Friday, 31 October 2014

Brittan to Sign Sex Offenders Register?

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While the core criminal elements of Broken Britain's ranking Freemason / Satanist secret handshake sodomite / pederast fear-suckling reptilian fraternity have corrupted for the span of eternity not only the entire civil service and government but also the national Plod Squad, and reduced our media networks - both gutter press rags and the likes of the chicken shit paedo-coddling BBC - to the level of craven lickspittle shills and stooges - obviously the Parliamentary privilege speech forcefully delivered sans kid gloves nor tact by Jimmy Hood MP - in which he rightly branded ex-Tory minister Lord Leon 'Comb-Over' Brittan of Spenditall as a kiddie fiddling pederast and all-round decadent dog wanker - and further implied that Mr Plod start doing his job by arresting a few of these high and mighty elitist child molesting untouchables - is indicative of a geometric shift in our collective consciousness and perceptions - and too the fact we're generally pissed off with these pseudo-aristocraps and playbook Devil worshippers screwing underage sprogs.

The view from the voting demographic's lowly position in the greater scheme of things is that it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty issue of the day - and target the paedo perpetrators and corrupt elements of the Plod Squad / security services who compromised the investigations and arrests of child molesters - then and now.
But applying the intellectual facilities of subjunctive retrospect and 20/20 hindsight we are once again faced with the dire fact of why these investigations are subverted - the conundrum of the arrestable class (us) and the unarrestable class (them) – due the PTB scumsters labouring under the misapprehension that crimes by members of the elite (parasitic royals / arsehole titled nobility / career politicos) must be swept under the rug - for prosecuting them would destabilise the system - 'their system'.

So while Labour's Jimbo Hood - the incumbent MP for Larking About and Shadow Minister for Shit-Stirring - utilises his slander and contempt of court proof House of Conmans Parliamentary privilege to tear a strip off the smarmy Lord Brittan - (yet another a dangerous vermin in ermine imbecile who believes he is inviolable while wrapped in a red and white 'stoat coat' and possessed of a skewed, exaggerated sense of entitlement and right to abuse privilege - yet should not be allowed within a statute mile of a child that isn't accompanied by a team of Paedo-Watch security guards) - we come to the transvestite Home Secretary Terry May's mishandling of the launch of this supposed 'overarching' inquiry into the failings of the system regarding kiddie fiddler-proof child care - (first Baroness Butler-Sloshed and now Mrs Woof Woof - one of Brittan's neighbours and social pals) - which has morphed into chaos in motion - and sadly we've seen better organised riots - but there again the entire Nasty Party / Lib-Dum coalition fubar has turned out to be an overall circus without a tent.

The latest and greatest from Paedo Central News is that historical child sexual abuse victim groups are unanimous in their condemnation of the Home Office's choice of replacement to head the inquiry and have jointly launched a legal challenge to the Nonceland-born Mayor Fifi Woolf's appointment, questioning her impartiality, lack of expertise and who has neither the time nor inclination to discharge her duties with the diligence and honesty that are essential to the task.

While Posh Dave Scameron's Downing Street spokeswoman Scabby Bertin yesterday informed gutter press hacks that her boss has every confidence in Mayor Woof Woof being the perfect cover-up choice to replace the compromised Baroness Butler-Sloshed - (the previous establishment insider useful idiot chosen to head the inquiry) - even the corruption-tainted NSPCC have voiced an opinion that Woolfie's a 'Sit-Fetch-Beg-Roll Over-Play Dead' shill and not fit for purpose.

Ms Sue Fleecem, the victim's lawyer from Upshot, Bagrot & Shitpot, informed a press hack from the Catamites Gazette that her clients have zero confidence in any such investigation and the composition of the 'expert panel', which in its current form would result in a whitewash - just the same as Lord Mutton heading the Dr David Kelly assisted suicide inquiry or Lady Heather Hallett overseeing the fatally flawed 7/7 false flag Islamic terrorist hearings - or Lord Chilcot chairing the probe into the Tony Bliar-led illegal invasion of Iraq - the report on which (heavily redacted copy only) is due to be published sometime in 2025.

Thus Fifi Woolf is viewed as bankrupt of whatever small stock of credibility she might have once possessed to chair this all-encompassing inquiry due her repeated conflict of interest denials viz links to the venal paedo-file shredding Brittan that most definitely compromise her position to head any official probe into the culture of child molesting that permeates our sick nation's corridors of power.

