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Chilcot Brands Teflon Tony 'Pondscum'

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In a wide-ranging, exclusive interview with the Warmonger's Gazette, Iraq war inquiry chair, John 'The Sloth' Chilcot, made public his personal opinion of New Labour PM Tony Bliar's real reasons for being a US Deep State neo-con stooge and kowtowing to demands from the brain dead US President George Dubya Bush's handlers - to have Broken Britain join the felonious 2003 conflict and either share the blame for – or provide some modicum of legality to - the criminal invasion of Iraq.

Chilcot pronounced that Bliar was not straight with the nation over the MI6 / Alastair Campbell concocted dodgy Weapons of Mass Distraction dossier used as the excuse to justify the illegal invasion of Iraq to precipitate a regime change and cause the deaths of millions of innocent people – solely to achieve the overall cardinal objective – steal the country's natural resources and establish a Mid-East geo-strategic military base from which to conduct the planned wars of aggression against Syria, Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Iran on behalf of their Zionist Israeli bosses.

Speaking publicly for the first time since publishing his 2,6000,000 word report a year ago, Chilcot revealed why the former Labour Slime Minister made those decisions – due the fact Phony Tony is a lowlife creep and has a well documented career history of being a bare-faced chronic liar – from his cross dressing 'cottaging' days at Fettes and Uni' - where he was known as the guitar-strumming 'Miranda' - to giving a false name - specifically 'Charles Lynton' - when appearing before Bow Street Magistrates Court in 1974 on charges of soliciting bum sex with young boys around London's public toilets.

Poo-pooing Blair's dismissive vindication that the world is a better place thanks to US / UK military actions in the Iraq War – and arms dealers ten times richer – Chilcot admitted - quote: "At the start of the inquiry I didn't have a fucking clue - no idea how long it would take – but as the world now knows we got mired down sorting through the incalculable depth of lies and deceits issued by officialdom in the US and Broken Britain – and Iraq itself – hence why it took an agonising seven years to complete."

"Of course, it was in the very early days of the inquiry that I was drawn to conclude that Tony Bliar was on a par with bottom-feeders and toxic pondscum, and lying through his teeth by fielding a policy of coercive diplomacy - plus had deliberately overstated the threat posed by Iraq leader Saddam Hussein - and the invasion was not the last resort action he laid before a gullible House of Conmans (and the public demographic) when it gave wholehearted support for aggressive military action."

"Thus with the knowledge and support of that venal dwarf tosspot of a foreign secretary, Jack Strawberry, and his Yes-Man Attorney General pal, Pete Goldshit, along with the Machiavellian manipulator Alastair 'Alco-Pop' Campbell - they jointly plotted the case for an illegal invasion and war of aggression to achieve regime change - rather than opt for a policy of containment."

"Hence in my superbly qualified opinion, I believe the ruling by district judge, Michael Snowjob at Westminster Magistrates Court in November last year – the refusal to issue a criminal charge summons in response to the private prosecution case brought by former Iraqi army chief of staff - General Abdul-Wahid Shallala al-Ribeye - on the grounds that the former ministers had immunity from legal action - has no true legal standing and should be overturned – and Bliar, along with Strawberry, Goldshit and Campbell be jointly prosecuted for crimes of aggression."

Conversely, Bliar's spokeswoman, Glenda Twatt, informed media sources that all these war crime / acts of criminal aggression charge issues had been dealt with and her boss was fireproof – adding 'Tony knows which cupboards the skeletons are hanging up in – and some very powerful neo-con Zionists and secret handshake club Freemason types don't want those bones to start rattling around."

But that factor may not prove to be the invulnerable coat of Teflon that Glenda reckons – as the war crimes prosecution bid is set to be reviewed before the lord chief justice, Lord Roger Thomas of Cringewicket, and Mr Justice Duncan Outforsix.

Typically, to preserve the status quo viz the long-established concept of ministerial untouchability, the rodent-featured attorney general, Jeremy Wright QC, is hell bent on blocking the bid yet again – (as he did in 2016 - as it will most definitely involve details of dirty deals done dirt cheap being disclosed under the Official Secrets Act) - and the original verdict upheld – with a gaggle of slimy government barristers in court to attempt to convince the judges that Tony Bliar's a 'straight up sort of guy' – and the crime of aggression, which exists in international law but not on Broken Britain’s books, cannot be brought in a UK court – regardless of the fact that former Attorney General Goldshit himself admitted in 2003 that such a charge could automatically form a part of domestic law.

Thought for the day. Teflon Tony's a bullshit, counterfeit Catholic whose only god is Mammon – and along with his bestest pal Lord Peter Scandalson of the Felchers – aka Vermin in Ermine – an utter scumbag.
War crimes besides, Bliar should be further charged with culpability for ordering the assisted suicide - and murder – respectively - of Dr David Kelly and Robin Cook.

For all his traitorous – nay 'treasonous' - deeds and evil chicanery, Bliar's temporal existence will prove irrelevant to the world – and history will not treat him – nor Bush and the neo-con ZioNazi cabal – kindly.

What a finer – and safer – world it would be if this opportunistic, cross-dressing graft and corruption-ridden Ninth Circle paedo-sodomite Satanist – Phony Tony - had been strangled at birth – along with the entire Bliar clan - to ensure the eradication their venal Satanic gene line – and rabid dogs trained to cock a leg against the wanker's tombstone and piss on his grave"

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