Friday, 20 February 2015

Levy & McRae Need a Good Lawyer?

In this morning’s ‘Enhanced Embezzlement’ bankruptcy edition we bring you the latest and greatest in scandal-mongering hot gossip from Anarchy Central’s 24/7 Truth & Rumour Mill – with dispatches hand forged and crafted into bespoke satire to tempt the palates of all budding nihilists and career revolutionaries who carry the immortal bloodline of the rebel sons of Belial.

A bevy of Nonceland's shining star law firms are being sued in the wake of a £400 million hedge fund collapse – with the actual £400 million quid being conspicuous by its absence and no fucker or their dog up to admitting whose capacious sporran it disappeared into.

Burness Paull and Levy & McRae – two of Scotland's top tier law firms are reportedly among those at the centre of a major police fraud probe into alleged embezzlement and facing legal action from the liquidators of Heather Crapital, the offshore financial empire run by a Spanish-based multi-tasking entrepreneur / financier / property tycoon – the 46-year-old Glassie-born n bred shekel-juggling Gregory 'See You' King, whose corporate money lending empire seems to have developed a bit of a £400 million nicker sinkhole.

King's parent company, Heather Crapital, raised what bankster types refer to as 'lots and lots of other people's money' - hundreds of millions in fact - to lend against Scottish property before going bust in a Busby Berkeley style spectacular fashion back in 2010 – with the corporate coffers suffering from the Old Mother Hubbard syndrome.

Crapital's appointed Manx liquidator, Paul McDuff of Ernst and Young, has launched a series of lawsuits against firms of lawyers and accountants which carried out work for the hedge fund and its affiliates before their embarrassing collapse.
The exact nature of the actions is yet to be revealed when police determine who had their sticky fingers in the till, but McDuff is taking an optimism versus defeatist position that he can secure a few quid of the £400 million lost by the Manx-registered Heather Crapital for pissed off investors around the globe.

The lawsuits come on top of a criminal investigation by Police Scotland into the suspected dirty dealings of Gregory King and three of his Russian oligarch associates - Oleg Mobsaroubles, CEO of Gulag Gaz and Wankprom Oil; Michail Sackashit, President of Russtheft Energy; and Leon Lotsatottie – owner of the infamous Moscow-based Orloff’s strip club

Michail Sackashit acted as chief executive of Heather Crapital affiliates Mathon Money Laundering Group SA and the Cayman Islands based Arsewipe Credit Corp from 2008 - which was renamed 'Pot to Piss In Finance' before being liquidated.

Ernst and Young's tenacious McDuff is also in the process of suing Levy & McRae, yet another dodgy Glasgow law firm understood to have been involved in handling Heather Crapital and Mathon Money Laundering Group transactions – with former partner, Peter 'Wicked' Watson, - aka the Rasputin of the Glens – allegedly a member of both the Mathon and Arsewipe Credit Corp boards of directors.

As of going to press Levy & McScumm, which provides legal advice to the Daily Shitraker and Highland Scandals Publishing group were unwilling to comment on Mr McDuff's legal proceedings – while the evasive Watson was reported to be unavailable for any comment that might incriminate him.

For the uninitiated into the venal dealings of Nonceland law firms, Levy & McScatt are simply another money-grubbing 'all for profit' ambulance chasing gaggle of legal shysters and of as much importance in the greater scheme of corporate criminality as a wart on a pig's arse – if not for the fact they – under the Wicked Watson regime, became heavily invested – notorious in fact – as media gatekeepers (read 'attack dogs') to Nonceland's rich and shameless – with the ability to sanitise a heap of vulture shite – as per Alex 'Porky Pict' Salmond's voluminous indiscretions – and the dirty doings of ex-Glassie Mayor Steven 'Snowy' Purcell.

Rumour vs allegations seem to be in harmonious accord that Levy & McShite foisted the culture of denial regarding the coverup of the Hollie Greig child sexual abuse scandal that has been kicked around the hallowed halls of Holyrood, onto the Crown Office, to the delinquent Grampian Police – and back again for the past fifteen years – with the evil Rasputinesque villain Watson purportedly instrumental with expediting the harassment and arrests of anti-child sexual abuse campaigners out to seek justice for Hollie and her fellow abused special needs and disabled juvenile contemporaries – all to protect the guilty arses and reputations of those immoral bastards who chose to ignore the blatant fact that Grampian's Sin City, Scaberdeen, has duly earned the sobriquet of being a Paedo's Paradise.

Well, let's be fucking honest on this score, the whole of Scotland is Nonceville on steroids thanks to the corrupt justice system and the Crown Office and courts being staffed with untouchable sodomite deviants and child molesting scrotes. (Google SLAB / Douglas Haggarty and Crown Office Stuart MacFarlane).

To add to Levy & McShite's ignominious media exposure as a bunch of dodgy twats, the embedded gatekeeper media shills and stooges running the Scottish Scum red top tabloid take a break from their regular 'More Topless Rent Boys on Page Three' to pursue a real simmering scandal for a change - under the banner headline 'Writ Hits the Fan' – along with Herald Nonceland's chief shill, the pig-eyed David Leaks, allegedly acting on instructions from his demonic master, the Wicked Watson, taking a break from supporting the untouchable Hollie Hoax / Scaberdeen based establishment paedophile ring that prey on special needs and disabled children (Google 'Hollie Greig') and turned his customary intellect-deficient venom on none other than Watson's old firm, Levy & McScumm.

