Friday, 14 July 2017

Remainiacs Flock to Kill Brexit Repeal Bill

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In an unprecedented 'gobbing off' session while in his cups, following a boozy lunch with 'kiss n tell' gutter press hacks at Westminster's Pit Bull & Pikey pub, the gospel according to Sir Anus Morse-Code head of Broken Britain's National Audit Office financial watchdog, reads like a death sentence for PM Terry Mayhem’s Nasty Party government – who are putting a successful Brexit programme at risk due her fucked up style of leadership.

"The Maybot's a walking disaster who doesn't know her menopausal arse from her tennis elbow - with Shitehall departments being left to struggle blindly along regarding the trials and tribulations of Brexit – and 99% of these intellectually-challenged civil service jobsworths are incapable of making a decision on their own - lest it backfires and reflects negatively on career promotion chances – or their final salary-based gold plated pension figure."

"Since Mayhem was so stupid to call that snap election - deluding herself that she's as socially popular as Ed Sheeran with the common herd voters – a snafu that's left her kissing the arses of that vile DUP gang in Ulster to ensure their treacherous backing - the Tory Government could come apart like a Terry's chocolate orange – no pun intended – as Brexit poses the biggest socio-political hurdle for Broken Britain since the Battle of Hastings."

"Half the Tory front bench are a bunch of snakes, all after stabbing Mayhem in the back to grab the party leadership – especially that evil bottom-feeding plebe Andrew Mitchell and his pondscum cronies – and that's apart from Corbyn's Labour - the leaderless, emasculated Lib-Dums and the sheep-shagging Welsh Plaid Cymru clique – plus that short-arsed mental midget Nickerless Sturgeon and her north of the border fascist Scottish Nonce Party– a shabby cabal of self-seeking Remainiacs all out to derail the Great Repeal Bill, throw the Tories into further chaos - sparking another general election that will result in victory for Brussels – and that trouble-making, first generation boat jumper immigrant slut, Gina Miller – with the Brexit vote reversed."

"And just look at who's leading this pack of rabid cross-party attack dogs – none other than Keir 'I Want It All My Way' Stammer – the former Director of Public Prostitutions and Labour's chief rabble-rousing Remoaner – aiming to put Corbyn in 10 Downing Street and a Trotskyist junta running the affairs of state from the House of Conmans."

Ha, Keir Stammerer – whose only claim to fame was setting the Tesco Greedy Grocer Formula One speed record on a souped-up Segway around his Holborn constituency – now holds the post of shadow Brexit minister.
How the fuck can they have a 'shadow Brexit minister' if they're out to usurp and deny the will of the people and block Brexit? Better they re-title his post as Remainiac Minister.

Thought for the day. The Government’s European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, formerly known as the Great Repeal Bill, will nullify the European Communities Act 1972 and end Brussels' EUSSR totalitarian laws supremacy in the UK – with all 12,000 EU regulations applying to Broken Britain copied and pasted on to the UK statute book.

So why the fuck don't they get their proverbial collective political act together n stop squabbling like a bunch of aggie schoolkids n work in the national interest to get the best deal for Broken Britain - instead of all these pantomime histrionics - to ensure we have a fully functioning legal system on the day we leave the EUSSR?

Why? Due the fact we have a Fifth Column coterie of treasonous anti-Brexit MPs working with the EUSSR's kleptocrat hierarchy in bent Brussels to undermine the British national interest.

Bollocks, the only pair of perennially-whingeing tossers missing off the Labour 'Remoaner' bloc front bench are Statler and Waldorf.

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