy on his fellow paedophile sex offenders.
This bent justice system wasted some two million pounds on the arrests, trials and imprisonments of Rusty and Robert Green just to silence their Hollie Demands Justice campaign that was exposing and naming those involved in the coverup of her abuse.
So they put them in prison here in mainland Scotland and they get moved around - Craiginches, Peterhead, Perth and Barlinnie - and silenced they are not as they're treated as prisoners of conscience not only by their fellow inmates but the majority of the prison staff as well. And the whole Hollie Demands Justice campaign goes on inside those prison walls to eager ears who adore revelations of the hierarchy's corrupt wrong-doings - and they all hate sex offenders and the nonce variety more so - and Buchanan's name tops their list as prime evil.
So instead of gagging Robert and Rusty our nonce-loving Holyrood government just provided them with a perfect forum to spread the Hollie gospel, which then went from prisoners to their families and beyond.

Clan MacLeod said...

What the Grout says is true and our crooked government have wasted over two million pounds of our money on prosecuting and jailing Rob Green and Rusty Rustige which has not silenced them as their campaigning for Hollie and other victims of establishment, shitbag Masons, ritual sex abuse goes on regardless.
More is to the point that this vendetta by the crown office and Salmond's Scottish Nonces Party hasnt ended yet as they intend to put Rob Green on trial in Aberdeen in January on a complaint of harassment filed by Hollie's named abusers - the likes of Dragon, Buchanan and Major.

Mal said...

This cowardy custard who signs himself 'Mr Anonymous' (most likely Jon 'Pieshite' Stevenson) claims Hollie's campaigners are all fantasists for maintaining a belief that Aberdeen harbours an untouchable paedophile ring.
How does this twat account for officiadoms reaction regarding the swoop arrests of Robert Green and Rusty Rustige back in February when it became known they had and were about to publish a full membership list of the Violate BD/SM Club passed on from the Anonymous group's hackers which named scores of Holyrood / Crown Office / Law Lords VIP types in the rolls of necrophiliacs, pederasts, felchers and animal shaggers.

Neil said...

Thats a fact Mal. Wouldnt be at all surprised if the likes of Chris Spivey posted the actual membership list on his expose blog on the 21st January - as Rob Greens next persecution / revenge trial commences in Aberdeen for supposedly harassing (naming) Hollie's abusers and their bent nonce Sheriff protector.

Dr Katherina Gaspar said...

Surprised these so-called hoax iconoclasts haven't got Hollie's named abusers, the scurrilous likes of Major and Dragon and Royal and Buchanan hiring the evil McCann's super-libel lawyers Carter-Ruck to sue the shit out of any and all who finger them.
But would Carter-Ffuck take a case on knowing the purported 'libel' is the TRUTH?

Ludi said...

Don't mention those bastard murdering McCann's who allowed Maddy to be sexually abused by their Tapas crony Payne. All a bunch of Masonic Satanists into ritual child sex abuse. McCann's a Scots nonce al well. Says a lot when we consider the Hollie case and the hoax denial cabal.

Gazzer said...

While the only one who can confirm the allegation is Gerald McCann, the story goes that David Payne in her nonce father's presence and both inebriated, choked Maddy to death (accidentally of course) while 'teaching' (sic - forcing) her to perform felattio.

Selwyn said...

Let's see what the 'Wee Nippy', our new Jimmy Krankie First Minister - Miss Approachable - is game for. An over-arching inquiry into historic child sexual abuse cases, same as the Westminster Home Office have tasked the plods with in England and Wales.
First order of business on the agenda - Hollie Greig and the so-called untouchable Aberdeen Satanist=nonce ring luring behind their Christian Freemason veneer.

Crammer said...

Obviously this news article is referring directly to the Aberdeen nonce ring and Sylvia Major - or not?

One campaigner said he had heard of babies born but never registered, so they would not be missed when killed by secret paedophile networks.

The existence of such terrifying cults is said to have gone unchecked in Scotland for decades, with victims facing scepticism and outright disbelief.

Many incidents took place years ago but experts are sure ritual abuse rings still operate.

