Wednesday, 26 July 2017

NHS Claim Transgender Dysphoria Contagious

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As local GP appointments now take up to six months to schedule, the Tory Nasty Party government plans to rip up the rule book on switching sex – so members of the public suffering gender dysphoria crises will henceforth be free to choose their own gender legally - without the need for a doctor's medical diagnosis to determine if they were kitted out with a cock and pair of bollocks – or a snatch – at birth.

The political correctness hysteria brigade's LGBT chapter are protesting the need for gender benders to be assessed and diagnosed by clinicians as intrusive under current regulations – by which men have to stick with cross-dressing for two years as their 'desired female gender' before they can legally use the ladies toilets and sit down to pee.

Desperate Dan look-alike, Justin Greenthing, the Nasty Party's androgynous ginger-mingin Minister for Muff-Diving Dykes & Cross-Dressing Inequalities, informed one press hack from the Mad March Hare Gazette she wanted to cut the stigma faced by batshit bonkers 'trans-persons' so they can choose their sex legally without the need for a medical diagnosis of gender dysphoria.
Hence men will be able to identify themselves as women - and women as men - then have their respective birth certificates amended to record the new choice of gender: Adam to Eve – or Sibyl to Steve.

Mr Greenthing's announcement comes in the wake of the Tory's cross-dressing dipshit of a Prime Minister, Testosterone Terry Mayhem, suggesting - just prior to the House of Conmans summer shut down last week - that she / he was preparing to reform the Gender Recognition Act, complaining that 'when it comes to civil rights and protections for cross-dressing transvestites - like myself - there is still a long way to go'.

At present both males and female have to provide evidence that they have been in transition for at least two years – with men dosing up on Split Arse oestrogen hormones and women knocking back daily shots of Cock Grow - before they can legally apply to change their gender.

Mr Greenthing – who, like the Met Plod Squad's boss, Cressy Dick, is in a Sapphic 'strapacocktome' sexual relationship with another woman – informed the media that the government was building on the progress of tackling prejudice made in the five decades since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality.

Here Greenthing was referring to The Sexual Offences Act 1967 which legalised private homosexual acts between men over the age of 21 – and was the planned precursor by bumboy Parliamentary Masonic secret handshake brotherhood sodomite scum to lower the age of consent to five and hence legalise paedophilia for their moneyed, elitist PIE membership cronies and cohorts.

'We will build on the significant progress we have made over the past 50 years, tackling some of the historic prejudices that still persist in our laws and giving LGBT pinkies a real say on the issues affecting them – especially the removal of the Holy Bible's Old Testament Leviticus chapter that categorises them as an 'abomination'.'

However, now down to the actually 'nitty-gritty' of this issue – which is to shut up the nay-sayers as the entire 650 House of Conmans Kosher Nostra stooges go 'on holiday' for a few weeks and pre-empt violent protests across the swathe of our once-sceptred isle regarding the BBC's contracted appointment of Broadlurch actress Jodie Shittaker as the first split-arsed 'female of the species' to assume the role of Dr Who.

In a vain attempt to be heard – regardless of having fuck all of any significance to say, Labour leader Mrs Jemima Corbyn – (one time sax player with the Harriet & the Hermaphrodites girlie band – covertly comprised of several very confused men suffering from a cock vs pussy complex) - informed a media hack from the Shemale Review that Tory leader Terry Mayhem would have his support if she allowed trans-persons to 'self-identify' their gender.

Thought for the day. Hmmm, while Islam and Sharia Law are culturally incompatible with western Christian values – hence the clash of civilisations' conundrum – so too is the LGBT clique philosophy culturally incompatible with Christian moral values and teachings.

And to demonstrate how fucking stupid they really are involved with bizarre attempts to placate the frenzied delirium of the LGBT gang and their gender juggling mates, Testosterone Terry Mayhem's Tory government also announced that in keeping with the New World Order's Agenda 21 (now revised / postponed to 2030) mass population cull project schedule, legislation is being cobbled together to make it easier for gay men to become blood donors - and kick start an African scale AIDS contagion epidemic across the EUSSR – and beyond.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with measures of wild rumour 'and' decaffeinated public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Tym R said...

Tym R said...

Ref this ridiculous gender dysphoria circus n letting kids decide what sex they wanna be.
When I was a school kid Mrs Teacher used to issue a sharp crack to any prominent point of the anatomy if she caught cack-handed sprogs using their left hand to write – as all was orientated around a right-handed world – and write with that hand you would – or else.
So WTF would iron discipline Mrs Teacher make of political correctness and the Establishment's policy regarding gender dysphoria - and little 'hormone-popping' Johnnie and his equally fucked-in-the-head pinkie pals - wearing panty hose, skirts n trainer bras, complaining of their first menstrual pains and wanting to use the girlie's toilets?