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Nasty Party: Gimpsters to get Half Pay

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The shit-storm of justified moral outrage that erupted with a deafening socio-political 'Ka-fucking-Boom' among the common herd voting demographic has been lavished with a fresh boost of venomous ire following Tory PM Posh Dave Scameron's rejection of calls to sack his moronic welfare minister, Lord David Freud, after he failed to engage his brain before opening gob when promoting grass roots level pay discrimination to target the marginalised disabled members of society.

Freud inadvertently stated during a recorded fringe meeting at the recent Tory Party Conference that disabled people are not worth Broken Britain's minimum wage of £6:50p per hour - which in itself represents far less than the rate required to achieve a half-arsed decent quality living standard - and a mere micro-percentage of an MP's bloated £67,060 quid per annum - plus their personal taxpayer-funded expenses designed to accommodate all manner of 'creative accounting' fiddles and scams - another monument to their exaggerated sense of entitlement and spendthrift extravagance with the hapless taxpayer's cash.

The 64-year-old Freud, the ex-Minister for Bad Deals adviser to Tony Bliar (a factor which speaks negative volumes in and of itself) - and great-grandson of the famous phallus-fixated neurologist / psychoanalyst Sigmund (Sigismund Schlomo) Freud - and cousin of the slack-jawed Clement, a former Liberal Paedo Party MP and Shadow Secretary for Dog Food - has gained a notoriety for saying the wrong thing in the wrong place and at the wrong time - possibly an 'arrogance' gene DNA aberration resulting from generations of mongrel Ashkenazi / Kraut cross-breeding (parents Annette Krapp and Walter von Fraud).

Freud, known to friends and associates alike as a 'right evil piece of work' where elements of the contemptible and despised poor are concerned - a typical Conservative 'Nasty Party' trait - faced waves of criticism earlier this year after commenting to one gutter press hack from the Street Sleepers Gazette that he couldn't quite get his head around the reasons people had to go to food banks. Que? Hungry, perhaps?

In 2012 he has the arrogance to opine to media hacks that welfare benefit scroungers are stuck on jobseekers allowance and other DWP handouts due the fact they're risk averse, and "These common herd peasants whingeing about being poverty-stricken need to get off their arses and be prepared to take bigger risks - such as selling one or two of their organs on the transplant black market - or signing up as a medical research guinea pig."

Mind you, minimum wage besides, when it comes down to the 'money for old rope' parable, just for signing in at the dosspit House of Lords chamber, the 'vermin in ermine' peers turn up in their red n white stoat coats and cop an insta-£300 quid - cash in hand - then piss off for a spot of Devil worship at the Masonic Lodge - or head down to their local Dominatrix dungeon or the secret handshake club's rent boy brothel - or Tower Hamlets Paki-run kiddie fiddling 'Nonce Mart' emporium for an afternoon of illicit perverted pleasures - thus they naturally become disorientated with the actual realities of life that face the working class on a daily basis.

Little wonder Freud's brainless comments have generated a vituperative backlash and leave us pondering where the fuck the government gets these moronic over-privileged donkeys? Do they ever engage brain and consider the socio-political repercussions before opening gobs and displaying their unqualified contempt for the common herd - and more so the marginalised minorities of our sick society?

But that's the ethos of Tory Party pondscum - robbing Peter - and Paul - to pay for their fuck ups - and all on the false premise of mending Broken Britain - yet have gladly accepted a scheduled 10% pay raise, boosting their annual MP salary to £74,000 nicker (Cabinet Minister MPs already on £134,565).

To add to this disastrous calumny, Nasty Party backbencher Jackie Doyle-Pratt, the MP for Old Bollocks and a member of the House of Conmans 'Public Creative Accounting Committee' suffered another of her embarrassing bottle blonde moments and has imprudently spoken out in defence of Freud's brazen hubris faux pas - insisting that the minimum wage was having a detrimental impact on the UK's economy and should be slashed to a level of that paid to Third World sweatshop workers.
Conversely, PM Scameron was forced to admit that Baron Freud's views were not those of the Con-Dem / Libservative coalition government, and even workers on the bottom rung of the job skills ladder should receive the minimum wage - including gimps and Eastern European pikey immigrant job-stealers and gyppo child sex trade traffickers.

Not wishing to miss out on a media interview opportunity to say something stupid, Tory MP Nadine 'Bonkers' Dorries (Minister for Celebrity Challenges) accused Red Ed Millipede's Labour cohorts of whipping up a ‘faux outrage, PC trial by Twitter’ due their scathing attacks viz Lord Freud's personal views on what he considers the useless eating sectors of our sick society.

However, Labour’s spokeswoman for 'Gimps with Limps' Kate Green, the incumbent MP for Greater Manchester's shitty Stretford constituency, turned on the piranha-jawed Doyle-Pratt with a vengeance, claiming “Yet another senior Tory scumbag has joined Baron Fraud in his vile attack on the rights of disabled people and disability charities - supporting this elitist Naziesque eugenics-based hypothesis that disabled people are a blight on our society and thus worth less than the minimum wage."

"Talk about being in cloud cuckoo land - David Scameron has his head up his arse and should be out of a job himself if he thinks Freud can keep his ministerial position after this fuck up and still be acceptable to the voting public. Really, Scameron, Freud and Doyle-Pratt - all three are the type of persons you can take anywhere twice - the second time to apologise."

Ha, talk about classical 'Freudian slips'. Freud is a typical upper class loafer and crony member of the something-for-nothing culture that permeates Britain today.
So nice one 'Baron Fraud' of the Fuckups: another nail driven into the lid of the Tory Party's general election chances coffin. Bravo.

Thought for the day. While in the employ of New Labour's war criminal leader Tony Bliar, the gormless 'Fraud' produced the controversial Freud Report - a 'welfare to work' game plan for making the poor pay for the risk-taking of the rich - a re-spray job now adopted by the likes of the Nasty Party's welfare benefits slashing DWP Minister Iain Dunkin Shit and the coke-snorting Chancellor George 'Spankies' Osborne.

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