Police Scotland said yesterday they were taking the allegations “incredibly seriously” and would investigate any complaints.

The claims will put the Scottish government under intense pressure to announce a public inquiry into historic child sexual abuse, with Scotland now the only part of the UK without such a review.

The disturbing claims of snuff films and widespread ritual abuse made by two charities came to light during a lengthy investigation by the Sunday Express.
ast year we revealed that shamed DJ Jimmy Savile raped a girl aged 15 in 1975 during a satanic abuse ritual, while cloaked paedophiles looked on.

Kate Short, of Kilmarnock-based charity Break The Silence, said: “We have had quite a lot of disabled and special needs children, like Hollie Greig, who have been abused as part of a cult or a paedophile ring. In the worst cases they have been forced to watch the making of snuff movies."

"It’s the extreme, barbaric type of terror that can lead to serious personality disorder. Victims are so brainwashed and drugged they don’t dare to speak out.”

Charity Izzy’s Promise is based in Dundee. Project coordinator Joseph Lumbasi said: “Babies are aborted for sacrifices. There is pornography, sick films. Horrific things are happening and nobody is getting caught due the police being members of this sinister Freemason Devil worship paedophile network."

Anna Baboon said...

The Hollie Greig scandal ain't no hoax, whatever these black propaganda cum disinformation weasels and gatekeeper stooges try to convince people of otherwise.
See the hard evidence it's all there to be viewed.
Make the connections based on the unbiased medical and Iain Ally report evidence.

Simenon de Croix said...

The Crown Office need not have assigned a Procurator Fiscal to prosecute their cases at the trials of Robert Green or Rusty Rustige as their SLAB / Crown Office appointed legal counsels did the job for them with their pathetic lines of defence and lack of cross examination questions that would have proved neither man was guilty of that which he stood accused.

But that's the game in this nonce-ridden nest of corrupt serpents, this Legal La La Land, where all Holyrood and Crown Office / Law Lords Gay McMafia are bothered about is the blackmailing and coercing of top dog lawyers, and achieving outcomes - and justice be fucked.

That's bonny Nonceland folks - run by the Masonic sodomite's Speculative Society - one infested with a horde of wigged and robed kiddie fiddling perverts who prefer illicit violent penetrative sex with little boys to grown women.

Now, for tonight's kinky dinky quiz, who knows how to solve this little riddle?

Four Sheriffs and partners,
Two ex partners of Sheriffs
Two High Court judges and partners
Two Procurator Fiscals and partners
Six ex partners of Procurator Fiscals
Sixteen court staff
Thirty seven staff from Scottish government departments
Seventeen primary school teachers

The answer to this last question is the Glasgow and Edinburgh based sexual fetish / hardcore BD/SM Violate Clubs where noncing is the sport of choice.

Cheshire Cat said...

Hoaxters are caught out by their own sore thumb porky pies. The Occam's Razor principle applies. Hollie never fantasised this scandal into being as it's all true. Major and her circle of witchie poo shits are as guilty as all hell. The named 22 should be stoned in Castle Square as a public warning to all nonces.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Robert Green heard Hollie tell the cops ,without Anne there about her abuse,THATS WHY HE IS STILL DOING THIS

Neil said...

We're gonna get our historic child sexual abuse inquiry out of Holyrood yet, thanks to Mike Russell and Graeme Pearson MSPs.
Scottish Labour will be pushing the case and Wee Nippy Sturgeon's going tae go along with it.
The Hollie Greig scandal's gonna be topping the agenda - and we're after the coverup merchants as well as the named abusers.
MacAskill for one, Watson if we can hook the lowlife bastard, and the theme tune is gonna be Dame Busters when the sights are set on the complicity of lying bitch Lord Advocates past.

McTavish said...

Looks like Hollie could get justice and closure after all the crooked Holyrood, Justice Ministry and Crown Office efforts to stymie the scandal.
Hopefully the hoaxters are shitting kittens and the bent paedo sheriff that Robert named Buchanan and that fat ugly slug Sylvia Major. especially.