So, while the Wicked Watson – aka Satan's Little Helper (and founder of the Greenock Halitosis Society) - departed company with Levy & McPuke in a cloud of cryptic controversy – he has in the past, and allegedly still does, act as a legal pit bull advisor, representing all manner of political and business scumsters - specifically the graft and corruption sectors of the Holyrood Parliaments and Crown Office hierarchy - plus titled judicial egocentric panjandrums accused of covering up historic cases of child sexual abuse by organised Masonic paedophile rings - and instead abusing the rule of law to turn turning the tables and have the anti-child sexual abuse exposers arrested (Google 'Robert Green') and slung in some nasty Scottish jail to silence them and intimidate and deter others from similar campaigning actions.

Thus while friends are thin on the ground, the enemies and adversary types are as thick as a Jap whore's pubes (with Willie Mcreath reputedly constituting a determined 'get even' force of one).
While Watson's alleged crimes and misdemeanours might well come under the pick n mix headings of considered to be / gossip claims / alleged / rumoured / reputed / bruited / purported / suspected – these fairytale allegations hang around his presence like the stench of a Glasgow Green heroin hoor skanger's knickers.

Jersey, Caymans, offshore money laundering of tax-dodge mega-bucks cash payments – bribes, corruption payoffs, kickbacks, bent honorariums etc made to Holyrood politicos, high ranking Police Nonceland plods, Sheriffs, Judges, Law Lords, holier than thou Court of Session wigged scumbags and Lord Advocate ranks. Some fucker and their dog has a record and it only takes one disgruntled whistleblower to get on the anonymous Snitch n Grassers hotline to upset the whole fucking handcart.

So while Watson remains the type of person who prompts people to count their fingers if they've been unfortunate enough to be coerced into shaking hands with the slimy wanker apparently there is zero truth in the speculative slanderous – libellous, in fact - gutter press reports that he embezzled or profited from Levy & McRae allegedly fucking over Heather Crapital's hedge fund for some £400 million nicker – and treated himself to a brand new gold-plated monogrammed Jaguar coupe, complete with a personalised 'CUNT 1' vanity registration plate.

To wit, does the word on the jungle grapevine bear more substance than mere conjecture and rumour – that finally the Wicked Watson – 'Mr Conflict of Interest' himself - is going to be doing some jail time for his alleged money laundering activities?

Well, according to one report in this current edition of the Rent Boy Gazette – the weekly trade paper for underage male prostitutes servicing the perverted sexual requirements of the Glasgow / Edinburgh political and judicial hierarchy – the Law Lords Speculative Society fraternity and Violate BD/SM Club – (catering for the dirty deviant tastes in pederasty, necrophilia and doggy / sheep shagging) - any such case / prosecution will doubtless prove to be declared as having 'no merit' / 'not in the public interest' when it comes before one of the bent Masonic secret handshake bretheren judges that infest Nonceland's corruption-ridden legal system.

Thought for the Day. Perhaps the banner headline might bear some modicum of truth. So where will Levy & McScumbags source a 'good lawyer'? Surely not the IQ-deficient ex-Justice Minister and ex-employee Kenny 'Hee-Haw' MacAskill.
Doubtless Frank Mulholland will oblige shredding any incriminating evidence the Crown Office receive with a three-legged stamp on the envelope from Ernst and Young's Mr McDuff.

Allergy warning: This article was composed in a known propaganda-infested area - and whilst purposely blending high octane irreverence, slanderous allegations and unbridled conjecture with wild rumour 'and' hard public interest factoids - may also contain traces of slight exaggeration, modest porkies, misaligned references and lashings of bush telegraph innuendo.

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Rebel Polymath said...

Then let us hope that Karma provides this nasty Watson creature with adequate measures of the bounty he has earned and so richly deserves - in the way of misfortunes.
A plague upon his house and all within.

Desamo said...

Peter Watson represented first minister, Alex Salmond in a Press Complaints Commission inquiry (Scotland's official version of Levenson) referral against the Mail on Sunday in 2010 - which was decided as having no merit and not upheld.
Watson also acts for former lord advocate Elish Angiolini, who is now an independent adviser on the Scottish Government's ministerial code and been tasked to investigate her ex-employer, for whom she acted as complaints (spin doctor) manager, Salmond's past corrupt conduct.
This development means they are taking advice, in one form or another, from the same lawyer.
Conflict of interest anyone? Hoe blatantly corrupt are these people?

Kell said...

Don't know about Levy & McRae needing a good lawyer, but it's a fact that Watson does.
The sins of the past are catching up as the chickens come home to roost.
Such is the reach of the Curse of Hollie Greig.
So who's next? The Holyrood and Crown Office scumbags, past and present, for their crimes and misdemeanours?
Nice to see royal titles revoked and these bastards stigmatised with a public tar and feathering.

Fawkes said...

Oh yes, how true Kell, but more at scavenging vultures coming home to roost and with some very ruffled feathers.

Kate Perry said...

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