Tuesday, 10 February 2015

CSA Inquiry Thrice-Cursed Chairmanship

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The dark forces of Mordor – aka Broken Britain's Masonic establishment paedophile ring brethren – have morphed into self-preservation mode in an attempt to get the Home Office's stop / start Child Sexual Abuse inquiry stalled again – and preferably forever – by spreading foul rumours that the thrice cursed inquiry's latest split-arsed chairman, Dame Lowell Goddard of Kiwiland, is up to her neck in a down-under Antipodean bribery scandal, with slanderous claims she's a 'jukebox judge' – slip a few coins in and the old baggage will sing any song you like.

Ah well, WTF good would she be anyway, for no sooner is the bitch ushered in with promises of a fresh approach to this child sex abuse inquiry – gets her foot in the door then pronounces 'her inquisition' will take four years – or until the guilty VIP politico paedos involved have either died or fallen victim to hit and run accidents or succumbed to Polonium 210 poisoning – or like the late Lord Leon Brittan of Spenditall, picked up an extra-nasty 24 hour cancer bug that's so voracious it can devour both lungs, a liver and twenty-foot of colon faster than a pond of piranhas can chew off a Jesuit missionary's leg.

Hmmm, little wonder there was a cry of aghast and the red 'credibility-deficient' warning flag was raised as soon as Goddard mentioned the inquiry could last for four years – due reasons that she intends its scope to go beyond the previous cut-off point of 1970 for claims – right back to the 1600's - and hang the sexual deviant blame squarely on the shoulders of Nonceland's Stuart sodomite / kiddie fiddling monarchy, in a not-so subtle bid to divert the culpability for this scandalous establishment pederast culture away from the embedded Westminster Satanist Freemason fraternity.

WTF - four years to nail a strew of guilty as all hell paedo political arses to the Crown Prosecution Service's front door – one might well ask? Goddard's inquiry into police brutality visited on the hapless heads of peaceful protesters back in 1999 during a visit to Kiwiland by the President of the People's Marxist Utopia of China took her 'eight years' to deliver a 'plods not guilty' ruling on.

But four years? We might as well have Mr '£759 quid a day' Chilcot running this inquiry as an add-on to his never-ending Iraq 'weapons of mass distraction' investigation fiasco.
Obviously Goddard is intent, like Chilcot, on making a career out of this whitewash job – where, in her findings, the only fucker who gets collared and jailed will be some hapless twat of a Dolphin Square former janitor like Ron McPatsy.

So, being fully cognisant of the fact that no problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it, are we, the common herd / public taxpaying demographic, to be lumbered with yet another pro-establishment 'royally-bestowed' Dame - a dyed in the wool establishment stooge - with an honour title awarded for her personal contributions to the annals of injustice via acts of nepotistic graft and corruption: covering up the venal crimes and misdemeanours of her bewigged contemporaries – doubtless incentivised by her Masters with the promise of future accolades and glittering prizes, thus pursued a career mired in secrecy, political manoeuvring and tardy rulings - perverting the course of justice and nurturing the paedophile culture as an apologist / protector for the Satanist fraternity – back home in New Zealand and now here – in our once sceptred isle?

Rumour has it that apart from covering up the sins of her fellow justices, Goddard accepted a bribe of seven goats and a cow from Maori King, Tourettes Paki Wacky Baccy IV, to find in his favour in a pre-nuptial agreement dispute when the 25 stone monarch decided to sell his fourth wife to a cousin, Prince Bruce of Puke-a-Hoho.

Ha, talk about mirror image doppelgängers - doubtless this self-promoting vainglorious bimbo of a Dame will be an ideal candidate for an ego-massaging session on Desert Island Discs before spring turns into summer.

Yep, this looks to be a third round fuck-up, but old transvestite Terry May might well be doing her best and not just shagging the cat on this issue - as she has – any fucker has – got one hell of a job to source any twat in government that isn't neck deep involved – even marginally - on the peripheral fringes of the crony corruption ridden Masonic fraternity government and civil service of sodomites and pederasts that runs all the way from local authority councils (Rotherham) through the bent Plod Squads to Whitehall civil service and Westminister government – House of Conmans and Lords and into the royal palaces.

Thought for the day. Scratch and shake heads and ask 'how the fuck have these paedo-scum VIP royals and politicos – with their pontificating holier than thou airs and graces - got away with these child molesting – and ritual Satanic murder - crimes for so long?'
Easy – they know the stupid TV-mesmerised, media-propaganda-wallowing common herd can't be arsed to check the facts or see the dinosaur on the patio with its arse stuck in the barbeque.
These scumster criminals make and enforce laws that we, the common herd, are mandated to obey (or else) - but which they sidestep and ignore with impunity.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.


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Rebel Polymath said...

Coverups galore- and this bitch will do the same.
Lecherous Leon Brittan was hoofed out of Westminster in 1989 and exiled to Brussels - where he fell in with the paedo rape n snuff Nijvel Gang fraternity of Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin and the Black baron - Pierre de Bonvoisin - plus the ultimate string-puller
Viscount Étienne Francois Jacques Davignon - Hungarian born Belgian politician, businessman vice-president of the European Commission.
Kidnapped sprogs were raped and snuffed in the cellars (dungeons) of Chateau de Bonvoisin - and actually hunted down then raped and murdered - ritually sacrificed to Satan - in the woods of Chateau de Chimay.
Further paedo orgies were staged at the Castle Dongelberg in Belgium's Walloon Brabant region - one owned by Opus Dei. Oh yes, no surprises there. Full circle - it all end up with the Vatican mafia.

wiggins said...

I'm sure a 'Dame" is in order for the old slapper alongside all the other vermin in ermine........