SCOTTISH ministers are drawing up plans for a public inquiry into historic child sex abuse, it emerged yesterday.
It is thought the probe will cover allegations of abuse at care homes and education institutions as well as by religious orders, by what are said to be high profile members of the establishment.
The Scottish Government has come under intense pressure to order an inquiry – with Scotland now the only part of the UK without such a review.
There were renewed calls for action yesterday after two leading charities claimed that children north of the Border have been the victims of satanic abuse including rape, murder and even the production of so-called snuff films, which depict killings.
One campaigner said he had heard of babies born but never registered, so they would not be missed when killed by secret paedophile networks.
Scottish Labour’s justice spokesman, Graeme Pearson, said he hoped an inquiry would be launched as soon as possible.
Education Secretary Mike Russell will make a statement to Holyrood on child protection and focus on the issue of historical abuse.
"The pressure has become significant and events elsewhere in the UK means that this needs to be done to clear the air and we don’t know why the government has been dallying so long.”
Many incidents took place years ago but experts are sure ritual abuse rings still operate.
Sure do - look at the untouchable Nonce Central Aberdeen-based paedo ring cult.
Look at the Violate BD/SM Clubs in Glassie and Edinburgh - all VIP / Masonic memberships.
Police Scotland said they were taking the allegations of snuff films and widespread ritual abuse “incredibly seriously” and would investigate all historic complaints that have been ignored or shelved for lack of evidence.

Nibs said...

Let's hope and pray the Labour-backed inquiry sprouts wings and flies and Hollie gets justice - and just maybe Roy Greig's murder gets investigated too - with the links exposed to wife-toasting arsonist Malcolm Webster and his crim accomplice - Aberdeen hit man Sylvester Cadger who was awarded a bravery medal for his part in the assisted suicide sham.
So who had Roy snuffed - Mackie or Terry Major or Buchanan? Or a bit of all three?

Ally C said...

The police detectives running Operation Midland are investigating claims of homicides linked to a Westminster-based VIP paedophile ring involving powerful people in the 1970s and 1980s.The group is alleged to have included senior figures in public life, the military, politics and law enforcement who thought nothing of having whistle-blowing victims and anti-abuse expose activists snuffed by the ever-compliant security services.

When Scottish Labour have their inquiry into charges of the historic sexual abuse of children up and running and eventually focus on the Hollie Greig serial rape scandal and the untouchable Aberdeen-based Satanist / paedophile ring who abused her and a host of other special needs and disabled kiddies from the Beechwood Special School, perhaps it would be prudent to reviewing the murder / assisted suicide of Hollie's Uncle Robert 'Roy' Greig, silenced to prevent him exposing this VIP pederast ring after catching Hollie's father Denis Mackie sexually abusing her.

Rory said...

Yeah, Porky Pict Salmond's gone. Now we have the other 'fish' Wee Nippy Jimmy Krankie - our Ms Sturgeon who says she will play ball with Labour and set in motion their overarching historic child sexual abuse inquiry.

McFly said...

The Sheriff Graeme Buchanan / Simpson & Marwick Solicitors letter to Robert Green admitting that Hollie Greig was the victim of long term sexual abuse by her father Denis Mackie and brother Greggy (convicted sex offender) is now up on YouTube - thanks to Scott.

Brenda said...

Organised child sex abuse widespread in Britain - MPs say: and especially bonny Nonceland where paedo kiddie fiddling by Satan-worshipping Freemason scum gets a slap on the wrist in a Sheriffs court.

Gilly said...

More than a quarter of sex offences are not being recorded as crimes by police in England and Wales, a watchdog says.
An HM Inspectorate of Constabulary report said the failure to record sex crimes properly was "indefensible".
More than 800,000 - or one in five - of all reported sexual offences went unrecorded each year, it said.
Home Secretary Theresa May described the findings as "utterly unacceptable"

And the situation is even worse in child molesting Nonceland

Brenda said...

An Essex couple's 5-year old daughter, her innocence stolen when raped by a 12-year old neighbour three years ago, is still waiting on justice and her abuser to be arrested and prosecuted.
Any such luck? No way, even though the pre-teen offender admitted the assault, there was nary a mention of being entered in the Sexual Offenders Register, and he was discharged with a caution of: "The next time yer get the rape urge - do it with someone yer own age."

