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Dawkins Disses Brexit Vote - & God

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Oxford Uni's New College know-all gobshite-in-chief, career heretic and serial divorcee Richard Dawkins, speaking to one gutter press hack from the Brazen Hubris Review, stated that, in his wholly unqualified opinion, the British common herd public were not smart enough to vote on continued European Union membership – and since they were permitted to do so – just look what's happened: a hard Brexit – with Broken Britain pulling out of the control freak totalitarian EUSSR Federation and from under the jackboot of the unelected kleptocrat commissioners such as Jean Claude Drunkard and his 50-seat Round Table of Europe Corporatocracy masters.

Typical chutzpah from some silver spoon colonial-born dingbat whose head is so far up his own arse its a wonder he doesn't suffocate. Perhaps an enduring symptom of last year's hemorrhagic stroke?

The 76-year old senility-stricken Dawkins – founder of the New College Halitosis Society - continued to rant on, bashing former Nasty Party Slime Minister, Posh Dave Scameron for taking an irresponsible gamble by even daring to put a straight In / Out EUSSR referendum on the table for the stupid British public to meddle with – which should have had a 99% majority vote as opposed to the logical 50% majority required.

Continuing his dementia-induced rant while speaking on the BBC's Bullshit Hour programme, Dawkins went as far as to say it was wrong of Scameron to call a referendum on something as complicated as leaving the European Union – for in his exalted opinion Posh Dave was playing Russian roulette with Broken Britain's future – and the gun went off and shot him in the foot.

“It’s another one of those cases of having a surgeon who knows how to do a heart transplant - or a pilot who knows how to fly a space shuttle - the decision on leaving Europe was a very complicated political and economic nature – and only surgeons or pilots – or very clever evolutionary biologists like me - should have been allowed to decide the issue."

Hmmm, while Dawkins, a self-confessed Angophobe - who once described England as a 'nasty little backwater' - remains a covert Tory Party voter, spared little considerations to castigating Dave Scameron for taking an irresponsible gamble in allowing the brain dead common herd demographic to vote on an EU referendum - yet cautiously avoided any semblance of criticism viz the former Tory leader's scandalous zoophiliac fetish for fucking pigs.

"I'm an evolutionary biologist and know from experience that the television-mesmerised, microwave dinner slurping common herd are too stupid to have been allowed anywhere near the Brexit voting booths."
"They might just have the intelligence to buy my books – and perhaps read a few pages – which they will doubtless fail to comprehend the in-depth intellectual meaning of - but should not be trusted to vote in anything like an election – even if they are street smart enough to read the Beano – or write their own name - and can put a cross in a little box."

Conversely, nigh on every fucker and their dog who could get their slack arses out of bed - or the betting shop or pub - voted – 46,501,241 total - and the majority 51:9% / 17,410,742 million voted Leave while the minority 48:1% - 16,141,241 - voted Remain.
Not that far out – only a mere 1.3 million short of a win. So WTF is the batshit bonkers Dawkins' illustrious 'Remoaner' opinion of the 16 million 'equally ignorant' Remain sector voters – also too fucking stupid to be allowed anywhere near a ballot box?

Oh yes, this is the very same faux intellectual batshit bonkers Marxist who attempted to subvert the democratic process by encouraging people to swap votes.
Brexit – and specifically so the oh so disastrous (for Terry Mayhem) snap election - proved that if politicians refuse to listen to the voters then they'll pay the piper at the ballot box.

This misguided apostasy-ridden heretic is no Martin Luther, but a blaspheming, heathen wanker – a latter day Darwinianist who maintains we are not part of some 'grand divine design' but merely the result of chaos in motion, mere biological chance - a product of random molecular circumstance and destined for the same born-live-die destiny as a fruit fly.

Such pity the Spanish Inquisition aren't around to review the merits of his 464 page God Delusion pulp fiction sacrilege work - currently going for £0.01p each on Amazon – (yep - a 'tenth' of a copper penny) – but that's what shit scribed by blasphemers is selling for today.

So, according to this infidel Remainiac, God doesn't exist. Okay, then by logical progression if God doesn't exist, then neither does the Virgin Mother nor Jesus – nor the Angels – nor Heaven – (so eternal salvation's out of the window too) – and by extension neither does the Devil / Satan – whoever - nor Hell.

Well, the last piece of iconoclastic belaying viz the non-existence of Hell is a bit of a relief, at least.

Now we gotta come full circle on this one, for if our Deities are more scent than substance then that's Santa Claus out of the game as well, along with the Tooth Fairy and fuck knows who else. No shit, who's gonna explain that one to a bunch of disillusioned, pissed-off kids? Richard Dawkins?

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