To add to the whitewash fears brouhaha, Home Office whistle-blowers have now revealed that 'Testosterone Terry' May had ordered a total of no less than seven revisions of Fifi's conflicts of interest declaration to not so much 'minimise' but eradicate any and all compromising links (neighbour / wine n dine social buddy) to the main suspect in the 1983 (read 'perpetual') cover-up of the diabolical crimes of a Whitehall / Parliament (Conmans and Lords) based child molesting cult - the 'Westminster Untouchables'.

Typical of the system, while Jimmy Hood lambasted Brittan on the floor of the House of Conmans, with his diatribe, supported by VIP paedo-hunter Simon Danczuk, up jumps a Tory stooge, the pro-fracking Matthew 'Running Late' Wankcock, to brand Hood's remarks as 'disgusting' in a lame attempt to play down the fact that elitist kiddie fiddling and all-round child sexual exploitation has become a social norm in our once-sceptred isle.

The ginger-mingin Wankcock - the type of tosser who thinks wood grows on trees and the phrase 'dog's bollocks' refers to a canine's testicles - is the very same dishonest hypocrite who attempted to deny claims that he is homophobic after sending a scandalous tweet that the Labour Party was "full of queers" - then had the brazen hubris to downplay and evade responsibility for his faggot-bashing actions by claiming the transmission of the tweet was a total accident - and not even stand up to his claim that the fact is true (ref the sodomite likes of Tony 'Miranda' Bliar and Lord Peter Scandalson) that New / Old Labour (whatever the twats call themselves today) is as chocker full of bumboy sodomites and kiddie fiddling paedos - as per Posh Dave Scameron's Nasty Party and Mick Clogg's Lib-Dum Losers Club - and the entire Shitehall civil service.

Bev McSkanger, spokewoman for Twat-Watch, the government abuse monitor charity, had this to say to a bunch of salivating media hacks. "Hell's gonna freeze over before this so-called overachin' inquiry inter the dirty deeds of Westminster's Ninth Circle child molesters gets its shit together. I ain't jokin', it's like waitin' fer Godot's bus ter turn up."

"Yer don't need a fuckin' degree in rocket science or be a member of Mensa ter work this fiddle out - a mere NVQ 1 in Basic Common Sense is adequate ter auger the anomaly that if Mrs Woolfie is a close neighbour an' wine n dine social pal of lecherous Leon - this has-been Tory grandee - an' his baggage of a missus - then Fifi's position viz neutrality is compromised - full stop. Really, wot the fuck is her 'end of inquiry' report goin' ter say, that's the effin' question?"

"I interviewed Lord Brittan over the controversial now-missing Dickinson 'paedo file' dossiers and he assured me they were handed to some Home Office jobsworth to pass along to Special Branch. Leon then swore on the body of a dead heron and in the presence of a magistrate and two Bishops that he wasn't a child molester nor engaged in soliciting low life rent boys - then reaffirmed his earlier denial of being a regular client at the Elm Guest House and had only ever attended one Knights of the Paedo Table birthday party at those premises - on an invite from Sir Cliff Richards - to get his autograph for his darling wife, Lady Spendthrift, and was jolly excited to meet Sir Elton John and Sir Jimmy Savile and get their monikers for Diane too."

One survivor of the Dolphin Square and Barnes-based Elm Paedo House establishment VIP kiddie fiddling cabal, a certain Miss Red Riding Hood, had this to say to media hacks.
"Bollocks ter the cross-dressin' Terry May - an' any fucker wiv a name like Woolf ain't ter be trusted either. Lecherous Leon three-holed me at one of Ronnie Kray's bumboy parties when I woz 12 just ter see wot little girls woz like. I hope the old twat goes ter hell if Operation Yewtree ever get their shit together an' arrest some tosser wot's not dead already."

Thought for the day. For Christ's sake Fifi, the taxi's at the door - so just begone and have done with this 'no conflict of interest' pantomime. Just a pity this purported 'overarching' inquiry isn't set to include devolved Nonceland and set the dogs on the Magic Circle's untouchable sodomite child molesters who manipulate the justice and social services systems to enable ease of access to kiddies in care.