Sounds like Grampian Police

Yvonne S said...


Brenda said...

Brenda Mumsy Mcnamara shared ok Folks,we very rarely ask for help but now im asking ,Robert Green has used up all his pension money ,not only by being incaserated in prison 3 times for helping HOLLIE GREIG but by using his own money up going to events,rallys,ect ect ,so now can we give a bit back ,please DONATE AS LITTLE OR AS MUCH AS YOU CAN SPARE please send a cheque or postal or donations to MR ROBERT GREEN ,4 BIRCHDALE ROAD,APPLETON,WARRINGTON, CHESHIRE,WA4 5AR,please put in a SAE SO HE CAN REPLY.

Thank you.

Hamilton Garry said...


Filmmaker Bill Maloney and fellow anti child abuse campaigner Chris Fay discuss the current circumstances surrounding former Home Secretary Leon Brittan, Simon Danzcuk MP's question to the House of Commons, Government coverups and other sensitive issues that are relevant. WARNING! ****Triggers****

Belinda said...

Worth raking over the ashes as a reminder:

Nella McPhilomy said...

Good news for the Hollie Demands Justice campaign

Details of the structure and scheduling for the proposed national inquiry under the Protection of Children and Prevention of Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act 2005 into historic child sexual abuse in Scotland will be announced before Parliament breaks up for recess on December 19.
Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, Michael Russell, informed MSPs that survivors of historic abuse in care have a strong and persuasive case to demand this long overdue inquiry.
The Scottish Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has repeatedly called for a full public inquiry to establish the full scale of historic abuse of children in care homes, special schools, educational institutions and the like.

SHRC chair Professor Alan Miller said the commitment displayed by Mike Russell and Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Labour MSP, Graeme
Pearson was a “positive move in the right direction as the state has a duty to protect people from all manner of discrimination and sexual abuse especially so; and to fulfil their rights to justice and remedies."
“Many survivors will look forward to the introduction of a public inquiry. Christmas cannot come soon enough for them."
“A public inquiry will give us a full understanding of why we are where we are and how we can prevent things from recurring in the future in the way that they have been ignored and covered up over the past decades.”

The Lord Advocate last month confirmed in an interview with Holyrood that prosecutors are to be given ‘bespoke’ training in how to deal with the historical sexual abuse charges.

Malc said...

Great news Nella.
That means Hollie's medical reports and DC Lisa Evans interview with Hollie, and a whole shedload of other documentation that Robert and Rusty and Belinda have in hand will finally be investigated and hopefully her 22 named abusers get the third degree.
Denis Mackie and his sex pest son Gregg are in an EU country, Portugal, up to all kinds of no good with au pair girl sex trafficking and they can easily be dragged back here under a European Arrest Warrant.

Good and about time. Long overdue.

Let's see if the 'I'm a Freemason' and 'Don't you know who I am?' and regardless of being Aberdeen police forensics officers or sitting Sheriffs, they all get collared for sexually abusing Hollie and Cadger too, for murdering her Uncle Roy on their orders.

Bill said...

Had enough of them all. ER and the Royal parasites, the London and Edinburgh pederast cabals. Masonry, Satanism and paedophilia are synonymous. The C of E and the Catholic Vatican gangs and their hypocrisy Bibles. Sexual predators masquerading as spiritual mentors to gain access to innocent children.
This isn't some treatable mental aberration they're just evil to the core.





The evil and corruption at government levels is gradually being exposed, as it all will. The Word of God will never be voided. Luke 12:2 Matt 10:26

Anonymous said...

Scotland Gone Bonkers. Nonces, nonces - everywhere.

Two nonces who murdered a woman are suing Scottish ministers over lack of contact in jail and for £35,000 compensation each over "hurt feelings".
William Lauchlan and Charles O'Neill killed Allison McGarrigle after she planned to reveal their kiddie fiddling sex abuse.
The nonces claim they were previously in a long-standing relationship and the Holyrood government has breached their human rights in relation to inter-prison visits and contact by telephone and letters.
O'Neill and Lauchlan are serving life sentences in different prisons in Scotland and have not been permitted to see each other in visits.
They argue the Scottish government has failed to respect their rights under Article 8 of the European Convention of Human Rights, which provides protection for private and family life. They also claim they have been discriminated against on the basis of their sexual orientation - fudging bum-shaggers who get off on sodomising little boys.

