Thursday, 19 February 2015

Welby to Front 'Protestant Power' Party

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Senior Church of England figures including the Archbishop of Cunterbury, the Most Revd Justin Welby, joined by his suntanned pal the Archbishop of Pork, the Most Revd Dr John Sennapod, have entered Broken Britain's pre-election political fray with the intention of leading a 'Protestant Power' Church & State Party through the May canvassing maelstrom, while relying on divine intervention to lay low all adversaries – UKIP and the Greens included – on their march towards a House of Conmans majority and into Downing Street.

In a 52-page letter to the main Westminster political parties – (co-authored by the Right Reverend Alan 'Pinkie' Wilson, the Bishop of Fuckingham and a band of freshly-ordained split-arsed silverback Bishops) – which is basically a guide on how Christians should vote - Welby has expressed the C of E's desire (or his own ego-fantasy?) to forge stronger links and greater integration with the EUSSR Federation, with proposals for a future one-off 'In or Out' referendum to be scrapped.

One skewed and hypocrisy-ridden excerpt from the Welby communication reads: 'In the wake of World War Two, the nations of Europe promised they'd never go to war again – specifically against each other – and that Europe would only join in military conflicts with our US neighbours when engaging in multiple warfront scenarios sans geographical limits and resorting to the mass slaughter of infidel types around the Middle East in pursuit of securing natural resource futures for the Rothshite Kosher Nostra bankster syndicate.'
'Thus the reasoning why we should now join arms – literally - with our historical enemies – the Krauts and Frogs – in a display of NATO force against the nasty Russian godless Communist regime and thwart Bad Vlad Putrid's plans to block the Ukraine signing up to our EU Brussels Club.'

Perhaps the muddled tosser expects Broken Britain to go into Mexican standoff mode against the Russian bear armed with no more than slings and arrows as he and 'his church' are calling for the Trident nuke programme – and all manner of weapons of mutually-assured mass distraction - to be scrapped and thrown on the self-same landfill shit heap as the EU membership referendum.

So here we have Welby sticking his nose where it is not wanted yet again – such as apologising on behalf of the RAF for fire bombing the fuck out of Dresden on St Valentine's Day in 1945 – then flying the Cunterbury Cathedral flags at half mast to mark the death of the KSA's barbarian King Abdullah bin Fat Git al Saud - and now morphing into power trip mode, and, as per the other main Parliamentary parties, entering the political arena armed with an election manifesto based on a series of clear misrepresentations of facts and a pick and mix bag of disingenuous half-truths and outright porky pies.

Welby claims the C of E has a right and a duty to speak in the political debate and run for office armed with a fresh moral vision to clean up the excesses of heathen decay that have taken root in our once-sceptred isle and for the voting demographic to tow the party line – ref compliance with government policy – and basically telling the common herd – latterly comprised of unemployed scrounging drunks and druggies – to 'do as you're fucking told' – and hence must be constrained by regulations and protocols – as characterised via health and safety regulations 'and' the Public Order Act.

Hmmm, now what we do not need is to devolve – backslide being a better term – into a totalitarian Church Police situation where the First Estate demagogues can again rely on bogus pseudo-science and invoke fear of death / afterlife / salvation emotions via flawed theological rhetoric to sway opinion and interfere with matters temporal or political while still pushing this ontological proof of God's existence myth – a 2,000 year old money-spinning / control freak confidence trick that's still got some modicum of life left in it – even for a remaining faithful few of the UK's atheist-predominant population.

More worrying still is a scheme formulated by Welby and his hard core inner circle of Bolshie Bishops to not only go head to head with UKIP on the vote-winner immigration debate but one step beyond – and the ugly undercurrents of racism be damned – for if voted into office they'll enforce the extradition and repatriation to their Third World dumps of origin all non-Protestant immigrants – a sad day not only for the Jihadist wannabe Muslim radicals, pagan Gyppo child sex slave traffickers and Pikey swan roasters - but also the Irish left-footer Catholics – a policy that will doubtless raise howls of Gentile anti-Semitism from the 'you-know-who' shifty Shylocks lobby.

Welby and Co are to modern day society an anachronism – a bunch of redundant meddling twats and notorious confabulators – with Welby now scanning his personal grimoire for some textual justification to interfere with the everyday lives of the common herd – who no longer require nor desire Church n State meddling and guidance on all matters temporal and / or spiritual.

So toughsky shitsky, as the Russians say, every fucker and their dog can read and write now and there's next to nowt in Latin on the telly – so Welby and his vicars no longer hold a monopoly on learning and are thus redundant and have no hold over the population of our (pre-fracked) green and pleasant that once bore the proud name of Albion.

If they want to go into moralising mode, then he and his fuckwit churchmen pals should be more concerned with protest against the criminal oligarch elite – the venal plutocracy that hold the reins of power and control in this country – and most elsewhere in the world – the Satanist paedo scumsters known by their diabolical PTB / Them / 1% sobriquets.

These inbred psychos are out to maintain their wealth, power and control by any and all means required – up to and including the ritual rape and blood sacrifice of little blue eyed blonde girls as tribute to their fantasy-conceived diabolical deities – or the snuffing of investigative journalists (Dando) and pregnant royal princess's (Di) who would seek to expose their sins and crimes and right these vile wrongs – or straight-out murder of any and all who get in their way – including top dog science type anoraks (Kelly) that dare turn whistleblower on the BBC's Snitch n Grasser Hour and undercut the false veracity of Tony Bliar's 45 minutes to Armageddon / weapons of mass distraction 'spiced up' dodgy dossier alibi to justify engaging this country in an illegal war of aggression against a sovereign state.

Thus we ponder WTF is next in Welby's political manifesto if he gets into office – heretics burned at the stake again? Perhaps start a C of E Office of the Inquisition and bring Pope Benny, the Mk XVI ex-Nazi Kraut bloke – Joey Ratflinger - out of retirement to run the fucking thing per his pre-papal job at the Vatican.

Nope, Welby best stick to prepping vicars on using the pulpit to spice up sermons with a few dirty jokes – especially the classical 'Bishop said to the Actress' variety.

Thought for the day. WTF? The gospel according to the gutter press and mass media, the C of E is getting into politics to counter the sex appeal of the great unwashed Russell Brand and his latest publicity-generating 'Don't Vote' boycott call – a stereotype dog wanker in the same self-promoting, ego-trip pondscum class as Bono and Blob Geldork.
Even with the C of E's poll rating coming in at a bit less than zero viz the 'Things to Do on a Sunday' popularity scale, they've fuck all to worry about regarding the likes of a talentless twat like Wussell Bwand – a scumster who considered Jimmy Savile his inspiration and role model..

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wiggins said...

Isn't Welby along with his counterpart in Rome Pope Frankie, a crypto-jew? I don't know what the hell Ignatius of Loyola would have made of this. Oh, hang on............