To conclude, fuck the Satanist Masonic secret handshake paedo fraternity and Big Brother – and his sister – and the Moloch / Mammon worshipping architects of the New World Order.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Tabner said...

Nice one, the old trout's stepping down - must have heard the 'taxi for Fifi' call.
How about Bill Maloney or Chris Spivey to chair this inquiry? So fucker with a semblance of honesty about them, at least.

Frank said...

Yeah, and about time the cross dressing Terry May went as well - what an incompetent slag she is for picking two duckeggs who the public have given the thumbs-down no confidence vote on - Butler-Sloss and the Woolfie

Nobber said...

Good riddance, shameless brass-necked bitch. Bravo for public outrage. Now leprous Leon must be shitting his pants and the Tory hierarchy scum too, as this is their second establishment stooge to get kicked back by popular demand.

Gilly said...

Theresa May and the big bad Woolf (and Butler-Sloss) are arrogant beyond words if they believed they could pull that stunt off and slip one of their own in to chair the inquiry.
Enough already with Hutton's coverup of Dr Kelly's murder.

Rebel Polymath said...

Woolf was credibility deficient. Tainted. Soiled goods and good riddance.
Let's see some arrests here. Brittan for one and never mind all these exposures of dead political elitist bumboys and paedos, let's go for the living bastards and this path leads all the way to the royal palaces - and Clarence House - and Sir Jimmy Savile's big mate Prince Dobby the bat-eared Royal Plant Whisperer who along with Prince Stavros of Edinburgh whispered to the bent security services 'who will rid us of this troublesome Princess (Di)?

Malc said...

Home Sec' Terry May might well be fingered for presiding over a culture of appalling incompetence regarding the successive appointments of two of Leon Brittan's pals to chair an inquiry into paedo abuse - and she is a useless egocentric twat anyways - but at the end of the day the buck stops with Cameron as he's been presiding over a total fuck up of a coalition since 2010 - but not for much fucking longer. Roll on May 2015.

Delroy said...

Is the same Tory knobhead directing this farce of a selection process for a some no conflict of interest body to chair the kiddie fiddling inquiry the one who staged the B-movie bloodless beheading of the non-existent Drummer Lee Pygmy by two moronic mind controlled Islamic jihadist gollies?
For fuck's sake my kids did a better job staging a blood and guts scenario last night for their Halloween festive party.

Rusty said...

All this slapstick tragi-comedy viz Butler-Sloshed and Fifi Woolf besides, while it's an established fact that Lord 'Selective Memory' Leon Brittan is a bisexual shirt lifter (girls for duty / boys for pleasure) he reckoned as far back as 1984 (exposed in July edition of Ingram's Private Eye) that MI5 were fielding a kiddie fiddling and rape smear campaign against him - just to get rid of the useless twat from the Home Office post as he was sniffing a rat viz the false flag murder of Yvonne Fletcher outside London's Libyan Embassy and onto the fact it was an agent provocateurs false flag sniper strike by the manky Mossad -staged to get Muammar Gaddafi in the shit.

Gadfly said...

Yeah, the English old school tie chaps at MI 5 and 6 didn't care much for a Home Sec having Brittan's foul foreign Lithuanian Jewish parentage either.
He wasn't 'one of them'.

Phrontiste said...

It's all bullshit as the plods have the files and info on the likes of super-paedo / rent boy pimp Ian Greer who catered for all manner of kinky tastes and perversions at 'Pimplico's Dolphin Square - and his VIP / politico client index.
If they did their job then non of these inquiries would be necessary as all the nonces would be behind bars - or castrated and signing the Sex Offenders Register.
Coverups my arse. It's a blanket bombing of bullshit and lies and the truth can't seen daylight or breathe.

Bogbrush said...

Let the victims decide on the inquiry chair. Bill Maloney or Chris Spivey or Robert Green or Brian Gerrish.
Just keep that closet case sodomite ZioNazi apologist shitbag Wiilaim Hague from manipulating the selection as he has been with Butler-Sloss and Fifi Woolf.
This is the same Tory Masonic fraternity shit who closed down the Bryn Estyn inquiry to protect Thatcher's pal McAlpine and fellow Mason fudger / paedo top cop Gordon Anglesea and his North Wales kiddie fiddling club cronies.