Wonder if High Priestess Sylvie Major and her wicked witch pals Winnie the Dragon and Anne Royal will be allowed to see each other when they get sent to jail?

Magaidha of Kintyre said...

Sooo please that the ridiculous Alex Salmond is no more and wee Nicola Sturgeon has more than filled his boots.
If she is as good as her word to us, then she will keep her pledge and support the Pearson-Russell push for an overarching inquiry into allegations of historical child sexual abuses being covered up by corrupt elements of the police-security services and the Crown Office, just as in England, Wales and Ulster.

Justice for Robert Green said...

Scottish Government Cover up of Hollie Greig Part 4 – The Scottish Legal System rejects Hollie.

On 10th June, Mark Daly phoned to tell us that not only had the team been prevented by a senior BBC figure from making any further investigations into paedophile rings, but also that the team would be sacked if they continued to persist.

Despite all attempts, Daly and the others refused to divulge who it was who blocked them and efforts to elicit this information from the Director-General and the head of the BBC Trust have thus far failed to find a response.

However, Grampian police, under persistent pressure, agreed to conduct another investigation into Hollie’s case, led by Tanya Leiper. No urgency whatsoever was attached to this, however and it was only when a shot was fired at the window of Anne and Hollie’s home this August that any firm action was taken, after I had written to both the Grampian Police and Alex Salmond, who had previously been informed about the case, that I would hold the individuals concerned personally responsible if any hard should befall Anne and/or Hollie.

Tanya Leiper and Lisa Evans came down to Shrewsbury on 8th September to interview both Anne and Hollie. I was able to listen to the interview conducted with Hollie by Lisa Evans from the next- door room of the house.

It lasted around three and a half hours in which Hollie explained and relived her multiple rape ordeals in precise and intimate detail. It was horrifying, but Hollie was magnificently heroic and remained strong and throughout, answering the questions with tremendous composure, squaring exactly with everything I had understood as a result of my own observations. Let it not be forgotten that she had already endured such an interview on August 25th 2000.

I have previously written to Sheriff Buchanan with a list of his fellow rape gang visitors to the house, along with Hollie’s name and a picture of her. He, denied, in writing, any knowledge of any of them. Below is the list:

Aberdeen Paedophile Rape Ring
Denis Charles Mackie
Greg Mackie
Graeme Mackie
Gillian Mackie
Jack Buchanan
Evelyn Buchanan
Sheriff Graeme Buchanan
David Smith
Wyn Dragan
Terry Major (Police Officer - deceased - now in Hell)
Sylvia Major
Helen MacDonald (Carer for Hollie Grieg)
Ian MacDonald
Carol Low

Known Victims
Hollie Greig
Richard Dragan
Katherine Major
Jennifer Major
Two children of Ian and Helen Macdonald
Two children of Graeme and Gillian Mackie

Guido Fawkes said...

Things are starting to come full circle, both here in London and in creepy Caledonia with their bizarre laws where a person is presumed guilty even if the evidence is lacking if some egoistic and arrogant Minister or Crown Office panjandrum has been fingered as the shameless epitome of corruption with links to the coverup of elitist paedophile rings and BD/SM clubs that cater for perverted sexual practices.

Old Moss Scally said...

kiddie fiddling besides, we hear that untouchable wigged nonce Buchanan subscribes to Spartacus magazine like his Freemason club pals at the Violate Club

Lorna said...


20th November 2014


Dear Miss Sturgeon,

May I congratulate you on becoming the first woman to be chosen as First Minister of Scotland.

As you have been lady-in-waiting, in effect, for this job, the content of the most pressing pile of papers on your desk cannot come as a surprise to you; those pertaining to the urgent need for an Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse in Scotland, both current and historical.

Given that the Scotsman reported on 17th November 2014 that 13 new child sex abuse cases are presented every day in Scotland, this would mean a figure not far short of 5,000 per annum. I cannot see that there is any argument whatsoever to dismiss the proposed CSA Inquiry.

