Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Police Policy: Black Lives (Don't) Matter

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An Avon and Somerset split-arsed Plod Squad officer has been charged for 'allegedly' (Que? WTF? Allegedly? There's a fucking video of her doing the dirty deed) tasering the police force’s very own Afro-Caribbean race relations advisor after the stupid bitch mistook him for a criminal suspect.

Following a covert six month conspiratorial attempt to whitewash the highly embarrassing incident and simply make it 'go away', the Independent Police Coverups Commission have given up and finally forwarded the file of evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service - conceding that the intellectually challenged WPC Claris Clott be charged with criminal assault for tasering Mr Judah Adunbi during a wrongful arrest incident in January of this year.

WPC Clott and her partner, PC Ron 'Pitbull' McGnasher, were searching the backstreets of Bristol for a crime suspect when they encountered Mr Adunbi, a perma sun-tanned 63-year-old grandfather – who objected to their racial profiling and resisted wrongful arrest – at which time Clott used her 50,000 volt Taser X26 electroshock / insta-coronary weapon to incapacitate him.

Ms Chlamydia Mingerot, spokesperson for the IPCC, informed one hack from the Daily Shitraker red top gutter press tabloid that "This unfortunate incident has been kicked around our offices since January in the hope it would die a natural death, then some rotten snitching scumbag has leaked the story to the media and the Black Lives Matter activist group. Hence we had to cover our own arses and thus forwarded the complaint to the CPS – who have now decided there is sufficient evidence - and it is in the public interest - to charge the officer responsible with criminal assault."

Chief Constable Andy Bogbrush released a press statement confirming that the trigger-happy WPC Clott had been suspended (on full pay) and charged with criminal assault for tasering Mr Adunbi - who paradoxically had been the central civic figure in decreasing tensions between Bristol's Plod Squad and the Bell Curve Social Housing Estate's predominantly black community – even establishing a special advisory group to improve race relations.
Just watch de unadulterated video folks - faithfully captured on cam by a fellow anti-authoritarian anarchist.

Thought for the day. Hmmm, and in the wake of the recent spate of false flag Jolly Jihad Muslim terrorist attacks across our once-sceptred isle the PTB want to arm the entire Plod Squad with real handguns and assault rifles? Talk about a recipe for disaster.

It's now become a case of not so much 'Thugs in Blue' – more at Armed n Dangerous Psychos – when some 60-odd year old grand-dad gets falsely collared (and tasered when he objects to his wrongful arrest) due the sad fact he's a darkie with a beard and dreadlocks.

Recent history demonstrates perfectly what a bunch of IQ-deficient thick twats they are, who can't differentiate between a Brazilian Catholic electrician and a Mid-Eastern Muslim terrorist - and shoot him a total overkill ten times in the skull (Stockwell tube station - Jean Charles da Silva e de Menezes - 22/07/2005).– and never get charged with murder – or even any form of censure for gross stupidity.
Nor the incompetent wanker in charge of that fatal fubar who copped a promotion instead – none other than today's top dog Met plod Cressida Dick – and regardless of her name suggesting otherwise - prefers sex with women as opposed to men.

Hence We, the common herd taxpaying voter demographic, are left to draw the obvious conclusion – official police policy is one of black lives 'don't' matter.

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