In your inaugural speech today, you invite rival politicians to come forward with their ideas so you may work with them. Graeme Pearson, Shadow Justice Secretary, has already emerged from the shadows in his calls for proper investigation into historical CSA. If you are to stand by your words, I would like to suggest that you work closely with him on this topic, as hitherto the SNP seem to have prevented any serious progress for an Inquiry. It is imperative that all parties work together to bring to an end the persistent problems of CSA within Scottish society.

There are several unresolved issues that you have inherited as the new First Minister.

One is that of the perceived cover up of the Hollie Greig case. I would like to remind you that Ms Greig reported her allegations in 2000 and as yet, no satisfactory conclusion has been reached. Apparently about £2.5 million of tax payer’s money has been spent on preventing both Robert Green and Tym Rustige from speaking out about this specific case. Perhaps you can confirm the exact figure?

The obvious reason as to why this is not satisfactory, is that the public have not been made aware that their money has been spent in this way. Contrast this with the extraordinary case of Madeleine McCann, where media coverage around the world continues, but the public are at least aware that around £10 million of tax payer monies has been used. Therefore, they do have the choice as to what they wish to do about this information, whereas the Hollie Greig case is kept out of the mainstream media.

Lorna said...


It would be helpful to know if this black out is to continue, as I cannot see how any meaningful Scottish CSA Inquiry can take place without the inclusion of the Hollie Greig case, as she has alleged she was abused by 22 perpetrators, in other words, a paedophile ring, operating in the Aberdeen area, and is the one Child Sex Abuse case in Scotland that is internationally recognised.

It is also totally incomprehensible as to why, given we are still one United Kingdom, a Westminster parliamentarian has nominated Robert Green for the Nobel Peace Prize 2015, notably for his work in helping to expose CSA in Scotland, in particular with reference to the Hollie Greig case, and yet the Scottish authorities see fit to impose draconian conditions on him, following a questionable period of remand in Perth HMP. In the nomination letter he is praised to the hilt by the member of Parliament in London, and yet, with the exception of Graeme Pearson, no Scottish Minister is seen to mention the name of Robert Green.

Paedophile rings established in the past need to be fully investigated, even where the alleged members are deceased. The fact that Susie Henderson, daughter of eminent QC Robert Henderson, alleges that she was abused by her father and shared with a paedophile ring including Nicholas Fairbairn, former Solicitor General for Scotland needs to be examined in detail. The Dunblane massacre has a D-notice imposed on it, which should be removed to allow full and thorough investigation, as it appears that Thomas Hamilton was an alleged paedophile.

I would suggest that even going back to the Fred West case might prove to have links to other paedophile rings.
Sadly, it is reported that paedophile rings continue through the generations.

The very notion of Child Sex Abuse is distasteful to all decent members of society. It seems that it is often described as Child Sex Exploitation, even when money has not changed hands. This is, in my opinion, diluting the hard hitting truth that in reality, Child Sex Abuse is Cruelty to Children through Sex and Torture.

As a woman, I hope you will be able bring much needed compassion and sensitivity to this highlighted subject in the United Kingdom at the present time. If Scotland is to become an independent country in the future, why not lead the way by leaving no stone unturned on what currently ranks as “Mission Impossible”. We owe it to future generations to remove this cancer from within our society.

I welcome your personal views upon this matter and trust you will act swiftly to put in place an Inquiry to investigate Child Sex Abuse in Scotland that is worthy of the victims who have suffered in silence, who place so much trust in you to bring them justice, and above all, the knowledge that they are believed fully.

Please give those victims, and the public, your assurance as the new First Minister, that you will treat this as a major priority.

Since Graeme Pearson was previously a senior member of the Scottish Police Force, he is well placed to implement a CSA Inquiry. I challenge you to fulfil your offer to work with those outside your own political party, and ask his advice as to how best to effect an Inclusive Inquiry into Scottish Child Sex Abuse.

Finally, after all that the Referendum did or didn’t bring, could Scotland show Westminster how to do things properly by example? By starting with an effective and speedy Child Sex Abuse Inquiry that produces satisfactory results to all.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Lorna Fulford

Scott said...

That's good work Lorna.
Did u send the Hollie Hoax Hoaxters a copy?

Alpha Anarchist said...

Buchanan might be a Mason and afforded the protection of his equally-corrupt criminal 'Brotherhood' cronies but the likes of Sylvia Major and that scumbag Royal and the Dragon sure ain't. They're just broomstick jockeys and the whole gang of nonce deviant pervs will get thrown to the wolf pack.
Even Buchanan has no royally-bestowed Lord or Sir - or Dame - title to his name and will probably go the same way when the shit hits the fandango.

Celente said...

Bravo. The word on the street says the Hoaxter gang are having a hissy fit over Rusty Snr's 'Exposing the Hollie Hoax 'Hoaxters' weblog, which has run up a record 8,749 views to date, with some 100+ comments damning you to the Shades of Hades, and surpassing his iconic February 2010 'Men in Skirts' expose of your vile child paedophile ring - which currently stands at a well-visited and read 7,500+.

Thus with Rusty posting 'their' weblog and Facebook links they're getting hammered with protests and less than kindly - albeit well deserved - remarks

More power to Robert Green and Rusty and the Hollie Demands Justice campaign.

We'll see you all in prison yet.

Ex Cathedra said...

If lynching or pillorying or tar and feathering these nonce pariah scatbags: Major, Buchanan, Dragon, Royal, Mackies 1 n 2, Taylor, McLeaod, Stevenson, Keely / Shaw is out of the question then can we have a Tpim issued against them and shove them out on some fucking where nasty like St Kilda or the Rabbit Islands - or preferably still, Rockall?

Galbraith said...

The entire credibility of this Holyrood government has been in question for quite some time since the corrupt SNP and Salmond gained office. Now we have got rid of one 'fish' and inherited another - Sturgeon.

Gringo said...

National media headline: "I watched Tory MP MURDER a boy during depraved Westminster VIP paedophile party"

Hollie Greig watched the Aberdeen paedo ring murder a 'brown man' in one of their Satanic sexual abuse / ritual blood sacrifice ceremonies - and this was reported in her interview with Grampian police's useless DC Lisa Evans.

N said...

The Major-Dragon-Royal witches coven were at Robert and Rusty's trials.
Unfortunately, not intentional, got a bit too close up to them and the bad vibes that come off Major are staggering. This crafty lying cunt is evil personified.

Emma G said...

This next year will be a transitional point and the hammer will fall on the skin deep pederast culture that infests and corrupts our sick society to the very core.
Hollie, Anne, Robert, Rusty and Mel Shaw, along with a legion of others will be vindicated.
The truth of Maddy McCann's staged abduction will be outed and the vile Gerry and Kate and the wife-swapping / paedo kiddie fiddling Tapas 7 swinger perv deviants exposed for their collective crime.

Zappa said...

The useless one eyed nonce Gordon Broon is following in the footsteps of his shitbag pal Salmond and standing down but intends to continue in his role as a UN Special Envoy for Global Kiddie Fiddling.

Gorbals Rickie said...

Salmond gone. MacAskill fired. Watson gone from Levy & McScum. Very slowly getting shut of the old guard that have been blocking any investigation into their Freemason brotherhood nonce pals in Aberdeen.
Let's pray the Sturgeon does the right thing and commissions a Nonce Hunt.

Danny Seagull said...

You have a point Rickie but Jimmy Krankie's gonna be under Speculative Society control just like Flabby Eck.

Gilly said...

Wherefore now the Wicked Watson?
Any truth in the rumour that Peter Watson, (ex-Levy & McRae) who remains a Part-time Sheriff, was recently detained under Section 14 of the Criminal Procedure Act (Scotland) 1995 at Govan Police office?
Is it another SLAB / Haggarty underage rent boy type offence - or Crown Office PF Stuart McFarlane beating up whores and the Plods and getting copped with reams of kiddie porn on his office pc?
Or has he been collared for simply being an outright nasty, evil cunt?

Ellie said...

Hoaxter's website and facebook pages shut down? Good riddance scum.